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Thursday, 6 April 2006
Racial Profiling and Disrespect, Joe A. agrees with Senator McKinney
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cartoon that isn't funny by: Ben Waiting

Click here to see a short video of Sen McKinney tearing into the war slob Rumsfeld WOW
click --> HERE

~ Peace Joe

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Wednesday, 5 April 2006
Senator McKinney says Racism is the Core of Problem
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When you are hearing stuff in the News about whether Senator McKinney slapped a Capital Hill Security Cop ..think back to this comment she made recently concerning this issue....

“Something that perhaps the average American just doesn’t understand is that there is a heightened sense of a lack of appropriateness being there for members who are elected who happen to be of color,” McKinney said, “and until this issue is addressed by the American public in a very substantive way, it won’t be the last time.”

Sen McKinney has been very hard on the War Machine
Very tough on Rumsfeld and very tough on 911 Truth Answers from this Administration.
It seems that her comment above skirts all the flack that I am hearing on this slapping issue.
I bet you anything it was motivated in spite of the cops saying "Oh No! We are fair always"
Cindy Sheman dealt with them too.
There has been other issue too with these same clowns errrrr.., I mean Security Cops.

My point is simple --> read her comment and remember until this racial profiling subsides more of this certainly will be forthcoming.

Loose her job over this ....I HOPE NOT!

Its more about this -->
Senator McKinney said Wednesday: "Face recognition is the issue .... The pin doesn't have my name on it and it doesn't have my picture on it, and so security should not be based on a pin ... People are focused on my hairdo."

Seems more like a witch hunt to this Joe.
Even the bum Tom Delay made some rude comments
And Z3 readers know, he has no room to talk.

Here is the Tommy the Jailbirds comments-->
"She has a long history of racism. Everything is racism with her. This is incredible arrogance that sometimes hits these members of Congress, but especially Cynthia McKinney."

"Ahhhhhh Pack your bags Tommy, and get your soap on a roap ready!"

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Tuesday, 4 April 2006
Justice Slaps A Republican .....
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Makes Me Wanna Celebrate!
Read Here where he says he wont run again on MSNBC website.
Heck he might be in jail?
Didnt his buddy Jack get some time to think about it n all?

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Sunday, 2 April 2006
Lies become very obvious when you replay them years latter
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Topic: WAR

"April Fools"

The Neocons
Fool The USA

Click Here to see this Video On the Iraq War Lie
It is called -->
"Uncovered: The Whole Truth About The Iraq War"
By: Robert Greenwald

Watch this hour long video from Googles website
You may need to download the "player first" to view this clip.
This clip has lots of interviews and info

See how these WMD stories start to become very clear that
they were all lies
to take us into War.

This administration knew there were no weapons of mass destruction and they shoveled lie after lie to the public
Now this here documentary paints a clear trail of deception that led to this horrible war and years latter you can see how blatant those lies were.

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Saturday, 1 April 2006
Review Of the JTF Website By 'yours truly' joe-anybody
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Now Playing: Military Spins Propganda Bullshit Through its Website
Hello Z3 Readers,

When we start this ride on Propaganda Spin we should first stop at a the
Guantanamo Military JTF Web Site that no doubt has to pour it on thick,.
I mean if these sheep don't get the fable down as fact, then who will do their bidding?
Let's begin with today's login for, Friday March 24 2006 on the spin machine here at the GITMO newslettr v07 issue01v7 2005
Now click on the link READ MORE near center in the top article which is titled:
Farewell Cavalry, welcome 29th ID
Or click my link here

Now, let's skip down to the BULLSHIT from
The Captain on Higher Ground, Army Major General Jay W Hood.
Now read his spin of Pro Neocon agenda as a Torture Run Camp that he says is in his article is Honor Bound Meet You On The Higher Ground.
(I think he means see you sheeple all in hell?)

Just what is this bum talking about? Hmmmmmm?
Army Maj Gen Jay W Hood seems to be ditching Guantanamo for?
Higher ground or did he mean shelter from a prison cell for himself maybe?
The first crock of bull is when he opens his article stating that,
"This hell hole (my term) is a professional detention and intelligence-gathering facility that is helping to keep America safe."

Keeping America Safe???
I can't see how?
What is he doing to really keep America Safe in that there torture/no rules apply camp of his?
Terrorism is only rising in this world, and caging humans and torturing them does not keep America Safe!
He goes on to say the following quoted misleading bull crap next;

"I am extremely proud of each of you and the absolutely outstanding job you've done here in accomplishing our mission of safe, secure, and humane custody of all the detainees in our charge and the gathering of intelligence in the war on terrorism"

?? ??
Now folks was that a sack of shit?

He is proud of the humane ways ALL DETAINEES have been treated?

How about this link about 13 to 15 yr old children detainees I read in an article dating to 1-15-04
And that link is right HERE!

Well that link there led me to this website for an article dated the same day... news.myway.com! Note the time frames and spin by the government on how long and other vague information concerning these kids and their family contact.
Although those articles are older (2004) they have insight on this children/prison Humanity treatment issues.
Now what is interesting is that only after all this NEW's around the 15th of January turns (spins)into the children are released back to their home countries
It ...seems odd that after over a-year, all of a sudden, when light is shining on this subject then these kids are released .....here is the release informational link -->

Hell there is countless accusations and documented facts to prove that we have been mistreating and torturing many prisoneers!
Hell in fact there is tons of proof!
Has he forgotten all the FOIA documents & records?
Yet he says he is so proud of all the outstanding job being done!...
WOW! Are the sheeple who are listening to him completely stupid?

He talks of hosting over 300 media reporters?
HAHAHAH (hosting? Hell keeping the media out is what they mostly were doing or hiding the truth of what was really going on from the media by claiming an array of stupid reasons from "national security" to "approved methods", to just plain denial of information to cover up)

He talks of hosting Congressmen?
The Col. Hood talks as if these hosting sessions were done in HONOR of their great work at GITMO?!
Yet this report and similar ones I read tell me a different story about how in this link, "The Honor Bound" were not allowing a "Foreign Senator" to visit their Open House prison? (Australia)
http://www.senatorlindakirk.net/index.php?page=news&newsid=82 Heck any Senator who wanted to go be hosted was really just trying to get answers this was no tourist stop.

And beside these were investigating inquires and follow ups on International Crime Accusations. These people wer all ther for GOOD REASONS ...trying to find out what we were doing to those prisoneers over there in Cuba. This was no hosting an Open House!

I wouldn't be surprised that the Interrogators were wearing their USA lapel pins and were being Oh-ever-so-polite when the Senators were being HOSTED. "smoke n mirrors" is what Hollywood calls it.

Those hosting visits were done as US-led-Torture became the daily word and talk around the globe, for the hell hole camp run by this proud Col Hood, Honor Bound and what not.
The media was out INVESTIGATING
While not getting much open armed goodwill from the White house or the co-operation from the Governments Military

.............that is for sure.

Was the Honor Bound Col referring to this type of conduct found here:

Did he forget about this report
http://web.amnesty.org/pages/guantanamobay-index-eng from Amnesty International, that reports of The unlawful detention of ??enemy combatants?? at the US Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba has now entered its fifth year.
Is it Honorable to keep hundreds of people of around 35 different nationalities remain held in effect in a legal black hole, many without access to any court, legal counsel or family visits?

Many of these detainees allege they have been subjected to torture or other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. In desperation, some detainees have attempted suicide. Others have gone on prolonged hunger strikes, being kept alive only through painful force feeding measures?

So, the USA is holding over 35 different Nationalities without charges or due process, and Maj Col Hood stands there and claims he and his minions are doing an
What a wind bag full of shit!

Or how about the hunger strikes that went on in his prison?
Where his Freedom Loving Honor-army boys- were force feeding by Bloody unwashed tubes into the stomach of their prisoners.
Whom by the way were not eating in that they were protesting their treatment of unjust arrests with out charges, and being in humanly jailed in cruelty and kept in torture positions for hours and so by a hunger striking they were screaming for media and human attention to there miss treatment at this Humanly hell hole ran by Maj. Col Hood
More here -->

Maybe he was gleaning over reports such as how well his fellow Abu Ghraib Prison Goons in Iraq were doing when he was bragging about his well run prison of Honor. As i read these headlines

"The Baghdad morgue received 1,100 bodies in July alone, about 900 of whom bore evidence of torture or summary execution. That continued throughout the year and last December there were 780 bodies, including 400 having gunshot wounds or wounds as those caused by electric drills."

Or was it the -Being Held for 4 Years with No Charges- at his Camp of Humanity?
Read how his Honorable ways of Keeping an Iraqi in Custody right here
Or the mentioned in 2005 the 32 or more suicide attempts by the prisoners ....
due to the camp Humane policy which seemed to have "driven detainees to strike until they die or are afforded a fair hearing and humane treatment" according to AP press reports

See in spite of what Col Hood will admit or even acknowledge is, from since last year when Senators aim to bar cruelty to detainees and against mind you. The White House objected, The Senators voted to codify military standards. And the amendment's overwhelming passage, despite objections from the White House, marks a rare congressional challenge to President Bush as commander-in-chief.

The White House had threatened to veto such an amendment, but it was attached to the $445.5 billion Defense Appropriations bill for fiscal year 2006. The amendment was initially attached to the 2006 Defense Authorization bill, but was pulled from the Senate floor by Senate majority leader Bill Frist, after the White House threatened a veto.
McCain's amendment establishes the Army Field Manual as the uniform standard for interrogation of detainees and prohibits "cruel, inhumane, and degrading treatment of prisoners in the detention of the government."
But defense analysts note that such a provision would not cover the Central Intelligence Agency or curb the process of moving detainees to other countries where torture is allowed, limiting its impact.
"They've left the door open for the CIA. The really hard stuff is still authorized by the president," says Christopher Pyle, a military legal analyst at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Mass.
The military insists that its rules for interrogation are not inhumane, and recent investigations into detainee abuse suggest some progress. Members of Congress who have toured the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay this year have generally offered praise.
But the fact that there are no established guidelines codifying humane and acceptable treatment has led to concern in some quarters of the Pentagon.
(offered praise?K.. heheheh I bet! And codifying humane treatment never was a mystery till the Devil (bushman) got his hand in rewriting right and wrong)
More on this can be found here
Oh but be proud you -hosted congressmen- as they investigated your hell-camp?

So then for the next stage in Military Propaganda Of How Great We Are
I read the story on Page 10 so skim down to near the end of the Newsletter.
Written by GTMO Navy Chaplin Tim Johns
He writes a one page article in the Military Newsletter

The article is titled Mistakes Happen
It can be found at this link which is on page 10 of the same PDF file as Col Maj Hood article
that we just reviewed above

He never mentions what mistakes or who or where?

It is just titled -Mistakes Happen-
Joe Anybody thinks something is amiss?
Is there a hidden message?
Or is it a direct hit with the point meant for but who?

Does the Chaplin know something?
Was he reaching out ...... to conjure someone in?

Is he speaking to a lost hurting military solider, a leader, the civilian press, the commandeer in chief?, hmmmmmmm? I wonder who was he referring to
I wonder if...?

Or is he doing the patsy-Rice-we all make mistake cover-up for our crazy out of hand leaders in charge?
Hell the whole ruling administration is a mistake, if you look at it that way!

Makes me think back to their previous Chaplin that Guantanamo used to have on staff.
they fired him and arrested him too!
His name is Mr.Yee He is the ex Chaplin who was arrested ten months after arriving at Guantanamo in 2002,
Mr. Yee left Guantanamo, handcuffed, accused of spying, and was thrown in solitary confinement for 76 days, only to be cleared of all charges.
See folks
, ....

He LATER was Cleared Of All Charges
Foolish American Civilians will never understand all this bullcrap.
Major Col.J Hood says it is Honor what they are doing.
I call it a shame
Read more about this treatment by the last Chaplin there at the Cuba Camp Of Honor Bound

You see Mr.Yee. thinks we were torturing too!
He was willing to go to prison on those words of his.
I believe him over Maj Col. Mr. Hood-wink any day of the week.
For Pete's sake he was the Chaplin and he gets treated by these Neocon physco's as if -he- is a terrorist
-MAN what a screwed up joke of Honor and civil rights we have over there.
And the new Chaplin is talking about -MISTAKES HAPPEN- ???????

Mr.Yee speaks in his book about the fact that -his knowledge of Arabic, his praying and his denunciation of mistreatment of the Koran by some soldiers fed the suspicions against him and other Muslim soldiers. Some soldiers called the Muslim group "Hamas," the name of the radical Islamic movement.
"JTF Troopers ... claimed that we were too sympathetic to the plight of the detainees and too critical of how the MPs (Military Police) treated the prisoners," Yee wrote.

"The accusations were retold and exaggerated in backyards and on the beaches during the hot Cuban evenings, fueled by the boredom of restless young soldiers and discount vodka."
Yee said he was accused by a linguist of having a "subversive" conversation with a detainee by allegedly mocking a poster urging detainees to cooperate.

Every time he would visit a cell block, guards would shout "chaplain on the block!" before letting him in.

"I sensed that the call was meant as a warning to anyone who was engaged in behavior they'd rather I didn't witness," he wrote.

Now that is exactly what is meant by yelling out
hell ya it was a warning!
Damn cover-up warning I bet it was!
And it also is like a MISTAKE HAPPENS I suppose!

I wonder if -Senator on the Block- was yelled around too -heheheh?


To end this Report on Propaganda from the Military JTF Website Lets go to this page with a nice cheeky article about Dentistry With Dedication So please, lets scoot back up to page 3 skipping over all the baseball, snorkeling pictures and great stories of outdoor life in the FREE WORLD to the Dentist Article:
Ahhhh how nice! We all could use a Dentist in the Free World after snorkeling the island coastline.

But do I get to be proud that there is most likely no dentist for the Inmates ??
Yet I read this from one of their -pro we are so great- Military News Propaganda Sites. this article here--> http://www.defenselink.mil/news/Feb2005/n02182005_2005021807.html

(quote) Today detainees held here form a generally healthy population. They've received immunizations most of them never would have had available to them in their home countries, Hood said.
Some detainees have been provided life-changing care, said Capt. Barry Barendse, a Navy nurse and the deputy command surgeon for JTF Guantanamo. "The standard of care here is the best possible standard of care (the detainees) could get,"
He cited prosthetic limbs and removal of cancerous tumors as examples of the level of care provided to detainees. "Some of them have even told us that they're very happy we're taking care of them," he said. "We've given them new life, some of them we really have."
He goes on to say in their Military Newsletter propaganda
Psychological care also is available here for detainees who need it or request it. Barendse noted that most Americans "have the luxury" of seeking psychiatric care if they need it; that's usually not an option in the countries most of these detainees come from.
Psychiatric care for the detainees, like any other medical care provided to them, is important because it's the right thing to do and "because of the possibility they may not be in this prison the rest of their lives," Barendse said. "If they were sick when they got here or they're sick while they're here, we still want to get them well, so wherever and whatever they're going to do can be done in a normal state." (end quote)

Yet I wonder if the same kind of doctor that Abu Ghraib received is what he means by medical care?
I read this CRAZY REPORT HERE! about what an Abu Ghraib documents show on Medical Care being given to the inmates at one time.
Read a great story a medical help for the detainees as it is exposed in a NY Times article

Heck in the aforementioned article/link it is an example of the outstanding HONORABLENESS of having a Doctor On Staff for the prisoners at Abu Ghraib
It is a really good report that sheds real honor and truth about what you get these days from liars in charges who falsify what really is happening in our military behind propaganda and trumped up windbags smiling about stopping terrorism while they ...read this --> THIS!

By lying and manipulating the media and controlling with "national secret labels" what they really do behind those prison walls is sicking.

*****proud of using pain for peace*****

The truth slowly seeps out like puss from an infection.
An infection of abuse and neglect, of lies and atrocities.
All this Festering as The average Joe Anybody's morals deginerate into being numb and consumed by the Terrorist Threat Disease
I see a need for a serious operation.

This is the
"Real JTF News Folks"

This conclude just one day reading the Military Press
The sheep Follow
The (sic)Leaders sneak off and retire if possible
The Dead can't talk
The Prisons are run in foreign lands under
Honor Bound Higher Ground Untouchable Oversight
The truth is mixed to mean that torture is Ok and be Proud of it
The Military is above the citizens and our Constitution
God Bless The Old America I thought I belonged too.
Before the Neocon War Machine took Control of the world by Force and Lies

Ya Honor Bound Meet you in a Higher Ground

My Brown Eye....... Mr.Hood Sir!

See you n hell!



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Friday, 31 March 2006
State Secretary Rice, Admits USA Made Thousands Of Mistakes
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Now Playing: Bush Spin Machine Spews Lies In Europe
Topic: WAR
Rice Dumps Bullshit On Europe at speech while 150 protesters outside tell her to go home. Her second stop was canceled due to protest concerns. I wish the whole Bush presidency was canceled due to protester concerns.

In her best USA spin, she SPITS (shits) OUT Military Neocon bullshit to the BBC press. (ARTICLE HERE)
"I know we've made tactical errors - thousands of them, I'm sure," Ms Rice said in a session of questions after her speech, organized by BBC Radio 4's Today program and Chatham House international affairs institution.

Did I just read where she admits to thousands of mistakes?
Dumb Bitch there is thousands DEAD People now, because of these mistakes she casually fess's up to!

She goes on to claim a few spins of Peace, but she mentions two Zebra 3 eye-openers which were:

1)No-one should doubt America's commitment to justice and the rule of law.

Oh there is mass doubt you insane woman!

She calls this crap justice? She is lying right there! And rule of law? HAHA, The USA writes the "New Law". What Rule of Law????
We honor no law but our own that we make up and change daily to suit the NEOCON agenda.
She is a Liar!

2)The US had no desire "to be the world's jailer", and that Washington wanted "the terrorists that we capture to stand trial" the cause of advancing freedom was the greatest hope for peace today.

Oh damn she is a stinking big fat liar!
The USA Military would not give any trial if they had not been ordered by a judge to do so.
They refuse to cooperate with rendention practices of flying prisoners to unknown countries and violating all kinds of International Law to this very day.
The US Government Military have been Holding Iraqies without --->








The USA Military And White House has thumbed there noses at all International LAW and American Law concerning the Abu Grahib Prison and our Lovely USA Run "Honor Bound" Guantanamno Bay.
Advancing freedom my ass ...they are stealing American Freedom while they LIE about promoting World Freedom.

ITS A FRICKIN LIE ....a damn "Rice Lie"

They have engaged in hundreds of cases of proven --> "Torture!" which "SORRY RICE ITS AGAINST THE FRICKEN LAW YOU DUMB GOVERNMENT SPOKES PUPPET BITCH"
The US disregards Geneva and "all UN Law."
We rewrite the torture policies and fight and challenge ALL the LAWs in the courts, and making them secret is a big ploy we use stating Nation Security. {God these Neocon Lying Bastards are Frking us over good!}

The law to specify that we wont torture finally gets agreed on by Bushman and Sen McCain in front of the world to see in a big SHOW
....but then the sneaky lying US Government bastards (Gonzalos & Busmann Clan) slip the wording into the signed document at the last second that allows the (creep) president to allow Torture if its during war times or when he deems it necessary in fighting terrorism.

She can go to hell and will not collect 200
She is lying and spreading propaganda using my tax dollars.
Kick the Bums out of office

Like I just said..."KICK THEM OUT OF OFFICE"
My job would of fired me for thousands of mistakes!

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Wednesday, 29 March 2006
I am amazed
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Now Playing: This picture created using MS Paint
Go to this page --->

I cannot believe the effort that must of went into this. It is amazing

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Tuesday, 28 March 2006
Beyond Delay
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Now Playing: List of !3 Corrupt Congressmen

*** Z3 Readers check out the summaries this website has compiled for these crooks ***

Beyond DeLay documents the unethical activities of thirteen Members of Congress: 10 House Members and three Senators.

Beyond DeLay: Report Summaries

Over the past year, the issue of Congressional ethics has taken on new resonance. Where questionable conduct was once shrugged off as "business as usual," now both the public and the press are demanding greater accountability from Members of Congress. At a time when a recent Gallup Poll reports only that 36% of those polled express approval of Congress, people are taking a harder look at the actions of their representatives.

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In this Game you loose your civil rights
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Now Playing: Patriot Act Game
****click picture for more info ****

The board game that brings the thrill of trampling the Constitution right into your home... newly updated for 2006 to include NSA wiretaps and renewal of provisions!

PATRIOT ACT: The Home Version, is a game inspired by the historic abuse of governmental powers of the same name. Many of the hypothetical situations in the game are based on real-life events. Either as a game to be played or as a statement to be read, Patriot Act: The Home Version educates the user to the current erosion of our civil rights by the government while claiming to be protecting our freedoms. John Ashcroft may no longer be Attorney General, but his legacy lives on in the anti-freedom legislation that this game is a tribute to.

To view the Press Kit of the game and the scripted mock advertisement, click on the image at the top of this post or below for your free download of this game.

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Monday, 27 March 2006
Think For Yourself
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Now Playing: Deadheads Are Everywhere
"If there's any message in our songs;,"
says Greatful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter,

it's "Think for yourself."

Drop into a Poolside-link
From the good ole days of 1983 when David Gans wrote this letter about the legions of Deadheads that are Everywhere.
Click on picture to read the letter about hippies and deadheads Mission of Love

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