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Thursday, 1 December 2005
Why not invade China too
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so correct me if I'm wrong

Here at this LINK on the BBC website, is an article on Democracy & Protesting

My question is do we invade China like we did in Iraq to bring the people "Freedom on the March" or "Democracy to the People" ?

Here is what the BBC article said:
Five Tibetan monks were detained for opposing a Chinese political campaign, a pro-democracy campaign group says.
The Centered for Human Rights and Democracy said the monks were asked to sign a document denouncing their exiled spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama.

The men, from a monastery near Lhasa, reportedly refused and were arrested.

The group says 400 monks responded by staging a sit-in, but armed police beat them and closed the monastery. China says it cannot confirm the reports.

"I must , China is a country ruled by law and acts in accordance with the law," foreign ministry spokesman Qin Gang said, the Reuters news agency reported.

No-one had been allowed in or out of the Drepung monastery since the protest last week, the India-based group said.

While we are discussing Human Rights the BBC has a LINK to CHECK about a jailed protestor.....in China named Tashi Phuntsog. When he was finally released recently he needed immediate medical attention after being "physically broken".
The group called on China to explain the monk's deterioration in custody.

"Tashi Phuntsog entered prison as a healthy man in his early 40s, 3 years latter, and he was cast out literally as a broken man," it said.

Heck Z3 Readers, this is about the way protester in the US are being treated these days ...Remember all the arrests of innocent women, men, children, and journalist who were thrown in cold toxic chemical warehouses in NY City durring the Republican National Convention??

Seven months after the mass arrests of over 1,800 protesters at the Republican Convention in New York City last summer, 91 percent of the nearly 1,700 cases that have been concluded have resulted in acquittals or the dismissal of charges

I mean the cops were throwing nets over people trapped in dead end streets in huge bunches then arrested and held lots of them in make-shift toxic cell/holding penss until a judge, ordered them released and then even fined the city POLICE for each one held in jail......

Gotta love that Republic Neocon Dictator King George and his Organization.......now lets go rescue some innocent monks for Gods Sake!

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Updated: Thursday, 1 December 2005 9:26 PM PST

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