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Friday, 13 October 2006
Proud to Stand Behind War Protester
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Thursday, 12 October 2006
The Shit Hit The Fan ........When Bush Stepped In It
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Well Folks the shit is all over the fan -

The shit hit the fan when Bush Cheated in both elections read more on how here http://www.joe-anybody.com/id50.html

So Z3 Readers to start with:


.....how do you feel when you know your vote was robbed?

...when you know that you were cheated at the poll?... You were set up!

Maybe you don't care? ...maybe you don't want to know! I mean it is really frustrating and disheartening I understand...maybe you are trying to just forget about it? I can understand that! Most Americans have quite a bit of apathy on this whole die-bold voting-cheating topic. Kind of like the olé` put your head in the sand instead of jump up and down and yell "FOUL - Whats going on ...chetaers!!!??"

But if you can accept that he cheated and care to wise up and really see just what in the Hell is going on to your country - then you will see that...oh ya! NOW...the shit is' on the fan!

So hey, what say you, that we move forward and bring up the next main element? And that would be the NEOCON AGENDA  read more here--> http://home.comcast.net/~sittingbythepool/NEOCONS.htm

I mean the agenda for these neocons is Military Supremacy and World Power.......  'Life' is not respected by these insane power grabbers. THE 600,000 DEAD from this Iraq Invasion is proof they don't care! watch how they react to this fact.... its embarrassing and wrong ...so very, very wrong!

Now set up the stage for all the unsuspecting Ignorant and gullible and throw in some very well orchrasted 911 bullshit. Read more here -->  http://www.joe-anybody.com/id16.html Tons of Phony excuses, Crappy investigations, Ignored questions and FACTS FROM THE 911 TRUTH Conspiracy groups* (when in fact they are right-on the mark!) 

And next thing you get is 90% of America living in a planned FEAR

The 911 Commission should of been called the "911 OMISSION"    As planned these 90 % Americans then FOOLISHLY give up their Independence and started trusting the very liar and scammer that is deliberately setting this\them up. Ya I said scammer and I said deliberately setting this or them up. Because we all got scammed on this ...all of us did we were used. And the whole world will and is ..."paying the price for the scam" As I said and well as many others too... "This administration and these Neocon War Mongers ...set us up for "Their profit and power"....... Hell their motives are OBVIOUS and openly plain as day to recognize if one spends a few moments reading

So now the staged was set after the 911 attack! (Bush Knew way more than you are led to believe)  And the ride down the toilet hole just opened its mouth and swallowed America .....our spirit and our rights, our freedom. Poof! Stolen by Design, Setup, and scammed - Took!

Kaboom! The freedom you always had was given to the Police State and Fear and Oppression wins Americas heart. All by design.

Ta Da! There went the Constitution! HA !.....KaaaaachinG...!  There goes the Torture and Abuse scandals and thumbs up approval by the Republican led and dumb cluck scared followers the toothless 12 Dem's who sold out and approved the use of torture and the removal of heabus corpus .....never mind the RED CROSS that was yelling FOUL play, Hell Bush says they are liars, so says this whole Republican administration and sold out NEWS /Media! Read more here --> http://mediamatters.org/items/200506060006 

Now  lets wipe some shit off the fan and you can see that speaking of lying ...the Bush Crime Family LIED about Weapons of Mass Destruction to start this whole war in Iraq in the first place. Do you remember the Downing Report from London that was all about Bush having prior intentions to attack Iraq before he admits to us the public that he was going to go to war. (in other words he lied to us the public the Downing Street Memo proves that) read more here -->   http://www.downingstreetmemo.com/ ......and all that bad information and now all the side stepping .....my my my!

 So that all said.....get this ...that means we


INVADED a country ...... feeling any better about supporting a war that you were lied to about. Hell "We are the bad guys"!!! Now how is that for a oxymoron? You may say "Hey! Wait a minute We are not the bad guys here." --> Ya right! 600 000 Dead Iraqi's rad more here--> http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/10/347489.shtml  Oh and then 14,000 more in prisons with no trial held by US forces. And that isn't the bad guy. They never did anything to us remember?

OK take a deep breath and wipe off the blades so more shit can cover this fan. I mean how about all those Republicans we now see going to jail for stealing fraud, illegal lobbying, ....for lieing......for giving up CIA operations...... for perverting out on teenagers in the halls of Congress..... Damn ! read more here -- >  http://www.joe-anybody.com/id68.html    Were these Honest Conservative Republicans doing all this?    

 YES! they are .....its all part of the un surly.. Bush Kabul!

Oh did I mention the Bush/Republican support for RACISM? Oh Ya baby... these white punk bastards that are now building fences on our borders, and searching MUSLIMS left and right with no better reason than the fact they are brown and are Muslim. (Hey remember the Muslim lawyer in Portland Oregon who had his house investigated with no warrant and it was a Bush Special "Sneak n Peek" ...which is against the law and our constitution but hey Homeland security can do it I guess? ....and this guy was latter cleared and was innocent and it was all a mistake) is that something you swallow and say......

 Hmmmmmm ummmmmmm Ohhh ummmmmmmm Oh well!........?

Which as I remind you: BUSH says and does listen to US citizens phone calls with no warrant. And currently has a case in the Supreme Court awaiting his Appeal as I write this. Its so righteous of this administration to take advantage of this while it is being appealed to continue to spy without a warrant which is against the 4th amendment in the old original Constitution of the old United States  

So...because they in the Supreme Court, told him he was not allowed to spy! The White House and bushman himself...well .....since he is appealing it ...he can still keep doing the spy thing to US citizens or who ever he wants to.....alll because he says he does not have to follow any law? ... Hey I just Thought of this slogan or a maybe a good book title "BUSH ABOVE THE LAW- MEET THE MAN WHO REWROTE THE BOOK AND YOU COULDN'T DO A DAMN THING ABOUT IT - EVEN IF YOU WANTED TO"......so!! I just made that up ! --> Above the law!  Think about that my fair Readers.....Above the Law.......wow ....say it one more time "Above the Law" ....wow !

Isn't that seem like just unreal to be able to be that powerful nobody could stop you ....no accountability ...no checks and a possibly a balance...wow ........above the law ....now thats scary.

See the more shit you wipe off, it just allows more to get on this fan and I mean for example. This regime is now calling anyone who dares speak out against or is dissenting against this piss poor corrupt government, as an "unpatriotic" and possibly... 'siding with the enemy' and they could be "a terrorist". So because you stand up to this crooked band of liars and thieves you are quickly labeled as unpatriotic and the enemy! Scuse me but that is so ant-American I could just .......ummmm well...wipe more of this off the fan if I was a faster typer!

And then these cool USA role model that being these Republican "Conservatives" fast ass sneak around the law, by changing the very laws we had in place, to make sure honesty and integrity was preserved and abided by but ohhhhhhh NO! 

...these damn Crooks also changed the American Military Handbook to include torture techniques and removed heabus corpus ...which means you or me and certainly any foreigner (NON WHITE ESPECIALLY) could be  held With Out A Trial Forever and Ever! And various new pain and manipulations that are sick-o can be used on anyone Bush decides........  COOL! huh! (you do remember he said "He" was the decider!) well he wasn't just shitting on the fan .....he was telling the facts .....he is the Great Decider.......and is very twisted in his Christian ways .....wow!

OK turn the fan around and lets start washing the shit off the back side of this poop-on-the-fan story......

hold on I need to take a break I have crap all over my hands from dealing with this fan.......I will be right back ......


***** hey I'm back, and I thought of an idea ....I am gonna put these points I am making down on a list like 1 ...then 2  ....then 3  etc......   - so be right back again in a few minutes. While I am making this list which I will post right here in a few minutes While I am gone you can ...go back and repeat those aw-some words of deep thought -  - "Above the law" .......man....think about the power and what you could do .......if you were ABOVE THE LAW!.....?........   above the ....

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Tuesday, 10 October 2006
Man named Rush opens his Flush hole
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Topic: MEDIA

Speaking of Right Wing-nut-jobs


His middle name should be "Creep"

- well after hearing that insane yak - there is nothing more I can say

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Monday, 9 October 2006
Oh Hell! - Get Out Of Here! .....No Hate Mongers Allowed!
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Here are three  films:

1. -->



2. --> 



3. --> 





   "stop racism"

  ~   joe-anybody  ~


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Sunday, 8 October 2006
How Do We Conduct Our Selves
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Video on the subject of policies regarding Guantanamo Bay Prisoners

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Why cant the USA get Fantastic Leaders like this?
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Z3 Readers



Lets Get


The Party Started



30 min video on Link TV: Greg Palast Interviews Hugo Chavez

11 min video on Goggle: Greg Palast and Chavez Interview

Both Interviews can be found by going to the one of the greatests Journalist covering these screwed up times. My favorite.....

Mr.......  Greg Palast BBC Reporter



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Friday, 6 October 2006
Joe Anybody Goes To Peace March To Drive Bush Regime Out
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Hey there all you my fellow Z3 readers

Wednesday Oct 5 2006 kicked my ass

I have a lot to say in fact this took me 24 hours to put together

As you read this heartfelt report, I write today, please click on the short links as they come along in the paragraphs, and save the good links for latter.




Now where was I?

Oh ya! I was getting this all started with a short clip from the website


…… listen to this audio link (3 min) and then we will go to the next step




Oooooh boy!

…..hmmmmmm this is right up my alley! Go Girl!

Let’s get this Party Started

Now that we heard that lets back up to the first half hour after I woke up.

I woke up and was thankful that the sun was sort of shining ….a protest was going to be going on downtown…sunshine was going make it all way-more user friendly to get the people out in the streets with the Important message which was:

 “Drive the Bush Regime Out - The World Can’t Wait”


I pulled down my IMPEACH BUSH poster from its perch on top of my fridge as I made my coffee.

Stuck it in the hatchback car window so it was visible

( Here is the picture of my best friend holding my sign )





















So then, I turn the radio on to Air America (http://www.airamerica.com/ ) save this link

And there is a caller on the Thom Hartman Show (http://www.airamerica.com/thomhartmannpage ) save this link

and I recognized the caller’s voice. I know that guy!

Wow! It is Bill Foster from the NWFC talking about The Human Rights Festival.

Which is a film series throughout this month …that the NW film center is showing in Portland ….at the Whitsell Theater (http://www.nwfilm.org/screenings/?volissue=345&series=4 )


Now I think that is fantastic to have the Human Rights series and here he was on Air America telling the masses about it …..cool!..... Go Bill!

The road to Guantanamo is the one I really want to see! Here is info on it from the NWFC site that I posted on Indy Media a while back in regards to this film of three men sent to Guantanamo by a frickin mistake? (http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/09/346377.shtml )


As I drive to work there are no comments to me or anything mentioned about my Impeach sign. I am mentally ready for the noon “World Cant Wait” protest meeting time. I asked for two hours for lunch….but really should have taken the whole day off.


So that morning I swing by Bill Foster and shake his hand beings I know him, it was easy to do. I thank him for his film series and his Activism by calling into Air America Radio (He is the NWFC Director) and we chat about politics and how unfortunate-of-times we are in these days. I make it a point to shake his hand and personally Thank him…..Because I mean it from the depths of my heart and soul…I do appreciate what he is doing and his call in to the radio this morning. …..meanwhile back outside I glance over at the parks …the protest will be starting in a couple hours …right over there across the street in the park blocks…I wonder how many will be there? Hmmmmmm hundreds? Thousands?....I don’t know?


Well at noon, it looked to me like about 300 hundred people were in the park.....Not 3,000!


From behind the stage in this very poor picture, you can see the windows where businessmen are eating lunch in the windows Of the Arlington a rich businessmans club. I was watching the speaker on the stage but could not help notice the 3 separate window each with expensive dining going on inside. I could see the white cuffs and dark suit eating in an ominous way as I listened to the speaker talk of the corporate war machine and how we are being led down a dark path.

The lunch's were consumed in fancy fashion.



It was a nice smooth rally lots of anger but in peaceful tones directed at the lies and bad turn of events that this administration has put us all in. Code Pink was there and some anarchy-clad styles were there, as well as some older folks and a few younger. Overall, it was a mix of people who all wanted the war and the lies to end.


A girl and a guy got up and spoke on the need to not sit around (see picture above with the windows ..well the two speakers I am referring to are in this picture as well) She reminds the crowd that we can’t keep saying the world can’t wait and then WE WAIT?…..she said “hell we said the same thing a year ago! We need to use Direct Action …we need to block traffic and stand up and get attention and say this Bush Regime is wrong” ……

Wow, …….fell the rage …even the Peace People are getting mad! I understand that.

I thought well …I really do not want to go to jail today but I am willing to protest!


The march starts about an hour and half latter after a speech by Thom Hartman who I just was listening to earlier this morning on the radio as I had mentioned….and a KBOO radio host and a few others speakers spoke up too but I didnt catch their names.


Well 30 mins later and into the march, while going past past the Justice Center down Main Street I run in to Alex Ansary. What a dedicate journalist. This guy was on the move bullhorn in hand. A Frontline Activist that I really appreciate and admire for his Integrity and Tenacity( http://alexansary.com/ ) save this link

(see link near bottom of this page for Alex Ansary Video on Goggle ...of his TV show covering this event)

I shake his hand and thank him as I did Bill….saying I appreciated his efforts and work. He asks me how Joe Anybody’s website is doing?

I say Ok! as we are walking his phone rings ….people are chanting …cops are watching from the sides in long rows like a bike-cop-barricade. He hands me the Bullhorn he was using I say naaaa! Not right now!


In fact my time is up ……I got to go back to work ….the 2 hours I had for my Lunch, had ended….Damn I didn’t want to leave things were in full swing, cops all along the way in casual manners… not all rioted up …and the crowd had energy, and you could fell the excitement in the air. It felt good to stand up and speak for Peace and for Sending Bush the message we did not like what he is doing. As the protesters weaved up and down through the streets of Portland I headed the other way, 6 blocks …back to work. Damn ….I was feeling almost sick from worry and disgust for this society that had to act like this to get the frickin Leaders to behave. Throughout the speeches and during the march my heart was extremely heavy…I feel the pain of these people….all of us wanted PEACE….ALL OF US WANTED PEACE and the end to this madhouse run by Bush.

We were bonded by that common denominator.

More on the common dominator dynamics a little latter.


Back at work and about an hour latter

As I was bringing a ladder around the building …I see the protesters heading back to the park……I snap a couple pictures as they come in a long line down the street back to the starting point.



Gosh, I love those people for standing up. I wanted to thank them too if I could have.


…..Just then I see in numerous directions police riding on bikes real fast as the Horses go running between the two buildings at my work…since there is a wide path that leads to the next block……what is going on I wonder…..I set my ladder off to the side and run around to see what is happening ..everybody is up at the corner…I  run up there and already there is maybe 50 people on the sidewalks right there and probably 15 police with RIOT gear on … the bike cops are up ahead chasing down the small break-away protest group.




.I look up the street to the west I see about two dozen protester who have broke away from the main march but I cant see them to well they are now two blocks down the street And they are walking down the middle of the street with their Signs in the Air with Police chasing behind them on bikes. And the wana be NAZI Robo’s are now marching up to join them from behind ….”they literally march up the street”. Like a German War march


I am on the corner with maybe 20 people all watching the cops.

A police white van whiz’s by …

The Robo cops all are now in a double row formation….one is barking out commands like military signals… they look very serious and pissed…they all have multiple guns and other weapons strapped to them

People are yelling, “They are just kids” “Don’t hurt them” I think I may have yelled at them as well. A woman grabbed my hand and thanked me she was about 70 years old.

It is real panic feeling and very surreal thing to witness. ….it was INSANE and only 10 feet away from my very own eyes. I knew I should have taken the day off.


God Please don’t let those Police Hurt Them Kids.


PART 2: The Breakaway Group 3:00pm


There now is a stand off about two to three blocks down the street from my workplace.

The police that marched by me wouldn’t let anyone go past there line see this picture here

Well I guess up the street this is what was going on: It turns out the police shot beanbags/ rubber bullets, and tear gas at some of the protesters…..I had heard or read that 10 were arrested.

And  here is a link on Portland Indy Media on this topic: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/10/347079.shtml?discuss


Facts be told, no body that I read or heard about was violent …well the Police were!

But the people were the whipping posts “again” for corporate America Bush regime.








(cop kicking girl on 12th and Jefferson)






















And this photo was taken by a good friend of mine, up close to the front line.

I appreciate his efforts and participation and especially the photos he was able to help document these crimes as well as the peoples efforts on this march.


All this crap all went down within a bout an hour. I was sickened and it was hard to concentrate back at work. As I worked, I knew the people outside in the streets were going to get hurt by the Police…there was not much I could do. I worried for them.I wanted so bad to be there to witness and support peaceful non violence protesters. I wanted to be a witness tothe police crime if they HURT anyone.

But I couldnt leave work. It stressed me bad. I hated it!

I was trying to remain compsed and not breakdown, it was a rough day!

I almost checked my self-out for the day …I was defiantly was honestly now feeling sick! However, I lasted until the quitting time at work, of course the protest and standoff were long over with …where upon I, heading quickly to my car.

Read my post on INDY MEDIA

that points out the main stream Corporate Spin......

CH 8 is seemilngly being the fairest and most truthful in reporting this



I had not gone 10 blocks with my sign still in my back window that said IMPEACH BUSH when at a stop light the guy in the lane next to me, gets out knocks on my window, which I roll down and he says:

(He is about 80yr old) “If Bush wasn’t doing this We would have an Atomic bomb dropped on us.” I look up startled….. and say, loudly “Hey it was an Illegal INVASION…and my cousin died in that stinking war” I roll up my window and drive off……man!!! Stupid old Republican I know he is a FOX News watcher.


Within 15 minutes latter I was across town and out of my car, walking with my sign to the overpass on the 84 freeway by somewhere around 29th street. The traffic was slowly moving along under the overpass. I stood up there facing the outbound traffic with the sign.

The sign must have been pretty well noticed, I was worried that it was such a darkening sky and the overpass was kind of high above the cars. (Next time I am going to a lower one in the bright early morning!)

. I had maybe four cars flipping me off

  …but lots of HONKS and waves

….YESSSSSSSS!  I repeat lots of cars honked and hands waved at my sign!

It felt good to hear the honks, I stayed for about a half hour, darkness came quick!

Well that was exhilarating I am just one guy on an overpass ….just ole Joe Anybody ...doing his best to end the madness!

But damn it felt real good! Somebody has to keep the torch burning and I can help!


Now its after midnight and this day for me has dragged me to some sharp edges.

I have a couple comments then my head will get some needed rest

(I did finally eat) ......

I want to mention a comment I posted before I went out the door to the World Can’t Wait  Protest

Here it is: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/10/347034.shtml

Which can be summarized by saying:

I want this so-called lying leader out NOW!

He has broken many Laws and is the cause behind many deaths

He scammed us and lied.

He is violating Geneva And International Human Rights Laws

I will stand up as an AMERICAN and say this

I say this because I love my country and my freedom

I don’t care who organized the event I WANT BUSH OUT NOW


The protesting group that deviated from the main body did so in a brave move.

I say they were brave in that they want one thing like all of us did at that gathering

WE WANT BUSH OUT……those kids or whoever those brave souls were….went to take the bullet for this cause. Was I going to do direct action?  …well not like them guys… !

I didn’t want to go to jail today …. these breakaway protesters want the same thing and they wanted the WORLD to take note….even if it meant arrest or as in this case a bullet

I do stand behind them ….so I support them…..They are angry and upset (well so am I)

You see in the Peace Movement……we ask ….we plead …we try to do all we can to and sometimes it has to get more serious …because the general public wont listen unless it is some outrageous or loud new story…and the media even then downplays the whole issue


Well this breakaway group was willing to get the anger and disgust for this Regime on the news……and they were a lot more serious …..they stood face to face with the POLICE

The mainstream media hardly will cover this in fact check this Oregonian link here:


Notice the lies and the NON-coverage …it is appalling

Facts be told the protest march trough downtown, and the end the part I missed when I was back at work …apparently the march stood in the street 20 minutes outside the Oregonian chastising them for their compliance with Bush and helping to purport the Corporate Pro-War news. You see why? They fabricate and Lie!

I latter looked at the main Corporate news sites it is very poorly covered…in fact; it speaks of all this in very misleading untrue fashion. Reports of one small injury! HA!…reports that don’t say anything about the horse’s trampling on girls and innocent people…in fact when I watch video footage from KATU TV they stop the film numerous times to “cut-away” from the Police being VIOLENT…how convenient! Actually, I meant to write “How disgusting!” click on video link on their website








And then a fellow protester with the real story which also sets the record straight blogs in at this link on the Oregonian’s website…..here is his comment which is more truth full than our local newspaper:





Am I mad at a few protesters who want to block traffic? No !

Why are they doing it ? Oh, they are anti war and anti Bush !!? Cool

The dynamics of fighting this Regime will have to cover many facets.

The protest will take on many many, forms …we all want the same thing

There may be Direct Action and it may range across the spectrum from one man sitting in front of traffic to massive thousands blocking the bridges or the Capital.

Whether it is an action I would do or necessary condone is not THE POINT

The point is we need to drive the Bush Regime Out…..The World Can’t Wait

So I approve of all aspects if it serves this “higher moral ground”

RUN BUSH and his Neocons out …The game is not fair and They are cheating…so we the movement up the ante ……we make the world hear us and sooner they will support us for all we are saying is give Peace A Chance….and yes! Some will take a rubber bullet for me and you to save this world……and by Golly I support them …I am proud of them on the Frontline.


One must remember the Portland Police …now those guys “will hurt you or even KILL you.”

They will hurt you for just sitting in the street. They did that today!

And I do not like that one bit. In fact, that very issue needs to change.

There should be a law in this town that the Police cannot hurt innocent unarmed citizens!

They should make it a serious crime to shoot peace marchers.

As dully noted it should be a crime to; shoot at people in crowds that are non-violent.

Why does our city condone this use of force on its citizens? I will be asking my official the very question. I would also like to see if the cut-out scenes from KATU can be used as evidence



….Well its time for this Average Joe to hit the hay.

It will be soon another day …..And I feel like I got my emotional ass kicked

It is tough taking on this Liar Bush and his Henchmen…

Peace Now

Love You All



An excellent commentary by a fellow activist Alex Ansary describes this protest and more VERY IMPORTANT ISSUES……Please watch this complete show!


Right On Alex!

http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2801662433794981019 save this link

Also here is some added interesting reading on INDY MEDIA by "catWoman"



WCW footnote

By the way Z3 readers on OCT 6

I read this follow up on the WCW website

You can count me in …

the subject is on TORTURE......cool! (sic)


In one week, we are calling for MASS MEETINGS – where thousands across the country must come to be part of summing up what we have accomplished and be part of planning how to go forward, rapidly expanding our capacity. We’ll discuss “how do you drive an illegitimate regime from power?”  We have very important plans for what the next ambitious and necessary steps this movement should make.

In the meantime we must not lose an ounce of momentum - immediately getting other people to join us. To keep the profile and message of World Can’t Wait pulsing through the political atmosphere over the next 6 weeks. We are calling on people to:

1) Be out in the streets - be out in the public square. Wear orange. Wear orange armbands.   Decorate yourself and the city with orange Emergency crime tape to symbolize those being disappeared and tortured in our name. Pick a busy area in your city and be there at the same time and day for the next 6 weeks, creating a culture of resistance in song and theater, holding speak-outs on the “Your Government” indictments, making exhibits and showing films. We’ll be ready to respond to an October, or November surprise by the Bush Regime.

2) Today is a gigantic step forward in starting the society-wide debate needed for people in their millions to act even more powerfully.  So we are calling today for STATE OF EMERGENCY TEACH-INS to take place before the end of October that can carry out emergency education on each of the “Your Government” indictments found in our Call. We are out to wake people up to what is going on, in their name. We will make the case that this regime is guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

So go home with something orange and wear it the rest of the month. Come to the meeting next week and plan to bring your courage and your imagination, bring your resources and your political connections because together we will plan our next steps needed to drive out this Regime before 2008.

Because Bush, because Cheney, because Rumsfeld, because Rice, because Gonzales must all be driven out, they must leave the White House politically repudiated and thoroughly discredited as the war criminals that they are. Anything short of that is unacceptable to the world, to our children, to the future.




Joe Anybody Loves Everybody




This page is linked to on INDY MEDIA at the following URL:



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Wednesday, 4 October 2006
Watch 2 Rainbow Roadblock Videos
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 Now let me just say a couple things

The Rainbow Family meets every year in a different place


I have never been to one but many many people do. In facts thousands show up. I believe it is always on National Forest Land.

That said I would say "it is all of our land"

They do not want drugs or alcohol, at the gathering and it is a very peace, and community orientated

The Gathering is organized by I think a vegetarian type- love the earth and each other kind people. The large group basically are some very sincere hardcore hippies that are like a family. They do not want any problems. They are unarmed!

There is times when LAW enforcement gets up in arms over these gatherings (damn stinkin hippies anyway) and it can result in to some real power struggles. In the second film see how the peaceful campers use their creativity to run the ARMED asshole cops out of the area...... no violence and nobody got hurt but the Police sure were ready to have a war if they wanted to kill some hippies on that National Forest Road!

I had read in the news during this last Rainbow Gathering in Colorado (which is where these videos were filmed at) that the Police were staging roadblock to try and stop (without legal reason) the campers entering into the Forest and there was trouble at the checkpoints, (duhhh) Basically that being that Police State was In Action!

The first short video is sad - but the next is funny

Watch these TWO videos

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Updated: Wednesday, 4 October 2006 11:40 PM PDT
Tuesday, 3 October 2006
Sure is a lot of hate and .... PRO-TORTURE SUPPORT around here
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You know to me my fellow Z3 Readers.... I seem to notice a few observations that if concerns our country and its recent approval to condone and approve using torture and using inhumane tactics, furnished in spirit by our obvious lacking-in-morals-Congress that just gave the bill the thumbs up ..."cool with us we don't care"  ..."go for it"....... then....... they all head for the recess bell.

Wow they should of ran to the toilet, cause that is where they left our constitution and decency of what we once were in the US. Did I say decency? I mean actually that word carries no merit or use to this spineless pro torture bunch of abettors. Cool just what we need in America a bill that allows the Military to use sick perverted now certified USA approved torture methods ....that have been richly modified to keep the real terrorist out of jail (wink*) and then the newly handed permission by the all-ever peoples best-representing "congress" the sad sack shit-hole bill that allows indefinite prison in a foreign prison of bushman's choice, that has no US law to govern it 

A N D ... they can be held with out trial forever. Now when I was writing that did your mind grasp the words ....NO TRIAL......and held FOREVER.......did you understand that ????? nice of these honorable men to do that.....amazing I will explain that to my 13 year old. Heck we even had some kids his age in those prisons overseas. Read this link about a 15 year old held by the USA -->


Ya I understand sick demented murderous psychotic talk when I hear it. Ya I seen enough of the pictures to be sickened, sullied, and agitated enough to write about this bullshit - every day for the rest of my life or as long as I am alive.

These sick war monsters are out of their minds and America is ASLEEP .......sitting on their ass's while the Neocons sell our country and our freedom and now are granted the right to torture and to suspend our long International law and Human Rights Position.


...they just REwrote the damn War Conduct book to cover their ass's and to continue to torture and to be the Devils handyman.


Now where in Gods name is this being supported by "we the people?" Do you support this crap? Do you mean to tell me all the Christian and for that matter any person of Faith or Religious belief can condone this bill and this war. Am I wrong in saying that every person who says they believe in this administrations sick perverted ways is participating by not standing up NOW and saying something? Where are the religious leaders? Where are any fricken leaders? Where is the outpouring of sanity? Does not the Churches and Religious Leaders have the moral duty to stand up and YELL...

"THIS IS WRONG" ? Or is it my Fellow readers? Is this not wrong America? Are we on the dark evil side of the coin. Your heart will tell you if this is moral ......your inner soul will give you peace on this NEW POLICY or it will make your soul taste like sulfur and death? hmmm?


Now fellow Friend's of the Z3 Report as you know this is no new issue and is been a concern of mine for the past solid year but seriously been eroding my faith in mankind and deteriorating the very fabric that once made me proud and honored to be part of the United States. Hell I am sullied, I am in utter disgusted shock and disbelief. Where is the Human Soul? Where is the Love? Where is the Religious People who in mass numbers can rise up and in MASS NUMBERS stop this madness?.......But where are they? .....why isn't the a Sermon telling them all to rise up and stop the killing and stop the torture?

Ya I have been raising the flag and I am not alone ....but we need the masses......and just when will the masses get tired of this abuse and the killings we see every damn day ....maybe when it is their boy or girl ....maybe when this killing machine starts to eat its own ...oh it already is..oooopsIsn't it amazing the machine "is eating our OWN!"

Pretty embarrassing to see that Congress rolled over for the Beast. There were some decent House Representatives and Senators that did stand up but not loud enough.......and not with teeth and dignity.

HA ......I used the word Dignity ...and its no longer in the dictionary... Bushman and his crime family have removed it along with Human Rights, Habeas Corpus, the Geneva Conventions, Military Conduct Codes, Checks n Balances, honest government, oversight, Three separate branches, and peace. You know... All those words are words used by Terrorist and dissenter's.



-- YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW---------  Ya !.........think about it !

Hey! Maybe some good olé

House & Senate Approved USA torture

would SHUT ME UP!






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Monday, 2 October 2006
A 'hidden' Get-Out-Of-Jail-Card just for Bush in the Senate Bill
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Just What Are We Becoming?


Posted by Joe Anybody at 10:12 PM PDT
Updated: Monday, 2 October 2006 10:29 PM PDT

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