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Monday, 19 February 2007
Prisons In CUBA - US says Lets Build!
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In a eye opening Police State SPIN I read about plans to spend 18 million dollars on expanding GITMO I am appalled and shocked.

Read the US Government Spin-BullShit below in this well written article by Pablo Bachelor 

In these immigration slandering, race/issue times it is ominous this is developing as I write this. Our hate and fear machine churns out prisons on far away islands. Warning they are coming to take you away. Its true ...they are not building a resort or bird sancutary...... nope! .....it is a prison for ..........people......you know the kind.....the ones our government tells us are bad, wrong race, wrong papers, wrong language, wrong color, wrong beliefs, wrong place at the wrong time.

I read this originally in the Sunday 2-18 NY Times Newspaper.

Here it is from this link I found on the web:


WASHINGTON - Concerned about a possible mass exodus of Cubans, the Department of Defense plans to spend $18 million to prepare part of the U.S. Navy base at Guantánamo Bay to shelter interdicted migrants, U.S. officials told The Miami Herald.
The new installation is needed because terrorism suspects occupy space on the base used in past emergencies to hold large numbers of migrants, Bush administration officials directly involved said. They note that the facilities are designed to house people from any Caribbean nation who attempt to enter illegally -- not just Cubans.
But they say privately that Fidel Castro's illness and temporary hand-over of power to his brother Raúl last summer injected a renewed sense of urgency into plans to handle a mass exodus. The administration quietly requested the funds about a month ago and Congress has approved it, The Miami Herald was told.
The officials, who were authorized to speak on the subject but requested anonymity because of the sensitive nature of Cuban issues, say there is no sign a Cuban migration crisis is brewing, but they acknowledge predicting one is difficult. The 1980 Mariel boat lift, which saw 125,000 Cubans arrive in Florida, began when a group of Cubans tried to storm the Peruvian embassy in Havana.
The $18 million initiative is part of a broader U.S. government effort to prepare for the death of Castro. The administration will not say how many migrants it believes might flee Cuba or even if any will do so, but one expert warned that up to 500,000 may try to leave the island after Castro's death.
Top Bush Cabinet officials have met at least twice since December to review Cuba contingency plans. On March 7 and 8, the Department of Homeland Security will lead an exercise in South Florida involving the Coast Guard and dozens of federal, state and local agencies, focused on stopping U.S. boaters from picking up rafters.
The U.S. Navy base, on the eastern tip of Cuba, apparently would be used as a shelter of last resort if the volume of Cubans interdicted at sea overwhelms the U.S. policy known as ``wet foot/dry foot.''
Under that policy, Cubans who make it to U.S. territory are allowed to remain. Those intercepted at sea are interviewed aboard Coast Guard vessels and most are repatriated to Cuba. A few who have been found to credibly risk persecution if returned to Cuba have been taken to Guantánamo for more interviews while U.S. officials arrange for their resettlement in third nations.
U.S. officials refused to say whether the wet foot/dry foot policy will be changed in case of an exodus, since such an announcement might prompt many Cubans to leave.
For years, migrants captured during surges ended up in tent camps at Guantánamo on a bluff called Radio Range, on the larger Windward side of the base.
At the height of the last migration crisis in 1994, more than 32,000 Cubans and 21,000 Haitians overwhelmed the base in tent cities. Most of the Cubans were later sent to the United States. Most of the Haitians were sent home.
The Pentagon has since built its sprawling terrorism detention and interrogation center at the site of the old tent camps, limiting shelter space. The plan would put them on the smaller Leeward side, which has an airstrip but no docks for large ships.
''The capacity to process migrants at Guantánamo is an integral part of our overall plans to ensure that any attempted mass migration in the Caribbean is not successful,'' said one official, who also declined to be identified. The official said the new facility is ``part of prudent contingency planning.''
''The U.S. has established avenues for safe, orderly, legal migration from the various countries in the Caribbean,'' the official added. ``Any effort to send people to the United States via unsafe and illegal means will not succeed.''
The Pentagon already has solicited construction bids for the new facility. The $18 million would pay for things like land leveling, sewage and electrical infrastructure, bathrooms, dining facilities and administrative offices to process asylum applications. The installations will be initially designed to handle about 10,000 migrants, officials say, though more can be quickly accommodated if needed.
Andy Gomez, senior fellow at the University of Miami's Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies, says focus groups and other interviews show many young Cubans are eager to leave.
''If the economic conditions do not get better, there is the strong possibility that as many as 500,000 Cubans will want to leave the island in all directions,'' he says. ``The other possibility will also be a large group of Cubans rushing the U.S. base in Guantánamo or foreign embassies in Havana.''
Latin American countries may be reluctant to take in numerous migrants, he added.
Meanwhile, the Coast Guard is finalizing plans for an exercise next month that will involve scores of vessels.
Rear Adm. David Kunkel, head of the Coast Guards South East District, is in charge of coordinating interdiction efforts among many agencies, including the U.S. Navy and Miami-Dade Police.
''We would be concerned with boaters leaving from South Florida marinas to potentially increase the problem,'' said Jim Watson, chief of staff of the South East District. He said ''deterrent elements'' would be tested.
Miami Republican Reps. Lincoln and Mario Diaz-Balart, who have been briefed on preparations, could not be reached for comment.
Miami Herald staff writer Carol Rosenberg contributed to this report

COMMENT FROM ARTICLE:: Just because President Fidel Castro for life dies, and President Raul Castro for life takes over, I dont see any reasons for a mass exodus of Cuban Cubans from socialist paradise.

As for economic conditions getting worse, the Cuban economy grew 12 percent in one year, and Cuba trades with most of the world's most important nations including buying hundreds of millions of Dollars $ worth of agricultural goods from the USA per year on a COD basis, cash as you buy basis.

President Hugo Chavez of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela sends the Cuban government about 100.000 barrels of oil per day, for which the Cuban government pays with exported Cuban Cuban labor not cash $.

Over two million tourists mostly Canadians and Europeans visit Cuba each year.

Cuban Americans send their Cuban Cuban family members $ family remittances $, care packages, and visit them from time to time.

Cuba receives a minimum of 20,000 USA Visas per year for Cuban Cubans.

at least 1,000 Cuban Cuban Balseros leave Cuba each year on rafts, inner tubes, boats, and anything that floats across 90 miles of shark infested waters.

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More lessons of ethics with the Bushman crowd
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Now 3 Readers, please read over this recent AP news article and if you can keep track of who is who .....or who is sleeping with their favorite lobbyist then your soap opera skills are pretty sharp.

 Beside the very last line which is pretty much to the point, (( "Bush later appointed Wooldridge to head the Justice Department's environment division, representing virtually every federal agency, and she began working there in November 2005" )) this article does point out the unbelievable unethicalness this administration dabbles in and actually is awash in!  ..... It portrays more of the insider-good-ol-boy-bushman clan shenanigans, where one hand is helping the other if you know what I mean! < in very unethical profiteering way >

By JOHN HEILPRIN, Associated Press Writer Thu Feb 15, 9:01 PM ET

WASHINGTON - The House Judiciary Committee on Thursday asked Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to explain how the Justice Department's former top environmental prosecutor could sign consent decrees with the third-largest U.S. oil company after buying a $980,000 vacation home with its top lobbyist.  

An Associated Press report a day earlier disclosing the transactions "suggests potential unethical, if not illegal, conduct by a senior Justice Department official and, even more disturbing, apparent complicity in such behavior by the department," the committee's chairman, Rep. John Conyers (news, bio, voting record), D-Mich., said in a letter to Gonzales.

Conyers also asked Gonzales when he and other department officials learned of then-Assistant Attorney General Sue Ellen Wooldridge's "close relationship with a target of a department public corruption investigation and what action, if any, was taken as a result?"

A third buyer of the gated community home at Kiawah Island, S.C., was former Deputy Interior Secretary J. Steven Griles, who shares a condominium in northern Virginia with Wooldridge and was told last month he faces possible criminal charges of lying to Congress and fraud in the Jack Abramoff bribery and influence-peddling scandal.

The Justice Department says ethics officials signed off on Wooldridge's purchase of the beach getaway with Griles, now an oil and gas lobbyist, and ConocoPhillips Vice President Donald R. Duncan, before the closing last April. The deed lists Duncan as half owner in the property, with Wooldridge and Griles each owning 25 percent.

Nine months later, the Justice Department sent two proposed consent decrees signed by Wooldridge to a federal judge in Houston for approval. One, sent Jan. 11, would let the company delay the required installation of some of the $525 million in pollution controls at nine refineries; the other dealt with a Superfund toxic waste cleanup. Wooldridge resigned as assistant attorney general effective Jan. 19. ConocoPhillips said Duncan had no involvement in negotiating the consent agreements.

Conyers' letter also was signed by Rep. Rahm Emanuel (news, bio, voting record), D-Ill., chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, as an expression of broader support for the inquiries within the House. Another House panel, the Oversight and Government Reform Committee chaired by Rep. Henry Waxman (news, bio, voting record), D-Calif., launched an inquiry a day earlier.

The Justice Department said it would have no comment Thursday.

Wooldridge two months ago amended her financial disclosure report for 2005 to include more than $10,000 in travel, jewelry, a watch and golf clubs she received from Griles between December 2003 and December 2005. Griles began dating Wooldridge in February 2003, when she was deputy staff chief and counselor to then Interior Secretary Gale Norton.

Griles was the department's No. 2 official from July 2001 to January 2005. During that tenure he was almost constantly scrutinized by the department's internal watchdog over dealings with ex-clients and continuing payments from the sale of his old lobbying firm.

Interior Inspector General Earl Devaney concluded in a 2004 that Griles' actions exposed a "wholesale failure of the ethics program" at the agency. They were, Devaney said, "a train wreck waiting to happen."

While dating Griles, Wooldridge was officially counseling him on ethics matters and providing advice to Norton on how to respond to Devaney's report on him. Wooldridge did not tell Devaney about her relationship with Griles.

In June 2004, Bush appointed Wooldridge as Interior's top lawyer. Sometime after she became Interior solicitor, Wooldridge told the department's ethics office she and Griles had begun dating, an Interior spokesman said. Devaney did not learn of Griles' and Wooldridge's romantic relationship until February 2005.

Bush later appointed Wooldridge to head the Justice Department's environment division, representing virtually every federal agency, and she began working there in November 2005. 

Original and Complete link: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070216/ap_on_go_ca_st_pe/prosecutor_lobbyist

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Saturday, 17 February 2007
Protesting across from the Federal Building
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Let me tell you all about my day today.

So first I spent an hour today out on the sidewalk in Portland Oregon (defending the 6th amendment of the Constitution and pushing for peace with the Veterans of Ch 72)


I was "Protesting This Stinking War!"

Directly in Front of the Federal Building, downtown with 5 other guys

I think they were all Veterans

I stood in solidarity for an hour, with the "Veterans For Peace" vigil that is there almost daily

Their group "Veteran for Peace" are there 6 day a week every week!

11:00 - 1:00 (except Sunday's)

Then at 4:00 - 5 this afternoon I went and stood on the overpass over Highway 84 around Lloyd Center I stood out there by myself with a big sign that says IMPEACH BUSH

I was also holding a tall flag pole with a red/white/blue wind sock and then a 12 x 12 PEACE sign. Cars and trucks were Honking! ...some just waved....... one guy on a motor cycle popped-a-wheelie and rode at 50 miles and hour. .......! wow...then there was the guy who hung out the passenger window and was 1/2 way out yelling F* YOU and was acting like a raging fool....... I bet he likes war, he sure seemed angry!

So I was there for an hour watching tons of cars stream under me ..the sun was setting...and I felt good that I was encouraging my fellow citizens and helping motivate and push for PEACE. It was encouraging to hear the cars honking. If you think it all feels helpless ...by getting out and engaging with your fellow citizens if feels powerful to exposing and encouraging a smart peaceful world by ones own action. I felt good and I was happy for myself. (Good Job Joe!)

People are hungry for this war to end. I feel we have to get out on the street in daily and in masses and demand our government represent us.

............ why you say?........whats the point of protesting?

Funny you ask!

You are either for war/death/killing/destruction/dead children


You are for Peace/NO WAR/non-violence/Love/Harmony/alive children



When I don't see you out there....... when I don't hear your "Right on Joe STOP the WAR!" when I don't see your bumper sticker, when I don't see your letter to the editor, or you holding a sign up to support peace and stop this war............it makes me wonder. ????

Ya .....its makes me wonder...... since I don't see you or hear you..... It makes think to myself .....if you are doing nothing or anything at all to say you want this war to stop?

Then I wonder ........are you part of the group that FLIPS ME OFF or yells obscenities as I hold my Peace sign?

Yep (your) silence ........... it makes me wonder?

I get on the average 30% who ignore me or do nothing, I get 10% who flip me off, and I get 60% who wave or honk.

Now where are you all in those figure?

I am talking about killing or not killing!

I am talking about War!

I am talking your pro war - or - anti war ?


I am wondering .....


are you number --> 




Now! You are one of the three choices.......just what one?

And ask your self if its not number 3 .......why not?

Why are you not for peace?

It seems we all would choose the 3rd option

There is no way out of this question other than the 3 choices, but boiled down it comes to a simple thumbs up or thumbs down 

It comes down to .......Are "you" ........ yea - or - nay?




JOIN me out in the streets everyday......bring your kids.......bring your smile........ bring hope........bring love..........and lets BRING OUR TROOPS HOME NOW...........  STOP THIS WAR!........ protest with your voice and your body in public........ join the peace movement










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Friday, 16 February 2007
The Sweet Smell Of Victory
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Topic: WAR

It is amazing to listen to al the Back Peddling from the Right Wing Republicans.

On one hand its redicules... on another it is pathetic.

They are desperate, they are dramatically grasping, they wanna continue this war........ and they hate eating crow.

Well guess what "Crow is on the menu all month.......sorry!"

I am excited with the message the House sent the President today.

Mark my words .... I believe we are on a roll my fellow Z3 Readers!

"Slow and Steady, Wins the Race"


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Wednesday, 14 February 2007
Hollywood Style Torture
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Soldiers Have Imitated


What They See on TV

Human Rights First has learned that soldiers currently in the field have imitated the interrogation techniques they have seen on television.

“We had no official doctrine about what to do,” said Tony Lagouranis, a U.S. Army Interrogator who was in Iraq in 2004-2005.  “So people were watching movies and watching TV and they were getting their ideas from that.”

Human Rights First also learned that the portrayal of torture on television presents a serious training challenge at military training academies. 

Gary Solis, a retired Marine Colonel and former Judge Advocate, taught at West Point and directed the Academy's law of war program.  He now teaches at Georgetown University.  

In an interview with Human Rights First, Solis said of his Laws of War course: “When you’re discussing what constitutes torture, what you should and shouldn’t do legally, some cadets would say ‘well, whatever it takes, if it’s going to save American lives.  Jack Bauer shoots this guy in the leg and gets his info immediately!’ And I have to remind them that he is television construct and that they can’t model their professional lives on a television show.”

Finally, the issue of the imitation of techniques from popular culture was mentioned in a July 2004 government report examining detention and interrogation techniques used by the U.S. Army in Iraq. The report's author, Lieutenant General Paul T. Mikolashek, the Inspector General of the Department of the Army, wrote that a platoon leader told investigators: "Officers and NCOs [Non-Commissioned Officers] at point of capture engaged in interrogations using techniques they literally remembered from movies."

Above Article Copied From: http://www.humanrightsfirst.org/us_law/etn/primetime/interrogators.asp

Now the only comment I have at the moment is: what if the Hollywood movies are not so much giving the ideas to these military prison guards in that it is these guards/interrogators, are themselves doing stuff that is then, reflected in the media and theater (Hollywood)

Not to say that its not visa versa..... or who knows, I just think the media/Hollywood fills the void of the need to see, the desire to visualize, the crave to have one be shown ..... what "WE KNOW IS ALREADY GOING ON" ..... we know whats going on indeed and now Hollywood is running with it.

......just a thought ;-)

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Tuesday, 13 February 2007
Lt Watada Lawyer is on tape explaining the Mistrial
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Here is a cool download audio from an old hippie lawyer from Portland. He used to be on the local community radio in the morning once a week. Recently he moved to Tenn.

I found this link on Portland Indy media and then found this podcast.

The first one is about Lt Watada trial...it is real interesting to hear how the judge was determined to send the lieutenant "away" But he  ...screwed up and called a mistrial when it wasn't looking like things were going in "his" "favor" .......sooooooo now in Lt Watadas favor

"Double Jeopardy" is a possibility and most likely practial

.......opppps says the judge !

This is  5 separate subjects {interviewed} by Alan all on one pod cast.


This week's Third Planet Report with host hippielawyer Alan Graf features the following:

1. Interview with Eric Seitz, attorney for Lt.  Erin Watada who is undergoing courtmartial proceedings for his act of conscience in deciding not to serve in Iraq;

2. Interview with Peter Erlinder, attorney for Sami Al-Arian, who has been in US prison for over four years for alleged crimes involving his rights of free speech, that he has never been found guilty of;

3.  Albert Bates, founder of the Eco-Village training center on his new book Petroleum Survival Guide and cookbook;

4. Ina May Gaskin, world renowned midwife on the state of health care in this country; and

5. The Kibbitz Korner with Neal and Alan
Direct download: third_planet_report_2.12.07.mp3
Category: podcasts -- posted at: 4:00 PM



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Smells like .....
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Topic: WAR

My Fellow Z3 readers here is a note worth considering:

I have heard that some of the artillery used to shoot down US helicopters in Iraq was known to be from ..........


Saudi Arabia???



So I thought it was Iran who was supplying arms .....?

At least bushman and Casey say "Iran is supplying the insurgents" ...THUS

of course, giving the USA invaders "reason" to attack Iran.

Yet there is lots of weapon suppliers in this region

NOT JUST IRAN!.........

ummmmmmm I bet that the US was the main supplier!

So bushman is on a self destruct coarse and its ramping up.

I hope you like the smell of Neocon Freedom

....it smells like MORE death to me!


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Sunday, 11 February 2007
Protesting War Daily - Keep Sign In Car At All Times
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I went by the recruiting office and seen 20 people out protesting on Saturday..heck I was just there on Friday

There were lots of cars honking as they drive by to show support!

So I parked and pulled out my handy "STOP FIGHTING" sign and joined in along the curb / bike path.

Met some more good people and one person who I know from reading Indy Media and he knew me ..well he knew of Joe Anybody!

........ speaking of Portland Indy Media here is a comment by someone and my reply to their comment

((link is here http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2007/02/353802.shtml ))  

"I've been there"                             10.Feb.2007 10:35

by, Silence Dogood

WOW! While I was in Baghdad for almost two years I always felt a great sense of warmth knowing that what the nearly 120,000 men and woman are doing over here was respected by the American people. And to say the least about how I feel now is a great disappointment. What is the real point of these protests? What good are the people of Portland doing by protesting outside of the military offices? What good is an elderly woman doing by banging on a pot with a spoon?
I have been to a few of these rallies for peace and the points that are being made are way off the mark. I feel that if a person is speaking out that the best point of reference is experience. Where is the experience? Why do the people who attend these rallies support the cowards who run from it. There has not been a draft and the military is still 100% voluntary. If you want to support the troops send care packages, vote for reform, and write the people who you've elected.

The fact is most of the people are weak who attend these peace rallies and will listen to anyone with a bullhorn. Be a true independent and think for yourself.

"I am more afraid of an army of 100 sheep led by a lion, than an army of 100 lions led by a sheep."
Charles Maurice de Talleyrand--Périgord


"No Body's Running"11.Feb.2007 03:56

by, Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

We protesters probably all agree along with you that we all care for the troops.
Your suggestions are great ideas.

I write my officials all the time. I go to protests to show with my presence/body to let it be publicly known that I strongly* ....disagree!
I vote and encourage voting all the time among friends and family! You bet! Political Involved and charged up, city hall, sidewalk or military gate. I am a citizen. And love this country like we all do. I want the world to be in harmony and the fighting to stop. Not asking for a wild idea....

I wonder what is off the mark about peace rallies?
..."they are for peace" is that off the mark?
I mean really it seems odd to me to hear people say they don't want peace. The energy you put into things ...you get back out...... the lady banging the pot or the one meditating on her knees. Or 20 people holding signs standing in the wind on a sidewalk ...all add up and make a statement, each is a story in its self. Theses are inspiring, honest and loving, pro peace people .....to me that says a lot! And to go public is admirable....someone has to do it .. ..... no one likes to have to ......but it is necessary
..its has come down to that ...indeed!

Every day I get up and do what I can to make and promote PEACE in this world I live and share in...how can that be wrong?
I have kids who are old enough and one who will soon be -->
... who could be sucked in through that door we/I protest in front of.

I do not speak for the group ....I speak only for myself ....but I am sure many will agree. By trying to stop the flow of young bodies to the war, a war based on lies and one that is just horrible and wrong and ethically immoral, and I am trying to prevent them from encouraging and shipping people to fight and kill or be killed!
To stop even one or two new innocent young adults/kids from coming down and heading to the WAR ZONE to kill others or give his own life or be exposed to the horrible things going on over there is what I am trying to prevent.

I want to de-escalate.

I want to stop funding warm bodies and money and energy to this greedy-death-war-machine.

If these recruiting war mongers want to do what they are doing, I want to do what I am doing. I say Peace .....They say War...... I say no more!

Can you imagine the impact your (you) one strong voice can do to help stop this war? You said you were in Baghdad ...well maybe you knew my cousin ....he was over there for a year or so ....he hated it ...and he said it was terrible what was going on, he was disgusted over the greed, and corruption and dishonorable crap going on!........he took his own life.

Ya that was his message. That is *one reason why I stand out her ......to stop any way I can this madness --> I believe by even being just one person I can make change. I wish you would join me. You can help put pressure and raise awareness to this solidarity and push for peace we are promoting.

It seems this all can be summed up into two general types of people:

1] those that want peace and no war
2] those that want war and ....want us to kill even more

Its pretty black and white. I know what side of the fence I am on!

Join us ..help promote what this world and my kids and 3 grandkids all need....
They want peace....... (option 1) ......and
(option 2) wont help them in anyway what so ever.

Thanks for hearing me out. I love our troops and vets so much.
I want everyday I wake up for them in Iraq to all come home.
I encourage you to check out this website as well:

It takes courage ...like these grandmothers and all of us Portland folks who are standing up to be counted, we are listening to our hearts, we hear the cry from the battle field. We are not mindlessly following a bull horn. No there was been lots of thoughts and prayers put behind why one fights for peace. Its a belief in that we can make changes and the world can get better if we try .... we got to try through peaceful protesting!

We cry for the pain and the madness .....that wont stop unless enough people demand and end to it ..... I beg you with the compassion you have and your energy and spirit ...please help promote peace ...use your power to --> Promote No More Killing......your solidarity is needed and welcomed!

Thanks From;
.....just an average joe anybody in the Peace and Anti-War Movement

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Friday, 9 February 2007
I Support Grandmas For Peace
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I plan on stopping by to support

 this surge block by Grandmothers on my lunch hour 



10:30 am at the Broadway recruiting center, NE Broadway and 13th

Seriously Pissed off Grannies
Seriously Pissed off Grannies
This action is in response to Bush's call for an escalation of the occupation in Iraq. We have chosen this recruiting center because we consider it criminal to tell half-truths and recruit our young men and women to fight in an illegal, immoral occupation.

Martha Odom, one of the Grandmothers who was arrested last week, is back again because, "My grief and rage is demanding that I do everything in my power to make this stop."

The Surge Protection Brigade is committed to escalating nonviolent civil resistance if our government is not responsive to the majority of American voters who want this occupation to end.

Come for an hour or come for the day. Come hold signs, come talk to the recruiters. Join us to build the momentum to stop the surge and bring our troops home. ( Copied from Portland Indy Media )


Here is my sign I made to hold up in support of the grandmothers


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Thursday, 8 February 2007
Intercultural Organizing
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So I sign up for his class that starts next week about Immigration and Refugee Cultural Understanding. It is being aorganized by http://www.interculturalorganizing.org/

What I liked about them is in their opening front page info:

The Center for Intercultural Organizing was originally created to combat widespread anti-Muslim sentiment after 9/11/2001. Today, the Center has grown into a diverse, grassroots organization working to build a multi-racial, multicultural movement for immigrant and refugee rights through education, policy advocacy, community organizing and mobilization, and intergenerational leadership development

So I figured I could get some benefit out of this and maybe help smooth out some of the immigration tension and stress that is rising everywhere. I guess I am just trying to see if I can research this topic and get some good information to be more informed and then to put that to work for the betterment of society and people.

It is a free course although you can pay 15 for a book that is yours to keep.

I am buying the book.

I also am a little nervous ..... EEEEeeeeeKK!


-     -        -        -          -       -            -

This picture below was from last year at a city council meeting on this topic, which is how I found this organization to begin with

Immigrants, Refugees & Allies Show United Support


In a political environment that is increasingly hostile toward immigrants, Portland's City Council sided with justice on Wednesday October 18th, 2006, when they passed a resolution that reaffirms the City of Portland's commitment to the inclusion of immigrants and refugees in civic and public life [click here to read the resolution]. The resolution also creates a task force charged with identifying barriers to inclusion and exploring workable solutions for the City of Portland. Immigrants, refugees and allies testified in support of the historic resolution, many of whom provided emotional and touching testimony about the hardships they have experienced in Portland. When the final vote was counted and unanimously (5 to 0) approved by Council, the crowd erupted into cheers, claps and even tears.

Full Report in pdf format here:


Well 3 readers ......there you have it ...sign me up !!


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