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Wednesday, 21 June 2006
Report Show That Nationial Parks Use Is Declining
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A report from the National Conservancy found on Zdnet ( (HERE) ) is showing in a recent study, that per capita visits to national parks have been declining for years. National park visitation data starting in 1930 peaked in 1987 at 1.2 visits per person per year. But by 2003 it had declined by about 25 percent to 0.9 visits per person per year, said Oliver Pergams, an ecologist at the University of Illinois who analyzed the data for the study.

So they tested more than two-dozen possible explanations for these noted trends and they found out that 98 percent of the drop in national park visits was explained by video games, movie rentals, going out to movies, Internet use and rising fuel prices. Family income and aging were ruled out.

So the conclusion is the burgeoning use of electronic media is the main cause of not getting to the outdoors.
Ummm huh? Well I do know that Joe Anybody is not arguing this case very much. I can see it in my self that’s why. But I see it as a catch-22 in kind of way.

Of course I think in my case it is the out of control SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS OUR COUNTRY IS IN and the decline of civil and human rights that is keeping me glued to my keyboard and monitor.

If the US weren’t swirling down the toilet faster than I can grab more toilet paper, I would be inclined to get outside a little more often.

Heck at the rate of global warming and environmental decay due to abuse and neglect
we may all soon be living “inside” anyway.
So what is a little conditioning to acclimate my self to living my life in a bubble? Where my escape into Nature will hopefully never soon enough be a website with pictures and sounds. The days are screaming toward us, and our saving politician's are blindly leading us out of the woods and into a controlled police state of laws based on terror and fear.

The researchers in this study mentions "this shift would not bode well for the future of biodiversity conservation.” I bet it wont. Unfortunatly it is a point that wont be taken seriously with this administration that is for sure.

Yet for me this is a compound problem the way I see it affecting my life. In that the politics and destruction of “my world” by the Neocon and Governmental Thieves, Greedy Corporation, and Imperialist Military and Police State Jack Booted Thugs is prompting me to stay inside and read up on these Out-of-Control-Hooligans.
I can’t be going for a walk in the woods while the world and the constitution has been Highjacked.

So as the Nature Conservancy President Steve McCormick points it out, the study is suggesting Americans and their children in particular are losing their connection to the natural world.
"When children choose TVs over trees, they lose touch with the physical world outside and the fundamental connection of those places to our daily lives," McCormick said.

I agree but while I am fishing and skipping stones in my beautiful countries back yard, the fox is in the Hen house and our country is being railroaded by the Neocon’s.

I cant be walking through the park while this is going on!

I just can’t!

Posted by Joe Anybody at 6:47 PM PDT
Updated: Wednesday, 21 June 2006 9:40 PM PDT

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