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Friday, 14 November 2008
see you in Hell "racists"
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Now Playing: Hate is on the rise against people of brown color

This makes me sick Z3 Readers

The link I found this is here:



An estimated half-million immigrants are living in the U.S. in defiance of deportation orders. The government has stepped up efforts to catch them, and has made 34,000 arrests in the past year.


The comment page is here:



I posted comment #145 and it is as follows:



joe-anybody wrote:How ignorant (is this a KKK site?) The Native Americans were here 1st and we "screwed them over" and TOOK their land How dare we act so pretentious These are humans these are people with hearts and souls All you who talk crap about "other people" will meet your maker someday and just to let you know "he is not racist nor does he (your maker) keep track of borders. How selfish, cruel and sick allot of you sound and "no doubt are"

Respect your fellow man or get on your "high horses" I dare you and challenge you to "try loving one another" You don't have it in you do you....? I might (inform you while I'm here) with "Hate in your Heart" you cant love your fellow man. Wow! No love... just all selfish crap talk about injustice and mean spirited laws. Don't bother arguing with me about "rules" or "laws" it all boils down to ONE THING...you either have LOVE or ....you have HATE......pick your sides and but be careful we don't see ya in hell ...for there are "no borders in heaven ... But "hell is full of Selfish, I got mine, beat down the poor-man, kind of people.

You make your bed on stolen Native American land ...and justify it by self-made white man law... and then you act as if God told you were better. Everyone of you who are for this insane treatment of fellow humans, should be "rounded up" by the real owners of this dirt you all parked your asses on. This land was stolen and now you point at others who skin is a different color.

Let me also add your opinions are the SAME as the KKK and other racist groups.... you are in league and "in bed" with white supremists... wither you like it or not your ideas both mesh along the SAME principles. They too will agree with you. Cool to be lock step with Racists huh! real true "Americans "Its ok for you will have friends in hell .... its full of people who think, act, and make laws that jail and criminalize others who only want a meaningful life and a chance to live. Justice is coming to people who hate! I cant wait!



Posted by Joe Anybody at 6:59 PM PST
Updated: Saturday, 15 November 2008 4:26 PM PST

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