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Wednesday, 31 January 2007
The Creepy Cully Sqweeze play Backfires
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  Scurvy Story of Shame and Cully

As A Senior Pentagon dishes out the shit-talk

Well now! I see he recently backs up his step.... and apologizes.

 My fellow Z3 Readers I must point out two things.

 (1) The man ("Cully" Simpson) is a creep for doing what he did. He was throwing his weight <and his stupidity> around. He was puting on the squeeze play so to speak.

And (2) what a corrupt asshole trying to be American, when He was so dirty and unethical. For one minute can you believe this is the guy in charge of Detainees Affairs? OMG!

That is guy is sick! A real prize we have here.

And he is one of the top pentagon brass. Ha! How embarrassing. In fact I just found this link here as I write this and what caught my eye was the pentagon is now starting to distancing it self from this bozo -->


SHAME on this Cully creep! 

Now that I said that here is the

Human Rights First

Here is the article I received today in my email:

From the Executive Director, Maureen Byrnes

It's a basic principle of American justice that everyone accused of a crime deserves legal representation. (Think of John Adam s's defense of British soldiers who took part in the Boston Massacre.) But from time to time, some people need to be reminded of that fundamental fact.

The latest case in point: Charles D. "Cully" Stimson, a high-ranking Pentagon official in charge of detainee affairs. In a radio interview, he asked why major corporations would permit their outside lawyers to represent detainees held at Guantanamo Bay. He went so far as to name the firms involved and the companies they work for.

The reaction was swift and furious, and soon Stimson apologized in a letter to the Washington Post. In response to his remarks and apology, HF urged Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to affirm publicly "the essential role that lawyers have played and are continuing to play" in ensuring that U.S. policies on detainee interrogation and detention "meet constitutional and international human rights obligations."


Now I also read this from the Washington post website:

The Pentagon yesterday disavowed a senior official's remarks suggesting companies boycott law firms that represent detainees at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Charles "Cully" Stimson, the deputy assistant secretary of defense for detainee affairs, said in a radio interview last week that companies might want to consider taking their business to firms that do not represent suspected terrorists.


Legal experts and advocacy groups viewed Stimson's remarks as an attempt to intimidate law firms that provide legal help to all people, even unpopular defendants.

A Pentagon spokesman, Lt. Col. Brian Mala, said Stimson was not speaking for the Bush administration.



Potshot at Guantanamo lawyers backfires

Big firms laud free legal aid for detainees

WASHINGTON -- Two weeks after a senior Pentagon official suggested that corporations should pressure their law firms to stop assisting detainees at Guantanamo Bay, major companies have turned the tables on the Pentagon and issued statements supporting the law firms' work on behalf of terrorism suspects.

The corporate support for the lawyers comes as law associations and members of Congress have expressed outrage at the remarks of Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Detainee Affairs Charles D. "Cully" Stimson on Jan. 11.

In a radio interview, Stimson stated the names of a dozen law firms that volunteer their services to represent detainees, and he suggested that the chief executives of the firms' corporate clients would make the lawyers "choose between representing terrorists or representing reputable firms."

He said he expected the newly public list of law firms that do work at Guantanamo Bay to spark a cycle of negative publicity for them. Instead, Stimson himself became the center of nationwide criticism and later apologized for the remarks.

The episode has become an embarrassing chapter in the Pentagon's long-running battle with the detainees' lawyers and appears to have spurred public support for the legal rights of the detainees, nearly 400 of whom just marked the start of their sixth year of incarceration at the base.

Charles Rudnick , a spokesman for Boston Scientific Corp., said the company supports the decision of its law firm, WilmerHale, to represent six men who were arrested in Bosnia in 2001 "because our legal system depends on vigorous advocacy for even the most unpopular causes."

Brackett Denniston, senior vice president and general counsel of General Electric, said the company strongly disagrees with the suggestion that it discriminate against law firms that do such work. "Justice is served when there is quality representation even for the unpopular," Denniston said in a statement.

Verizon issued a similar statement.

The lawyers have welcomed these expressions of solidarity from their paying clients.

"It would seem [the Pentagon] made a miscalculation," said Stephen Oleskey , an attorney at WilmerHale in Boston who has traveled to Guantanamo Bay seven times since he took up the case in 2004. "We haven't had any clients call up and say, 'We are really deeply disturbed that you are advocating for fair hearings.' The amount of support [we have gotten] has been heartening."

He said a committee at WilmerHale swiftly made the decision in 2004 to offer free help to the detainees when a request went out from the Center for Constitutional Rights, a New York-based nonprofit legal organization, which had filed a petition in federal court on behalf of the detainees.

"As time has gone on, it has become plainer that it is an important issue for our justice system," Oleskey said. "People have been more and more interested in hearing about it. We have been asked to speak at universities, human rights groups, and churches."

Michael Ratner , president of the Center for Constitutional Rights, said that in his early days of defending Guantanamo detainees he got hundreds of hate letters from the public every time he spoke about the issue on television. But now, he said, he receives only positive feedback, especially since Stimson's remarks.

"They miscalculated, that's for sure," said Ratner, who helps coordinate 500 lawyers and 120 law firms across the country to defend the detainees.

Support for the defense of Guantanamo detainees has become so widely accepted that two Newton attorneys are defraying the cost of their trips to Guantanamo Bay by collecting donations from the public.

Doris Tennant and Ellen Lubell have collected $7,000 in the past three weeks toward the estimated $20,000 they expect to spend defending an Algerian detainee known as Number 744. It is difficult to tell whether the controversy has made fund-raising easier, Tennant said, because Stimson's remarks coincided with their appeal for funds. But she said many of her supporters made reference to Stimson as they voiced their support and sent in checks.

"It has been quite an outpouring," said Tennant, who hopes to make her first visit to Guantanamo Bay next week.

That support is not what Stimson predicted when he gave a radio interview Jan. 11, the fifth anniversary of the day the detainees were brought to the base.

Stimson told the Washington-based Federal News Radio that the cause of detainees was "not popular" with the American people and that the list of major law firms representing the detainees was "shocking."

"I think quite honestly, when corporate CEOs see that those firms are representing the very terrorists who hurt their bottom line back in 2001, those CEOs are going to make those law firms choose between representing terrorists or representing reputable firms," he said.

In the interview, he named about a dozen firms, including WilmerHale. He said that corporations would become outraged when they realized that their legal fees were subsidizing this kind of pro bono work.

In addition to the interview, a Wall Street Journal columnist quoted an unnamed US official making similar remarks in a column that also included the names of several top firms.

Now, some lawyers for detainees are accusing the Pentagon of an organized effort to generate bad publicity for the firms.

Baltimore-based lawyer William J. Murphy , who represents a Kuwaiti detainee, has filed a Freedom of Information Act request seeking records of communications between senior Pentagon officials and the media before the Jan. 11 interview in a bid to uncover evidence of a smear campaign.

Some lawyers said publicizing the names of the law firms had achieved one of Stimson's objectives -- distracting attention from the roughly 395 men who remain imprisoned.

"It backfired to the extent that they didn't get the kind of support that they were hoping," said Neil McGaraghan , a Boston-based attorney at Bingham McCutchen, which represents a group of ethnic Uighurs from China at Guantanamo Bay.

"But to the extent that it has drawn attention away from Guantanamo and focused it on the lawyers, it has worked." 



Detainee Database

View the largest list of names at

Guantanamo prison made public thus far.

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Homeless Tents Slashed by Police with box cutters in Florida
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Check out my recent post to my Homeless Blog over on this link here on Joe Anybody -->


It is about a crazy town in Florida that is terrorizing the homeless.

I am disgusted and outraged .... please read up on this debacle all the info is compiled for your easy viewing and made easy to follow up by contacting the city officials.

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Tuesday, 30 January 2007
Government Drops 2 Charges Against, Army 1st Lt. Ehren Watada
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Topic: WAR
"The U.S. government has agreed to drop two charges that carried a maximum of two years in prison against Army 1st Lt. Ehren Watada, his lawyer said Monday. As part of the agreement, two reporters who had been issued subpoenas to appear before the court-martial will not have to testify, the lawyer said."

"This is surely a great victory for journalist Sarah Olson and our Defend the Press coalition," said John Stauber, executive director of the Center for Media and Democracy of Madison, Wisconsin. "This is a testament to what one determined and courageous reporter, Sarah Olson, can accomplish in the face of government intimidation. These subpoenas were simply an effort to harass journalists who are reporting on the growing anti-war sentiment among rank and file soldiers. This is a blow for press freedom and for free speech."  

((full Article:  http://www.prwatch.org/node/5695 ))



Read here for more on Lt Watada in the Honolula Advertiser



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Sunday, 28 January 2007
Comments Like These Really Chap My Ass
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First my fellow readers there was this QUOTATION OF THE DAY from the  New York Times on January 25 2007 that struck me as being rather snotty and ummmmmm.... like Cheney was speaking out of control {of our country}


"It won't stop us."
VICE PRESIDENT DICK CHENEY, on CNN, discussing the Senate Foreign Relations Committee's approval of a resolution opposing President Bush's plan to send more troops to Iraq.



Then there is this one today 1-27-07

Which is in response to a comment by Sen Chuck Hagel (R) who has accused the Bush administration of playing "a pingpong game with American lives" by sending more U.S. troops into Iraq:

"Let's say I believe firmly in Ronald Reagan's 11th commandment: Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican,"  Cheney said. "But it's very hard sometimes to adhere to that where Chuck Hagel is involved."

In the interview, Cheney also said he doesn't spend any time worrying about how the public or the media view him. When pressed to react to personal criticism from people with whom he has worked before, Cheney said:

"Well, I'm vice president and they're not."

Z 3er's when I hear this callous arrogant type of Rambo-talk it really chaps my ass!

This guy has no regard for what the US majority of people want.  And his sidekick bushman is appears as arrogant and determined like a delusional suicidal madman is who is heading for self destruct course!. As they both drags our country around the globe killing people and pissing people off. All this over Neocon agendas and mis-leading lies.

Ya, both these guys don't listen to the news or the massive amounts of citizens or even Congress for that matter, whom by the way are all screaming at them to knock this off. 

Oh! and this 11th commandment crap is just that ...nothing more than old ..... "good-ol-boy-crap" .....and it does not wash well with me. In fact its very biased and uncalled for by a vice president leader.

Give me some chap stick will ya!


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Saturday, 27 January 2007
GOOD MORNING USA - Hows Your Local Raytheon Gun?
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As the Evildoers and their Police-State thugs, ramp up the equipment and break out some new military toys to use on American Citizens (they are already using and testing these on foreign citizens)

Watch this 


video for a good idea what this is all about

A discussion with a Military and Human Rights Watch





A non-lethal -- but potentially harmful -- crowd control weapon that

heats human skin

is bound for Iraq, and possibly to a police department near you


When used on a Hummer its Referred to as  ...an 

"A.D.S. Humvee"

The bad news is that the PIGS are planing on using this laser beam weapon on protesters in the near future or who ever they want. More sooner than you think. It may be out on the streets as soon as 1-27-07 (today) in Washington DC from what I have read.

<Joe:: skip to last paragraph below for more on the Washington DC toy reference>

There is more here in this article on this Machine:

 (Zebra 3 readers do you notice how it is a military produced toy?)http://www.globalsecurity.org/military/systems/ground/v-mads.htm

And this article here covers a lot of types:


Well, that may be about to change. DefenseTech covers the latest developments, noting reports that Army just got the OK to spend $31.3 million on three deployable Project Sheriff vehicles. Furthermore, Army Brig. Gen. James Huggings, the chief of staff for the Multi-National Corps-Iraq, proposes 14 vehicles: 4 for the 18th Military Police Brigade, 4 for the 42nd Military Police Brigade, and 6 for the Marine Corps. CENTCOM Chief of Staff Maj. Gen. John Castellaw fully supported the request. The vehicles, either Cougar mine-resistant vehicles or Stryker APCs, will be equipped with "Spiral 1" Sheriff equipment that can escalate its responses from a "Long Range Acoustic Device" (sonic blaster), up to a Laser Dazzler, then on to the ADS pain ray before things escalate to live ammunition. Read DefenseTech's article: Pain Ray, Sonic Blaster, Laser Dazzler - All In One; and see also "Bring the Pain." 

And don't skip this from Germany

(cant read it but it has links) -->  German Link

This link -->  http://www.usatoday.com/news/world/iraq/2005-07-24-energy-beam_x.htm  came from USA Today back in 2005

Oh Z3 Readers don't let me forget to show you all, a few pictures of these Police-State toys!







The good news is

that wearing tinfoil can redirect the beam BACK at the frickin pigs who turned it on the protesters

Hey ...... Remember we are .......


We all show up with our peace signs and kids. The fricken Police-State shows up with their guns - Mace - and rubber bullets - military toys - and now laser beams ........problem is my tin foil hat comes with it own science trick.

Bounces of me & sticks to

 you   ...HAHAHAHA 

Copied from --> http://www.waynemadsenreport.com/ 

January 26, 2007 -- Save your aluminum foil "hats." According to a technology expert who is familiar with the Raytheon Active Denial System (ADS), tested January 24 at Moody Air Force base in Georgia, the millimeter microwave directed beam weapon can be defeated by a crowd of people using aluminum- or gold-coated Mylar to conduct the beam to ground or even direct it back to the Humvee housing the ADS system. Although the Humvee is shielded, any law enforcement or military personnel standing near the Humvee would get a burning taste of their own medicine if the directed beam were reflected back to its source or to a crowd of police. In addition to aluminum or gold coated Mylar, Mylar reflective space blankets, aluminum coated windshield heat protective screens, and more sophisticated and precise corner cube retro-reflectors or Luneburg spheres can all be used to reflect the millimeter wave beam back to its source.

The source we spoke to also revealed that the ADS technology has already been used in Iraq against civilian rioters even though the Pentagon claims it will not be deployable until 2010. The source added that even if the ADS Humvee is present at the anti-war march in Washington tomorrow, Raytheon would not permit its use because of liability issues stemming from potential eye damage and human rights violations. However, WMR has learned that Raytheon is offering the ADS technology to police departments and as a component of home security alarm systems.


Bush's new anti-crowd ray gun -- In a case of Alcoa versus Raytheon, it can be defeated and used against the users with aluminum foil.

Also my fellow readers  be sure to read about Sonic Lasers

Which are a..... sound Lasers -->




One thing is ......

Zebra3 Readers will all be

wearing earplugs and tinfoil hats !!

Thanks to A Freeman on Portland Indy Media who brought this to my attention http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2007/01/352906.shtml

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Friday, 26 January 2007
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Now Playing: Lt. Watada Bus Voage For Support at Fort Lewis Court Martial

Zebra 3 Readers, I got my ticket.

And one for my teenage son.

We are "On The Bus"

This is an Important day. I requested it off and am hoping to go give support to a military man that is standing up and saying our Government was wrong to be invading and attacking Iraq. He will be sentenced. I feel he is doing an admiral thing.

I know he is nervous and concerned. He is standing on principle. And he is "Right" it is an illegal war.  I want to show him and the country that I support him and will be attending.

It was simple to order my bus ticket  (on-line) from Info below - Please Join Me and My Son in Solidarity with Lt Watada

I will bring you all more info as I receive it.      Love ya all ~joe 

MORE FROM LT WATADA HERE -->  http://www.thankyoult.org/


Feb. 5th PDX to Ft. Lewis

Bus Trip

for National Day of Action

at Watata's Court Martial

American Friends Service Committee, Recruiter Watch PDX and Veterans
for Peace Chapter 72 invite you to join us on a chartered bus from
Portland to Ft. Lewis to stand with Lt. Watata. Our friends at Code
Pink are also organizing a car caravan. Either way, we hope you can
make it to stand with Lt. Watata and say no to the war in Iraq.

Feb. 5th: Get on the Bus to Support Lt. Ehren Watata!

Portland to Ft. Lewis Bus Trip for National Day of Action at Watata's
Court Martial

On Monday, February 5 join fellow Portlanders as we travel to Ft.
Lewis Washington to support First Lieutenant Watada during his
military court martial. As the first Army officer to publicly speak
out against the war and refuse deployment to Iraq, Lt. Watada faces a
maximum six years in prison. Watata supporters are coming from around
the country to this historic day of action to support his courageous
stand against an illegal war.

American Friends Service Committee, Recruiter Watch PDX and Veterans for Peace Chapter 72 invite you to join us on a chartered bus from
Portland to Ft. Lewis to stand with Lt. Watata. Our friends at Code
Pink are also organizing a car caravan. Either way, we hope you can
make it to stand with Lt. Watata and say no to the war in Iraq.

The bus will leave 8:00 am Monday, February 5 from Gateway Transit
Center in Portland and return that evening. Tickets are $25 general /
$15 student/senior and are first come, first serve.

Reserve your bus ticket now!

To purchase your ticket online go to: 

Or to pay by check:

Email  kcampbell@afsc.org with your name, phone, address and how many
tickets you would like.
Then send a check to: American Friends Service Committee, 2249
E.Burnside Portland, OR 97214.
Please send your check right away to ensure your seat is reserved--we
cannot hold seats without payment.

To find out about the Code Pink caravan, email Cristy Murray at 

"My fellow soldiers are fighting and dying in Iraq and their families
are suffering because of the lies and deceptions crafted by the Bush
Administration. The Iraq war is not only a crime against domestic and
international law but [it] is a terrible moral injustice against the
Iraqi people." Lt. Ehren Watada.

For more information on the campaign to support Lt.
Watada, and the latest news, go to, visit  

Kelly Campbell
Portland Area Peace Director
American Friends Service Committee
2249 E. Burnside
Portland, OR 97214

Visit our updated website: 

This article in this Z 3 Report

was "copied" from

Portland Indy Media



LISTEN TO A NPR AUDIO INTERVIEW HERE --> http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=7017446

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Thursday, 25 January 2007
Robin Lloyde Gives update on SOA closing?
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I copied this from "in these times" website

The End of the


School of the Americas?

By Robin Lloyd

Demonstrators carry a coffin symbolizing those killed by the School of the America's trained soldiers.

The annual protests against the School of the Americas—the U.S. Army’s training institute for Latin American military leaders—are unlike any in the United States. Choreographed by Catholic activists, they eschew the militant rhetoric, providing a moving experience for both religious and secular activists.

The protests began in 1990 with some 10 people, and grew to their largest in 2006. Now, with a Democratic Congress and a changing political climate in Latin America, they have an opportunity to close the School of the Americas for good.

On November 19, some 22,000 people took part in the 16th annual protest in front of the gates of Fort Benning in Georgia. On a stage, organizers from School of the Americas Watch (SOAW) read off the names of most revered “saints”—victims of repression in Latin America whose tormentors had been trained by the School of the Americas (now called the Western Hemisphere Institute of Security Cooperation—WHINSEC). First on the list were some of those killed in El Salvador in the ’S: Archbishop Oscar Romero, the four American religious women, and six Jesuits, their housekeeper and her daughter.

This year, only 16 protesters committed civil disobedience by “crossing the line”—that is, crawling under or through the wire mesh fence that encircles the base to face immediate arrest for trespassing and a likely three-month sentence. Last year, 32 were arrested and served time in jail as “prisoners of conscience.” (I was one of them and served three months at Danbury Prison Camp in Connecticut.)

Organizers and participants believe that the school’s days are numbered. Recently elected leaders like Evo Morales and Michelle Bachelet, both former activists, have intimate knowledge of the repressive tendencies of the U.S.-trained militaries in their countries.

Maryknoll priest Roy Bourgeois, founder of SOAW, crisscrossed South America last year, asking leaders and human rights groups to urge their governments to stop sending soldiers to the school. “There is no need to explain the atrocities of the SOA, as the people of Uruguay are fully aware of this reality, having experienced first hand the horrors of the tortures, detentions, imprisonments and ‘disappearances’ caused by its graduates,” Azucena Berrutti, the newly appointed Defense Minister of Uruguay and a former human rights lawyer said recently.

So far, Venezuela, Uruguay and Argentina officials have said that none of their military personnel will be sent to the school. But according to the Center for International Policy Web site, those countries accounted for only 2 percent of the students last year. Countries with continuing human rights abuses and a culture of impunity are the major participants: Colombia (42 percent), Honduras (15 percent) and Peru (11 percent).

On the home front, efforts to close the school through congressional action look brighter. Last June, an amendment sponsored by Reps. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.) and John Lewis (D-Ga.) that would cut funding for the SOA/WHINSEC was defeated by a 15-vote margin. Pat Bowman, legislative coordinator for SOAW, was elated as the November election returns came in. “It’s fantastic,” she wrote in an e-mail. “Thirty-five of our opponents lost their seats in Congress, 23 of which were replaced by Democrats. This is about double the margin of victory we need next year!” McGovern will reintroduce legislation in the 110th Congress.

Robin Lloyd is a filmmaker and activist who “crossed the lineâ€Â last year and served three months in the Danbury Prison Camp.

More information about Robin Lloyd
(end quote)
Z3 readers see more on this topic on my web site link below:

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Tuesday, 23 January 2007
Once Upon a Time a Few Old Ladies Sat In A Tree
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Former Mayor up a Tree


On the UC Berkeley campus, there is a grove of old oak trees which is now in jeopardy. The UCB regents are planning to cut the trees to expand the university's sport stadium. They will have a difficult time, though, as a tree sit is in progress. Within the last few days, three women "of a certain age" have joined in the protest. Former mayor Shirley Dean is 71 years old. She is joined by 86 year old Betty Olds and 90 year old Sylvia McLaughlin. The women have a long history of working in the city government and on environmental issues.

They are not about to quit now.   READ More on Indy Media HERE


Then I read the following over on the site "wwwsavetheoaks.com"

"Three of the most respected and enduring civic leaders in the city of Berkeley took to the trees on Monday morning in support of the ongoing Memorial Oak Grove protest ......."
       Injunction Hearing
          Set For January 23 2007
The injunction hearing is set for Tuesday January 23rd. If an injunction is granted, it would forbid UC Berkeley from beginning work on the proposed projects until after the 4 lawsuits against them can be heard in court.  If an injunction is NOT granted then the university could try to cut down the oak trees and begin construction before  the current lawsuits can reach the courts.
At this time their are now four suits against the UC expansion plans.  The plaintiffs are - an Oaks coalition that includes the California Oak Foundation - the City of Berkeley - the Panoramic Hill Association - and the Save Tightwad Hill group.

Complete article here at: SAVE THE OAKS.COM

SIGN THE PETITION HERE (its easy to do)



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Sunday, 21 January 2007
Jatropha seeds = Biodiesel Fuel
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Now Playing: India is activly cultivating a plant called Jatropha for fuel

India's Big Plans for

 Bio diesel

Researchers are developing new


for cultivating a plant called



Jatropha seeds, when crushed, produce large quantities of an oil that can easily be converted to bio diesel that performs at levels close to that of conventional diesel oil. In fact, a hectare of jatropha produces 1,892 liters of fuel, which is better than rapeseed and far better than soybean or corn, according to data gathered by the Global Petroleum Club, an energy networking organization funded by the private-equity firm Forrest Equity Management. 

Please read this short informing Full Article


Zebra 3 readers, I didn't know anything about this plant until I read this article today. So from what I see it looks like it could turn into a good harty reliable sustainable source of fuel?  When I first looked up this plant I seen a plant with red berries  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jatropha Then in looking further I seen this 2nd article, and a picture of the green berries. The second article refers to the (same) plant but I think it is describing the bio fuel potintial more directly, and in this case, Jatropa in India.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jatropha_in_india

(quote from Wikipedia)

Jatropha in India, refers to India's interest in the succulent plant Jatropha as a renewable energy source. Jatropha cultivation has been selected by the government of India as a method of providing an alternative fuel source for the coming years. Large plots of waste land have been selected for Jatropha cultivation. This will provide much needed employment to the rural poor of India and also provide a means for India to attain energy independence. Businesses are also seeing the planting of Jatropha as a good business opportunity.







Another link on Jatropha -->   http://www.biodieseltoday.com/whyjatropha.htm 


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Thursday, 18 January 2007
Stop th G8
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Stop Capitalism.








In the summer of 2007, the heads of state of Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Great Britain, Japan, Canada and the USA will meet for the so-called G8 summit in Hooliganism in Mealybug-Western Pomerania in north-east Germany. They will be well protected by police and the military, and they want to demonstrate their unity to the media. They will try to present themselves as the legitimate leadership of the “civilized world” and will organize to implement their common interests. Contrary to their actual policy they will again feign commitment to fighting world hunger, disease, poverty and terrorism. Just like at past summits, tens of thousands will protest against the meeting to show the real meaning of the G8.

Now my fellow Z3 readers really haven't heard me rant on Capitalism as a major issue, but you will possible agree with me that after reading this article that is linked to above this post ....the dynamics of the obvious "divide" seem to widen the more one reads along. Unnervingly the more it seemed pretty obvious,that capitalism is not to concerned with the common mans well-being (his life).

It was an ugly to think about how capitalism spits on humans and that even though there our these purported grandiose endeavors of the World Bank, IMF , etc, but the bottom line is "humans suffer" at the feet of capitalism. Not a pretty picture, I agree. But.... ya see ...its that "money is the root" concept in a bold obvious imperialist way.

Hey I get my daily average joe paycheck like most Americans, working the 9-5 ....but read this article in the link above and use some heart felt rational deduction, and you will be aware that something isn't working to well with this damn * system. 

So if one is not becoming involved or supporting in some non-violent way to show solidarity at least become a little more wiser as to why there are people up on them G8 Front-lines .....screaming and hooting and hollering and fighting, and fricking telling the whole world ......at all odds and vulnerabilities ...on the front-line face to face with the WORLD POLICE .....It can be Brutal taking on the machine, but I know they mean well and their intentions are pure and good, I joe anybody do understand and I do support change for the better in this corrupt capitalist imperialist world.

I can see we have a problem here folks.....!

Now lets digress and check out this picture of the Fence to keep Protesters out that is being constructed. There are a few more links below, but I suggest you read the link at the top of this post it explains allot of the cause. Thanks Everybody ~joe!

10 mile chain fence in Germany being built now


 the red line on the map shows the ---->  10 miles long fence being built around the town of heiligendamm to keep away the protesters from the meeting






         ....   http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2007/01/352446.shtml



I joe Anybody do not necessarily support all these views represented above and on these pages of the Zebra 3 Report

I am a free thinking peaceful non violent person who is aware and looking for progressive changes, I am not an Anarchist but the more I read on the topic and some of their philosophy I am amazed and intrigued. Especially how well informed and involved Anarchist are with politics, human rights, freedom, rebellion, and appear to me as more apt to care about human life. I like that.

I looked up the word Anarchy in Wikipedia and read this:

Anarchists are those who believe that all people are imbued with a sort of commonality, common sense, that would allow for people to, in the absence of the government, come together in agreement to form a functional existence. Morality falls in line with functionality, and its forms differ. Anarchy does not reject ethics, or principles, but rather imposed morality.

 You can read that yourself (and more) by clicking here to go to Wikipedia

Posted by Joe Anybody at 11:17 PM PST
Updated: Friday, 19 January 2007 2:40 AM PST

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