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Monday, 26 December 2005
Sniffing the Citizens for Radation -
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MSNBC report 2 days before Christmas that the Federal Government is sniffing for Radiation by using 3 different mobile units in over 100 American Neighborhoods ... and by the way they all were in Muslims Communities. ( MSNBC REPORT HERE )
The federal government allocated roughly $7 billion this year for high-tech efforts to defend against potential terrorist attacks with biological, chemical or nuclear weapons.
more info HERE

Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations says "This creates the appearance that Muslims are targeted simply for being Muslims, I don't think this is the message the government wants to send at this time."

Hell!... Bush would Torture Them right now for TERRORIST INFORMATION 'if he could' is what "I" say!

Hooper said his organization has serious concerns about the constitutionality of monitoring on private property without a court order.

And readers "So Do I"!


And over a month ago in a report showing the blatant double speak of Homeland Security This whole article I reported on over a month ago is really worth
re-reading for a brush up and it is here
-->( Old Z3 Report ) The first link on that Z3 page discusses... "how in Colorado Springs, they now have Traffic Lights Monitoring Devices made by Mobile Detect, Inc. of Toronto that sniff for Radiation.

It works by sniffing cars that drive by and if they have a level above the threshold?? of what is considered dangerous?? it would trigger the camera to start filming. They hope to install these all over if the Colorado program is successful. << MORE HERE >>
Readers, I wonder what do they consider or how will they consider.. it is "successful"???

Successful YES! ...on spending $$$$ 2.5 millions dollars monitoring cars!!!

Click link to listen to Mobil Direst CEO speak about his go-anywhere-sniffer-detector -->(( ""LOOK AT MY TIE"" ))

I see my old link was now dead-ended so i refreshed it with this link MONITORING SNIFFER
Colarado Installer adjusts Sniffer pictured below

Listen in on cell phones, Sniff my car as I drive by, Spy on my church or peace group, Read my emails, Copy my hardrive secretly when I'm at work, Snoop on my Library or Internet Reading Material, Snoop through my Medical Records,

Yet, To bad they can't find who sent the ANTHRAX LETTERS to the anti bush crowd ?

In Fact if you Read This here you will see much Irony in all this Terrorism and sniffing stuff going on
Check out the usual spin from the Neocon's on this whole ANTHRAX issue --> HERE it is amazing how in this very well researched document the fact of all this 911 Terror and loss of Freedom become obvious that we are being manipulated and lied too, on top of being made to be worried and in desperate in Fear of terrorist. Read these links and You will see why I can say this.

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Updated: Monday, 26 December 2005 7:24 PM PST

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