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Monday, 16 October 2006
Oh! What a sick twisted man ~ He is an Outrageous Republican
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So Thats Not Torture?................... Huh?

Now a clip from the Associated Press   Published 10 13 2006

HARTFORD, Conn. -- Republican Rep. Christopher Shays says the Abu Ghraib prison abuses weren't torture but instead involved a "sex ring" of National Guard troops.

"Now I've seen what happened in Abu Ghraib, and Abu Ghraib was not torture," Shays said at a debate Wednesday.

Watch Shay Defend Torture here on YouTube

 More on this story of the Perverted pro-torture Republican Representative right here

I would like to hear what he would say if this type of stuff was done to his Family......oh wait he already says he doesn't think it is bad ..... "it was outrageous but not torture...but defiantly outrageous!"

Well check my http://www.joe-anybody.com/id15.html  Torture Page it was not all sex games or Frat Boy Crap....and his comment "they took pictures of soldiers who were naked"

 These are War Crimes then, you dumb sap......hell if you are saying the naked prisoners were soldiers then they are not "insurgents" and then that would require the need to be treating them captured as a POW's...... But NOoooooo we claim they are "not soldiers" and that they are insurgents and that means they don't fall under the Geneva Conventions etc......so what the hell Mr Shay... what are these Humans that you want to do twisted stuff to ...these are either naked soldiers or an naked insurgents!?" It makes a big difference too! .......so what are these men huh?

OH! And read over some of this shit I have documented and tell me if that guy in the little blue hat, needs to come and explain who in his GOD name can say this is OK kind of treatment and it does not constitute torture? He speaks as if he might want to appear as a holy man ....HAHAHAHAHA! right!

This man is disgusting as the vile that preformed "the acts he defends ....with his little blue hat on " What a Bigot!

He is a phony man who is bull-shitting the public and congress, and you and me my fair reader. He condones violence and perversions done to other Humans, and that is twisted. No way around it!

I say you are either for the use of FREAK stuff or you are against it. You are either one way or the other.......For the freaky twisted perverted torture / violence or against it.........damn twisted if its hard for anyone to figure out.....dont hurt your self trying to figure what fricking side of the fence you stand on.......there is only two sides ! Damn!!!!!!!!

Outrageous my ass...hell the slime ball is lost in his own lack of words...... to define hell on earth











Oh Mr Pervert Shay thinks this is "outrageous"? huh......just outrageous?

Shit that is what I say when I go down the fuckin water slide! I would be sliding down and would say ..."wow that slide was outrageous"

This is Torture plain and simple

Or maybe this is all just "outrageous" to Mr Shay & his mom who he gleefully mentions her ... as if to drag mommy into the torture topic?

"ya sex ring"?    

........ain't nothing sexy about that blood stain on the door Mr Representative Shay...

Oh no just the national guard getting a "Little Outrageous huh?"


Hey!  I bet what happened in this room was just a little bit outrageous too!

 .....Ha! It is just a sack on the head game! Its nothing!!!!!!

So I suppose Mr Representative in your so Holy appearance and in your  "religious looking olé blue hat" will say that ........some "outrageous sex games happened here" in this interrogation room........? Ya!

So Twisted Shay's mom was in the audience and she approves of her son supporting this shit? I mean does she ? ...Huh!?

This is a stinking Karl Rove Sham of a speech , if I ever smelled one.

He has his little religious look and his soft voice...and he is out to Sell America Torture...Well Fuck Him ...I aint buying!

He has his mom in the audience and then Mr Shay opens his speech on TORTURE for Gods Sake ...with a little joke from his MOTHER about not being "boastful"? ...well shiver me timbers.. how quaint to discuss Mommy's phone call Mr. Torture Man! As he sells the public his USA Torture as being "just sexy games and it all being Outrageous"....what ... like a good water slide"? Oh did I say water boarding?......!

Ya, USA WATER-BOARDING SPORT I mean, it's so outrageous too!

..... I call people who accept this and advocate for it "TORTURERS AND ATTEMPTED MURDERERS AND WAR CRIMINALS AND THEY ARE SICK PERVERTED AND INSANELY OUT OF THEIR MINDS". If you condone this I spit on you!....... Shit thats just "outrageous"...... is right!  

And there is nothing worse than people covering this up or trying to hide the truth to not let the public know what is happening as in this article http://www.smh.com.au/news/world/lawyers-gagged-over-guantanamo-abuse-claims/2006/10/15/1160850796305.html  Where two lawyers are barred from telling anything about Guantanamo treatment of people they know. Another link to sme COVER-UP is here --> http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20061015/ap_on_re_la_am_ca/guantanamo_abuse_probe

It is a wonder they don't just throw the lawyers in jail forever? ............ Did America sleep through this torture series? Hell if it is wrong you better get off your ass while you can and say so. And it looks like I wont be sitting down on my ass for a long time ...cause there is a whole lot to be standing up yelling about.... in fact there seems to be no end to all those saying this is nothing more than outrageous sex games for Frat boys who are bored.


Well Mr. Righteous .....Mr soft spoken Bullshitter........

Take your sex game to hell with you, and your phony holy blue hat with you! I am busy trying to prevent Torture.......get the hell out of my way!

More Info From Joe Anybody Here:


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Sunday, 15 October 2006
Freaks Of War and Forgotten Warriors
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Topic: WAR

Depleted  Uranium

All over in Iraq

Now here is a report on an

Iraq War Veteran

See the love he gets back home

After his exposure in Iraq

.....Oh wait there is no love ......


Four hours later, Herbert Reed will swallow another 15 mg of morphine to cut the pain clenching every part of his body. He will do it twice more before the day is done.

Since he left a bombed-out train depot in Iraq, his gums bleed. There is more blood in his urine, and still more in his stool. Bright light hurts his eyes. A tumor has been removed from his thyroid. Rashes erupt everywhere, itching so badly they seem to live inside his skin. Migraines cleave his skull. His joints ache, grating like door hinges in need of oil.

There is something massively wrong with Herbert Reed, though no one is sure what it is. He believes he knows the cause, but he cannot convince anyone caring for him that the military's new favorite weapon has made him terrifyingly sick.
In the sprawling bureaucracy of the Department of Veterans Affairs, he has many caretakers. An internist, a neurologist, a pain-management specialist, a psychologist, an orthopedic surgeon and a dermatologist. He cannot function without his stupefying arsenal of medications, but they exact a high price.
"I'm just a zombie walking around," he says.
Reed believes depleted uranium has contaminated him and his life. 

No one in the military talked to him about depleted uranium, he said. His knowledge, like Reed's, is self-taught from the Internet...................(to read more click link above)

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Saturday, 14 October 2006
MASTER OF WAR and ....Dub Ya War
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Good Morning Z3 Readers 

Below is a Bob Dylan Video on YouTube




Ready to start another "anti-war day" with me?


"Dub Ya War"


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Who Put The Guantanmo Mock Prisoner In Disneyland?
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I can just see it at  the current rate things are going along the concept of DisneyGITMO z00 type of family vacation spot ...picture this day - up around the corner ...when a little girl and her mom and dad ...visit the DisneyGITMO (not on US soil of course) and see some of our Proud GITMO heritage US allowed torture, in the Hollywood DisneyLand Flavor, that we are all now calling as American, as Apple Pie!

......"look mommy an orange  man with a bag on his head ...why is he tied to the wall?"

Mommy says "Oh its OK honey...he is a Terrorist ...the zoo can keep them in cages with bags on their heads and tied up like that because  they are sub human and have no rights they are EVIL because Bush our president says they are! .....Its OK if the US Military does this honey because this is not on US soil ....see that make this "not against US law". So relax and enjoy We are soooooo safe now. Don't worry about a thing ...Enjoy the sights of freedom and liberation the US has brought for the Muslim race. We are doing this to help them (sic) 

...And honey this is such a nice sunny day...... this is a perfectly time for you to see these guys tied up in the sun over there... I bet they have been there all day showing off. ...blah blah blah.."

"Oh hey look Daddy! ....Look! ...there is a whole family in the orange suits.....? Why are there teenagers chained up too? Are they evil like mommy said the president said they were...but they are just kids? Maybe he made a mistake? Could maybe he made a mistake Daddy?"

"Well honey the president must stay the course, to send the right message ...all those chained up terrorists are "bad" because Bush tells us they are. ......We will never know..... now listen dear it wasn't that long ago there would of been a trial for them 14,000 folks in them prisons we have stashed over seas like this one the Family is touring today...but the citizens of the US all sat back and allowed the Congress to let Bush take all that Human Right protections away from the we-the-people. Poof its gone ..But honey we don't care ... So what......these days heck its no big deal if the US gets to do all this zany bizarre torture stuff its legal now, sweetie its called freedom on the march. ........Blah blah blah" .

.... "hey whats a matter with my baby girl why are you crying hon?"

"Can we go .....mommy?! The American-Z00-Disneyland-GITMO-secretly hidden CIA ran-prison is frightening! I don't like looking at chained up humans, This vacation isn't fun....can we get out of here????       

.......I wanna go home!

.....I'm scared Daddy!"


 For MORE PICTURES click on picture or link

I bet you didn't hear this on FOX News 10-10-06

"Families visiting Disneyland on their holiday this week saw a life-size Guantanamo bay inmate standing inside the Rocky Mountain Railroad ride at Disneyland in Anaheim California.

The sculpture, consisting of an inflatable doll dressed in an orange jumpsuit with its hands and feet manacled remained in place for one and a half hours before Disneyland's security staff shut down the ride and removed it amid fears over public safety."



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Friday, 13 October 2006
Proud to Stand Behind War Protester
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Thursday, 12 October 2006
The Shit Hit The Fan ........When Bush Stepped In It
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Well Folks the shit is all over the fan -

The shit hit the fan when Bush Cheated in both elections read more on how here http://www.joe-anybody.com/id50.html

So Z3 Readers to start with:


.....how do you feel when you know your vote was robbed?

...when you know that you were cheated at the poll?... You were set up!

Maybe you don't care? ...maybe you don't want to know! I mean it is really frustrating and disheartening I understand...maybe you are trying to just forget about it? I can understand that! Most Americans have quite a bit of apathy on this whole die-bold voting-cheating topic. Kind of like the olé` put your head in the sand instead of jump up and down and yell "FOUL - Whats going on ...chetaers!!!??"

But if you can accept that he cheated and care to wise up and really see just what in the Hell is going on to your country - then you will see that...oh ya! NOW...the shit is' on the fan!

So hey, what say you, that we move forward and bring up the next main element? And that would be the NEOCON AGENDA  read more here--> http://home.comcast.net/~sittingbythepool/NEOCONS.htm

I mean the agenda for these neocons is Military Supremacy and World Power.......  'Life' is not respected by these insane power grabbers. THE 600,000 DEAD from this Iraq Invasion is proof they don't care! watch how they react to this fact.... its embarrassing and wrong ...so very, very wrong!

Now set up the stage for all the unsuspecting Ignorant and gullible and throw in some very well orchrasted 911 bullshit. Read more here -->  http://www.joe-anybody.com/id16.html Tons of Phony excuses, Crappy investigations, Ignored questions and FACTS FROM THE 911 TRUTH Conspiracy groups* (when in fact they are right-on the mark!) 

And next thing you get is 90% of America living in a planned FEAR

The 911 Commission should of been called the "911 OMISSION"    As planned these 90 % Americans then FOOLISHLY give up their Independence and started trusting the very liar and scammer that is deliberately setting this\them up. Ya I said scammer and I said deliberately setting this or them up. Because we all got scammed on this ...all of us did we were used. And the whole world will and is ..."paying the price for the scam" As I said and well as many others too... "This administration and these Neocon War Mongers ...set us up for "Their profit and power"....... Hell their motives are OBVIOUS and openly plain as day to recognize if one spends a few moments reading

So now the staged was set after the 911 attack! (Bush Knew way more than you are led to believe)  And the ride down the toilet hole just opened its mouth and swallowed America .....our spirit and our rights, our freedom. Poof! Stolen by Design, Setup, and scammed - Took!

Kaboom! The freedom you always had was given to the Police State and Fear and Oppression wins Americas heart. All by design.

Ta Da! There went the Constitution! HA !.....KaaaaachinG...!  There goes the Torture and Abuse scandals and thumbs up approval by the Republican led and dumb cluck scared followers the toothless 12 Dem's who sold out and approved the use of torture and the removal of heabus corpus .....never mind the RED CROSS that was yelling FOUL play, Hell Bush says they are liars, so says this whole Republican administration and sold out NEWS /Media! Read more here --> http://mediamatters.org/items/200506060006 

Now  lets wipe some shit off the fan and you can see that speaking of lying ...the Bush Crime Family LIED about Weapons of Mass Destruction to start this whole war in Iraq in the first place. Do you remember the Downing Report from London that was all about Bush having prior intentions to attack Iraq before he admits to us the public that he was going to go to war. (in other words he lied to us the public the Downing Street Memo proves that) read more here -->   http://www.downingstreetmemo.com/ ......and all that bad information and now all the side stepping .....my my my!

 So that all said.....get this ...that means we


INVADED a country ...... feeling any better about supporting a war that you were lied to about. Hell "We are the bad guys"!!! Now how is that for a oxymoron? You may say "Hey! Wait a minute We are not the bad guys here." --> Ya right! 600 000 Dead Iraqi's rad more here--> http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/10/347489.shtml  Oh and then 14,000 more in prisons with no trial held by US forces. And that isn't the bad guy. They never did anything to us remember?

OK take a deep breath and wipe off the blades so more shit can cover this fan. I mean how about all those Republicans we now see going to jail for stealing fraud, illegal lobbying, ....for lieing......for giving up CIA operations...... for perverting out on teenagers in the halls of Congress..... Damn ! read more here -- >  http://www.joe-anybody.com/id68.html    Were these Honest Conservative Republicans doing all this?    

 YES! they are .....its all part of the un surly.. Bush Kabul!

Oh did I mention the Bush/Republican support for RACISM? Oh Ya baby... these white punk bastards that are now building fences on our borders, and searching MUSLIMS left and right with no better reason than the fact they are brown and are Muslim. (Hey remember the Muslim lawyer in Portland Oregon who had his house investigated with no warrant and it was a Bush Special "Sneak n Peek" ...which is against the law and our constitution but hey Homeland security can do it I guess? ....and this guy was latter cleared and was innocent and it was all a mistake) is that something you swallow and say......

 Hmmmmmm ummmmmmm Ohhh ummmmmmmm Oh well!........?

Which as I remind you: BUSH says and does listen to US citizens phone calls with no warrant. And currently has a case in the Supreme Court awaiting his Appeal as I write this. Its so righteous of this administration to take advantage of this while it is being appealed to continue to spy without a warrant which is against the 4th amendment in the old original Constitution of the old United States  

So...because they in the Supreme Court, told him he was not allowed to spy! The White House and bushman himself...well .....since he is appealing it ...he can still keep doing the spy thing to US citizens or who ever he wants to.....alll because he says he does not have to follow any law? ... Hey I just Thought of this slogan or a maybe a good book title "BUSH ABOVE THE LAW- MEET THE MAN WHO REWROTE THE BOOK AND YOU COULDN'T DO A DAMN THING ABOUT IT - EVEN IF YOU WANTED TO"......so!! I just made that up ! --> Above the law!  Think about that my fair Readers.....Above the Law.......wow ....say it one more time "Above the Law" ....wow !

Isn't that seem like just unreal to be able to be that powerful nobody could stop you ....no accountability ...no checks and a possibly a balance...wow ........above the law ....now thats scary.

See the more shit you wipe off, it just allows more to get on this fan and I mean for example. This regime is now calling anyone who dares speak out against or is dissenting against this piss poor corrupt government, as an "unpatriotic" and possibly... 'siding with the enemy' and they could be "a terrorist". So because you stand up to this crooked band of liars and thieves you are quickly labeled as unpatriotic and the enemy! Scuse me but that is so ant-American I could just .......ummmm well...wipe more of this off the fan if I was a faster typer!

And then these cool USA role model that being these Republican "Conservatives" fast ass sneak around the law, by changing the very laws we had in place, to make sure honesty and integrity was preserved and abided by but ohhhhhhh NO! 

...these damn Crooks also changed the American Military Handbook to include torture techniques and removed heabus corpus ...which means you or me and certainly any foreigner (NON WHITE ESPECIALLY) could be  held With Out A Trial Forever and Ever! And various new pain and manipulations that are sick-o can be used on anyone Bush decides........  COOL! huh! (you do remember he said "He" was the decider!) well he wasn't just shitting on the fan .....he was telling the facts .....he is the Great Decider.......and is very twisted in his Christian ways .....wow!

OK turn the fan around and lets start washing the shit off the back side of this poop-on-the-fan story......

hold on I need to take a break I have crap all over my hands from dealing with this fan.......I will be right back ......


***** hey I'm back, and I thought of an idea ....I am gonna put these points I am making down on a list like 1 ...then 2  ....then 3  etc......   - so be right back again in a few minutes. While I am making this list which I will post right here in a few minutes While I am gone you can ...go back and repeat those aw-some words of deep thought -  - "Above the law" .......man....think about the power and what you could do .......if you were ABOVE THE LAW!.....?........   above the ....

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Tuesday, 10 October 2006
Man named Rush opens his Flush hole
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Topic: MEDIA

Speaking of Right Wing-nut-jobs


His middle name should be "Creep"

- well after hearing that insane yak - there is nothing more I can say

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Monday, 9 October 2006
Oh Hell! - Get Out Of Here! .....No Hate Mongers Allowed!
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Here are three  films:

1. -->



2. --> 



3. --> 





   "stop racism"

  ~   joe-anybody  ~


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Sunday, 8 October 2006
How Do We Conduct Our Selves
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Video on the subject of policies regarding Guantanamo Bay Prisoners

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Why cant the USA get Fantastic Leaders like this?
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Z3 Readers



Lets Get


The Party Started



30 min video on Link TV: Greg Palast Interviews Hugo Chavez

11 min video on Goggle: Greg Palast and Chavez Interview

Both Interviews can be found by going to the one of the greatests Journalist covering these screwed up times. My favorite.....

Mr.......  Greg Palast BBC Reporter



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