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Friday, 16 February 2007
The Sweet Smell Of Victory
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Topic: WAR

It is amazing to listen to al the Back Peddling from the Right Wing Republicans.

On one hand its redicules... on another it is pathetic.

They are desperate, they are dramatically grasping, they wanna continue this war........ and they hate eating crow.

Well guess what "Crow is on the menu all month.......sorry!"

I am excited with the message the House sent the President today.

Mark my words .... I believe we are on a roll my fellow Z3 Readers!

"Slow and Steady, Wins the Race"


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Wednesday, 14 February 2007
Hollywood Style Torture
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Soldiers Have Imitated


What They See on TV

Human Rights First has learned that soldiers currently in the field have imitated the interrogation techniques they have seen on television.

“We had no official doctrine about what to do,” said Tony Lagouranis, a U.S. Army Interrogator who was in Iraq in 2004-2005.  “So people were watching movies and watching TV and they were getting their ideas from that.”

Human Rights First also learned that the portrayal of torture on television presents a serious training challenge at military training academies. 

Gary Solis, a retired Marine Colonel and former Judge Advocate, taught at West Point and directed the Academy's law of war program.  He now teaches at Georgetown University.  

In an interview with Human Rights First, Solis said of his Laws of War course: “When you’re discussing what constitutes torture, what you should and shouldn’t do legally, some cadets would say ‘well, whatever it takes, if it’s going to save American lives.  Jack Bauer shoots this guy in the leg and gets his info immediately!’ And I have to remind them that he is television construct and that they can’t model their professional lives on a television show.”

Finally, the issue of the imitation of techniques from popular culture was mentioned in a July 2004 government report examining detention and interrogation techniques used by the U.S. Army in Iraq. The report's author, Lieutenant General Paul T. Mikolashek, the Inspector General of the Department of the Army, wrote that a platoon leader told investigators: "Officers and NCOs [Non-Commissioned Officers] at point of capture engaged in interrogations using techniques they literally remembered from movies."

Above Article Copied From: http://www.humanrightsfirst.org/us_law/etn/primetime/interrogators.asp

Now the only comment I have at the moment is: what if the Hollywood movies are not so much giving the ideas to these military prison guards in that it is these guards/interrogators, are themselves doing stuff that is then, reflected in the media and theater (Hollywood)

Not to say that its not visa versa..... or who knows, I just think the media/Hollywood fills the void of the need to see, the desire to visualize, the crave to have one be shown ..... what "WE KNOW IS ALREADY GOING ON" ..... we know whats going on indeed and now Hollywood is running with it.

......just a thought ;-)

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Tuesday, 13 February 2007
Lt Watada Lawyer is on tape explaining the Mistrial
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Here is a cool download audio from an old hippie lawyer from Portland. He used to be on the local community radio in the morning once a week. Recently he moved to Tenn.

I found this link on Portland Indy media and then found this podcast.

The first one is about Lt Watada trial...it is real interesting to hear how the judge was determined to send the lieutenant "away" But he  ...screwed up and called a mistrial when it wasn't looking like things were going in "his" "favor" .......sooooooo now in Lt Watadas favor

"Double Jeopardy" is a possibility and most likely practial

.......opppps says the judge !

This is  5 separate subjects {interviewed} by Alan all on one pod cast.


This week's Third Planet Report with host hippielawyer Alan Graf features the following:

1. Interview with Eric Seitz, attorney for Lt.  Erin Watada who is undergoing courtmartial proceedings for his act of conscience in deciding not to serve in Iraq;

2. Interview with Peter Erlinder, attorney for Sami Al-Arian, who has been in US prison for over four years for alleged crimes involving his rights of free speech, that he has never been found guilty of;

3.  Albert Bates, founder of the Eco-Village training center on his new book Petroleum Survival Guide and cookbook;

4. Ina May Gaskin, world renowned midwife on the state of health care in this country; and

5. The Kibbitz Korner with Neal and Alan
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Smells like .....
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Now Playing: US war machine points only one direction --> Where the Neocons tell it to !
Topic: WAR

My Fellow Z3 readers here is a note worth considering:

I have heard that some of the artillery used to shoot down US helicopters in Iraq was known to be from ..........


Saudi Arabia???



So I thought it was Iran who was supplying arms .....?

At least bushman and Casey say "Iran is supplying the insurgents" ...THUS

of course, giving the USA invaders "reason" to attack Iran.

Yet there is lots of weapon suppliers in this region

NOT JUST IRAN!.........

ummmmmmm I bet that the US was the main supplier!

So bushman is on a self destruct coarse and its ramping up.

I hope you like the smell of Neocon Freedom

....it smells like MORE death to me!


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Sunday, 11 February 2007
Protesting War Daily - Keep Sign In Car At All Times
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I went by the recruiting office and seen 20 people out protesting on Saturday..heck I was just there on Friday

There were lots of cars honking as they drive by to show support!

So I parked and pulled out my handy "STOP FIGHTING" sign and joined in along the curb / bike path.

Met some more good people and one person who I know from reading Indy Media and he knew me ..well he knew of Joe Anybody!

........ speaking of Portland Indy Media here is a comment by someone and my reply to their comment

((link is here http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2007/02/353802.shtml ))  

"I've been there"                             10.Feb.2007 10:35

by, Silence Dogood

WOW! While I was in Baghdad for almost two years I always felt a great sense of warmth knowing that what the nearly 120,000 men and woman are doing over here was respected by the American people. And to say the least about how I feel now is a great disappointment. What is the real point of these protests? What good are the people of Portland doing by protesting outside of the military offices? What good is an elderly woman doing by banging on a pot with a spoon?
I have been to a few of these rallies for peace and the points that are being made are way off the mark. I feel that if a person is speaking out that the best point of reference is experience. Where is the experience? Why do the people who attend these rallies support the cowards who run from it. There has not been a draft and the military is still 100% voluntary. If you want to support the troops send care packages, vote for reform, and write the people who you've elected.

The fact is most of the people are weak who attend these peace rallies and will listen to anyone with a bullhorn. Be a true independent and think for yourself.

"I am more afraid of an army of 100 sheep led by a lion, than an army of 100 lions led by a sheep."
Charles Maurice de Talleyrand--Périgord


"No Body's Running"11.Feb.2007 03:56

by, Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

We protesters probably all agree along with you that we all care for the troops.
Your suggestions are great ideas.

I write my officials all the time. I go to protests to show with my presence/body to let it be publicly known that I strongly* ....disagree!
I vote and encourage voting all the time among friends and family! You bet! Political Involved and charged up, city hall, sidewalk or military gate. I am a citizen. And love this country like we all do. I want the world to be in harmony and the fighting to stop. Not asking for a wild idea....

I wonder what is off the mark about peace rallies?
..."they are for peace" is that off the mark?
I mean really it seems odd to me to hear people say they don't want peace. The energy you put into things ...you get back out...... the lady banging the pot or the one meditating on her knees. Or 20 people holding signs standing in the wind on a sidewalk ...all add up and make a statement, each is a story in its self. Theses are inspiring, honest and loving, pro peace people .....to me that says a lot! And to go public is admirable....someone has to do it .. ..... no one likes to have to ......but it is necessary
..its has come down to that ...indeed!

Every day I get up and do what I can to make and promote PEACE in this world I live and share in...how can that be wrong?
I have kids who are old enough and one who will soon be -->
... who could be sucked in through that door we/I protest in front of.

I do not speak for the group ....I speak only for myself ....but I am sure many will agree. By trying to stop the flow of young bodies to the war, a war based on lies and one that is just horrible and wrong and ethically immoral, and I am trying to prevent them from encouraging and shipping people to fight and kill or be killed!
To stop even one or two new innocent young adults/kids from coming down and heading to the WAR ZONE to kill others or give his own life or be exposed to the horrible things going on over there is what I am trying to prevent.

I want to de-escalate.

I want to stop funding warm bodies and money and energy to this greedy-death-war-machine.

If these recruiting war mongers want to do what they are doing, I want to do what I am doing. I say Peace .....They say War...... I say no more!

Can you imagine the impact your (you) one strong voice can do to help stop this war? You said you were in Baghdad ...well maybe you knew my cousin ....he was over there for a year or so ....he hated it ...and he said it was terrible what was going on, he was disgusted over the greed, and corruption and dishonorable crap going on!........he took his own life.

Ya that was his message. That is *one reason why I stand out her ......to stop any way I can this madness --> I believe by even being just one person I can make change. I wish you would join me. You can help put pressure and raise awareness to this solidarity and push for peace we are promoting.

It seems this all can be summed up into two general types of people:

1] those that want peace and no war
2] those that want war and ....want us to kill even more

Its pretty black and white. I know what side of the fence I am on!

Join us ..help promote what this world and my kids and 3 grandkids all need....
They want peace....... (option 1) ......and
(option 2) wont help them in anyway what so ever.

Thanks for hearing me out. I love our troops and vets so much.
I want everyday I wake up for them in Iraq to all come home.
I encourage you to check out this website as well:

It takes courage ...like these grandmothers and all of us Portland folks who are standing up to be counted, we are listening to our hearts, we hear the cry from the battle field. We are not mindlessly following a bull horn. No there was been lots of thoughts and prayers put behind why one fights for peace. Its a belief in that we can make changes and the world can get better if we try .... we got to try through peaceful protesting!

We cry for the pain and the madness .....that wont stop unless enough people demand and end to it ..... I beg you with the compassion you have and your energy and spirit ...please help promote peace ...use your power to --> Promote No More Killing......your solidarity is needed and welcomed!

Thanks From;
.....just an average joe anybody in the Peace and Anti-War Movement

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Friday, 9 February 2007
I Support Grandmas For Peace
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Now Playing: Shut Down The Recruiting Hell Holes

I plan on stopping by to support

 this surge block by Grandmothers on my lunch hour 



10:30 am at the Broadway recruiting center, NE Broadway and 13th

Seriously Pissed off Grannies
Seriously Pissed off Grannies
This action is in response to Bush's call for an escalation of the occupation in Iraq. We have chosen this recruiting center because we consider it criminal to tell half-truths and recruit our young men and women to fight in an illegal, immoral occupation.

Martha Odom, one of the Grandmothers who was arrested last week, is back again because, "My grief and rage is demanding that I do everything in my power to make this stop."

The Surge Protection Brigade is committed to escalating nonviolent civil resistance if our government is not responsive to the majority of American voters who want this occupation to end.

Come for an hour or come for the day. Come hold signs, come talk to the recruiters. Join us to build the momentum to stop the surge and bring our troops home. ( Copied from Portland Indy Media )


Here is my sign I made to hold up in support of the grandmothers


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Thursday, 8 February 2007
Intercultural Organizing
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Now Playing: A ten day course in Immigrants Rights

So I sign up for his class that starts next week about Immigration and Refugee Cultural Understanding. It is being aorganized by http://www.interculturalorganizing.org/

What I liked about them is in their opening front page info:

The Center for Intercultural Organizing was originally created to combat widespread anti-Muslim sentiment after 9/11/2001. Today, the Center has grown into a diverse, grassroots organization working to build a multi-racial, multicultural movement for immigrant and refugee rights through education, policy advocacy, community organizing and mobilization, and intergenerational leadership development

So I figured I could get some benefit out of this and maybe help smooth out some of the immigration tension and stress that is rising everywhere. I guess I am just trying to see if I can research this topic and get some good information to be more informed and then to put that to work for the betterment of society and people.

It is a free course although you can pay 15 for a book that is yours to keep.

I am buying the book.

I also am a little nervous ..... EEEEeeeeeKK!


-     -        -        -          -       -            -

This picture below was from last year at a city council meeting on this topic, which is how I found this organization to begin with

Immigrants, Refugees & Allies Show United Support


In a political environment that is increasingly hostile toward immigrants, Portland's City Council sided with justice on Wednesday October 18th, 2006, when they passed a resolution that reaffirms the City of Portland's commitment to the inclusion of immigrants and refugees in civic and public life [click here to read the resolution]. The resolution also creates a task force charged with identifying barriers to inclusion and exploring workable solutions for the City of Portland. Immigrants, refugees and allies testified in support of the historic resolution, many of whom provided emotional and touching testimony about the hardships they have experienced in Portland. When the final vote was counted and unanimously (5 to 0) approved by Council, the crowd erupted into cheers, claps and even tears.

Full Report in pdf format here:


Well 3 readers ......there you have it ...sign me up !!


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Sunday, 4 February 2007
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Now Playing: Peace Grandmothers Jailed at Military Office









THANK ....YOU ......THANK YOU ............THANK YOU ........

Here is my video I made in all your honor called 



all the Portland Grandmother pictures were taken by Bonnie from the:

Portland Indy Media Website Here --> http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2007/02/353286.shtml

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Saturday, 3 February 2007
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Now Playing: Heading to Fort Lewis Military Base to Protest Illegal War

This Monday 2-5-07 my son and I are heading to Fort Lewis to show our support for the honorable solider Lt Ehren Watada, who is being court-marshaled that day. He is being charged with four crimes. It was six but two were recently dropped. We will spend all day outside the Military base protesting. Showing our support! Backing up the lieutenant and standing by his side.

The whole thing should be dropped. I am fully behind the lieutenant and want to send 100% good vibes his way. I am overwhelmed with the impact this man is making and the poignant straight to the crux of the issue, his stance on this, takes our country.




Now why isn't every American (except the neocons like "BUSH-CHENEY-RUMSFELD-WOLFOWITZ- of course) citizen out on the streets Raising Hell about this resisting to fight issue!?

This is the tipping point where our own Military starts to stand up

for Honesty and Integrity and starts saying "NO... we wont fight!"

For Pete's sake ....... I watched a Howard Zenn video where he discusses this concept. See my link here for the video      -->  http://zebra3report.tripod.com/joeanybodyshome/id76.html 

I sure do admire a man that knows right from wrong and .....does the right thing even when he is going to be held to a jail cell. Because he doesn't mind his "Owner"

In this case the ARMY and the bushman company are very wrong and acting illegal and immorally they are waging war on a country.  LT Watada is a man of Honor who will not kill just to do as he is told.


The LT knows, like you and I


do ....... That this war is wrong!


And... he stands to go to jail for


about 4 years if he doesn't obey!


The Army wants him to just




 .....and If he would just







do it .....for good ole'


UNCLE mad-man SAM

"The war in Iraq is in fact illegal. It is my obligation and my duty to refuse any orders to participate in this war. An order to take part in an illegal war is unlawful in itself. So my obligation is not to follow the order to go to Iraq."      - Lt. Ehren Watada

"I cannot support a msn [mission] that leads to corruption, human rights abuse and liars. I am sullied. I came to serve honorably and feel dishonored. Death before being dishonored any more."  ~ Ted Westhusing

Col._Ted_Westhusing  killed himself over in Iraq. He was disgusted and dishonored by what was going on. He mentioned the greed and corruption. Ted was my cousin and he was a Col. from West Point  and was a very, very smart man.

But the sickening horrors of this war that is wrong and full of lies, killing and death and GREED, really brings DEATH to us all collectively.

Unfortunately Ted took his own life ...it is a tragedy ......I am overwhelmed by it. Why did this have to happen...? What can I do to change the direction of this madness? How can I support those who are needing it, like Ted was, and now as I see the Lt. Watada needing as well!

I bring this up because Ted was a lot like LT Watada. They both know the sick immorality dis-honorable way this war is.

They Both do not / did not want any part of it. They both wanted out. They Both were sick n frickiing tired of the killing of innocents! They both REFUSE with their lives to fight for this WAR MACHINE and the neocon illegal mission. My Z3 friends.....They both had to face the WAR MACHINE Monster .....by themselves!! ..how scary can that be Huh ?!!! Can you imagine standing up to thes monsters and telling them "NO" to there face?.......Man I bet that is stressful!


.......NOW listen up!

These men with their flesh and blood...with their spirit, soul, and their very precious life .....are giving it all up to say something...........

SSShhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........................... Listen!

Do you Hear it.......................................?

<<they are saying this war is immoral and wrong.....so wrong they will die or go to prison rather than kill or fight anymore>>

Now did you hear it? ....huh? ....and .....do you get it......?

I am asking you seriously .....



Do you get what these men are saying??????

Or do you still hear bushman and company saying "stay the course...send more troops" ? 

Well.......To tell you the truth I don't listen to the liar in chief anymore period...... nope! cant! wont! uhhhh uh

But I do listen and  ........ I DO ...hear the battle cry from the field

..Oh I hear it Loud n Clear............I hear it like a frickin bloody scream in the night.............

I Hear it piercing through the media cover ups and the graveyards and the city streets ...... SCREAMING ... --> "HEY HELP STOP THIS WAR . PEOPLE, CITIZENS AT HOME IN THE STATES ........PLEASE HELP ......THIS IS WRONG ...WE ARE KILLING..... WE ARE DIEING...... HELP US >>.....YOU ALL BACK IN THE STATES .....*****DO SOMETHING!!!!!



So you see the reason these TWO Great Honorable Men were "screaming in the night" was they wanted your attention.

We are "THE PEOPLE" they wanted us to hear and they need us to support them

We need to hear their cry in the night. Now most my fellow Z3 Readers do hear that screams. I just wanna know .....


"What you are gonna do about it" ?

Well in Lt. Watada case I am trying to do all I can.

I have put together a web page about his honorable cause.

I have stood down at the local recruiting headquarters

I have written my Congressman

I have written my <p>resident

I am heading to the Military Base in 2 days

I pray and hope the light shines on some morals and honor in this country

I hope my cousins message I am sure he wants known ..IS HEARD!

I am in deep appreciation for all those you are doing something to stop this war and the bushman neocon killers illegal war.

It will take All of Us to stop this Insanity, and it is insane














      Q. Do I love the Troops

      A. Hell Yes and I am gonna bring you all back home alive. I am trying my best to get you all home safe to your families and out of the danger zone. I care so much about you all my daily freedom and peace of mind is at risk until you are all safe back home. I love the troops ....and I have not forgot you all out there........Peace -  Joe Anybody

Lt Watada

        Col. Westhusing my cousin

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Wednesday, 31 January 2007
The Creepy Cully Sqweeze play Backfires
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Now Playing: Guantanamo Detainees Affair Creep, Show How Stupid He Is

  Scurvy Story of Shame and Cully

As A Senior Pentagon dishes out the shit-talk

Well now! I see he recently backs up his step.... and apologizes.

 My fellow Z3 Readers I must point out two things.

 (1) The man ("Cully" Simpson) is a creep for doing what he did. He was throwing his weight <and his stupidity> around. He was puting on the squeeze play so to speak.

And (2) what a corrupt asshole trying to be American, when He was so dirty and unethical. For one minute can you believe this is the guy in charge of Detainees Affairs? OMG!

That is guy is sick! A real prize we have here.

And he is one of the top pentagon brass. Ha! How embarrassing. In fact I just found this link here as I write this and what caught my eye was the pentagon is now starting to distancing it self from this bozo -->


SHAME on this Cully creep! 

Now that I said that here is the

Human Rights First

Here is the article I received today in my email:

From the Executive Director, Maureen Byrnes

It's a basic principle of American justice that everyone accused of a crime deserves legal representation. (Think of John Adam s's defense of British soldiers who took part in the Boston Massacre.) But from time to time, some people need to be reminded of that fundamental fact.

The latest case in point: Charles D. "Cully" Stimson, a high-ranking Pentagon official in charge of detainee affairs. In a radio interview, he asked why major corporations would permit their outside lawyers to represent detainees held at Guantanamo Bay. He went so far as to name the firms involved and the companies they work for.

The reaction was swift and furious, and soon Stimson apologized in a letter to the Washington Post. In response to his remarks and apology, HF urged Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to affirm publicly "the essential role that lawyers have played and are continuing to play" in ensuring that U.S. policies on detainee interrogation and detention "meet constitutional and international human rights obligations."


Now I also read this from the Washington post website:

The Pentagon yesterday disavowed a senior official's remarks suggesting companies boycott law firms that represent detainees at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Charles "Cully" Stimson, the deputy assistant secretary of defense for detainee affairs, said in a radio interview last week that companies might want to consider taking their business to firms that do not represent suspected terrorists.


Legal experts and advocacy groups viewed Stimson's remarks as an attempt to intimidate law firms that provide legal help to all people, even unpopular defendants.

A Pentagon spokesman, Lt. Col. Brian Mala, said Stimson was not speaking for the Bush administration.



Potshot at Guantanamo lawyers backfires

Big firms laud free legal aid for detainees

WASHINGTON -- Two weeks after a senior Pentagon official suggested that corporations should pressure their law firms to stop assisting detainees at Guantanamo Bay, major companies have turned the tables on the Pentagon and issued statements supporting the law firms' work on behalf of terrorism suspects.

The corporate support for the lawyers comes as law associations and members of Congress have expressed outrage at the remarks of Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Detainee Affairs Charles D. "Cully" Stimson on Jan. 11.

In a radio interview, Stimson stated the names of a dozen law firms that volunteer their services to represent detainees, and he suggested that the chief executives of the firms' corporate clients would make the lawyers "choose between representing terrorists or representing reputable firms."

He said he expected the newly public list of law firms that do work at Guantanamo Bay to spark a cycle of negative publicity for them. Instead, Stimson himself became the center of nationwide criticism and later apologized for the remarks.

The episode has become an embarrassing chapter in the Pentagon's long-running battle with the detainees' lawyers and appears to have spurred public support for the legal rights of the detainees, nearly 400 of whom just marked the start of their sixth year of incarceration at the base.

Charles Rudnick , a spokesman for Boston Scientific Corp., said the company supports the decision of its law firm, WilmerHale, to represent six men who were arrested in Bosnia in 2001 "because our legal system depends on vigorous advocacy for even the most unpopular causes."

Brackett Denniston, senior vice president and general counsel of General Electric, said the company strongly disagrees with the suggestion that it discriminate against law firms that do such work. "Justice is served when there is quality representation even for the unpopular," Denniston said in a statement.

Verizon issued a similar statement.

The lawyers have welcomed these expressions of solidarity from their paying clients.

"It would seem [the Pentagon] made a miscalculation," said Stephen Oleskey , an attorney at WilmerHale in Boston who has traveled to Guantanamo Bay seven times since he took up the case in 2004. "We haven't had any clients call up and say, 'We are really deeply disturbed that you are advocating for fair hearings.' The amount of support [we have gotten] has been heartening."

He said a committee at WilmerHale swiftly made the decision in 2004 to offer free help to the detainees when a request went out from the Center for Constitutional Rights, a New York-based nonprofit legal organization, which had filed a petition in federal court on behalf of the detainees.

"As time has gone on, it has become plainer that it is an important issue for our justice system," Oleskey said. "People have been more and more interested in hearing about it. We have been asked to speak at universities, human rights groups, and churches."

Michael Ratner , president of the Center for Constitutional Rights, said that in his early days of defending Guantanamo detainees he got hundreds of hate letters from the public every time he spoke about the issue on television. But now, he said, he receives only positive feedback, especially since Stimson's remarks.

"They miscalculated, that's for sure," said Ratner, who helps coordinate 500 lawyers and 120 law firms across the country to defend the detainees.

Support for the defense of Guantanamo detainees has become so widely accepted that two Newton attorneys are defraying the cost of their trips to Guantanamo Bay by collecting donations from the public.

Doris Tennant and Ellen Lubell have collected $7,000 in the past three weeks toward the estimated $20,000 they expect to spend defending an Algerian detainee known as Number 744. It is difficult to tell whether the controversy has made fund-raising easier, Tennant said, because Stimson's remarks coincided with their appeal for funds. But she said many of her supporters made reference to Stimson as they voiced their support and sent in checks.

"It has been quite an outpouring," said Tennant, who hopes to make her first visit to Guantanamo Bay next week.

That support is not what Stimson predicted when he gave a radio interview Jan. 11, the fifth anniversary of the day the detainees were brought to the base.

Stimson told the Washington-based Federal News Radio that the cause of detainees was "not popular" with the American people and that the list of major law firms representing the detainees was "shocking."

"I think quite honestly, when corporate CEOs see that those firms are representing the very terrorists who hurt their bottom line back in 2001, those CEOs are going to make those law firms choose between representing terrorists or representing reputable firms," he said.

In the interview, he named about a dozen firms, including WilmerHale. He said that corporations would become outraged when they realized that their legal fees were subsidizing this kind of pro bono work.

In addition to the interview, a Wall Street Journal columnist quoted an unnamed US official making similar remarks in a column that also included the names of several top firms.

Now, some lawyers for detainees are accusing the Pentagon of an organized effort to generate bad publicity for the firms.

Baltimore-based lawyer William J. Murphy , who represents a Kuwaiti detainee, has filed a Freedom of Information Act request seeking records of communications between senior Pentagon officials and the media before the Jan. 11 interview in a bid to uncover evidence of a smear campaign.

Some lawyers said publicizing the names of the law firms had achieved one of Stimson's objectives -- distracting attention from the roughly 395 men who remain imprisoned.

"It backfired to the extent that they didn't get the kind of support that they were hoping," said Neil McGaraghan , a Boston-based attorney at Bingham McCutchen, which represents a group of ethnic Uighurs from China at Guantanamo Bay.

"But to the extent that it has drawn attention away from Guantanamo and focused it on the lawyers, it has worked." 



Detainee Database

View the largest list of names at

Guantanamo prison made public thus far.

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