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Monday, 24 October 2011
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Episode-770- Modern Financial Survival

Yesterday I stated that we are about to in effect go into the middle of a financial war.  I am not sure the analogy was fully understood it wasn’t so much about fighting the battle but more about the way that even if good is the end result how many can be harmed in the process.

This resulted in a litany of people trying to nit pick about the justification for WWII, why the US prospered after the war, etc.   Such people are literalists that don’t comprehend analogies and tell “ants are socialists”, when you tell them the ant and grasshopper story.

Today I will revisit a few things people took exception to (very briefly) and will spend most of the show outlining my “modern financial survival guide” for the coming future.

Join Me Today as We Discuss…

  • Is the Catholic Church calling for a “World Bank” and global tax or not
  • What exactly do I mean by a financial war
  • Why do I believe so emphatically that I am right about the coming collapse
  • What I think you need to do to be financially prepared for the future
    • Get rid of debt (especially floating rate debt)
    • Try to save at least 20% of your income (6 months security)
    • Know your exit points for every investment
    • If you are in stocks by only the best companies
    • Do not hold any and I mean any long term bonds
    • Keep an eye on TIPS Bond Yields
    • Remember most “experts” on TV are actually idiots
    • Develop your local community
    • Don’t bet on any government money (specifically @ 100%)
    • Consider land as the best investment (not houses)
    • Increase your financial IQ daily – start with vocabulary
    • Focus on gaining some % of self sufficiency with the 5 needs
    • Try to be as “cash rich” as possible
    • Don’t act in fear, think before you do anything
    • Do not listen to conventional wisdom during unconventional times
    • Remember the prepared can always profit and prosper

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Saturday, 13 February 2010
Prepare - Share - Skills - Survive
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Hello Z3 Readers the following items are just to get you interested in some good infromation coming from the Save Our Skills folks


A Simple and Easy to Build Rabbit Hutch

A Simple and Easy to Build Rabbit Hutch

So after several versions, I believe this is the best model that will work for my broods’ needs now. It is quick to build (approximately 3hrs) and the rabbits love the pasture, not to mention having a built-in den. I am going to read the handholds from v2.0 as that makes rotating them around the field much easier for a single person to do, especially now that v 2.1 is 8ft long rather than 6ft. I am also going to see about adding a layer of something to keep out drafts in the thick of winter since we used the galvanized steel roofing for the den segment.


Feb 12

How To Use Mini 1000 Watt Generator For Backup Power

By mxitman

Small Generators Provide Big Power

Small Generators Provide Big Power

I picked up this small 1100 watt generator last summer for $40 off of craigslist. It didn’t run when I got it, the guy had probably used the wrong oil/gas ratio or just had old gas in it. I cleaned it up and made it a workable generator.

The video is a small review of the generator and how I hooked it up to my natural gas furnace to power it up during power outages. Many people say they are not powerful enough for this but I show you how to check that out. I have also used it for keeping our chest freezer cold as well, It’s small and only draws about 4 amps @ 120V and the inrush amperage is only 8 amps so the mini generator works just fine powering it up.

Read the Rest of This Article

   Feb 12

A Secondary Pantry Closer to Kitchen

By John McCann

Emergency Supplies in Tight Places

Emergency Supplies in Tight Places

Our primary pantry is in our cellar which is fairly large.  This is where the majority of our food is stored (including water and wine).  This would include lots of various macaroni (which my wife, Denise, and I both love), canned food, freeze dried food, and five gal. buckets with Gamma seal lids.  These buckets contain things like rice, flour, salt, sugar, and various other things.

However, being in the far corner of the cellar, our primary pantry is a ways from the kitchen.  We have a cellar staircase just off the kitchen which is against an outside wall.  We used this area to store some emergency supplies, 1st aid supplies, etc.  But there weren’t really any shelves and it wasn’t organized (which I’m never happy about).  I kept looking at this area and decided I could build a shelving unit at the angle of the stairs, and still have room for plenty of supplies.

Read the Rest of this Article

This is a cool Website

Their URL is:



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Wednesday, 13 January 2010
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Topic: Survivalist


http://www.thesurvivalpodcast.com/ (Lots of info & podcasts) Cool

http://www.survival.com/home.html (DVD's for sale)

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Tuesday, 12 January 2010
Survivalist Podcasts & Links...and General Survival Information
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Topic: Survivalist

There will be no show today as I will be spending the day reflecting on how much 2009 has changed our lives with my family.  There are several exciting announcements I want to share today.

  • One - I have been answering a lot of emails from new and even long time listeners that tell me that many of the features on the Survival Podcast website may not be as easy to find and use as I think they are.  Hence I created a video tour, by Monday it will be featured on the home page of our site for all new listeners, until then you can check it out on YouTube by clicking here.
  • Two - As I announced yesterday Western Botanicals one of our really great sponsors is now providing a free preferred membership to all Member’s Support Brigade participants.  This membership gets you 25% off EVERYTHING at the Western Botanicals Website.  The normal cost of this preferred membership is 50 dollars a year.  So this one benefit fully covers the cost of your MSB Membership.  Full details are on on the benefits page of the MSB Website.
  • Three - Also mentioned on the show yesterday was that I am in communication with Dave Duffy of Backwoods Home Magazine about adding them as a supporter to the MSB.  We have a few details to work out on discount codes but it looks like we will be offering a 20% discount on first year subscriptions and 20% on several of their publications including Growing and Canning Your Own Food by Jackie Clay and  “The Coming American Dictatorship” by John Silveira.  I am a long time reader of Backwoods Home and think they are a great addition to the MSB.  Even if you are not a MSB member and don’t get the discount I really recommend reading their web site and picking up a subscription to them.  You can do that at the Backwoods Home Website.
  • Four - As I have mentioned a few times I am going to be a staff write with Ron Hoods new magazine, Survival.com Magazine.  The first edition is due out in February.  I really recommend subscribing to it as well.  Also remember all MSB Members get 10% off of all DVDs in the Survival.com General Store.
  • Five - Sometime in the next week or two Bill Wilson (owner of Midwest Permaculture) will be on TSP as my guest to talk about sustainable agriculture and all permaculture principles.  Bill is a pretty amazing guy and I have learned a lot taking his Webinar Course already.  I think he will be a great guest so send all your permaculture questions to me as soon as possible and I will include them in the interview.  Again Bills website is called Midwest Permaculture and I am really enjoying his “Permaculture Webinar Course“.
  • Six - As I have said a few times I am working hard on a new eBook called, “Mastering the 22 Rifle“.  This book should be finished before the end of January.  It is a treasure trove of rifle craft wisdom and will teach you everything I know about shooting the 22 effectively as a hunting and survival tool.  You can’t actually order the book yet, what you can do is click on the order button and get on a list to receive a large discount for registering in advance.  This eBook is a major project, there are going to be over 100 full color photographs in it.  Learn more at MasterRifleman.com

As you can see we are only 1 day into 2010 and TSP is already expanding, growing and looking for better ways to serve our entire community.  The next year will be exciting, I hope it brings you and your family greater joy, freedom, independence and opportunity then you have ever experienced before.  I think in the next few years our nation and our world is going to be seriously tested, out community will do well though.

Remember we do not prepare due to fear, we prepare so that we may destroy and abolish fear from our lives.  May your new year be blessed and keep on living that better life if times get tough or even if they don’t.

icon for podpress  Episode-345- An Interview with Christopher Nyerges

Join me today as I interview Christopher Nyerges from the editorial staff of Wilderness Way Magazine.  Christopher is also the author of quite a few books and a wealth of knowledge on gardening, permaculture, botany, alternative energy, wilderness survival skills and more.

Note of Correction - In today’s show I mention a 5000 year old food forest, that was an error it was a 2000 year old forest.  I apologize for the misstatement and a link to the Youtube video is in today’s show notes.

Join me today as we discuss…

  • Christopher’s new book, The Self Sufficient Home
  • How to be cost effective with solar, wind and other energy projects
  • Why being part of the effort is key to success with alternative energy projects
  • The parallels between surviving urban/suburban disasters and wilderness survival
  • The importance of caring for others in a survival situation
  • Why political awareness is important for modern survivalism
  • The three illusions of money
  • Why Christopher choose the format for his new book of showing multiple families and communities with real world projects
  • The importance of growing your own food
  • Methods of harvesting water and why it is key to your success
  • Why “resource shortage” is more important that political concepts like global warming

Resources for today’s show…

Remember to comment, chime in and tell us your thoughts, this podcast is one man’s opinion, not a lecture or sermon. Also please enter our listener appreciation contest and help spread the word about our show.  Also remember you can call in your questions and comments to 866-65-THINK and you might hear yourself on the air.

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Wednesday, 25 November 2009
Off Grid in Montana
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Z3 Readers the link below is interesting in the relevant survivalist information ...the political views are not what I support....Sealed

More about Off Grid Montana



I don’t live in the teepee, but in a trailer down the hill. I come up to the teepee to get online because there’s good reception without a cell satellite. We are building a cabin starting Spring of 2010. Our plan is cement wall against the hillside, another two walls of cement, and the front wall standing 12′ X  3′ logs side by side and energy efficient windows. We just got an 80 watt solar panel and Xantrex xPower 1500. We plan to get more deep cycle batteries and a few more solar panels. So what do we do when the sun doesn’t shine? Honda 5500watt gas generator. I like organic foods and eat and shop, sometimes, at Real Foods in Helena. Just remember, ‘green’ is the new ‘red’.

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Friday, 2 October 2009
Episodes 287 and 289
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icon for podpress  Episode-289- Bug In or
 Bug Out - 12 Questions to Ask [46:51m]

In the event of a disaster should you bug in or bug out (shelter in place or evacuate) is a big topic in many forums, email lists and among modern survivalists in general.  There are times when the question is easy to answer and times when it can be difficult.  The key is your life and the lives of those you love can hang in the balance of this decision so today we discuss 12 question to ask before you have to make the decision.

Tune in today as we consider the following questions…

  • Which choice gives you the best chance of survival for the scenario at hand? (this is not always clear)
  • How well prepared are you to bug in?
  • What exactly are you prepared for? (a forest fire is far different from local rioting)
  • Have evacuation orders been given?
  • What is the nature and probable duration of the threat?
  • Well staying put change anything as far as “saving your home”?
  • Where will you go and how will you get there?
  • Do you own a bug out location or have double up plans or no place to go at all?
  • Will you be able to help your community if you stay?
  • What will the impact of staying or going be on your family, can they handle what you can?
  • What can you take with you and what must you leave behind?
  • If you leave what exactly is waiting for you at your destination?


Episode-287- Advantages of Homesteading Small Land Tracts

icon for podpress  Episode-288- Preparing for

Today’s show is based on a great article written by Clare Wolfe of Backwoods Home Magazine called, “Preparing for Civil Unrest“.  I thought this article was so timely and though provoking that I last minute preempted today’s planned show and quickly put together an outline for today based on this article.  In addition to listening today make sure to read Claire’s article.

Tune in today to hear…

  • Are we sitting on a civil unrest powder keg
  • Could events like NAIS, Swine Flu, Currency Collapse, Invasive Census and Government arrogance cause civil unrest on a large scale
  • Levels One, Two, Three and Four of civil unrest and what they mean
  • Civil unrest can happen anywhere even in rural areas
  • Steps to prepare for civil unrest
    • Stay prepped
    • Don’t be complacent
    • Stay healthy
    • Build your local community
    • Be ready to protect your resources
    • Get advanced warning when traveling
    • Increase situational awareness
    • Don’t resist arrest if you get caught up as a bystander
    • Have a good lawyer and carry his card
    • Try to avoid road blocks

Resources for today’s show…

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