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Sunday, 4 December 2005
Anyone Got A Light?
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From HERE! I read this

(quote) A new plan by the Transportation Security Administration would allow airline passengers to bring scissors and other sharp objects in their carry-on bags because the items no longer pose the greatest threat to airline security, according to sources familiar with the plans.

The TSA's internal studies show that carry-on-item screeners spend half of their screening time searching for cigarette lighters, a recently banned item, and that they open 1 out of every 4 bags to remove a pair of scissors, according to sources briefed by the agency. Officials believe that other security measures now in place, such as hardened cockpit doors, would prevent a terrorist from commandeering an aircraft with box cutters or scissors.

However, many flight attendants do not believe sharp objects should be allowed on board. They argue that even though such items would not enable another Sept. 11, 2001-style hijacking, the items could be used as weapons against passengers or flight-crew members.

"TSA needs to take a moment to reflect on why they were created in the first place -- after the world had seen how ordinary household items could create such devastation," said Corey Caldwell, spokeswoman for the Association of Flight Attendants, which has more than 46,000 members. "When weapons are allowed back on board an aircraft, the pilots will be able to land the plane safety but the aisles will be running with blood."
(end quote)

Also this was in the same article about taking off our shoes.., beings we 'joe-anybodys' might be terrorists!
For example, he said that he was unsure whether it makes sense for passengers to routinely remove their shoes at the security checkpoint.
ha HA!....Open the window & please! dont use your lighter, the TSA farted!

you see Z3 reader I think the planes went into the towers for differnt reasons than what we have been told --> YEP ! Here

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Saturday, 3 December 2005
The Minimum Wage is Unfair
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The Minimum Wage Act was enacted through the Fair Labor Standards Act in 1938
It was designed to eliminate”labor conditions detrimental to the maintenance of minimum standards of living necessary for health efficiency and the general well being of workers"
Today value of the minimum wage is about the same value as in 1950, meaning the minimum wage buys you less today than it did in 1950.

As mentioned by my Idol, Martin Luther King in his ’s famous “I Have A Dream” speech in the year 1963! It was at a rally for Jobs & Freedom.That Mr. King mentions about a national minimum wage, that will give Americans a decent standard of living.

It seems to me we are living a Dream in Reverse
The buying power of today is that of 1950
The word “Fair” is an oxymoron that disgusts me
Like many words used today by Bush & Co
If you apply the opposite of the word they used
You are closer to their true intent.
Bush Spin!

Contrary to what we are led to believe in wage earnings.
"The average minimum wage worker is not a teenager!"
They are adult men & women trying to survive and pay their way.
Even if they were teenagers they should be paid the SAME wage as an adult.
Now that would be Fair! Paying them a cheaper wage HA! How wrong!

BIG ideas from people who make triple or quadrupled salaries.
The minimum wage has turned into a poverty wage not an anti-poverty wage!

A minimum wage salary of 10,712$ a year is damn right despicable.
And Impossible to live off of! It is a travesty, if not a crime in my eyes!

In 2004 a cover story in Business Week on 'Poverty and Wages', say that about 28 MILLION workers
Which is about 1/3 the work force whom make less than 9.00$ an hour
That translates to 18,800$ a year salary.

Now the threshold line that says you are at poverty level for one adult and one child is 13,020$ ???
Ha! So if your making over 13.020 a year as a single one child parent …the government considers you to be above the poverty level……
My off-hand guess as just the "average Joe Anybody" is that the Government has no idea what poverty is?
How could they know?! If they did why dont they care?
13,020 Dollars a year for a mom & her kid to support themselves for a year???? come on!

The Fair Wage Act enacted during the Great Depression was done to assure the”idea of a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work”

Joe Anybody yells “ EAT THE RICH” from his soap box.......
And Workers in China ......Fight to Organize for better overall work conditions, the tension of the masses poverty escalates.
(for ...all the joe anybody everywhere)

Yet last year ...While poorer people requesting Emergency Food went up by 14%
20 % went away with no help
While the request for shelter went up last year by 6%
23% went away without any
The percent of wages going to the lower income bracket is the lowest since 1929
'Profits Raise and Wages Decrease'

Wants some numbers? In 2004 corporate profits rise by 85%
And average Joe Wages fell 4% (adjusted for inflation)
Joe Anybody personally knows all to well the profit of CEO's to be paid MORE than the minimum wage workers by percents around 140%
In 1980 alone, the average CEO made the same as 952 minimum wage workers…..sigh!
Talk About Depression!

One thing is clear …that this redistribution of wealth from the wages of the poor workers to the executives at the top is hurting the economy too. There are reports that support this and the steady flow of reports that show the incomes to the medium wage household has declining steady for the past 5 years if not for working 'MORE' hours to keep up, these reports would look even worse.

Joe Anybody is a firm believer in raising minimum wages which helps reduce poverty.
Sorry you Fat Cat CEO's,
It may mean less profit to all those shareholders. "So!"

Zebra3 reports support the 2005 Resolution by The Conference of Mayors who has concluded and have called for an increase to the minimum wage to better enable minimum wage job holders to support themselves and their families!
Quality of Life is not to be denied to the joe average anybody

No money in the wages left for Health Care?
I hear ya, The Government doesn't't but we do!Just look at the correlation to the infant mortality rate in America. It is worse here in America than it is that of Malaysia a country with a quarter of the income, so says the 2005 Human Development Report. They are saying Infant death rates are higher for African American children in Washington DC than for children in Kerala, India
Hey The United States does WORSE than 36 other countries in Children under 6Five Mortality Rate well behind South Korea and Singapore
Poor Kids are just what their stereotype says …."Poor" and maybe short lived at that.
The fact that “Lack of Health Care Kills People” I am not shocked in the least,But I am Mad as hell!

Nearly 46 million Americans, which is 1 out of 6 had no Health Care Private or Public for the entire year of 2004
Wow! 46 million with No Health Care?
….sounds like Ben Waiting’s who has never been able to provide Health Care for his 13 year old child. We know this first hand here at Z3 headquarters.

Fighting For Fair Just Wages is paramount to achieving a better quality of Life for All
And by discussing and encouraging others to fight for Labor Rights & Fair Living Wages,
We here at the Z3 Report encourage you to vote and support local officials who support raising minimum wages to a level of human dignity. Be informed. Use your voice. And stand together. All the money doesn't’t go to the top …..we the workers deserve OUR SHARE!

Do you hear someone in the distance yelling? eat the rich?”

Reference links PEACE & JUSTICE

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Friday, 2 December 2005
15 year old boy. Is he the Reincarnated Buddha?
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Now Playing: Meditating and Fasting for the last 6 months solid
A teenage boy has been meditating in a Nepalese jungle for six months, and thousands have flocked to see him, with some believing he is the reincarnation of Buddha, police and media said Wednesday.

Ram Bahadur Banjan, 15, sits cross-legged and motionless with eyes closed among the roots of a tree in the jungle of Bara, about 100 miles south of the capital, Katmandu.

He's supposedly been that way since May 17 — but his followers have been keeping him from public view at night.

A reporter for the Kantipur newspaper, Sujit Mahat, said he spent two days at the site, and that about 10,000 people are believed to visit daily.

Soldiers have been posted in the area for crowd control, officials said.

Need more Info ? see these two links -->
Young Buddha Boy Link 1

Young Buddha Boy Link 2

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Thursday, 1 December 2005
Wake Up ! 911Truth
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Now Playing: 911 Wont Rest Until Justice Reins
Topic: 911 TRUTH
This was a Very Hard to compile and present.

I spent countless hours uploading, searching, and verifying links

So --> Take A Gander 911 Truth Report

It took me two weeks of solid organizing
Of course I was going through 4 years worth of information.
I seriously feel that there is lies being told
and the presented facts should alone make you suspicious.....
if not convinced.

......This tragedy was done to enable many things.
Patriot Act
Engaging a war
World Military Presence
Profits & Power
Government secrecy
Neocon Motives
Loss of Liberty and Freedom
Stealing of Lives and Money

I can finally get some rest

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Why not invade China too
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Now Playing: China Protester get treated like Americans are these days
so correct me if I'm wrong

Here at this LINK on the BBC website, is an article on Democracy & Protesting

My question is do we invade China like we did in Iraq to bring the people "Freedom on the March" or "Democracy to the People" ?

Here is what the BBC article said:
Five Tibetan monks were detained for opposing a Chinese political campaign, a pro-democracy campaign group says.
The Centered for Human Rights and Democracy said the monks were asked to sign a document denouncing their exiled spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama.

The men, from a monastery near Lhasa, reportedly refused and were arrested.

The group says 400 monks responded by staging a sit-in, but armed police beat them and closed the monastery. China says it cannot confirm the reports.

"I must , China is a country ruled by law and acts in accordance with the law," foreign ministry spokesman Qin Gang said, the Reuters news agency reported.

No-one had been allowed in or out of the Drepung monastery since the protest last week, the India-based group said.

While we are discussing Human Rights the BBC has a LINK to CHECK about a jailed protestor.....in China named Tashi Phuntsog. When he was finally released recently he needed immediate medical attention after being "physically broken".
The group called on China to explain the monk's deterioration in custody.

"Tashi Phuntsog entered prison as a healthy man in his early 40s, 3 years latter, and he was cast out literally as a broken man," it said.

Heck Z3 Readers, this is about the way protester in the US are being treated these days ...Remember all the arrests of innocent women, men, children, and journalist who were thrown in cold toxic chemical warehouses in NY City durring the Republican National Convention??

Seven months after the mass arrests of over 1,800 protesters at the Republican Convention in New York City last summer, 91 percent of the nearly 1,700 cases that have been concluded have resulted in acquittals or the dismissal of charges

I mean the cops were throwing nets over people trapped in dead end streets in huge bunches then arrested and held lots of them in make-shift toxic cell/holding penss until a judge, ordered them released and then even fined the city POLICE for each one held in jail......

Gotta love that Republic Neocon Dictator King George and his Organization.......now lets go rescue some innocent monks for Gods Sake!

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Tuesday, 29 November 2005
Blame it on Dick
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Now Playing: Cheney accused on prisoner abuse
Hello Reader ..., You all remember Michael Moore?

Well I found this jewel in his news blog which is
RIGHT HERE or read that jewel --> ....

November 29th, 2005 1:16 pm

A top aide to former Secretary of State Colin Powell has launched a stinging attack on US Vice-President Dick Cheney over abuse of prisoners by US troops.
Col Lawrence Wilkerson accused Mr Cheney of ignoring a decision by President Bush on the treatment of prisoners in the war on terror.

Asked by the BBC's Today if Mr Cheney could be accused of war crimes, he said: "It's an interesting question."

"Certainly it is a domestic crime to advocate terror," he added.

"And I would suspect, for whatever it's worth, it's an international crime as well."

This is an extraordinary attack by a man who until earlier in the year was Mr Cheney's colleague in the senior reaches of the Bush team, the BBC's Justin Webb in Washington says.

Col Wilkerson has in the past accused the vice-president of responsibility for the conditions which led to the abuse of prisoners.

But this time he has gone much further, appearing to suggest Mr Cheney should face war crimes charges, our correspondent adds.

Intelligence questions

He said that there were two sides of the debate within the Bush administration over the treatment of prisoners.

Mr Powell and more dovish members had argued for sticking to the Geneva conventions, which prohibit the torture of detainees.

Meanwhile, the other side "essentially wanted to do away with all restrictions".

Mr Bush agreed a compromise, that "Geneva would in fact govern all but al-Qaeda and al-Qaeda look-alike detainees".

"What I'm saying is that, under the vice-president's protection, the secretary of defence [Donald Rumsfeld] moved out to do what they wanted in the first place, even though the president had made a decision that was clearly a compromise," Col Wilkerson said.

He said that he laid the blame on the issue of prisoner abuse and post-war planning for Iraq "pretty fairly and squarely" at Mr Cheney's feet.

"I look at the relationship between Mr Cheney and Mr Rumsfeld as being one that produced these two failures in particular, and I see that the president is not holding either of them accountable... so I have to lay some blame at his feet too," he went on.

In the BBC interview, Col Wilkerson also developed his views on whether or not pre-war intelligence was deliberately misused by the White House.

He said that he had previously thought only honest mistakes were made.

But recent revelations about doubts in the intelligence community that appear to have been suppressed in the run-up to the war have made him question this view.

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Sunday, 27 November 2005
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Hey Zebra Readers,
Remember when I was pointing back … HERE how Sony was installing a rootkit secretly onto music listeners computers and was busted by the public….well here is an update and even a list a CD

Here is LINK of EFF lawsuit letter

This is a picture by …Dan Kaminsky who has produced an extremely striking picture of the geographic extent of rootkit-related DNS traffic.
It's pretty, but it's also scary. Each infected machine is vulnerable to several security threats (including new vulnerabilities reported that have been discovered that using

Sony's uninstaller only makes the security problems worse!

The MediaMax software, which is included on over 20 million Sony BMG CDs, has different, but similarly troubling problems. It installs on the users' computers even if they click "no" on the EULA, and does not include a way to uninstall the program. The software transmits data about users to SunnComm through an Internet connection whenever purchasers listen to CDs, allowing the company to track listening habits -- even though the EULA states that the software will not be used to collect personal information and SunnComm's website says "no information is ever collected about you our your computer." If users repeatedly request an uninstaller for the MediaMax software, they are eventually provided one. But they first have to provide more personally identifying information

Sony BMG's Response

Initially Sony BMG denied there was a problem, saying the the XCP rootkit "component is not malicious and does not compromise security." Thomas Hesse, President of Sony BMG's global digital business division, asked in an interview for a National Public Radio
"Most people, I think, don't even know what a rootkit is, so why should they care about it?"

Oh Really ??

Critically, Sony BMG has still refused to refund the cost of CDs to consumers or even widely publicize its recall program using its powerful marketing abilities, or to compensate consumers whose computers have been affected. And, Sony has not agreed to eliminate the outrageous terms found in their EULA. Moreover, Sony BMG has failed entirely to respond to concerns about MediaMax, which affects over twenty million CDs -- ten times the number of CDs as the XCP software.

It now appears that at least 568,200 nameservers have witnessed DNS queries related to the rootkit click HERE….. for more info on this topic

For A LIST OF THE CDs that are infected

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Saturday, 26 November 2005
Soliders Are Doing The Best They Can In Iraq In spite Of Inadequacies
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Now Playing: Embarrassed Solider & Computer Tech Check Rays Blog Here!
Topic: WAR

To go to Rays Blog click --> HERE

READ the following from Ray's blog (who is in Iraq) And his quote is from his Friday November 11 posting:
I find the inadequacies he mentions in the computer database is an uncalled for embarrassment as he mentions, and that it strike Joe Anybody to be despicable, yet not surprising in the least.

I send my Best Wishes to Ray
I hope he returns safely


Friday, November 11. 2005
The Fobbit
To any who reads this, sorry I haven't been writing lately. Even though I have been busy for the past week, to be honest, there is not much to write about. I spend my days inside the TOC for 14 hours/day and going outside only for eating and sleeping. In the intel section, I am stuck on the computer more than anyone because I'm the only one that's not combat arms or prior service (i.e. I know how to use a computer and that's not meant to put ex combat arms down). It's almost like Countrywide except the databases are terrible because no one know what a naming convention is in the Army. I am almost embarrassed to be part of this organization that can't organize their data in an efficient way. I thought about it earlier today and I figure I could probably come back to Iraq as a contractor and make a ton of money as a database developer. It's sad to know that the excel models that I created recently are more impressive than the databases that they have. (end-quote)

Not to disservice Rayin any way ..but I do have to say I see a trend in a big topic matter:
Information Neglet throughout this administration,
....bad info, bad records, misinformed intelligence, lies, twisted facts and secret national security agenda, Hmmmmmmm I see a trend indeed... and I see all the pawns and the victims and it isnt pretty,

Question is can we change it?

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Friday, 25 November 2005
Peak Oil
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Now Playing: Are we about to skid down the hill in The Peak Oil Decline
Oil Expert To Address Theory That Peak Oil Has Arrived

Princeton University Professor and renowned oil analyst Ken Deffeyes thinks that the all-time production peak for petroleum, or "peak oil," will occur on or around this Thanksgiving.

....OOooops! (yesterday!???)


The peak oil theory predicts that the world's oil production output, like any nonrenewable resource, will eventually reach an all-time high and afterward gradually decline. Although it will be impossible to tell precisely when the peak occurs until it has already occurred and the world is in a definite production decrease, many experts are already predicting that the moment will happen in a few short years.

Deffeyes is one of the more pessimistic of the prognosticators. If he is correct, the global oil peak will just have occurred when he presents his Caltech lecture on December 1-05. Afterward, the commodity will become more and more scarce--and therefore more and more expensive and hard to obtain. The end result will be massive economic and social disruptions in a 21st-century world that has fueled itself for decades with cheap and plentiful energy.

So Z readers this is where you can read more on this to become aware of the change of lifestyles that will affect us all in the near furure.
click --> HERE

And with that said, I am looking at a article on "Iran and the Worlds Oil Decline" which I am reading from right here-->www.tomdispatch.com.....

It is a interesting yet "very-lengthly-article" about
Iran - War- Blood - Oil and the Executive Order (EO) 12959, signed by President Clinton in 1995 and renewed by President Bush in March 2004.

I will repeat some of the hot points mentioned in the Tom Dispatch article below:

According to the most recent tally by Oil and Gas Journal, Iran houses the second-largest pool of untapped petroleum in the world, an estimated 125.8 billion barrels. Only Saudi Arabia, with an estimated 260 billion barrels, possesses more; Iraq, the third in line, has an estimated 115 billion barrels. With this much oil -- about one-tenth of the world's estimated total supply --
That said, Iran is certain to play a key role in the global energy equation, no matter what else occurs. Iran supplied 14% of China's oil imports in 2003, and is expected to provide an even larger share in the future.

Furthermore, I read, India is also keen to obtain oil and gas from Iran. In January, the Gas Authority of India Ltd. (GAIL) signed a 30-year deal with the National Iranian Gas Export Corp. for the transfer of as much as 7.5 million tons of LNG to India per year. The deal, worth an estimated $50 billion, will also entail Indian involvement in the development of Iranian gas fields. Even more noteworthy, Indian and Pakistani officials are discussing the construction of a $3 billion natural gas pipeline from Iran to India via Pakistan an extraordinary step for two long-term adversaries.

And by the way the United States has also threatened to punish foreign firms that do business in Iran.

When considering Iran's role in the global energy equation, therefore, Bush administration officials have two key strategic aims: a desire to open up Iranian oil and gas fields to exploitation by American firms, and concern over Iran's growing ties to America's competitors in the global energy market. Under U.S. law, the first of these aims can only be achieved after the President lifts EO 12959, and this is not likely to occur as long as Iran is controlled by anti-American mullahs and refuses to abandon its uranium enrichment activities with potential bomb-making applications. Likewise, the ban on U.S. involvement in Iranian energy production and export gives Tehran no choice but to pursue ties with other consuming nations. From the Bush administration's point of view, there is only one obvious and immediate way to alter this unappetizing landscape -- by inducing "regime change" in Iran and replacing the existing leadership with one far friendlier to U.S. strategic interests....hense the saying "Axis of Evil"

To deter a possible American assault, Iran has threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz and otherwise obstruct oil shipping in the Persian Gulf area. "An attack on Iran will be tantamount to endangering Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and, in a word, the entire Middle East oil," Iranian Expediency Council secretary Mohsen Rezai said on March 1st
In January, veteran investigative reporter Seymour Hersh reported in the New Yorker magazine that the Department of Defense was conducting covert reconnaissance raids into Iran, supposedly to identify hidden Iranian nuclear and missile facilities that could be struck in future air and missile attacks. "I was repeatedly told that the next strategic target was Iran," Hersh said of his interviews with senior military personnel
There have also been reports of talks between U.S. and Israeli officials about a possible Israeli strike on Iranian weapons facilities, presumably with behind-the-scenes assistance from the United States.

So, even while publicly focusing on Iran's weapons of mass destruction, key administration figures are certainly thinking in geopolitical terms about Iran's role in the global energy equation and its capacity to obstruct the global flow of petroleum. As was the case with Iraq, the White House is determined to eliminate this threat once and for all. And so, while oil may not be the administration's sole reason for going to war with Iran, it is an essential factor in the overall strategic calculation that makes war likely.

Michael T. Klare is a professor of peace and world security studies at Hampshire College and the author of Blood and Oil: The Dangers and Consequences of America's Growing Dependency on Imported Oil

Zebra 3 readers heads up on this subject...keep your ear to the wind and you solar panel pointed to the sun.....these lifestyles we are accustomed to may have to be seriously revamped ...stay tuned to more reports soon to be posted on joe-anybody.com on "ENERGY"

Posted by Joe Anybody at 12:57 PM PST
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Jon Conyer's saying Intelligence gets Fixed around the Policy
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Topic: WAR
John Conyers has a BLOG that caught my eye, read it here and find it later on my website under the "Favorite Links"

here is a quote from his site that I have to say AMEN too

(quote)"I would also call your attention to Frank Rich's Op-Ed in the New York Times that Rovegate is really part and parcel of the ongoing deception in Iraq. Let me quote from the critical paragraph: "This case is about Iraq, not Niger. The real victims are the American people, not the Wilsons. The real culprit - the big enchilada, to borrow a 1973 John Ehrlichman phrase from the Nixon tapes - is not Mr. Rove but the gang that sent American sons and daughters to war on trumped-up grounds and in so doing diverted finite resources, human and otherwise, from fighting the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11. That's why the stakes are so high: this scandal is about the unmasking of an ill-conceived war, not the unmasking of a C.I.A. operative who posed for Vanity Fair."(end-quote)

Here is a LINK to a long review article on Richard Clark newest book that I bet is Real Interesting
I bet you average Joe-Anybody isn't reading it...
I sure would like to!

Just this small excerpt from it has my interest as the lies and neocon agenda exposes is ugly head....this next part quoted below time frame is within a week of the Bush inauguration.
Read on Z3 readers:

Rice's deputy, Steve Hadley, began the meeting by asking me to brief the group. I turned immediately to the pending decisions needed to deal with al Qaeda. "We need to put pressure on both the Taliban and al Qaeda by arming the Northern Alliance and other groups in Afghanistan. Simultaneously, we need to target bin Laden and his leadership by re initiating flights of the Predator."

Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld's deputy at Defense, fidgeted and scowled. Hadley asked him if he was all right. "Well, I just don't understand why we are beginning by talking about this one man bin Laden," Wolfowitz responded.

I answered as clearly and forcefully as I could: "We are talking about a network of terrorist organizations called al Qaeda, that happens to be led by bin Laden, and we are talking about that network because it and it alone poses an immediate and serious threat to the United States."

"Well, there are others that do as well, as least as much. Iraqi terrorism, for example," Wolfowitz replied, looking not at me but at Hadley.

"I am unaware of any Iraqi-sponsored terrorism directed at the United States, Paul, since 1993, and I think FBI and CIA concur in that judgment, right, John?" I pointed at CIA Deputy Director John McLaughlin, who was obviously not eager to get in the middle of a debate between the White House and the Pentagon but nonetheless replied, "Yes, that is right, Dick. We have no evidence of any active Iraqi terrorist threat against the U.S."

Finally, Wolfowitz turned to me. "You give bin Laden too much credit. He could not do all these things like the 1993 attack on New York, not without a state sponsor. Just because FBI and CIA have failed to find the linkages does not mean they don't exist."

I could hardly believe it, but Wolfowitz was actually spouting the totally discredited Laurie Mylroie theory that Iraq was behind the 1993 truck bomb at the World Trade Center, a theory that had been investigated for years and found to be totally untrue.

Wow!...and this Wolf is now in charge of the W$rld Bank?

Did I say WOW with enough emphasis?

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Updated: Friday, 25 November 2005 12:53 PM PST

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