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Monday, 19 December 2005
And Just How Did My Rep Vote On Patriotism?
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Joe Anybody appreciated the NO votes
Darn Republicans must not care about Civil Rights
It obvious from this link ----> HERE <---

Forsaking Our Beloved Constitution
Here is a quick form to thank the no voters!
Right ----> HERE <---
I sent mine a quick thanks
(of course this joe-anybody has a Republican who voted "yes" ha ...so sad!?)

A good link to help understand "why" Joe Anybody doesn't believe in 'This So Called Terror' and the cost with loss of Civil Liberties and the changing of the constitution as the Patriot Act does do.

You see dear readers the only justification that the Government gives is that we are in a
"TERROR ALERT or the bad guys are out there"
(oH mY!)

Oh Dear!? What am I to do ?.....I do suggest you check this link below,

"Power Of Nightmares" it is a 3 part series.
It explains how allot of how this Terror Crap originated. Once a good perspective is intact you will see the important theft of our Civil Rights in its hidden blatant misleading title of The Patriot Act. And this whole misleading scare to erode freedom and relinquish our power and pass over "The PeoplesControl" ---> over to a secret government!? It all will be more obvious to you once you seen these video clips.
Gots this Joe worried in a whole differnt way!
Here is Link To Nightmare Videos Right-Click Then choose "save as" or just Download as you usually would by right-clicking on the "blue links" when you get the page open.
"there are 3 films to see" From the BBC (London)

Meanwhile lets hope our elected officials can keep our sacred right intact not only for the Joe Anybodies, But also especially for the "Every Bodies" kids and grandkids and all the future Americans, who deserve there country free like we received it .
I got my fingers crossed
Basically its called "Good Stewardship"


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Updated: Monday, 19 December 2005 2:33 PM PST
Saturday, 17 December 2005
Uncle Sam Club
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"The Country That Ditched Freedom"
Bush n Company Evaporate Rights of Joe Anybody
--> ACLU Link

Patriot Act Reauthorization
Vote Faces Potential Filibuster

The House of Representatives has passed legislation to reauthorize expiring provisions of the Patriot Act without including needed safeguards to protect the privacy and constitutional freedoms of innocent Americans.

But the fight is not over: The bill now sits before the Senate, where there is a strong bipartisan push to restore civil rights protections to the Patriot Act. Several Senators have threatened to filibuster the reauthorization bill unless real reforms are included.

The bill currently before the Senate would:


For more about the latest Patriot Act proposals, read an ACLU summary of key problems with the draft legislation.

More than 400 local communities and seven states have passed resolutions calling for Patriot Act reform.

God Help Us All

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Updated: Saturday, 17 December 2005 12:19 PM PST
Friday, 16 December 2005
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Now Playing: Censorship by Clear Channel
FOUND HERE Do something about it and send Clear Channel a message that they should allow the *TRUTHFUL* billboard to be installed. Its the average joe annybody who can make change ---> Get Involved In Change!

Watch This PBS Videos on Walmart to get a good idea on why so many people are now standing up and saying NO to this Monster!

Here is a trailer for New Movie that has recently been released on this Giant Superbox Store --> High Cost for Low Prices

As they said in the movie
"Not if they are gonna make millions off the backs of People that are Suffering"

Put your money where your MORAL's are.
And don't support a company that brings this worlds working class citizen closer to poverty and oppression!
You can STOP this by fighting with you dollar and your voice.

Thank You For Not Shopping At Wal*Mart

Posted by Joe Anybody at 3:33 AM PST
White House Fights Hard To Keep Torturing But Loses in House
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PAGE TWO of Washington Post article on Patriot Act click --> HERE for full article

McCain and national security adviser Stephen J. Hadley met yesterday morning on Capitol Hill as part of the negotiations on McCain's anti-torture legislation.

Congressional aides and U.S. officials said yesterday that McCain has flatly refused Bush administration requests to modify the language he has proposed or to water down the impact of the torture ban.

Despite McCain's unwavering stance, the White House continues to push for some exceptions for officials working in the U.S. intelligence services -- specifically the CIA. Sources familiar with the negotiations said yesterday that McCain and Hadley's one-on-one meetings over the past month have centered on the White House's request for some level of legal protection from liability for CIA operatives should they be found in violation of the standards.

Such an exception would allow interrogators to use a defense that a "reasonable person" would not have thought their actions were illegal, similar to what is available under military laws on following orders.

Defense Department officials have been debating the impact McCain's language would have on intelligence operations, and officials largely agree that the provisions are consistent with existing policy. They would put into law Army doctrine, eliminating a commander's flexibility to change the rules -- something members of Congress have been seeking after numerous reported instances of abuse.

McCain's language grew out of the Abu Ghraib prison abuse and the confusion that became apparent about the government's policies on the treatment of detainees. McCain -- who was tortured as a Vietnam prisoner of war -- has been seeking to provide congressional clarity to the armed forces and to other officials who interrogate prisoners.
A McCain spokeswoman said yesterday that negotiations are continuing and that he is opposed to any language that would undermine the intent of his provisions.

The impasse on the authorization bill is caused in part by Republican leaders being stuck having to make a difficult choice: Either go against the president and limit the use of some interrogation tactics or risk not having a National Defense Authorization Act for the first time in 45 years and in the middle of a war.

"I'm deeply disappointed that the Republican leadership has dragged their feet for weeks, unwilling to consider Senator McCain's language, which gained wide bipartisan support in the Senate," said Rep. Ellen Tauscher (D-Calif.), a member of the House Armed Services Committee.

"When America's servicemen and women are deployed in war zones, exposed to danger and possible capture, it is irresponsible to not make sure fundamental standards exist for the treatment of detainees," Tauscher said.

Is there Hope that some common sense is still smoldering from this TERRORISM Fire Storm?

"Lets Hope So I Sure Have Ben Waiting For It"

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Updated: Friday, 16 December 2005 3:32 AM PST
Thursday, 15 December 2005
Misinformation and Spin ..... Ralph Nader is asking why!
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Now Playing: Letter From Ralph Nader the 'Spoiler' to a Sen & a Rep
Topic: WAR
October 24, 2005
copied from --> THIS GREAT WEBSITE

Rep. Nancy Pelosi
Minority Leader
2371 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Fax 202-225-8259

Senator Harry Reid
Democratic Leader
528 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Fax: 202-224-7327

Dear Senator Reid and Representative Pelosi:

It is incomprehensible that the Democratic leadership, after 30 months of war and occupation in Iraq, has not challenged the Bush Administration's deliberate low-balling of U.S. casualties in Iraq (not to mention refusing to even estimate the Iraqi civilian losses).

The Department of Defense counts as official casualties the fatality toll, but only those injuries incurred in combat operations. This criteria leaves out thousands of serious injuries, thousands of cases of disease (like Sandfly Disease) and tens of thousands of disabling post-traumatic stress disorders.

As demonstrated by a Sixty Minutes Program (CBS) last December, permanently and seriously disabled soldiers were very upset that they weren't even counted. Messrs. Bush and Rumsfeld should know how this definitional omission, clearly designed to diminish public indignation and polls against this illegal, costly, destructive, false-pretense military invasion and occupation, disrespects those military families.
Three soldiers in a Humvee were traveling toward their mission, tipped over and slid into the Euphrates River. Why wasn't the soldier, now a quadriplegic, counted by Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld in the official toll?

The actual injury numbers are almost three times the official count. Then there are the soldiers with diseases and serious mental damage.

Again, why for over 30 months, has the Democratic Party not spoken loud, clear and often about this unprecedented Presidential discounting of so many U.S. casualties and in a war of choice, no less? Why did the Congressional Democrats not demand an investigation?



Ralph Nader
P.O. Box 18485
Washington, DC 20036

Z3 Headquarters Loves the "Spoiler"
Merry Christmas Ralph!

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Updated: Friday, 16 December 2005 12:10 AM PST
Saddam Statue Toppling was STAGED for US News Spin
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Now Playing: Joe bets 25$ that this Picture was STAGED by US Military
Topic: WAR


(I FORGET WHO ...ol what's his name?)

The Statue of Saddam Toppling Over we all watched a couple years ago on TV over and over again was also staged ...complete with Iraqi's waving American Flags....ya I am sure they just happened to have one handy the same time the press happened to be there?
.....(can you say "deception" Z3 Reader?

If I am wrong I will send you 25 $
I found it on a MILITARY DEPARTMENT of DEFENSE website --> HERE
This US DEFENSE website is full of propaganda supporting our TERRORISM on a foreign countries soil.
It most likely is read by Pro-Military-War-Hawks.

If you want to waste some time reading Military slanted Pro Bush Co Bullshit go to this site (*WARNING* bring a barf bag you will need it)

After just reading that Bush admits to 30,000 dead Iraqis, which by the way is only the "CONFIRMED & DOCUMENTED deaths so far the actual numbers could be in the hundred of thousands of Iraqis are DEAD thanks to the BUSH INVASION

The confirmed dead are mostly innocent citizens.
Most of the dead from our bombs are women & children

check out!
joe-anybody blog and look into the WAR ROOM

Posted by Joe Anybody at 4:10 PM PST
Updated: Thursday, 15 December 2005 5:56 PM PST
Do You Object To War ?
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Now Playing: Now Peace Protestors are considered TERRORISTS by Bush
Topic: WAR
The program, known as Talon is spying on PEACE PROTESTERS by the Pentagon ...hits Newsstands today! On 12 - 15 - 05 read it --> HERE

So the government with their BIG BLOODY GUNS are now using camera and tech Military spy gear for spying on people who want PEACE in this WORLD
"These Ass---- are out of hand" says Ben Waiting
"Come Get Me" Joe Anybody yells from the rooftop

"You sick killing bastards COME GET ME"

("And thanks Ben for getting me off the roof my lungs are sore from yelling.... I think all of America is asleep?")

Here is the MSNBC link --> Peace Threat
?I think Americans should be concerned that the military, in fact, has reached too far,? says NBC News military analyst Bill Arkin.

The Department of Defense declined repeated requests by NBC News for an interview. A spokesman said that all domestic intelligence information is ?properly collected? and involves ?protection of Defense Department installations, interests and personnel.? The military has always had a legitimate ?force protection? mission inside the U.S. to protect its personnel and facilities from potential violence. But the Pentagon now collects domestic intelligence that goes beyond legitimate concerns about terrorism or protecting U.S. military installations, say critics.
(end quote)

Hear what "peaceful PROTESTERS" are saying by watching this video clip HERE

Joe Anybody does not like to be spied on when all I want is Peace!
This Regime is killing people and I bet they wish allot of the people that don't agree with them were Dead. DO I live in America?
Or does is seem like this world is turning into "DOOMS VILLE The Bush Wasteland?"

So The Government acquires allot of bad info on Iraq
On top of orchestrates the 911 Tragedy to put terrorism fear into our daily lives
Kills hundreds of thousands od civilians including children.
Causes their most noble leader in charge of Iraq Police Force Training to Kill Himself In Disgust of the war and its ugliness.
Then starts rounding up information on people who wont support their killing mission
Ditches our constitution
Lies to us about preserving Freedom
Cheats at getting re-elected
Ruins the environment
Escalates world hate towards the US
Eases taxes for the wealthy
Takes away services for the poor and needy
Destroys our education system

And now they are spying on PEACE PROTESTERS
Joe Anybody is Outraged
Can you wake up enough to help me yell?

click HERE!

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Updated: Thursday, 15 December 2005 2:41 PM PST
Truth in Journlism *The Presswars
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Now Playing: Who Is Doing The Reporting?
Topic: MEDIA
Bush & Company have their manipulating ways to control what Joe Anybody reads in the news these days.
Read how the Media has been hijacked

I have posted an email from these fine folks at the freepress.net to me ....your average joe! no big deal that they wrote me.....really !
But anyway, ~ HERE ~ is a link to my site where I posted that email letter from them. I like the email so much because it highlights and brings to the forefront these ever so Important Issues concerning our press and media and our freedom and liberty.


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Updated: Thursday, 15 December 2005 1:11 AM PST
Wednesday, 14 December 2005
Un Patriotic Act Hogwash
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Now Playing: Bush & Co is LIEING to You! Patriot Act is not about Patriotism!

In a court hearing last month, Judge Gladys Kessler expressed frustration
that the FBI failed to release the information while it could still
inform the congressional debate on the PATRIOT Act.
According to Judge Kessler, "the record shows that [the FBI's] efforts
have been unnecessarily slow and inefficient."
(You know what Joe Anybody would say about this don't you Good Readers?)
FBI drug their feet as they had 1000 of pages to fess up and release.

Can I call these guys Bastards?
A damn Judge ordered these document....

"Then again, I suppose a Judge isn't much these days with the Bush-Co-Crowd so why Honor a judges request when the crooks are in control?"

which is FOIA Patriot Act Documents

which is a pdf document on Lawsuit for Information

which is a pdf file from the American Bar Association

which is from an excellent web page that is covering this topic ...a vey informative resource.

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Updated: Wednesday, 14 December 2005 6:36 PM PST
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Now Playing: Explosion Fire Smoke ~ As 3 Million Gallons Burn !
Buncefield Oil Depot Explodes into Smoke and Fire as three million gallons of fuel burns up into the air.
The large images provided below are at MODIS? maximum resolution of 250 meters per pixel, these images were taken at one hour and then one and a half hours later on the initial day of explosion.

Soon after the explosion on Sunday the smoke plume was highly visible on satellite imagery, this is no longer the case. A residual plume from the remaining controlled fire is visible locally, heading in a southerly direction.

Check out Earth Observatory for the complete story

The extent of the smoke is easier to see in the false-color images, right, which were created using light from the shortwave and near-infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

In these images, the dark smoke stands out clearly against the brilliant green of the plant-covered land. At the source of the smoke, the intense heat of the fire glows in the infrared.

According to news reports:
The fire was the largest of its kind ever seen in Europe.
British health officials advised those living under the smoke plume to remain indoors. The smoke contains small particles, soot, that may cause irritation when inhaled, but no long-term health effects were expected. The smoke also contains gases like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and sulfur dioxide. For more information about the health impacts of the smoke, see the Health Protection Agency Web Site.

~ 4 Days Later ~
14 December 2005
The bulk of the smoke from the fire at the Buncefield oil depot is gradually dispersing and diluting in the atmosphere. ( The Met )

**************WHO-WHAT-HOW **************

Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott has visited the scene of the blasts which injured 43 people, two seriously. In total, 20 petrol tanks were involved, each said to hold three million gallons of fuel.
A police investigation into the incident has begun, including investigations by anti-terrorist police.
But Chief Con Whiteley said there was "nothing to suggest anything other than an accident". The BBC's Gavin Hewitt said about 100 firefighters were waiting to attack the blaze.

BBC article -->Right Here

Posted by Joe Anybody at 2:49 PM PST
Updated: Wednesday, 14 December 2005 9:30 PM PST

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