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Friday, 9 December 2005
Folks if ya dont care --- then who, am I gonna blame?
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Now Playing: HUMAN RIGHTS DAY DEC 10 2005


IHL stands for "International Humantarian Law"

Folks do you think the neo-con war profiteers care ?
They dont care about international law!

Joe Anybody would lay down his life for Human Rights.
This is the foundation of how civilized we are
Say you love God?
Say you care about rights of all people?
Say you dont support torture?
Well Human Rights Day is about all about just that

Dont say you care .......actually "Do Care"
Dont just read this and say I agree.
Do something more ...you have to

Because our leaders dont:

Law of war? What laws of war? Its Bush Law Now!

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Show us your ID
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"Show Me Your ID"

click HERE for an inspiring


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They tortured a guy to use the Info for War then find out they are wrong & say nothing to us?!
Now Playing: Curveball = Bad Info + Torture = Bad Info = STUPIDITY!
Topic: WAR
I cant resist a headline that reports we (USA) are Torturing and the information FROM the torturing is being used AS intelligence AND then!!!.. we find that it was lies and false information probably due to saying anything to "MAKE THEM STOP"
heck who wouldn't lie to make it stop when you think about it.

???? (gosh we are a bunch of stupid americans)????
Has this country lost its morals?
Has this country lost is ethics

I Know we didn't loose "Our Liberty"
..........(( oh! no! ---it was stolen! ))

OK, Z3 readers, the theory that the torturing is providing bad information because the person "getting the stick" shall we say is more apt to lie to get the pain to stop and the torturers to quit.

you will go to hell if you believe in God if you support this type of treatment I will guarantee it
you will someday be blessed with the karma that you richly deserve, and if you promoted, encouraged, or tolerated, it so may you relish in your "just-return"
#3 You will find out that what goes around will come around, what is fun and games to do to captive prisoners when bored or serious water boarding type of treatment, it will be real interesting to see the War Crime Tribunal or who know who it may be ...drag you away to a dungeon in some black hole to make you pay your just dues.

I like the sound of that

So todays headlines in the Friday NY Times front page has this to say. Interesting to note, this goes to show you how one more time -AGAIN the American people are lied to and cheated. This info has been out since March 2004 yet hardly mentioned and this Administration does nothing after it is all said and done(rendition, torture, lies, war, death, ooppppppss we made a mistake since you mention it. no acknowledgment of this nor an apology either)

I love these bums!

(quote) WASHINGTON, Dec. 8 - The Bush administration based a crucial prewar assertion about ties between Iraq and Al Qaeda on detailed statements made by a prisoner while in Egyptian custody who later said he had fabricated them to escape harsh treatment, according to current and former government officials.

The officials said the captive, Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi, provided his most specific and elaborate accounts about ties between Iraq and Al Qaeda only after he was secretly handed over to Egypt by the United States in January 2002, in a process known as rendition.

The new disclosure provides the first public evidence that bad intelligence on Iraq may have resulted partly from the administration's heavy reliance on third countries to carry out interrogations of Qaeda members and others detained as part of American counterterrorism efforts. The Bush administration used Mr. Libi's accounts as the basis for its prewar claims, now discredited, that ties between Iraq and Al Qaeda included training in explosives and chemical weapons.

The fact that Mr. Libi recanted after the American invasion of Iraq and that intelligence based on his remarks was withdrawn by the C.I.A. in March 2004 has been public for more than a year. But American officials had not previously acknowledged either that Mr. Libi made the false statements in foreign custody or that Mr. Libi contended that his statements had been coerced.

A government official said that some intelligence provided by Mr. Libi about Al Qaeda had been accurate, and that Mr. Libi's claims that he had been treated harshly in Egyptian custody had not been corroborated.
(end quote) read the article HERE

And this stinking article is going to infer that welllllll we don't know if we can collaborate if he was tortured or not!.........oh crap
I'm gonna get DRUNK.........
cant collaborate it ........hahahahah..
How about you physco government officials! collaborate this ...--> --> HERE <--

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Updated: Sunday, 11 December 2005 3:36 PM PST
Thursday, 8 December 2005
~ neo-cons @ work ~
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whats a Neo-con?

Well son.., (Click for shot movie clip on neo-cons HERE
after working in the garden all day.
I sat down at the computer and read this short
little forum on the very question.
Ya See son all these names in this forum are neo-cons, remember that when you read, you will get the picture.

Their big moment arrived with the collapse of the Twin Towers. The American public and politicians were in a state of shock, completely disoriented, unable to understand a world that had changed overnight. The neo-cons were the only group with a ready explanation and a solution. Only nine days after the outrage, William Kristol (the son of the group's founder, Irving Kristol) published an Open Letter to President Bush, asserting that it was not enough to annihilate the network of Osama bin Laden, but that it was also imperative to "remove Saddam Hussein from power" and to "retaliate" against Syria and Iran for supporting Hizbullah.

Following is a short list of the main characters.

The Open Letter was published in the Weekly Standard, founded by Kristol with the money of ultra-right press mogul Rupert Murdoch, who donated $ 10 million to the cause. It was signed by 41 leading neo-cons, including Norman Podhoretz, a Jewish former leftist who has become an extreme right-wing icon, editor of the prestigious Encounter magazine, and his wife, Midge Decter, also a writer, Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Studies, Robert Kagan, also of the Weekly Standard, Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post, and, of course, Richard Perle.

Perle is a central character in this play. Until recently he was the chairman of the Defense Policy Board of the Defense Department, which also includes Eliot Cohen and Devon Cross. Perle is a director of the Jerusalem Post, now owned by extreme right-wing Zionists. In the past he was an aide to Senator Henry Jackson, who led the fight against the Soviet Union on behalf of the Jews who wanted to leave. He is a leading member of the influential right-wing American Enterprise Institute. Lately he was obliged to resign from his Defense Department position, when it became known that a private corporation had promised to pay him almost a million dollars for he benefit of his influence in the administration.

That Open Letter was, in effect, the beginning of the Iraq war. It was eagerly received by the Bush administration, with members of the group already firmly established in some of its leading positions. Paul Wolfowitz, the father of the war, is No. 2 in the Defense Department, where another friend of Perle'sDouglas Feith,, heads the Pentagon Planning Board. John Bolton is State Department Undersecretary. Eliot Abrams, responsible for the Middle East in the National Security Council, was connected with the Iran-Contra-Israel scandal. The main hero of the scandal, Oliver North, sits in the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, together with Michael Ledeen, another hero of the scandal. He advocates total war not only against Iraq, but also against Israel's other enemies, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian Authority. Dov Zakheim is comptroller for the Defense Department.

Most of these people , together with Vice-President Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, are associated with the "Project for the New American Century", which published a White Paper in 2002, with the aim 'to preserve and enhance this 'American peace'"--meaning American control of the world.

Meyrav Wurmser (Meyrav is a chic new Israeli first name) is Director of the Center for Middle East Policy at the Hudson Institute. She also writes for the Jerusalem Post and is co-founder of the Middle East Media Research Institute that is, according to the London Guardian, connected with Israeli Army Intelligence. MEMRI feeds the media and politicians with highly selective quotations from extreme Arab publications. Meyrav's husband, Davis Wurmser, is at Perle's American Enterprise Institute, heading Middle East Studies. Mention should also be made of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy of our old acquaintance, Dennis Ross, who for years was in charge of the "peace process" in the Middle East.

In all the important papers there are people close to the group, such as William Safire, a man hypnotized by Sharon, in the New York Times and Charles Krauthammer in the Washington Post. Another Perle friend, Robert Bartley, is the editor of the Wall Street Journal.

If the speeches of Bush and Cheney often sound as if they came from the lips of Sharon, one of the reasons may be that their speechwriters, Joseph Shattan, Mathew Scully and John McConnellare neo-cons, as is Cheneys Chief-of-Staff, Lewis Libby. ,

The immense influence of this largely Jewish group stems from its close alliance with the extreme right-wing Christian fundamentalists, who nowadays control Bush's Republican party. The founding fathers were Jerry Falwell of the Moral Majority, who once got a jet plane as a present from Menachem Begin, and Pat Robertson of the Christian Coalition and the Christian Broadcasting Network, which help to finance the Christian Embassy in Jerusalem of J.W. van der Hoeven, an outfit that supports the settlers and their right-wing allies.

...The man who symbolizes this victory is General Jay Garner, who has just been appointed chief of the civilian administration in Iraq.
He is no anonymous general who has been picked accidentally. Garner is the ideological partner of Paul Wolfowitz and the neo-cons.
Two years ago he signed, together with 26 other officers, a petition organized by the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs


“The truth is out there,” and no amount of dissembling, dishonesty or denial can alter that fact.

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Updated: Saturday, 10 December 2005 9:11 PM PST
Things that make you go hmmmmmmmm?
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....or more info at this link --> HERE (Link expired* 1-06)

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Updated: Friday, 6 January 2006 1:09 AM PST
Wednesday, 7 December 2005
Mans DEATH was UNCALLED for!
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Homeland security screw up with passenger list names ...About 30,000 airline passengers have discovered since last November that their names were mistakenly matched with those appearing on federal watch lists, a transportation security official said Tuesday.
Civil Rights Destroyed
Government intrusions
And Huge Mistakes with Messed-up-lists and privacy violations are abounding with this Department.

click HERE

Then in this Fricked Up War on Terrorism A Mentally Ill Man Shot to Death


click HERE

My point is simple
Our Government was behind 911
And is sponsoring terror.
Terror with a Dead Man on the runway
Terror into our lives
And Phony trumped up Terror Wars
This man was shot by terrorists it appears?
The way I see this is that the Air Marshals who killed an innocent man that was unarmed are the only TERRORIST I see in this picture.

Ya he said the word bomb ...BUT he was bi-polar and Mentally ill
For Gods sake now we are shooting innocent men!
The very same day that this happened ...2 young girls called my place of work and uttered the word BOMB! Now we traced the line to the caller and called them (kids playing I guess?)...but should we go KILL THEM?

Like I am saying the day they shot this guy they should come shoot the young girls too!Really its the same thing!
STOPPING TERROR as DEAD BODIES LINE THE STREETS OF IRAQ and the Air Terminals in the US start to collect there bounty of the real TERRORIST


It is out of hand
There was no reason to have to unload bullets into that man...He needed help not a gravestone!
Stupid air marshals!

God I bet everybody feels safer now at that airport hahaha Ya! Right!

HELL YOU MIGHT GET SHOT Readers, just by being around crazy TRIGGER HAPPY Government agents/gun men with patches on their sleeves looking for terrorists ! ?
That tragedy seems to this Joe Anybody more apt to be putting all passengers and travelers at risk, in fact after this tragedy it seems we are in WAY MORE dangerous situation NOW!

- with cops shooting everywhere - bullets flying - stop that innocent man - shoot him!!Reminds me of the London subway scare, where the cops shot an unarmed innocent man, and you know it was in the name of stopping the trumped-up terrorist alert.

Z3 readers I see who the terrorists really are!
And you should know too!

CLICK -->for real truth report

Speaking of remember the FBI saying the Oregon Lawyer was a terrorist!! WRONG whoooops ...searched his house with no , took DNA samples, took pictures,copied hard drive on his 2 computers....., oooops not our guy? Of course Homeland Security is behind this snd may have to hold there policy up to the courts of this land, as this issue is still unresolved.

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Updated: Thursday, 8 December 2005 10:58 PM PST
Big Profits For Some Bush Family Members WOW !
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Now Playing: Ralph Naders hangout ....spits out some facts
Topic: WAR
.....Profits Topic
scroll to bottom of War Room Page
Now, read the last article before bottom of the page

Shocking ammounts of money is made by the
B. Family members Investing in Iraq?
Why not? If your brother is sending you business
This is crazy
I got the info off of Democracy Rising Us
its a very interesting article

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Updated: Wednesday, 7 December 2005 11:08 PM PST
Tuesday, 6 December 2005
Go Home! We Dont Want Your War or Your Bills!
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Now Playing: Bush & Co leave big bills for city after they REFUSE to pay!
check this link under the Subject SOUTH" then its the Kentuckey Article Here is the NY Times 12-6-05 Cheney Article
or see NYT article which I copied in the comment fourm at end of this blog entry below

Every time the Bush Crime Family comes to just about anytown USA, they leave behind thousands in bills to the city/state. From Police, Secret Service fee's, costs for out of town police backup, numerous buses to cart away usually peaceful protesters, road crew needed for blocking city roads and their fee's for this service to Bush Co. From massive hiring extra security and erecting fences and cages. To enforcing with violence, mass crowd control. Extra Horse patrols,police Dogs, Sniper shooters, Military vehicles, rerouting traffic, shutting down transit malls buses, stores and freeways, and many many more requests. Usually all done just BECAUSE!.... there is thousands chanting at the Crime Family to "STOP THE WAR or NOT OUR PRESIDENT!" that pretty much all taht goes down till the Police esclate thingsand he cheated at the vote, but thats another story!

Mostly these days people that disagree "openly" are told to go to the cages to exercise their free speech rights. Yes I said Cages! That is free speech in America while Bush Co is running things into the ground. Your free speech will be in a armed POLICE guarded cage in a predetermined area way away from where the person of ill-repute is speaking thus making a protest pretty un affective! I would say!

By the way, It's a good idea to write your lawyers name on your arm, before you go, because after mass arresting people as they sometimes do at lots of these legal protests, you will want that number handy. (At some protests the arrests are so plentyful that civil rights groups will have a toll free number or local number to call for a free civil rights lawyer to help you get out) But IF arrested and IF you do get to make a phone call the number needs to be remembered by you (or written on forearm, etc), ya see Citizen they won't let you look a number up in jail ! You gotta know it! I heard where they even made people wash their arms/hands, to wipe off the information HAhahaha! This is just crazy!
(and twisted!)

These Republican War Profiteers come into town for there big fancy 1000-dollar dinners to raise money for their henchmen or the GOP?! And don't forget to "get your picture sitting on Cheney's knee for a few more thousand dollars" fund raiser they call it. After slapping each other on the back and passing around a few ??? thousands dollars to each other, amid all the people outside screaming to "go home" they end up doing just that - and stiffing the city for the bill to boot!!!! So Sue Us in Court is All they Say!
Then as mentioned in the Times article they force the city, to sue them, to get their payments that are due.

What a "Crock of Crime"
This time the courts did the right thing according to that NYTimes link

Many times it is not even Government business, it's to personally raise money for fellow palls in the ratpack. But we the taxpayers get stuck with the bill. HA! These are our leaders you say, sounds like its out of hand and these crooks are taking us to the cleaners??????!

Hey! I don?t want YOU in my town!
Hey I want YOU to stop TORTURING!
Hey YOU I want you to pay your own stinking security bills when ya come around!
Hey YOU I want you to end "your" ILLEGAL WARs OVERSEAS!
Hey YOU I want you to get your damn robo-cops out of my streets and quit pointing their guns at me!
Folks Who is starting the violence? The ones with the tools of pain to use on its people thats who! Cause 1000 in the streets doesnt mean they can bash your head in and leave town with me holding my head and the bill!
No Way!

Hey YOU I don't like it when your goons and thugs in Black clad armor start firing rubber bullets, teasers, and mace into crowds of innocent people (known as CITIZENS). As done in Portland Or a couple years ago when BushCo was in town to support a fellow "R" (Gordon Smith)fundraiser dinner.

Now those people that were victims of The Bush Police Abuse sued the Portland Police for over 300 thousand dollars. Big Bullies got your pants sued off ya and lost! Huh?
But true to your style, as always you have been able to sneak out of town and fork us taxpayers for the bill for all your needed protection????!

"We Don?t Want You Here and We Have a Right to say so. It is Our America" and that was all we were trying to tell you...as your "boys" pushed us back with robo-cops and guns, and at one point intentionally drove a police car into the crowd. All we were doing was having a PEACEFULLY PROTEST but your jackbooted thug sure had all the weapons and tools to hurt people (and did!).

Like I said we were being PEACEFUL! But you are scared ...I do see why ...it seems most the world now hates you as ummmmm you stop Terrorism and bully forigneers with military or locals with their town Police? ? hmmmmm?
No wonder the security bills are so high,
Are you reaping what you sow!
Myself personally can say, I haven't felt any love being sowed

PS Oh! Speaking of "NEW RULES" Don't fly over Cheney's new Chesapeake Bay home either.
?Its a no fly zone? (what is he scared too I wonder why?)
If you lead a good life its not so scary (FYI)

Read the info about --> New Air Rules Imposed by the Foul Mouth-ed Republican War Profiteer!

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Updated: Thursday, 8 December 2005 12:21 AM PST
The Torturing Fools Continue to Abuse - - Pissing Joe Anybody Off!
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Now Playing: ARTICLE 9

"Torture doesn't stop terror. Torture is terror."

Any ol joe fighting in is own homeland
could waste away in a prison if cought!
....by the roaming thug US TERRORISM SQUADS!
Beat and terrorized captured kept 1/2 dead forever
to never return or be heard of ...chained away!
in dark prison in far off lands, forgotten, kidnapped by terrorists of the free-land...the ones that talk of freedom! Ha !
Who cars anyway ?
They are suppose to be "bad-guys' their terrorsist! The Military is saving us!
eeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkk! save us by torturing others?

Are fricken prverted government is counting on you to forget about them.
Most people dont want to think about them. Who would ?...uuuckkkk smelly ol beat up badguy!

I been reading about prison.
And I have read about torture.
I now I am mad as hell
My country tortures people!
Now I am wrtiting about it.

Next I am .......?

God Help America

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Updated: Tuesday, 6 December 2005 2:29 AM PST
Monday, 5 December 2005
~Patriot Act ~ Torture ~ Civil rights ~ Zebra3 Reports Is On It!
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Now Playing: ACLU top 3 TOPICS for Monday Morning -
ACLU is Helping Me Help You
The following 3 Posts
are copied from the ACLU's webpage

"Get Out I Am The King"

White House event staffers unlawfully removed two Denver residents from a town hall discussion with President Bush because of an anti-war bumper sticker on their car, the ACLU has filed ajust federal lawsuit recently.


By Anthony D. Romero

President Bush is lying to the American people.Consider the President's words in Panama: "We are finding terrorists and bringing them to justice. We are gathering information about where the terrorists may be hiding. We are trying to disrupt their plots and plans. Anything we do ... to that end in this effort, any activity we conduct, is within the law. We do not torture."

As the President well knows, the sad fact for all Americans is that many of the interrogations we have conducted are not within the law. As many current and former government and military officials recently told PBS' Frontline, we have tortured - and even killed - prisoners in our custody.

The Bush Administration and Congress have ignored their obligation to end the torture and abuse of detainees in U.S. military custody and restore faith in America's commitment to human rights. The abuses are the failure of our leaders who placed our troops in impossible situations, established policies that led to atrocities, encouraged those in command to look the other way, made young soldiers accountable while letting themselves off the hook, and then worked to hide the truth.
--> Rumsfeld Is Torturing


Patriot Act Update:
Don't Believe the Spin

The effort to renew the Patriot Act is not going according to the White House script. Two weeks ago the Administration attempted to force through a reauthorization bill that would make most of the provisions of the Patriot Act permanent and make other provisions even worse.

We were told that this bill was a done deal and a vote was going to take place at any moment. Fortunately the White House did not anticipate the resolve of Americans who refuse to sacrifice our most cherished civil liberties.

Thanks to your phone calls and emails (SEND YOUR MESSAGE HERE), a bipartisan group of principled and courageous Senators has publically rebuked the Bush Administration and blocked the vote, demanding that real reforms be a part of any Patriot Act reauthorization bill.
The reauthorization vote is now on hold, but the Bush Administration is undertaking a fierce campaign to get the bill that it wants and is pressuring Senators to drop their opposition.

It is critical that you continue to keep pressure on your Members of Congress by calling them and encouraging your friends to call as well. Tell them to stand fast against any Patriot Act reauthorization bill that lacks real reforms to protect our civil liberties.
Know the difference between Facts & Spin

~Have A Nie Day~

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Updated: Monday, 5 December 2005 3:02 PM PST

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