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Saturday, 24 June 2006
The Best of Z3 Reports in June 2006
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*       …..Allowing 911 – And over run by FEAR MONGERS 6-22-06

*       …..H.R. 952 and S 654 = Torture Prevention 6-21-06

*       …..I wrote my Congressman & The White House 6-19-06

*       …..Seriously Trying To Close Down The Gates To Hell 6-15-06

*       …..Abu Ghraib Prison is Run by USA - Dateline Video  6-18-06

*       …..Looks Like our Democracy Crusade is Fruitful 6-12-06


*       …..Now This is what I have Ben Waiting for 6-7-06

*       …..USA builds Wall of Hate 6-4-06

*       …..Attorney General Wants All Your Web Records 6-3-06

Posted by Joe Anybody at 3:25 PM PDT
Updated: Saturday, 24 June 2006 3:41 PM PDT
Obvious Phone Data Violations pointed out by FBI
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Now this type of obvious mining or searching over records by law enforcement that we traditionally have been used to seeing enacted, has been abided by for the most part within the boundaries of the constitution and the law and its intention. As mentioned in this article in the above quote, the concept that if illegal means was acquired to make a bust, the fact that it was illegally obtained thwarted the arrest and the case for prosecution was jeopardized. What we are seeing now, is a blatant and new bold/sneaky rise in this current administration of abuse and disrespect for this Country’s Law and for the rules. These rules are there for these very reasons that we put them there for. Yet these current day Police State Thugs are stomping on all of our constitutional rights and then claiming they Have The Right To Do So.

This activity of breaking or going above the law under the guise that “we are stopping terrorism” needs to stop. Nobody is above the Law.

What are they smoking?

Everyone of these Data record keepers in the picture above took the 5th ammendment. As they mum-up their lips to prevent their "Sinking Ship"

Posted by Joe Anybody at 12:05 PM PDT
Updated: Saturday, 24 June 2006 12:41 PM PDT
So What We Torture - Just Ignore The Fact - Look The Other Way
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 ********** SUPPORTING OUR TROOPS *************






(ha see that was easy .. just ignore that we are doing this ...easy huh?)

.....AND REPEAT AFETR ME " I support the troops"


It is amazing how this TORTURE problem goes away after a while by repeating this in ignorance....
" I support the troops, I support the troops"

Posted by Joe Anybody at 11:10 AM PDT
Updated: Saturday, 24 June 2006 11:24 AM PDT
Friday, 23 June 2006
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Topic: MEDIA

Senate Committee Chairman

 says 'No' to Net Neutrality


(the following is a quote of a news item I reposted here due to public impact)


WASHINGTON—Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK) told eWEEK on June 22 that he does not want any sort of net neutrality legislation to be part of the telecom bill currently being debated by the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee.

The committee held a markup session on Senate Bill 2686, the Communications, Consumers' Choice and Broadband Deployment Act of 2006 on the afternoon of June 22. ...

The bulk of the debate was aimed at two areas: funding communications initiatives for the War on Terrorism and for VOIP (voice over IP) legislation.

Net neutrality, if it is considered at all, will not be debated before Tuesday, June 27. Only two events of substance took place at the June 22 markup session. The first was to adopt an amendment to accelerate the spending of money for interoperability solutions for first responders. ...

Posted by Joe Anybody at 4:33 PM PDT
Updated: Saturday, 24 June 2006 12:38 AM PDT
Thursday, 22 June 2006
just checking the facts
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Now Playing: Headlines: 7 Terrorists Cought in Plan to Attack Sears Tower
Watch this News story closely
No sooner than I say
"show me a terrorist"
And next thing I know
7 kids in their 20's are arrested
For Attempting to:
Attack The Sears Tower

Now these stupid kids
want to attack a building
And The NSA thinks listening
To me or reading my Library records
Will stop any of this?

I doubt it....Be leery of this news
It sounds like a Columbine type deal
Not a TERRoRIST ATTACK on the US (oh My God)
What concerns me is the spin and ...the
... trumped up terror that is
exploited for the fear party agenda.
I realize that guns and violence is rampant
I think that most of this terror stuff
like this case....is not really terrorism!
Any more than a man shooting at cars on the freeway
Yes that is a terrorizing act but its not
TERRoRISM AS WE ALL know the word to be used.
In fact this type of terror by these kids and the
freeway shooter (for my example)
Doesn't warrant ditching the Constitution over
Jut to provide a placebo-false sense of security.

Yes this is in fact serious and scary
But GUTTING the Constitution is not the answer
I think that normal law enforcement and
Special FBI units should go after these types
All within the boundaries
of our Laws and Constitution
Its a no brainer if you think legally and within
our founding fathers guidelines

As I conclude this post
I will be monitoring this story
Was it really "TERRoRISM"?
Or just a bunch of wanna be
That is the question that means the most

(I already know the answer)

Posted by Joe Anybody at 8:08 PM PDT
Updated: Friday, 23 June 2006 1:54 PM PDT
By Allowing 911 - Now we are being over run by FEAR MONGERS
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Now Playing: Botched To Suit The Neocons Agenda

Hello Z3 Readers, as you know my opinion about 911 and then to read todays paper about the TERRoR word, I have to speculate a little here, but first the two paragraph from today article in the times:

From The NY Times
"Mayors Protest Cuts in Antiterrorism Funds"

WASHINGTON, June 21, 2006

Protecting major American cities against terrorism requires investing federal dollars not just in high-tech gadgets but also in police officers working in uniform and under cover, the mayors of New York and Washington told a House committee on Wednesday.

The joint message, from Mayors Michael R. Bloomberg of New York and Anthony A. Williams of Washington, came as the two protested a plan by the Department of Homeland Security to cut grants to the cities by 40 percent in the coming year.


Now this NY Times article mentions these mayors to be protesting their lack of cash for their FEAR programs...you see I really feel that it it is fear mongering and trumped up terror innuendos that this "Terror Spin" FRENZY is all over.

Since Sept 11 The federal government allowed, botched, bungled, and pretty much created the atmosphere we have today where we now have a BEEFED-up POLICE-STATE and there is a major loss of my civil rights and privacy and freedom and an honest government is corporate controlled and apathy is prevailing!
The list is never ending that I attribute to the cause and effect from allowing (did I say orchestrating?) the Attack on the Trade Towers and the Pentagon on Sept 11.

A second point is the Patriot Act was written and ready one day after the attack? HuH?
.. Now that is some pre pared (get it?) "thinking in advance." It was so big and long hardly anyone even could of read it. The we get the spin of TERRoRIST are everywhere. Where are all these terrorist? I have yet to see my dollars worth of these bums "the TERRoRIST" that have cost me so much of my liberty.
I see none! Aloof us Americans library records and medical records all snooped through ....and who did they catch with these intrusion ????? Did they Git A TERRoRIST that was coming to Git Us? I have heard not a thing!
What a SHAM

An occasional wanna be shoe bomber or bridge threatener? All this Mexican border talk based on Terrorist are able to getting. Causing HATE and Discourse. All this spying on Joe Anybody phone records because of Terrorism. More Police. More Searches. More encroachment on freedom. More Torture. More Wars. More Military. All because......all because .......????
All because of BULLSHIT that is why!
Lies & Bullshit that is why.

This administration botched the intelligence, and failed to protect the sky's, our buildings and our people.**** And beside the known fact of The Presidents Daily Briefing mentioning the very aspect of this type of attack was going to be happening.***** We did nothing about the info!
And the fact that Vice President had most of NORAD Air Defense off practicing war Games that involved shooting down Passenger Highjacked airplanes which HA! left us vulnerable and un protected, which he tried to hide from the media. The list goes on and on and on.......
My point is this event was planned: The groundwork to use Fear and Terror will keep Americans hiding with their heads DEEP in the Sand. The Neocon Agenda is being played out.

I have much more information compiled about the Planned SET-UP and the real 911 TRUTH
This information I have compiled reeks with corruption.
There is enough films links and articles to keep you busy researching 911 TRUTH for days and days ....

Please Click Here for My 911 Truth Page

Posted by Joe Anybody at 12:20 AM PDT
Updated: Monday, 21 August 2006 5:46 PM PDT
Wednesday, 21 June 2006
Report Show That Nationial Parks Use Is Declining
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Now Playing: Who want to Go Outside if the Neocons are running Loose?
A report from the National Conservancy found on Zdnet ( (HERE) ) is showing in a recent study, that per capita visits to national parks have been declining for years. National park visitation data starting in 1930 peaked in 1987 at 1.2 visits per person per year. But by 2003 it had declined by about 25 percent to 0.9 visits per person per year, said Oliver Pergams, an ecologist at the University of Illinois who analyzed the data for the study.

So they tested more than two-dozen possible explanations for these noted trends and they found out that 98 percent of the drop in national park visits was explained by video games, movie rentals, going out to movies, Internet use and rising fuel prices. Family income and aging were ruled out.

So the conclusion is the burgeoning use of electronic media is the main cause of not getting to the outdoors.
Ummm huh? Well I do know that Joe Anybody is not arguing this case very much. I can see it in my self that’s why. But I see it as a catch-22 in kind of way.

Of course I think in my case it is the out of control SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS OUR COUNTRY IS IN and the decline of civil and human rights that is keeping me glued to my keyboard and monitor.

If the US weren’t swirling down the toilet faster than I can grab more toilet paper, I would be inclined to get outside a little more often.

Heck at the rate of global warming and environmental decay due to abuse and neglect
we may all soon be living “inside” anyway.
So what is a little conditioning to acclimate my self to living my life in a bubble? Where my escape into Nature will hopefully never soon enough be a website with pictures and sounds. The days are screaming toward us, and our saving politician's are blindly leading us out of the woods and into a controlled police state of laws based on terror and fear.

The researchers in this study mentions "this shift would not bode well for the future of biodiversity conservation.” I bet it wont. Unfortunatly it is a point that wont be taken seriously with this administration that is for sure.

Yet for me this is a compound problem the way I see it affecting my life. In that the politics and destruction of “my world” by the Neocon and Governmental Thieves, Greedy Corporation, and Imperialist Military and Police State Jack Booted Thugs is prompting me to stay inside and read up on these Out-of-Control-Hooligans.
I can’t be going for a walk in the woods while the world and the constitution has been Highjacked.

So as the Nature Conservancy President Steve McCormick points it out, the study is suggesting Americans and their children in particular are losing their connection to the natural world.
"When children choose TVs over trees, they lose touch with the physical world outside and the fundamental connection of those places to our daily lives," McCormick said.

I agree but while I am fishing and skipping stones in my beautiful countries back yard, the fox is in the Hen house and our country is being railroaded by the Neocon’s.

I cant be walking through the park while this is going on!

I just can’t!

Posted by Joe Anybody at 6:47 PM PDT
Updated: Wednesday, 21 June 2006 9:40 PM PDT
H.R. 952 and S 654 = Torture Prevention
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Now Playing: I wrote this to my Congressmen on Tuesday

Dear Representative,

U.S. obligations under federal law and international treaties prohibit the transfer of any person to any country where they are likely to face torture. Nonetheless, the U.S. government is reported to have sent or been complicit in sending individuals to countries such as Egypt, Jordan and Morocco, whose governments the State Department has criticized for practicing torture. I urge you to cosponsor and pass H.R. 952, the "Torture Outsourcing Prevention Act" and to cosponsor and pass S. 654, the "Convention Against Torture Implementation Act", or similar legislation aimed at ending "extraordinary renditions."

The first paragraph of this letter I copied from a website urging me to take action against the use of rendition by the United States, which I whole heartily agree with. This last paragraph is my own plea for you to pass these acts that will help restore not only our morals but the honor and righteousness we used to be proud of. This type of treatment in regards to captured prisoners and the fact that the USA is using shady over seas prisons to interrogate them, is uncalled for and unethical for a country that cares or I mean should care about Human Rights. The very act of flying prisoners to countries like in this email reference makes me ashamed and angry. What happened to our courts and trials and humane laws that were supposed to be enforced with pride and valor, and integrity? What happened to our respect for not only “prisoners” but for Life and Morals and a Nobel Honest Government? How this practice came about, and who is responsible for allowing this degrading backslide from our Military? And what happened to the accountability to the Government body and the oversight by our elected Governmental body that would oversee enough to not allow this outlandish rendition practice. Now I urge full support to pass H.R. 952 and full support for S 654 so this unacceptable sick procedure stops as soon as possible. The fortitude of America has its roots in sane ethics; please seal that in these measures by passing them.

I thank you for taking the time to read my letter.
I look forward to seeing you support these measures.
Receiving a response back from you is not necessary
I would rather you use your energy and time to stop this horrid practice.

Thanks for Listening,
Joe Anybody

Click here for my posted letter on "Letters To Congress" Website

**** more Rendition information from my blog on January -30-06 ****
Check it out HERE!

Posted by Joe Anybody at 1:21 AM PDT
Updated: Wednesday, 21 June 2006 1:32 AM PDT
Sunday, 18 June 2006
Abu Ghraib Prison is Run by the USA - Now Watch This Dateline Video
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Now Playing: A Video: Behind The WAlls of a USA Run Prison in Iraq

Now before you let a moment of fresh air help clear your mind from last Friday's suicide talk..,
You need to watch this 15 minute Abu Ghraib Video from DateLine


Now bear in mind this is an American Run Prison
I realize a prison is a vital part of any war and you will have captives in it.

But what happens and should I say is allowed to happen is bizarre and pitiful in all these USA run hell holes. Abu Ghraib in particular but I restate it is not the only one guilty of this behavior.
That all said, the practices are illegal, immoral, and is psychotic. As I said is not limited to one or two Prisons, it also is hardly isolated mistakes or unique bad accidents either.
Mind you this goes way up the "approval ladder and is allowed to propagate" as if it wasn't even a concern or a consideration. How oddly suspicious is that?

This film will show you this country's sick excuse of
Today's USA Military Justice!

Posted by Joe Anybody at 1:40 AM PDT
Updated: Sunday, 18 June 2006 2:13 PM PDT
Friday, 16 June 2006
I wrote my Congressman & The White House
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Please read my letter and write one too.


Dear Senator Smith & Wyden, House Rep Blumenauer , President Bush & Vice President Cheney,

I write to you today in dire hope that you can help end the un-American deplorable situation at Guantanamo Bay Prison. Today I read that reporters were barred from investigating the suicides that just happened the other day. The secrecy must stop. We citizens have a right to know and have a word in how our Military behaves.

That prison is out of control, it has had abuses, torture, death, and indefinite imprisonment for humans held without any trail or justice as we cherish so much in this country of ours.
I am exasperated and sickened by our tolerance of using waterboarding and stress positions, and inhumane contracted-out or secret CIA interrogations. These practices at Delta Camp lack law and order, not to mention the over all lack of oversight and control by a leadership that will respect a America Standard if not Global standard in regards to Human Rights. We are spitting on Human Rights.
The out of control sadists that are ruining America’s integrity and violating UN laws, and Geneva protocol are causing hatred of our country and encourage a rage of hate for the US not to say it is ruing my trust and respect.

The conditions of this prison are so deplorable that the prisoners are trying, and some with success, to kill them selves. I watched in horror, as they were force fed by long filthy tubes into their stomachs. Now three suicides and cover-ups and still nobody gives a damn. Now in utter shame three at one time, have all killed themselves, and I ask why, could their letters containing their last words be a clue? But I suppose those may be a national security. I just read how one prisoner named David Hicks was subjected to 244 days of sensory disorientation, was left in a dark cell and denied sunlight and his only contact was a weekly visit by the military chaplain, in my words as well as other experts this is torture and wrong. This is only one small issue of hundreds if not thousands that need correcting. Sensory loss is a sick perversion and a well used tactic that should be disbanded, it causes irreversible damage and will make you go insane.

My cousin died by committing suicide in Baghdad, Iraq
He was a solider for the USA Air Force
He is to this day the highest ranking solider to die in Iraq
He was a West Point Col. and Instructor who was training the Iraq Police Special Forces.
He was serving with the Multi-national Security Transition Command-Iraq
His name is Ted. He died on June 5 2005.
When he died from taking his own life as a proud US solider he wrote that what he was doing in Iraq was dishonorable…He said Death before Dishonor. He was sickened by the greed and corruption
The little I have been able to read of his letter said:
"I cannot support a msn (mission) that leads to corruption, human rights abuse and liars. I am sullied," it says. "I came to serve honorably and feel dishonored. Death before being dishonored any more."
Now we have prisoners killing themselves but they are portrayed as doing it for political reasons, etc.
Isn’t it ironic that a top Military officer was yelling the same thing about this war, and then taking his own life as the only way out?
Could it be his letter is similar, to the three GITMO death letters? I bet it’s very close indeed.
Of course …national security reasons, will prevent Ted’s letter as well, from being fully released to the public who needs to know these things
Damn how many more will die, on both sides, for this illegal invasion and un-ethical incarcerations?

Please heed my request.
Look up how my cousin died ……and WHY would a top ranking officials want to kill him self………why?
Well he says why…It is because, what is going on is disgusting!
And you Senator need to help me stop this mess. This war and those prisons need you to bring them back to the American standards that are lawful and respectful and ones we can be proud of.

Then think long and hard about this sick prison that is out of control across the whole spectrum, from leadership to policy, to outside contractors abusing and unethical practices, as in abuse, to secrecy and violations and cover-ups from the public and the media.
And ask yourself “what can you do about it?”

All I can do is pray you can understand that this is all very sickening, wrong and un-American and that it needs to stop NOW.
Please do all you can to get our country back into the ethics and honor we all once were proud of. You can start by demanding the closing down this Hell Hole in Guantanamo.., for good.
Please hear my plea. Please listen to the voice of my dead cousin words as he pointed a gun at his own head while wearing the US Military uniform, sullied and disappointed.
I wrote you a four-page letter about a month or more ago, about this and other serious topics and heard nothing back.
You are my only hope.

What happened to this proud and honor filled country that had respect from around the world as hero’s and caring about Human Rights?.
What happened to justice, trials, human respect, Geneva, and being proud of our military?
What happened to a top Officer who seen the truth of this hideous sick war wrote a letter to the world and then took his life?
The USA perspective today, seems to be, all about bringing more death ….all over the world in many forms
Please Help. We got to do the right thing. Demanding the closing of Guantanamo is the first step to improving our sullied Human Rights.

Thank You I look forward to your actions and or a reply

signed Joe Anybody (my name inserted)

Posted by Joe Anybody at 3:42 PM PDT
Updated: Sunday, 18 June 2006 12:57 AM PDT

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