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Saturday, 31 March 2007
Senator Smiths Office - and no corporate media?
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2 More Peacemakers Arrested 29.Mar.2007 23:18


A Peaceful Non Violent Demonstration with a message of "No More War Funding"

It happened this afternoon, and a small group from  http://www.defundthewar.com/
was there to urge Sen. Smith to vote against all funding for the War in Iraq.
The letter was read to the Senators two reps who came down to get the petition signatures and (probably to diffuse any hoopla over any arrest at the Senators office Private-Property-Residence)

After delivering a petition list of citizens against funding this war, which was about as long as 1/2 of a basketball court, the two women tried to enter building lower lobby doors and were blocked by the nice security man and arrested by portland police, they were then walked two blocks to the Justice Center in handcuffs. I wish drivers-going-by knew what & who these brave peacemakers who looked like average cuffed criminals were and why they were walking handcuffed down the street.... to a jail cell of cold IRON and cement

...nice place for "peace makers" it 'hones their spirit.'

These Portland citizens are in jail tonight for simply promoting PEACE

By their actions they were doing one thing "They are - trying to end this war"

A congressman's office on "private property"?
Well how convenient!

There was no "Corporate Media"?
Well how convenient!

That is why I made sure I was there on my lunch hour with plenty of tape
As I filmed these dedicated people, I wonder what "each" and "every" one of us is doing for their part to "help end this war?"
Please ask yourself that question and take some action if your not already.
I am just trying to encourage not be bossy

Our officials need to see more people become active - let the world know - You don't have to get arrested but you do need to speak up LOUD and clear

There has to be the voices that say "STOP THE WAR - NOW!"

.......because without those voices what is left ....?

we need the voices...we need your voices!

we all NEED to rise up and say like we heard today ...



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So finally the ball is bouncing .... but there is some spin on it
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Now Playing: Corn Shortage? Farmers for food or fuel or ....both?

 Seems to be some questions on availability

Here is the article on Cnet:

There are 114 ethanol distilleries in operation across the country which produce ethanol from corn. Production is projected to exceed 6 billion gallons this year compared with 4.89 billion gallons in 2006, and some 3 billion gallons in capacity will be added in 2007, the group said.

U.S. farmers plan to cash in on the fuel ethanol boom by planting the largest area of corn in 63 years, potentially yielding a record crop and calming fears that renewable fuels will steal grain needed for food and feed, the federal government said Friday



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Wednesday, 28 March 2007
* F * The Corporate Media
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 "F*  the

Corporate Media"

~ Joe Anybody

~ support independent media ~


***************TIMES STORY HERE********************



Time Caught in Act of

Dumbing Down the News for

US Readers

03/27/07 5:14 PM

Blogger Paul Schmelzer has been busy raising questions about some of the nation's widely read periodicals when it comes to the selection of their cover stories—namely the difference between Time's April 2 U.S. and International editions. While the international cover features a story about Pakistani religious extremists filtering across the border of Afghanistan "with the intention of imposing their strict interpretation of Islam on a population unable to fight back," the US edition of the publication features the story, "The Case for Teaching the Bible." Schmelzer wonders why Time isn't giving the U.S. the same edition that the rest of the world is seeing on newsstands. The choice can't only be about marketing and keeping newsstand sales up in the U.S. Somethings a little fishy here.

This isn't the first time that a major US news weekly has pulled this trick of presenting the news differently to US readers than it does to the rest of the world. Last September, Newsweek gave international readers a cover story about the Taliban and US readers a cover featuring photographer Annie Leibovitz, in essence replacing with a hard-hitting news story of international importance with a much lighter celebrity piece. In the case of both the Time and the Newsweek cover story cover-ups, the stories were related to coverage of the Taliban. Is marketing getting in the way of the serious news in the U.S.? Or is the media afraid to tell Americans what they don't want to hear? Only Time can tell.

—Rose Miller

- Mother Jones (((http://www.motherjones.com/index.html)))


More on my website

Media Link





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The Ghosts of Abu Ghraib
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Now Playing: Interview from Rory Kennedy (Senator Kennedy's Daughter)

"The Ghosts of


Abu Ghraib"  



Listen to Segment |    | Download Show mp3      
Watch 128k stream        Watch 256k stream      

 Read Transcript

"The Ghosts of Abu Ghraib" - a new HBO documentary - traces the political and legal precedents that led to the torture of prisoners at the infamous Iraqi prison. It includes numerous interviews with U.S. soldiers directly involved with torture at Abu Ghraib, Iraqi torture survivors as well as experts, legal scholars and former government officials. We speak with acclaimed filmmaker Rory Kennedy.



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Tuesday, 27 March 2007
Dad says: My son pleaded guilty - so he could go home
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Now Playing: USA - GITMO ruins lives and forces confession, what a Hell Hole!

Dad says: Gitmo prisoner


wants to go home


I copied this from here: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/ap/world/4666536.html

David Hicks, who was accused of supporting al-Qaida and the Taliban during the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan in late 2001, entered the plea Monday in a surprise development seen as a bid to end his five-year imprisonment at the U.S. naval base in southeast Cuba.

The United States has agreed to allow Hicks to serve any sentence in Australia, and the U.S. military said a conviction on his charge of providing material support for terrorism could allow him to return home by the end of the year.

Hicks' father, Terry Hicks, told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio on Tuesday that he believed his son pleaded guilty as part of a bargain with prosecutors that would get him out of Guantanamo: "It's a way to get home, and he's told us he just wants to get home."

The guilty plea came at the opening session of a new military tribunal signed into law in October by President Bush after the Supreme Court struck down the previous system.

Critics of the


commissions said the


 plea reflected Hicks' 


despair over his


prospects for justice


from Guantanamo



"He and his attorneys knew he could not receive a fair trial, so Hicks pleaded guilty," said Marine Lt. Col. Colby Vokey, the lawyer for Omar Khadr, a Canadian detainee who is expected to face charges before the commission.

Hicks, a 31-year-old Muslim convert, pleaded guilty to one charge of providing support to a terror organization involved in hostilities against the United States. But he denied a second allegation of supporting terrorism.

He allegedly attended terrorist training camps in Afghanistan and reported to an al-Qaida commander after the Sept. 11 attacks, but he was not accused of firing a shot against U.S. or coalition forces. He was captured in December 2001 and was one of the first men taken to Guantanamo a month later.

Hicks, who lives at a maximum-security facility at Guantanamo, has been transferred to a complex with special meeting rooms to make it easier to consult with his lawyers.

At a private conference Tuesday, the defense and prosecution were expected to discuss details of the guilty plea before presenting it to the military judge, Marine Corps Col. Ralph Kohlmann, said Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman. Kohlmann was expected to make the determination this week.

"Under commission rules the military judge must be satisfied that Hicks' guilty plea is voluntary and otherwise lawful," Whitman said.

Members of a military tribunal convened for Hicks' case are expected to travel to Guantanamo this week to approve any sentence. Defense attorneys said a gag order by the military judge prevented them from discussing details of the plea until a sentence is announced.

Hicks is the only detainee charged so far by the reconstituted tribunal system. The military says as many as 80 of the 385 men held at Guantanamo will likely face prosecution.

A challenge of the new system is pending before the Supreme Court. Lawyers for detainees have asked the high court to step in again and guarantee that the prisoners can challenge their confinement in U.S. courts.

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Sunday, 25 March 2007
Get Down & Protest like Your Life Depends On It !
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Now Playing: Taking it to the streets - Washington DC - Protesting & Arrests

This was in my email box this morning  ~joe 

For the entire week of March 12 - 19, activists from all over the U.S. maintained a 24-hour presence at the Encampment to Stop the War, directly across the reflecting pool from the Capitol Building. 

On Saturday, March 17 they joined with tens of thousands of activists for the March on the Pentagon, organized by the Answer Coalition, World Can't Wait, and others, on the fourth anniversary of the criminal invasion of Iraq. 

They had come to demand that Congress cut off funding for the criminal war and occupation in Iraq.  The Congress had a clear mandate and the Constitutional authority to end the war.  In the call for the Encampment, the Troops Out Now Coalition said, "Soon, Congress will be asked to vote on President Bush' request for another $245 billion for the war in Iraq.  This will be, in effect, a vote to continue the war.  The current Congress was elected with a mandate to stop the war, and the antiwar movement must be in DC to hold them accountable for their actions."

Despite cold weather, freezing rain, winds that tore down several tents, and continual harassment and threats from various Police agencies, activists maintained the Encampment throughout the week, challenging Congress to do what the people of the U.S. and the whole world are demanding:  Cut the funds; bring the troops home now.

On Thursday, activists from the Encampment attempted to attend the House Appropriations Committee Meeting, which was taking up President Bush's request for additional funds for the illegal occupation of Iraq.  Committee Chairman David Obey (D- Wis) packed the hearing room with staffers and corporate lobbyists, blocking any other observers from entering.  Ten activists from the Encampment were arrested at the Rayburn Building for attempting to voice their opposition to the war. 
(for a complete account and photos see http://encampmenttostopthewar.blogspot.com ).

After blocking any antiwar voices from their meeting, the Committee proceeded to approve President Bush's request for additional funds for the war.  The House of Representatives then followed suit this Friday.  This vote is being represented as an "anti-war vote," but the bottom line is that Congress voted to continue funding the war, abdicating their responsibility to end the war by cutting off the funds. 

The "withdrawal from Iraq" plan that Democratic Party leaders in Congress have just announced is nothing more than a cover for them to approve Bush’s request for $100 billion to fund the war and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan-- in other words, to continue the war.

Democratic Party leaders propose to begin withdrawing troops in a year to 18 months. Over the last 18 months, more than 1,200 U.S. soldiers have been killed, and about 7 times that many wounded and maimed. Do the math: a year or 18 more months of war is a death sentence for untold numbers of soldiers and an even greater number of Iraqis.

The "withdrawal time-tables" along with the "goals and conditions" that Democratic leaders are proposing are not fundamentally different than the ones that Bush proposed in his “State of the Union” address. The real stink bomb hidden in this new "withdrawal" legislation is that Bush and his generals have the authority to "waive" any part of these so-called timetables and conditions, any time he wants to. The fact is that these new proposals amount to nothing more than political posturing by Democratic leaders in order to get some of the antiwar heat off of them while they continue to fund the war. This plan is not a plan to end the war--it is just another non-binding resolution. 

It is clear, now more than ever, that we cannot look to politicians, from either major party, to end the war.  Like all important victories, the struggle to end the war will be won in the streets, by a grassroots mobilization of resistance. In the past few days, more and more activists across the U.S. are taking the step from protest to resistance.  We've seen student walkouts, from Raleigh and Chapel Hill, North Carolina to Denver Colorado, sit-ins, disruptions at Congressional offices across the U.S., and other creative acts of resistance.

The Troops Out Now Coalition will continue to mobilize, organize, march, and protest, to help build a grassroots movement of resistance to stop the war.  Please
contact one of our local organizing centers if you are interested in working together.  Please consider making a generous donation to help with the enormous expenses involved in organizing--printing placards, organizing transportation to demonstration, producing educational literature, etc.



Encampment MySpace

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Thursday, 22 March 2007
How much of this Rove shit can we take?
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* Copied from -->


'The clock is ticking. Money is going to run out for our forces in Iraq sometime next month,' White House spokesman Tony Snow said Thursday. 'Is that the message you want to send to men and women who are putting their lives on the line?'











Well Z3 Readers it looks like


The Rove Shit is hitting the fan……….

A US Senate panel Thursday authorized subpoenas of White House officials over the disputed dismissal of federal prosecutors, escalating a confrontation between the Democratic-led Congress and President George W Bush.

With Republicans arguing against the move, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted largely along party lines to allow its chairman to issue the subpoenas against five former and current administration officials, including Bush's top political strategist, Karl Rove.


Bush has vowed to fight Congress' demand - possibly in court - and warned Democrats against staging 'show trials.' Forcing his closest advisers to testify under oath would undermine the confidentiality he needs to run the country, Bush argues.

Democrats railed against what the White House has portrayed as a take-it-or-leave-it offer for officials to talk informally with lawmakers.

'What we're told we can get is nothing, nothing, nothing,' said the Senate panel's chairman, Patrick Leahy.  

Congressional Democrats are also challenging Bush on the war in Iraq.

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Wednesday, 21 March 2007
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Now Playing: Going On Our 5th Year Of, Bush's War On Iraq

I have been real busy with the Peace March and making videos with my new cam recorder

Check out "Joe Anybody" for my recent videos: 



Here is an article I copied from the website Blue Oregon:   http://www.blueoregon.com/2007/03/impeachment_the.html#more


Impeachment: the right thing to do.

T.A. Barnhart

I just don't get it.

If George W Bush got drunk in a bar, went out driving, and then hit and killed a family of four from Baltimore, he'd be impeached, convicted and thrown in prison in the blink of an eye. Even his staunchest supporters and the most hardened ideologues of the right would toss him out of office and into the arms of the prosecutor. Deliberate actions of that kind that kill people are be tolerated by no one.

And what was Bush's declaration of war but a reckless and deliberate act that has resulted in the deaths of over 3,000 Americans and tens of thousands of non-combatant Iraqis?

"Hey bartender, get me a glass and a bottle of Jack. I'm the damn King of the World, and I'm gonna celebrate my owndamnself like a real man! And then I'm gonna drive my motherhumping Humvee right up someone's sorry ass if they even think of getting in my way!"

This wasn't a matter of "Oops, I guess I had a bit more to drink than I thought." He meant to kill people. Lots of people. That's what happens when you start a war: You make decide to kill as many people as possible. You call them enemies to make it tolerable to the weak-willed and weak-minded who don't like to think about that part of war. And as Commander-in-Chief, another decision gets made: To kill your own troops. There's no getting around that one, either. The person who declares war decides that lots of people are going to die. Bush claimed he didn't want "unneccesary" deaths but death is indeed what he ordered when he sent American troops into Iraq.

"Kill someone? Hell, yea, now that ya mention it, I guess I could. Heh heh, too bad for them I guess. Heh heh. Woops! They wanna be safe, people ought to stay home and watch Fox News instead of driving around at night."

Bush sat down with the rest of his gang, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld and the other warmongers who cheerfully aligned themselves with his decision to kill people (including poor sorry Tony Blair). They did have one initial problem to overcome at first, and that was that they had nothing substantial on which to base the war. But by God (literally), they were going to start their war regardless of facts or need.

Continue reading "Impeachment: the right thing to do."

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Saturday, 17 March 2007
3 Denied Access To Public Servants Office
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Now Playing: A sad day whe you see kind loving people go to jail - Watch my video


These men who were arrested ......inspire me! 


3 men got arrested at the WTO Center for .....

trespassing ..... they want the senator to "not fund the war"

But he wont...and he wont even see you if you show up ...Unless you have an appointment!

So now what ? ...throw peaceful people in jail?

Hell we kill innocent people in Iraq ...why not!!!!!

Check out my Google Video here --> http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2235463856419852730&hl=en

there are others like these three ......how many will it take ?

Here is my Indy media Post on this: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2007/03/355758.shtml


See you in the streets


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Thursday, 15 March 2007
Homeless Protest and Joe Anybody is there
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So there is this protest going on in Portland downtown that is pertaining to a new proposed law that would make it illegal to sit or lie on the sidewalk (downtown only) and if your blocking so much of a % of the "right of way". My videos are here on Portland INDY MEDIA http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2007/03/355710.shtml

Number 1    YouTube

Number 2     Google


I believe this is being organized by the PBA or something like that. Basically the downtown business don't want "homeless or loitering" in front of their business, so they are pushing behind this unconstitutional law. As one can hear in my crappy audio taping that was with the video portion, mentions that this law is to be implanted after a few measure are in place.....and I did say a "few" ....those being .....public restroom, benches (dozen) and day shelter available.

I read on a comment left on INDY MEDIA where a similar bill was passed and then was found unconstitutional.   Here is what that poster said:

courts uphold rights of homeless15.Mar.2007 16:28

Comment by: legalade

 link to www.ca9.uscourts.gov
Jones et al v Los Angeles (April 14, 2006)

"federal appeals court panel ruled on Friday that arresting homeless people for sleeping, sitting or lying on sidewalks and other public property when other shelter is not available was cruel and unusual punishment."
New York Times April 15

The federal appeals court in the article is the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, and it includes under its jurisdiction Portland Oregon. It looks to me like the "sit/lie" ordinance is unconstituional on its face and could cost the city lots of money if someone were to be charged with the heinous crime of sitting or lying on the sidewalk, and then sued the city, citing the case above.

Just goes to show that the cops and tose who give them orders are not the least bit interested in justice or our safety. Rather, they are waging class warfare against the majority of people, and especially those of the lowest economic class, unable to defend themselves.
To read lots more on this
sit-lie ordinance
Click the link from Portland's own
 "mercury" newspaper

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