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Sunday, 25 December 2005
Viet Nam Page and Christmas Thoughts
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Christmas in Iraq can you Imagine?
I couldn't help but think of the guys and gals over there in Iraq as I drove home with my heater cranked up and all snuggled in surrounded by warm Christmas Gifts from my loving family members and our nice holiday get-to-gether.

Ahhhh the life of Christmas Luxury. For me!
Peace in my personal world,
ahhhhhhhhh! So commmmffffyyyy!
But!..... So far, far a way a battle rages on! Even on Christmas Day!

My heart cries out for the toll of that which the battle insists that we all must pay. And we do pay!
... Christmas day in a worn torn invaded Nation, where there are cries in the night as I drive silently home in the darkness of My World.
I can hear those cries from 1,000 of miles away!
Cries as bullets settle softly into young bodies and old alike,
or miss there human mark entirely, and lay idle in the dust and dirt for many years as a reminder of what powerful nation can do if they allow their leaders to be abusive, and run wild and out of control. As a reminder that Death covers a land that asked for nothing.

And as I steer the car gently into the driveway safe at my home, I say, thinking out loud "I hope the soldiers get to come home soon too, and I hope that those lost and whom are aimlessly are wandering in the barren dessert and are 'now-homeless-families' that have loved ones dead or missing or who are kidnapped into US prison camps and are missing... can find some kind of peace or hope and a little warmth today too and that they can feel they are not, forgotten! . I hope there is a calm on the battle field that lasts as long as it humanly possibly can....
and Readers let's push for countries to love one another and put and end to this Imperialist Madness.

Christmas during war?

My newest update on Joe-Anybody.com is on the subject of Viet Nam, located on my
"WAR ROOM page Here "
With all due respect to a Veteran friend of mine I suggest you check out Joe's latest post on that War that rocked our World then, and today it seems to be So Now Forgotten!I just posted two short excerpt's from a new book by my friend/author Mike M, that is soon to be coming out. Based on his time in life, at a young age of 19 and being in the Viet Nam War
It is fitting and so timely that I offer you this link that he so kindly shared with me, which relates to today's war in so many ways.
Please enjoy and remember our Vetrans and Soldiers that trusted enough in their Leaders to fight for them & the "least we can do" is make our Government be Honest and Accountable in the first place and "To Keep War At A Mere Minimum At The Most - - -

.....Support Peace,
Support Our Troops And Let's Bring Them Home.
Stop Violence Against All Mankind Every Where
Promote Love Through Your Voice
By Standing Up to Oppression and Violence.

Merry Christmas Lets End This War Now!

********* 3 Christmas War Links ******

Look at this Christmas Story just coming out that happened almost months ago called Operation Steel Curtain, which began on Nov. 5, medical workers had recorded 97 civilians killed. At least 38 insurgents were also killed in the offensives's early days,in RAMADI, Iraq -- U.S. Marine air strikes targeting insurgents sheltering in Iraqi residential neighborhoods are killing civilians as well as guerrillas along the Euphrates River in far western Iraq, according to Iraqi townspeople and officials and the U.S. military
read more --> HERE


Complete Disaster
White Flags
Blown up houses
American and Iraqi Military Vehicles everywhere
Crumbling Rubble
......Read More Here!


Iraqi Doctors Beaten and Arrested in Haditha Hospital by American troops ? Huh?(read more --> RIGHT HERE! )

Sabah Ali (30/10/2005)

Dr. Walid Al-Obeidi, the director of Haditha General Hospital and Dr. Jamil Abdul Jabbar, the only surgeon in the Haditha area were arrested for a week, very badly beaten and threatened to face the same treatment in the future by the American Troops.

Dr.Walid said - "They arrested me in my house in front of my family, covered my eyes, and tied my hands to the back on Oct 5 2005 morning, during the last attack on Haditha (360 kilometers west of Baghdad). They (Americans) occupied the hospital for 8 days and made it their office. The first day they beat me on my eyes, nose, back, hands, legs... My face was covered with blood .When they removed the tie I could not see. They investigated me until the afternoon. I realized later that I was arrested in the hospital store. Then they tied my hands to the front, and left me for two days. I was moved then to the pharmacy department. They accused me of treating terrorists, and asked for their names.

I told them that I treat patients regardless of their identity, according to my oath as a doctor; even if they were national guards (which we actually I did) or American soldiers. And any way, if I do not want to treat the insurgents, I have no choice, because they were armed and masked. I would do anything they tell to do. Few days later, one of the soldiers came in the room, did not say anything, kicked me again on my face and left?.

Dr. Jamil, a surgeon for 20 years, was arrested and very badly beaten. When we met him, 22 days later, his face was still blue. His nose was broken, and a big opening in his head: ?They beat me on my eyes and nose, kicked me with boots under my chin. One of them threatened me if I do not talk after he counts to three, he would shoot me. He began counting, after three he turned the gun upside down and hit me on the back of my head. For days I could not move or see. They threatened us of abusing our families. For some reason they took my picture while I was bleeding, I could hear the camera click?.

Both doctors were threatened if they do not talk, they would receive the same treatment in the future. They were warned of passing any information of the arrest to the media. They were asked who wrote the hostile slogans against the American on the opposite wall of the hospital? What are the names of the insurgents they treated? and what are the bodies? pictures in the hospital computer?

Dr. Walid said he does not know who wrote on the wall outside the hospital, what the names of the insurgents are, because they were masked. He explained that the dead bodies? pictures were of unknown people whose bodies were found after the fighting. ?We can not keep these bodies forever; we do not have enough cold boxes. So, after two months, we take their pictures and bury them, so that whenever some one from their families comes to ask we show the pictures of the dead bodies?.

The UN, the international HR organizations, WHO, Doctors sans frontiers and all who it may concern are called upon to do some thing to help these, and other Iraqi doctors, and to prevent similar treatment in the future. Dr. Walid and Dr. Jamil believe that they may face the arrest and beating in the future. They demand that the American troops stop occupying the hospital and destroying it every time the attack Haditha. They also believe that the Iraqi authorities are incapable of protecting them.



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Saturday, 24 December 2005
Lots of Information on Spying on Citizens Here in Z3 Report
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--> This Blog Here <-- has massive information and good informative links concerning the spying on Citizens by Bush & Company.
Whom have no problem thinking that they can ....because of what John Yoo and Gonzalous helped write the "Now Much Needed" legal documents to protect his ass....knowing full well he was going to someday face the music.......well I say if they want to face the music
.....Lets Turn Up The Sound

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Updated: Sunday, 25 December 2005 5:20 AM PST
Friday, 23 December 2005
Ralph Nader
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Topic: NADER
Here is what was in an email to joe anybody on the 23 of December
I thought it contained an interesting points to make about a couple different subjects
1. Bird Flu
2. Bush Kerry Du-opoly Election Debate Farce

Below is the email from Joe's Favorite Canidate:

For your Information:In his new book, The Monster at Our Door - The Global Threat of Avian Flu, author Mike Davis writes that "Kerry, in fact, let Bush off the hook, never once mentioning the avian influenza threat in any of the three presidential debates." Davis then tells his readers what we knew but the media ignored last year.

******** Here are Mike Davis' words: **********

In short, as Nature pointed out, "Three years of heightened concern about bioterrorism have done nothing to address the fundamental weakness of the U.S. public health system. Except for those lucky few - mainly doctors and soldiers - who might receive prophylactic treatment with Tamiflu, the Bush administration had left most Americans as vulnerable to the onslaught of a new flu pandemic as their grandparents or great grandparents had been in 1918. Pandemic planners admitted that the bulk of the public, initially at least, would simply have to cower in their homes. In a presidential election season dominated by "national security," pandemic vulnerability should have been a decisive wedge issue; however, the Kerry campaign scolded Bush for the vaccine debacle and promised to stabilize future production with government purchases of unused stocks, but otherwise offered few substantive ideas for repairing America's collapsing public-health infrastructure. Kerry, in fact, let Bush off the hook, never once mentioning the avian influenza threat in any of the three presidential debates.

The only presidential candidate to pay attention to the monster at the door was Ralph Nader, the candidate whose presence in the campaign was so reviled by "progressive" born again Democrats. In February 2004 Nader contrasted the administration's obsession with Iraq's nonexistent "weapons of mass destruction" with its failure to energetically address avian flu in Asia. "The chain of infections from domesticated Chinese ducks to pigs to humans," he forewarned in colorful prose, "can explode into a world war of mutant viruses taking millions of casualties before vaccines can be developed and deployed." Six months later he wrote a public letter to Bush impeaching the administration's failure to act upon the warnings of top researchers and medical organizations. "Such notice apparently is not enough to move your Presidency to action. These mutating viruses are not like human villains. You need to recognize that their indiscriminate destruction of innocent civilians however, can be considered a form of viral terrorism." In the WHO's "worst-case" scenario, 2 million of these "innocent civilians" threatened with death are Americans of the remaining 98 million, however, live in the poor cities of the Third World."

~Ralph Nader

Z3 Readers Think about these two points ...Thats all!
"Happy Holidays"

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Thursday, 22 December 2005
Cheaters are Fined "Biggest Store on the Block CHEATS EMPLOYEES and is told to PAY THEM BACK
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Because Wal Mart Screws over Employees by not allowing lunch, They lose 172$ million Lawsuit today in court.
Read more HERE on this issue and other related ones.

Wal Mart The Bentonville, Ark.-based retailer, which earned $10 billion last year, who just settled a similar lawsuit in Colorado for $50 million, now settles another court case today in OAKLAND, California - A California jury on Thursday awarded $172 million to thousands of employees at Wal-Mart Stores Inc. who claimed they were illegally denied lunch breaks.
HAHAHA a huge billion-dollar company that wants to FUCK workers over

HAHAHAHA now they will pay
I never shop at this degrading store
I refuse to have any part of their abuses by these mega corporations. They cut pay
They cut health care. They cut benefits. They move overseas to pay slave wages. They are Dirty Bastards. They screw their own workers over time and time again

Today is time to celebrate 172 million dollars!
Of course they will appeal and as He (Wal-Mart attorney Neal Manne) conceded that Wal-Mart made mistakes in not always allowing for lunch breaks when the 2001 law took affect, but said the company is “100 percent” in compliance now.

They knew damn well to give the poor workers a lunch break


Wal Mart had to have a court tell them to do it.

AND then they had to get fined 172 million dollars

SO ….

they can say they are now 100% compliant
.......NOW!!!!! they Are !!!!!!!
hahahaha (stupid-cheap-skates)

to late now you CEO tightwads’
…NOW! Who’s next????? we are just warming up !

No Lunches for Staff = Corporate Bastards

(I bet the CEO had his corporate lunch every single day)

BOYCOTT THIS CESSPOOL they call a Store!

Posted by Joe Anybody at 5:56 PM PST
I am so sick of these crooks
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I should be happy
an extension on the Patriot Act has been bumped to 6 more months of discussion.
For the mere fact that they didn't pass the reauthorization of the Patriot Act I am happy.

And We here at Z3 Reports will be keeping you informed on the investigations into illegal NSA wiretaps on Americans without FISA warrants, FBI and Pentagon spying on peaceful groups and protesters, the administration's rewriting of the Army Field Manual that renders the torture ban moot, the denial of habeas rights to Guant?namo Bay detainees, and more.

But right now I am so angry at our Government I better not write anything at all!!!
I am sooooooooo pisssed at these Bush Co Thieves

Let me take a break and THINK!

This fricken administration that serves only their own interests as they get wealthier and Joe Anybody gets poorer, absolutely upsets me to 'no end'

They steal my constitutional rights and cut services to the poor and to education, and spy on US citizens too, while they beat and torture and kill foreigners, cover up and lie about it.
And every day of my life this continues over and over

Is this how America is going to be with King George being allowed to ruin it all?
Get The Jails Ready!!!

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Updated: Thursday, 22 December 2005 3:35 PM PST
Poorest Countries Get Debt Relief from IMF
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December 22, 2005 2:31 a.m. EST
London, England (AHN) - The International Monetary Fund (IMF) writes off the $3.3 billion owed by most of poorest countries in the world.
The multilateral debt relief initiative was agreed by leaders of the G8 industrialized states in July after the series of "Live 8" rock concerts drew attention to the issue, according to BBC News.

The debts owed by the 19 nations will finally be canceled once the IMF has the approval of all 43 rich countries that have contributed to an anti-poverty trust set up by the Fund.

"So far we have 37 consents. We're quite hopeful we'll get remaining the six in the next few weeks," says IMF spokesman Thomas Dawson.

Benin, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guyana, Honduras, Madagascar, Mali, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Niger, Rwanda, Senegal, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia should receive IMF debt relief by early 2006.

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Wednesday, 21 December 2005
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SADDAM CLAIMS "I have been beaten on every place of my body, and the signs are all over my body," he told the court.


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Updated: Thursday, 22 December 2005 12:39 AM PST
Tuesday, 20 December 2005
I SPY a President who is Spying on Me!
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I must first mention “I as in this particular, Joe Anybody,
I am not a Democrat
But I did read on the Democrats.org web page (HERE) that within the next 48 hours a person could sign on to a FOIA Request by Gov. Howard Dean.

According to reports, political appointees in the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel wrote still-classified legal opinions laying out the supposed justification for this program.

Governor Howard Dean is filing a formal demand that they release these documents. You can add your name to a Freedom of Information Act request by the link provide above

The release of these documents that Bush mentioned, that say the NSA could eavesdrop on average citizens….. Looking of course for terrorists which according to GB was permissible due to his authority I would like to see what give him the right, to take my rights, and for him to spy on me?

Joe Anybody signed his name!
For all through what this countries founder fought so hard for, it was our Our Freedom!
There were times they to had to stand up and sign their names and times they had to fight. The odds that we would scrap all that for Bush Co is outlandish!

I am proud to stand up and challenge the spying on citizens.

Scuse me, but did we ditch the 4th amendment?

This spying issue is a core civil right issue!
And really folks, with all the spying they (BIG B!) already do, this doesn't shock me any.
I have realized since 911 there is much spying on Dissent and Protesters or religious groups, and especially them that are of a different skin color than the rulers in America.
It is scary to see the Big Brother Spy, The Black Mask Polie but it is Real & True.
I see the police filming every time anybody happens to yell “Booooo Their Lying To Us!”
Then --> Out-Pop the tripod SWAT film crew!
Intimidation? … Looking for Terrorists? Documenting Dissent?
Wasting Taxpayers Money! For what? For Who?

Yeah! Spying on al Qaeda is what Bush said he was doing!!!!!

But I bet, if these FIOA documents EVER get released they show some average Joe Anybodies are on them list.
Don’t forget the Oregon/Mayfield case and the botched secret spying on him.
He still is suing the government.


Give the gov't powers, and they will abuse them. It is inevitable. If sneaks and peaks are allowed, law enforcement will abuse that power. I say sneak and peeks should be illegal on constitutional grounds, and if that leads to a terror attack, so be it. For the 100th time, I can live with the threat of terror, I can't live with the threat of tyranny from my own govt.
(end quote....Taken From Here)

One of the several of the The Joint Terrorism Task Force biggest concerns to this Joe Anybody is the way the federal government can supersede city and state law, to harm, spy or jail citizens under this Homeland Security all encompassing Terror Protection Farce.
They Break The Sworn to Protect Constitution and call it part of a national secret/homeland security.

Remember the Power Of Nightmares?
Terror = Loss of Rights
Who Benefits?

Is the answer……. Neo-cons?

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Updated: Wednesday, 21 December 2005 12:04 AM PST
Monday, 19 December 2005
And Just How Did My Rep Vote On Patriotism?
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Joe Anybody appreciated the NO votes
Darn Republicans must not care about Civil Rights
It obvious from this link ----> HERE <---

Forsaking Our Beloved Constitution
Here is a quick form to thank the no voters!
Right ----> HERE <---
I sent mine a quick thanks
(of course this joe-anybody has a Republican who voted "yes" ha ...so sad!?)

A good link to help understand "why" Joe Anybody doesn't believe in 'This So Called Terror' and the cost with loss of Civil Liberties and the changing of the constitution as the Patriot Act does do.

You see dear readers the only justification that the Government gives is that we are in a
"TERROR ALERT or the bad guys are out there"
(oH mY!)

Oh Dear!? What am I to do ?.....I do suggest you check this link below,

"Power Of Nightmares" it is a 3 part series.
It explains how allot of how this Terror Crap originated. Once a good perspective is intact you will see the important theft of our Civil Rights in its hidden blatant misleading title of The Patriot Act. And this whole misleading scare to erode freedom and relinquish our power and pass over "The PeoplesControl" ---> over to a secret government!? It all will be more obvious to you once you seen these video clips.
Gots this Joe worried in a whole differnt way!
Here is Link To Nightmare Videos Right-Click Then choose "save as" or just Download as you usually would by right-clicking on the "blue links" when you get the page open.
"there are 3 films to see" From the BBC (London)

Meanwhile lets hope our elected officials can keep our sacred right intact not only for the Joe Anybodies, But also especially for the "Every Bodies" kids and grandkids and all the future Americans, who deserve there country free like we received it .
I got my fingers crossed
Basically its called "Good Stewardship"


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Saturday, 17 December 2005
Uncle Sam Club
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"The Country That Ditched Freedom"
Bush n Company Evaporate Rights of Joe Anybody
--> ACLU Link

Patriot Act Reauthorization
Vote Faces Potential Filibuster

The House of Representatives has passed legislation to reauthorize expiring provisions of the Patriot Act without including needed safeguards to protect the privacy and constitutional freedoms of innocent Americans.

But the fight is not over: The bill now sits before the Senate, where there is a strong bipartisan push to restore civil rights protections to the Patriot Act. Several Senators have threatened to filibuster the reauthorization bill unless real reforms are included.

The bill currently before the Senate would:


For more about the latest Patriot Act proposals, read an ACLU summary of key problems with the draft legislation.

More than 400 local communities and seven states have passed resolutions calling for Patriot Act reform.

God Help Us All

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Updated: Saturday, 17 December 2005 12:19 PM PST

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