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Thursday, 3 May 2007
Write The Mayor of LA .... I just did!
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This is an urgent call to action


All, Z3 Readers

Please contact the Mayor of LA at this link as I just did.....please!

 ((((( http://www.pephost.org/site/R?i=D1N8ELi8uzm0TeqjpWOg1g )))))))


I also wrote the President of the United States (who I cant stand by the way) about this attrocity. First here is the Information ...then last is my letter to the mayor. I am fricken mad as hell!!!!!





The ANSWER Coalition unequivocally condemns the brutal, unprovoked Los Angeles Police Department attack on immigrant families, media reporters and camerapersons and others in MacArthur Park on May 1. The LAPD’s racism and violent nature has been displayed once again for the world to see. 

We demand that Mayor Villaraigosa and all city officials take immediate action to bring the officers involved to justice. We also demand that the Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners fire LAPD Chief William Bratton.

On May 1, tens of thousands of protesters participated in mass marches for immigrant rights in Los Angeles and around the United States. The march targeted by the LAPD was the second major action in the city that day. It marched from Vermont and 3rd to MacArthur Park.

By all accounts, the march was peaceful—that is, until the cops began their coordinated attack on the participants. 

Soon after the thousands of marchers arrived at MacArthur Park, a police motorcade forced its way into a large circle of people who were enjoying the Aztec Dancers perform an Indigenous ceremony in Alvarado St. near the Southeast corner of the park. The cops pushed people, including Aztec Dancers and children, to the ground.


Next, cops on bicycles rushed through the crowd demanding people evacuate the area. They were followed closely by LAPD “shock troops” on foot, who forced people from the area by hitting onlookers with batons.

The crowd was obviously upset and highly concerned by the unprovoked and violent police attack. In an attempt to defend themselves, people responded by hurling empty water bottles and fruit at the police. 

Contrary to LAPD Chief Bratton’s statement that their violence was in response to “certain elements of the crowd … [who] began to create a series of disturbances," it was really the other way around. 

As this was happening at the east corner of the park, several hundred yards away on the other end of the park, dozens of cops in full riot gear cleared the street by pushing people onto the sidewalks. 

The coordinated, military-style actions show a deliberate calculus used by the LAPD. This was a premeditated attack—a police riot. It is standard practice to repress mass movements and working people.

‘They were merciless’

The worst was yet to come. Less than one hour after the initial attack, the LAPD began its full assault on the marchers and all people in the park. Well over 100 riot cops, including 30 to 40 shooting pellet guns and rubber-coated bullets began attacking everyone in the park. They fired many times directly at people, many of whom could not get away from the police onslaught. Police also shot tear gas at the protesters.

One eyewitness to the LAPD violence was Ernesto Arce, ANSWER Coalition organizer and KPFK radio host. Arce, who was hit in the leg with a rubber-coated bullet during the attack, described the scene:

“Without warning, cops descended into a park full of families, homeless and handicapped individuals and street cart vendors. They were merciless. 

“For the next 30 minutes, hundreds of activists and bystanders were shot, beaten by night sticks and run out of the park. The police had no intention of entertaining requests from people who were not able to move quickly enough. They were forcefully hit on the legs until they were immobile. 

“The cops didn't only move people out of the perimeters of the park, they chased through the park firing at anyone who might have been an obstacle. I witnessed many people who were shot at from the back. Children and entire families were being violently pushed or beaten. An elderly woman cried out for help but few were willing to run back in the face of fast-approaching SWAT police.

“We were chased onto 7th street and forced at least 6 blocks west. The police tried to cordon off the entire area, but most protestors didn't stick around. It was frightening for even seasoned protestors.”

The cops shut down the organized rally. Many scheduled speakers did not get to speak. In addition, they overturned and destroyed the tables and displays of non-profits inside Macarthur Park. The LAPD claimed that they declared the legally permitted event an “unlawful assembly.” But no one heard an official order to disperse or face arrest. In fact, a Fox News reporter heard riot cops say, “Better hustle, it’s time to tussle,” as they moved in on people with batons and loaded weapons.

LAPD strategy

May 1 is International Workers’ Day. It started in the United States after police viciously attacked a demonstration of striking workers demanding better working conditions. The police killed several and wounded 200. They blamed the workers for the police violence.

The police strategy is still the same in 2007. This was displayed in L.A. as it has been many times before. 

The LAPD’s May 1 attack brings to memory to the violent repression of demonstrators outside the 2000 Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles. Similar tactics were used: firing rubber bullets and beating people without cause; chasing people on foot and in police vehicles, and then tackling and clubbing them; using military formations to intimidate and disperse crowds; and then blaming the victims for the aggression.

The police and Mayor Villaraigosa have promised investigations into the police assault in MacArthur Park. But what will come from the LAPD when its chief, Bratton, has already blamed those attacked and said they were throwing “missiles?”  

What will come from a mayor who wants more police on the streets and has been an apologist for police brutality and murder—like the killing of Susie Peña—many times before? Already, Villaraigosa has assured Los Angeles and his wealthy backers that “order has been fully restored”—when it was the LAPD that broke the “order” in the first place. 

Little will happen unless the movement demands justice.

Bratton should be fired. His first term as L.A.’s police chief is over, but he has applied for another. The Los Angeles Police Commission has 90 days to decide whether to reappoint him. His history of condoning police terror at the expense of working and oppressed people is clear. 


Attacking the immigrant rights movement

When mass movements arise—like last year’s mass upsurge for immigrant rights—they often are met with repression in order to maintain the status quo. The immigrant rights movement mobilized millions to demand equality and legalization.

Now, the ruling elite want the movement to go away for good. A wave of racist raids and deportations has swept the country in recent months, aiming to strike fear into immigrant communities. The LAPD action on May 1 is part of that strategy.

But the movement is still alive with potential. The April 7 protest in Los Angeles and now the May 1 protests around the country have showed this.

In the face of racist police violence, it is important that the people stay united to demand justice. We in the ANSWER Coalition demand justice, an end to racist police violence and full rights for all immigrants. Fighting against racism, immigrant bashing and police brutality must be a top priority for the anti-war movement and all progressive organizations. 

Take action today

Write an e-mail or contact Mayor Villaraigosa to express your outrage at the attack on immigrant rights marchers and community members. Due to the growing national outrage, Police Chief may try to distance himself from some of the worst police atrocities. But Bratton and other officials must be held responsible since this was a clearly planned and coordinated police assault that lasted a considerable period of time. 

ANSWER has set up an easy-to-use mechanism to fax or write a letter to the Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa demanding that Bratton be fired immediately and that his application for reappointment be denied. 

Click this link to send your letter by fax or email. (I did! ~joe)




(here is my letter to the mayor of LA, with my own opinion attached) 

We join with people around the country and the world who condemn the brutal, unprovoked LAPD attack on immigrant families, media reporters, camerapersons and others in Macarthur Park on May 1. We demand that you, Mayor Villaraigosa, and all city officials take immediate action to bring the officers involved to justice. We also demand that LAPD Chief William Bratton be immediately fired.   

Let me say in my own words that what your city Peace Force did was a disgrace to America. I am outraged and will write a letter to the President of the United States to tell him and you that this was un called for and a blatant use of violence against unarmed peaceful people.  How shocking to wake up and read your city police did this. You are a disgraced in the eyes of the world. I am so upset I want to quit my job and work 100% of my effort into bringing justice and retribution for this cowardly act of violence.

These are not tolerated actions by any lawful or sane civil servant. I demand accountability, and people involved FIRED. I will be writing the President Of the United States about this atrocity. Your city is in shame and unless this is righted, it is a turning point downhill for society at large.

Shame and Disgust I am appalled. I proudly sign my name and will when I write My President as well. This was an act of violence against the people of your city you were sworn to protect. 

SHAME ON YOUR CITY! ......signed Joe - Anybody



And then here is my letter to President Bush -- I just sent on 5-3-07


Mr. President Bush,

I am joining with people around the country and the world who condemn the brutal, unprovoked LAPD attack on immigrant families, media reporters, camerapersons and others in Macarthur Park on May 1.  

I (joe anybody), demand that Mayor Villaraigosa, and all city officials take immediate action to bring the officers involved to justice. I also demand that LAPD Chief William Bratton be immediately fired. 

I am writing you Mr. President, as the leader of our country to please look into the terrible, terrible, display of police violence on peaceful people in a city of the US. This needs to be addressed from the highest office as a signal that using police violence on innocent peaceful humans will NOT BE TOLERATED in America. 

I am disgusted and appalled. This needs oversight and correction as the whole world watches in disbelief.

Please Mr. President, let this behavior by the LA police be rectified and I want you to demand enforcement of peace and non-violence be used at all cost and to never fire rubber bullets into unarmed crowds. I am ashamed of this atrocity. Would you please consider my request to help straighten this out before it gets out of hand.

This was a crime of violence on the people in the US city of LA.  


My Name Here (joe-anybody)


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Tuesday, 1 May 2007





550 Billion dollars spent on this Illegal war

The Army is building an embassy that is bigger than the Vatican in a country “we invaded” is pathetic and despicable.

I am sick of hearing of the 600 thousand dead Iraqis that we the USA are responsible for and the number is growing every minute.

Almost 4,000 dead US soldiers, and thousands wounded or crippled

There were no WMD … we owe an apology we need to prosecute this mass murder lie.

We have gutted Geneva

We have gutted Habeas Corpus

This lying president has laughed that he can violate the FISA acts and he is above the law.

That is an Impeachable offense he snuck past congress to do. Like the NSA / patriot act abuses.

The war profiteers are in complete control of my country

My cousin COL TED WESTHUSING took his own life and said he would not be sullied by this corrupt war. This is the highest ranging officer who shot him self in the head because he seen the disgusting greed in this war, while volunteering to train the Iraq police. He screamed out in the desert “THIS IS MORALLY WRONG”

I have been writing you for years. Here is a recent news story of Ted’s death in this illegal war (notice the words illegal war) http://www.texasobserver.org/article.php?aid=2440


I want no more money for “Blackwater” no more for the crooked greedy contractors

The Abu Ghraib and GITMO torture abuses and sick perverted ways we now treat prisoners with under our flag. Not to mention rendition that goes on as well, is shameful

This whole thing is wrong and is sickening. Shame Shame Shame

I want you to represent me and the citizens of Oregon and the US with honesty.

I want the troops completely out of the INVADED country that once was Iraq.

We are now “occupiers” how sick. Why I ask you are you allowing this?


I want my representative to DEMAND impeachment!


I don’t want to hear your “circus act” excuse I want this liar out now.

I want NO MONEY FOR WAR not one more penny.

Bush wants to play veto games over all this bull crap – Then IMPEACH HIM NOW!!!!

He and Cheney have “DESTROYED” our country.

Are you supporting these guys on this mass war crime?

Well if you don’t start defending the Constitution and protecting it I will be calling on you to step down as well. I am so serious and upset over Lack of representation and my reps not standing up to these corrupt war criminals


I am angry and sick that my Reps can not stop this mad man, because they wont STAND UP and demand accountability and demand an Investigation

DAMN ……. What is wrong …”Do Something” you are my rep……HELP Us!

IMPEACH THIS LIAR – For gods sake how much Blood can you keep wiping off your hands.

This cheating president will destroy everything by the time we sit on our butts and say “it will be a circus” hell it’s a killing circus at this moment….why don’t you stop it

I am loosing major faith and hope in you ability to uphold this constitution as you were sworn to do.

I don’t want no excuses. I told you what I want . I have been telling you for years ‘IMPEACH’ the liar.

Think of my highly respected cousin standing in his hot trailer in Baghdad with a gun to head. He said “death before dishonor” ….well maybe that doesn’t resonate with you. What a shame

The USA killing war profit greed machine is what you now represent. You need to stop this NOW give America some hope IMPEACH THIS LIAR AND THIEF


Sincerely and very Disgusted ,

(Joe Anybody)


Please read up on Ted Westhusing suicide and if you wont listen to the citizens here at home at least hear the cry from the bloody soaked desert of Baghdad.

God this is sick …help me please…… help America…… help the world


Tell the world we were wrong ..Let them know we are pulling out “WITH A TIMETABLE” ….god we are INVADERS AND MURDERERS …make it stop!



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Saturday, 28 April 2007
10 Easy Steps To Fascism
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Here is an Interesting article that unfortunately applies very much to the USA today

It is rather long so below is jus the opening paragraphs. You can read the whole article online at --> http://www.alternet.org/waroniraq/51150/?page=1 

I also have posted it on:

Joe Anybody's site here --> http://www.joe-anybody.com/id54.html


Last autumn, there was a military coup in Thailand. The leaders of the coup took a number of steps, rather systematically, as if they had a shopping list. In a sense, they did. Within a matter of days, democracy had been closed down -- the coup leaders declared martial law, sent armed soldiers into residential areas, took over radio and TV stations, issued restrictions on the press, tightened some limits on travel and took certain activists into custody.

They were not figuring these things out as they went along. If you look at history, you can see that there is essentially a blueprint for turning an open society into a dictatorship. That blueprint has been used again and again in more and less bloody, more and less terrifying ways. But it is always effective. It is very difficult and arduous to create and sustain a democracy, but history shows that closing one down is much simpler. You simply have to be willing to take the 10 steps.

As difficult as this is to contemplate, it is clear, if you are willing to look, that each of these 10 steps has already been initiated in the United States by the Bush administration.

Because Americans like me were born in freedom, we have a hard time even considering that it is possible for us to become as unfree, domestically, as many other nations. Because we no longer learn much about our rights or our system of government -- the task of being aware of the Constitution has been outsourced from citizens to professionals such as lawyers and professors -- we scarcely recognise the checks and balances that the founders put in place, even as they are being systematically dismantled. Because we don't learn much about European history, the setting up of a department of "homeland" security -- remember who else was keen on the word "homeland"? -- didn't raise the alarm bells it might have.

It is my argument that, beneath our very noses, George Bush and his administration are using time-tested tactics to close down an open society. It is time for us to be willing to think the unthinkable -- as the author and political journalist Joe Conason has put it -- that it can happen here. And that we are further along than we realize.

Conason eloquently warned of the danger of American authoritarianism. I am arguing that we need also to look at the lessons of European and other kinds of fascism to understand the potential seriousness of the events we see unfolding in the United States.

My fellow Z3 Readers click on the full article link and see these 10 easy steps of serious concern

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Thursday, 26 April 2007
Answer The Questions Or Are You Lieing
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Sectary of State "Rice"

Listen ...... you will answer the questions.

We are the people of the Unite States and we hold you accountable

My fair Z3 Readers, how much more lies, cover up, nation security etc, are we going to take? I am so sick of reading news that says "no comment" or "I don't remember" or not "under Oath" or Refusing "just because I don't have to explain to the citizens"

How much of this scamming and covering up are you going to accept

I am about fed up ..... so here is todays article that shows exactly what is the core of why are country is so screwed up.


OSLO, Norway (AP) -- Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Thursday she has already answered the questions she has been subpoenaed to answer before a U.S. congressional committee and suggested she is not inclined to comply with the order.

Rice said she would respond by mail to questions from the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on the Bush administration's prewar claims about Saddam Hussein seeking weapons of mass destruction, but signaled she would not appear in person.

"I am more than happy to answer them again in a letter," she told reporters in Oslo, where she is attending a meeting of NATO foreign ministers.

The comments were her first reaction to a subpoena issued on Wednesday by the committee chaired by Rep. Henry Waxman, a Democrat from California.

Rice said she respected the oversight function of the legislative branch, but maintained she had already testified in person and under oath about claims that Iraq had sought uranium from Africa during her confirmation hearing for the job of secretary of state.

"I addressed these questions, almost the same questions, during my confirmation hearing," she said. "This is an issue that has been answered and answered and answered."

Rice noted that she had been serving as President George W. Bush's national security adviser during the period covered by the panel's questions, and stressed the administration's position that presidential aides not confirmed by the Senate cannot be forced to testify before Congress under the doctrine of executive privilege.

"This all took place in my role as national security adviser," she said. "There is a constitutional principle. There is a separation of powers and advisers to the president under that constitutional principle are not generally required to go and testify in Congress.

"So, I think we have to observe and uphold the constitutional principle, but I also observe and uphold the obligation of Congress to conduct its oversight role, I respect that. But I think I have more than answered these questions, and answered them directly to Congressman Waxman."

Rice declined to respond when asked if she would absolutely refuse to testify under subpoena.

Her spokesman, Sean McCormack, said later that no final decision had been made about Rice appearing before the committee.

Waxman's committee voted 21-10 on Wednesday to subpoena Rice despite the U.S. State Department's insistence that the questions have already been answered.

The congressman has complained for weeks that Rice and the State Department have failed to respond to questions about the claim that Saddam Hussein had tried to by uranium from Niger.


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Wednesday, 25 April 2007
I am starting a new "PICTURE BLOG" it is called "STREET GARBAGE"
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Now Playing: GARBAGE EVERYDAY is what i see when I park for work - Now I am sharing the pictures on my new blog



Stop by frequently and see the daily Street Garbage on a sidewalk in Portland Oregon that I look at every day I go to work

Once in a while there is "NO GARBAGE" ????

But those days are very far and few.

Swing by to smell the heap and see my Picture blog I am just starting today on April 25 2007

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Monday, 23 April 2007
Lockheed Martin faces setbacks
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 Hello Z3 Readers here is an article I copied from:




Top U.S. defence contractor Lockheed Martin faces setbacks, but Wall Street seems unfazed

WASHINGTON (AP) - Lockheed Martin is taking hits right and left - criticism of its newly designed presidential helicopter, the unusual Navy cancellation of a multimillion-dollar combat ship and losing its shared oversight role on a Coast Guard project worth billions.


Wall Street so far has shrugged at the missteps of the biggest U.S. defence contractor, since its bottom line won't be hurt in the near term. But Lockheed executives are worried, experts say, and not just about the negative headlines. The Democrat-led Congress is scrutinizing defence spending more closely and each time Lockheed stumbles it gives rivals an opportunity to horn in on its business.


"These are significant setbacks for Lockheed that occur against a backdrop of remarkable success over the last five years," said Loren Thompson, a defence analyst at the Lexington Institute in Arlington, Va. "The real question is if that trend is going to continue.


The company has had recent stumbles:


-The Coast Guard this week said it was taking over management of a troubled US$24 billion modernization program dubbed Deepwater that had been run by a joint venture of Lockheed Martin Corp. and Northrop Grumman Corp. since its 2002 inception.


-The U.S. Navy last week cancelled a shipbuilding contract with Lockheed after negotiations to control costs on the second of two Littoral Combat Ships failed.


-The Government Accountability Office last month criticized Lockheed's work on a new fleet of Marine One helicopters for exceeding program costs and for being about 600 kilograms overweight.


Despite these events, Lockheed's stock price has been relatively steady and Wall Street analysts have barely raised an eyebrow. In fact, many analysts praised Lockheed's financial discipline for walking away from the combat ship deal after weeks of fruitless negotiations. Analysts said the cancelled Navy deal would have little effect on the bottom line of the Bethesda, Md.-based company, which reported a 6.5 per cent jump in 2006 sales to US$39.6 billion.


Since the beginning of the month, Lockheed's stock has dipped about one per cent, while some of its rivals, including General Dynamics Corp., Boeing Co. and others, have seen modest gains.


But government and technology industry experts said Lockheed is concerned about the high-profile problems on government deals. Although continued contract wins in a variety of areas suggest Lockheed's reputation remains solid, any problems that arise bring unwanted attention from the media and lawmakers.

"If you're going to build a new technology, you're going to have to accept some failures," said James Lewis, director of the technology and public policy program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington think tank.


And the company is not shy about branching out. While being known for making fighter jets and missiles, it also is expanding into government information technology and shipbuilding.


Lockheed Martin used to be considered an aerospace firm, but Lewis said a company executive recently corrected him by saying, "we're an IT company now." That official also told Lewis that the shipbuilding problems were a "huge headache."


But with hundreds of contracts in place serving dozens of customers worldwide, Lockheed spokesman Craig Quigley said "rarely are these programs easy." He described Lockheed as a "high-end engineering company" faced with difficult challenges that attempts to effectively apply its systems integration and program management expertise.


With 140,000 employees, many of whom are engineers, Quigley scoffed at the notion that Lockheed had spread itself too thin and said the company "moves skill sets around ... to address the challenges we're faced with."

The Navy combat ship deal was Lockheed's first and only one working as a prime shipbuilding vendor for the government and was bigger than the rest of its shipbuilding contracts combined, Quigley said, adding that company is pursuing other opportunities internationally.


Still, Lockheed CEO Bob Stevens said last week the company was "greatly disappointed by the cost growth" on the first Navy combat ship and frustrated that "we will not have the opportunity to apply lessons learned to a second ship."


"The first time you try a new military technology there are teething problems," Lewis said, adding that he did not expect the Navy and Coast Guard issues to have any long-term effect on Lockheed.


"Neither of these stories is good news for Lockheed, but it's not as though the company was fired," said Thompson, who does some government budget and acquisition consulting for Lockheed, but not for specific programs. "My impression is that they're departures from the norm rather than a new trend."


But senior U.S. Navy officials have recently stressed a need to revamp their acquisition strategy as various key ship programs continue to exceed initial contract estimates. The service has floated the idea of moving toward fixed-priced contracts for most ship programs, rather than cost-plus contracts where vendors can raise their price tags and reap extra revenue.


The most harshest criticism of Lockheed's work is expected Wednesday afternoon at a House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee hearing that will focus on the results of an investigation conducted by its oversight staff on the Deepwater patrol boat conversion.


The Coast Guard this week permanently decommissioned the eight cutters that had been removed from service late last year because of hull problems. Michael DeKort, a former Lockheed Martin employee who detailed electronics safety and security issues in the cutters beginning in 2003, and later chronicled his complaints in a YouTube video, is scheduled to testify about the company's alleged negligence and legislators already have called on the U.S. Justice Department to investigate.


Shares of Lockheed added 35 cents to $96.31 in Wednesday trading on the New York Stock Exchange.




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MotorHome - To Grannies Protesting -To Blackwater Articles
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Howdy my fair-minded level-headed friends and Political Readers

I have been busy working on my Motor Home which is stranded

It has been in my friends driveway (for the last year) and now ....I am trying to get it running...... man !!!

Blasted ....no luck today ...and now will have to be back in 2 days to try again.

Meanwhile on last Friday I went and filmed the .....


"Surge Protection Brigade Grannies "

at the Military Center in Portland.

The one hour Google video I made is right here:



Also here is an article I found on a new media website that looked interesting; I thought maybe I should post it before I read it while I have my blog open and that way it will actually get to "you" my Z3 readers quicker . The down side is it hasn't been proof-read for Zebra3 quality.

But just seeing the title and it is on Blackwater well heck

..... it's got to be good!





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Saturday, 21 April 2007
Why Is Agustin's fate still at this crossroad?
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I was curious about when and if Agustin Aguayao was home yet

I was told it is not going to be that simple

I could sense an air of despair in the words as I read them

I can see the ugly monsters head rearing up in the shadow of Agustin

I can see the beast that wants blood and vengeance and fear cast its shadow

I also see a brave man, a man that is committed to Peace, a man jailed for his beliefs, a man that is being treated not on his words or his actions but on the argumentum ad veranda

For More Information see  " JOE ANYBODYS WEBSITE For Agustin "

and read this latest post from his website http://www.aguayodefense.org/



Amnesty International declares Augie a prisoner of conscience.


Augie was released from Mannheim TODAY! However, it is not a moment of rejoice. It could take the Army 12-24 months, from now, to discharge Augie. His case is not technically concluded until the Commanding General takes action (meaning he approves what happened at the court martial). And, because Augie got a bad conduct discharge in a general court-martial it goes through an automatic appeal process.


Essentially, he is still property of the Army and since he is still in the Army, he has to obey Army Regulations. For example he cannot protest in uniform. During this time he could potentially be charged with anything else. As it stands now he has two federal convictions meaning two felonies: one for missing movement and the other for desertion. We do not accept this. We demand that Augie be recognized as a CO and will continue to fight this in court. If needed, we will take it to the Supreme Court.

Augie's actions have inspired countless other soldiers. We have received many letters in support of soldiers in Iraq, as well as soldiers awaiting subsequent deployment orders as well as many other conscientious objectors in the military. I think Augie has done a great deal to stop this war and for that I have the most respect for him. He is an honorable man that stands by his convictions and follows through no matter what! He will go on a Victory Tour across the nation. We urge you to consider sponsoring a stop in your city. Funds are still needed to continue our fight. Please consider donating to Agustin Aguayo's Political and Legal Defense Fund.

(end quote)



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Monday, 16 April 2007
Fire "Gonzales" and Impeach "Bush" ...... NOW!
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these cheater and liars and thieves

About every fricking one of them is following the other .......


(I would prefer to send them all to GITMO with no trial)

To bad they all Screwed up this great country before they were sent to the CLINKER with leg irons and loud music 24 hours a day while their eyes are held open to strobe lights!!!!!! Laughing

Z3 Readers .....read this update about these two Texas Crooks and then yell the word "JAIL-EM- NOW" ... {as loud as you can}



Bush, Gonzales

reportedly discussed


fired prosecutor!


By Margaret Talev

McClatchy Newspapers


WASHINGTON - New details emerging from Justice Department interviews and e-mails suggest that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and perhaps President Bush were more active than they've acknowledged in the firings last year of eight U.S. attorneys, lawmakers said Monday.

Gonzales will be under pressure to explain those contradictions when he testifies Thursday before the Senate Judiciary Committee about his role in the firings. The hearing was scheduled for Tuesday, but lawmakers delayed it after a shooting spree Monday at Virginia Tech left at least 33 people dead, including the gunman.

The attorney general also faced more pressure after a group of conservatives that includes former Reagan administration Justice Department official Bruce Fein sent a letter Monday to Bush and Gonzales calling for the attorney general's resignation "for the good of the country."

Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., said Gonzales' former chief of staff, Kyle Sampson, told congressional investigators on Sunday that Gonzales remembered talking to Bush last October about concerns with then-U.S. Attorney David Iglesias of New Mexico.

Iglesias was forced out last December. While the White House has said Bush passed along complaints to Gonzales last October about voter fraud in three states, including New Mexico, the White House cast it as a broad conversation, not a discussion about an individual.

Gonzales has maintained that he doesn't recall the conversation with Bush - a position contradicted by Sampson's statement to congressional staff.

White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said Monday she knew of no conversation between the president and Gonzales about Iglesias. "The president has a vague recollection" of passing on to the attorney general "complaints he'd been hearing about prosecution of voter fraud cases, including in New Mexico," she said.

Congressional investigators also are focusing on e-mails and interviews that contradict Gonzales' statement in a March 26 interview with NBC that he wasn't involved in deliberations over whether particular U.S. attorneys should be asked to resign.

Schumer said Associate Attorney General William Mercer, who also spoke in recent days with congressional staffers, suggested that Gonzales was involved in a June 5, 2006, briefing about the future of then-U.S. Attorney Carol Lam of San Diego. Lam was fired in December.

That account could bolster an e-mail that was included in the Justice Department's release of roughly 6,000 pages, and first reported by ABC News, in which Sampson wrote to Mercer about Gonzales' state of mind and the need to insulate the Justice Department from political criticism over immigration enforcement.

The e-mail suggested that Gonzales supported in concept a plan to remove Lam if she didn't go along with changes in immigration enforcement in her district.

Justice Department spokesman Brian Roehrkasse said Monday that the June 5 meeting "was held to discuss improving immigration enforcement in the southern district of California," following complaints from Congress. As for the e-mail, Roehrkasse said, "Clearly the attorney general will be testifying to this issue in the coming days."

As for Sampson's recollection of what Gonzales remembered about his conversation with the president, Roehrkasse said he would "refer to what the attorney general has said in the past."

Schumer said Sampson also told investigators that former Arkansas U.S. Attorney Bud Cummins was forced out for performance-related reasons, but Sampson couldn't recall what the reasons were. That contradicts testimony in February from Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty, who said he knew of no cause for Cummins' removal other than that he was making room for a new U.S. attorney. That replacement, Tim Griffin, is a former aide to Bush's political adviser and deputy chief of staff, Karl Rove.

Sampson, through his lawyer, didn't return calls for comment. A Senate Judiciary senior aide familiar with Sampson's closed-door testimony over the weekend confirmed Schumer's account. The aide asked not to be identified because the testimony hasn't been made public.

In another development, the House Judiciary Committee on Monday asked that eight new Justice Department officials come forward for interviews. That includes the current U.S. attorneys in three states where the White House forwarded complaints about voter fraud to Gonzales - in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and New Mexico. It also includes the U.S. attorney in Minnesota, a young, former Gonzales aide handpicked to replace her predecessor. Her management team stepped aside recently in apparent protest of her job performance.


Our Country is being ruined every day it gets worse Cry

IMPEACH - Fire - and then "jail these thieves " 


Posted by Joe Anybody at 7:14 PM PDT
Updated: Monday, 16 April 2007 7:15 PM PDT
Saturday, 14 April 2007
Bill O'Reilly & Geraldo Rivera -immigration & katrina clips-
Mood:  incredulous

my fellow Z3 readers, you got to see this racist getting upset

It is amazing the hate in peoples hearts

It is astounding that this kind of racism and disregard for humans is even able to see the light of day.

Watch this hot head O'riley get straightened out by Geraldo


Immigration debate with an extremist "hatemonger"(bill)  by Geraldo


     *************     ************    *************  


EXIT 235 Bridge Horror Story

New Orleans - Katrina - Abuse By Governemt And FEMA


One more good one by Geraldo and on a whole different topic is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPswpqB73SA

It is concerning the blatant disregard for Life in the Katrina disaster. And shows the extreme neglect that our Government and FEMA toward suffering Humans. It is a crime. The place still is a mess and a disaster

Watch this and remember this is the government that cares about you.

Do your self a favor and note how FAUX (FOX) news tries to tame this down .....watch Hanity try to not let this news be heard......
You know he works and serves his corporate News Masters......

These two reporters are real ......listen to their story and then ask yourselves my good fellow and faithfully readers ...

"WHAT IN THE HELL IS OUR GOVERNMENT/ POLICE?FEMA DOING TO THESE PEOPLE" ...please ask yourself that and remember this true story of the bridge that no one was allowed to cross.






Posted by Joe Anybody at 10:08 PM PDT
Updated: Saturday, 14 April 2007 10:18 PM PDT

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