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Friday, 21 November 2008
What is Network Neutrality
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This is a fact sheet on the perils of Net Neutrality 
That I found at this link


Frequently Asked Questions
What is this about?
What is Network Neutrality?
Who wants to get rid of Net Neutrality?
Is Net Neutrality a new regulation?
Isn't the threat to net neutrality just hypothetical?
Isn't this just a battle between giant corporations?
What else are the phone and cable companies not telling the truth about?
What's at stake if we lose Net Neutrality?
What's happening in Congress?
Who's part of the SavetheInternet.com Coalition?
Who else supports Net Neutrality?
What can I do to help?

What is this about?

When we log onto the Internet, we take a lot for granted. We assume we'll be able to access any Web site we want, whenever we want, at the fastest speed, whether it's a corporate or mom-and-pop site. We assume that we can use any service we like -- watching online video, listening to podcasts, sending instant messages -- anytime we choose.

What makes all these assumptions possible is Network Neutrality.

What is Network Neutrality?

Network Neutrality -- or "Net Neutrality" for short -- is the guiding principle that preserves the free and open Internet.

Put simply, Net Neutrality means no discrimination. Net Neutrality prevents Internet providers from blocking, speeding up or slowing down Web content based on its source, ownership or destination.

Net Neutrality is the reason why the Internet has driven economic innovation, democratic participation, and free speech online. It protects the consumer's right to use any equipment, content, application or service on a non-discriminatory basis without interference from the network provider. With Net Neutrality, the network's only job is to move data -- not choose which data to privilege with higher quality service.

Learn more in Net Neutrality 101.

Who wants to get rid of Net Neutrality?

The nation's largest telephone and cable companies -- including AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and Time Warner -- want to be Internet gatekeepers, deciding which Web sites go fast or slow and which won't load at all.

They want to tax content providers to guarantee speedy delivery of their data. They want to discriminate in favor of their own search engines, Internet phone services, and streaming video -- while slowing down or blocking their competitors.

These companies have a new vision for the Internet. Instead of an even playing field, they want to reserve express lanes for their own content and services -- or those from big corporations that can afford the steep tolls -- and leave the rest of us on a winding dirt road.

The big phone and cable companies are spending hundreds of millions of dollars lobbying Congress and the Federal Communications Commission to gut Net Neutrality, putting the future of the Internet at risk.

Is Net Neutrality a new regulation?

Absolutely not. Net Neutrality has been part of the Internet since its inception. Pioneers like Vinton Cerf and Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, always intended the Internet to be a neutral network. And "non-discrimination" provisions like Net Neutrality have governed the nation's communications networks since the 1930s.

But as a consequence of a 2005 decision by the Federal Communications Commission, Net Neutrality -- the foundation of the free and open Internet -- was put in jeopardy. Now cable and phone company lobbyists are pushing to block legislation that would reinstate Net Neutrality.

Writing Net Neutrality into law would preserve the freedoms we currently enjoy on the Internet. For all their talk about "deregulation," the cable and telephone giants don't want real competition. They want special rules written in their favor.

Isn't the threat to Net Neutrality just hypothetical?

No. By far the most significant evidence regarding the network owners' plans to discriminate is their stated intent to do so.

The CEOs of all the largest telecom companies have made clear their intent to build a tiered Internet with faster service for the select few companies willing or able to pay the exorbitant tolls. Network Neutrality advocates are not imagining a doomsday scenario. We are taking the telecom execs at their word.

So far, we've only seen the tip of the iceberg. But numerous examples show that without network neutrality requirements, Internet service providers will discriminate against content and competing services they don't like. This type of censorship will become the norm unless we act now. Given the chance, these gatekeepers will consistently put their own interests before the public good.

The cable and telephone companies already dominate 98 percent of the broadband access market. And when the network owners start abusing their control of the pipes, there will be nowhere else for consumers to turn.

Isn't this just a battle between giant corporations?

No. Our opponents would like to paint this debate as a clash of corporate titans. But the real story is the millions of everday people fighting for their Internet freedom.

Small business owners benefit from an Internet that allows them to compete directly -- not one where they can't afford the price of entry. Net Neutrality ensures that innovators can start small and dream big about being the next EBay or Google without facing insurmountable hurdles. Without Net Neutrality, startups and entrepreneurs will be muscled out of the marketplace by big corporations that pay for a top spot on the Web.

If Congress turns the Internet over to the telephone and cable giants, everyone who uses the Internet will be affected. Connecting to your office could take longer if you don't purchase your carrier's preferred applications. Sending family photos and videos could slow to a crawl. Web pages you always use for online banking, access to health care information, planning a trip, or communicating with friends and family could fall victim to pay-for-speed schemes.

Independent voices and political groups are especially vulnerable. Costs will skyrocket to post and share video and audio clips, silencing bloggers and amplifying the big media companies. Political organizing could be slowed by the handful of dominant Internet providers who ask advocacy groups or candidates to pay a fee to join the "fast lane."

What else are the phone and cable companies not telling the truth about?

AT&T and others have funded a massive misinformation campaign, filled with deceptive advertising and "Astroturf" groups like Hands Off the Internet and NetCompetition.org.

Learn how to tell apart the myths from the realities in our report, Network Neutrality: Fact vs. Fiction.

What's at stake if we lose Net Neutrality?

The consequences of a world without Net Neutrality would be devastating. Innovation would be stifled, competition limited, and access to information restricted. Consumer choice and the free market would be sacrificed to the interests of a few corporate executives.

On the Internet, consumers are in ultimate control -- deciding between content, applications and services available anywhere, no matter who owns the network. There's no middleman. But without Net Neutrality, the Internet will look more like cable TV. Network owners will decide which channels, content and applications are available; consumers will have to choose from their menu.

The free and open Internet brings with it the revolutionary possibility that any Internet site could have the reach of a TV or radio station. The loss of Net Neutrality would end this unparalleled opportunity for freedom of expression.

The Internet has always been driven by innovation. Web sites and services succeeded or failed on their own merit. Without Net Neutrality, decisions now made collectively by millions of users will be made in corporate boardrooms. The choice we face now is whether we can choose the content and services we want, or whether the broadband barons will choose for us.

What's happening in Congress?

The SavetheInternet.com Coalition applauds the recent introduction of the bipartisan “Internet Freedom Preservation Act 2008” (HR 5353). Introduced on Feb. 12, 2008 by Reps. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and Chip Pickering (R-Miss.), this landmark bill would protect Net Neutrality and spark a much-needed public conversation about the future of the Internet.

The new bill would enshrine Net Neutrality -- the longstanding principle that Internet service providers cannot discriminate against Web sites or services based on their source, ownership or destination -- into the Communications Act. It also requires the Federal Communications Commission to convene at least eight “broadband summits” to collect public input on policies to “promote openness, competition, innovation, and affordable, ubiquitous broadband service for all individuals in the United States.”

Big phone and cable companies like AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and Time Warner have been lobbying furiously to kill Net Neutrality. They want to exploit their gatekeeper power to decide what you can do on the Web.

But Markey and Pickering’s bill deals a blow to the gatekeepers by ensuring that the public -- not phone or cable companies -- control the fate of the Internet.

Contact Congress today. Tell your representative to support the "Internet Freedom Preservation Act 2008” (HR 5353) to make Net Neutrality the law of the land.

Who's part of the SavetheInternet.com Coalition?

The SavetheInternet.com coalition is made up of hundreds of groups from across the political spectrum that are concerned about maintaining a free and open Internet. No corporation or political party funds our efforts. We simply agree to a statement of principles in support of Internet freedom.

The coalition is being coordinated by Free Press, a national, nonpartisan organization focused on media reform and Internet policy issues. Please complete this brief survey if your group would like to join this broad, bipartisan effort to save the Internet.

Who else supports Net Neutrality?

The supporters of Net Neutrality include leading high-tech companies such as Amazon.com, Earthlink, EBay, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Facebook, Skype and Yahoo. Prominent national figures such as Internet pioneer Vint Cerf, Stanford law professor Lawrence Lessig, every major Democratic presidential candidate, and FCC Commissioners Michael Copps and Jonathan Adelstein have called for stronger Net Neutrality protections.

Editorial boards at the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, Seattle Times, St. Petersburg Times and Christian Science Monitor all have urged congress to save the Internet.

What can I do to help?

Sign the SavetheInternet.com petition.

Call your members of Congress today and demand that Net Neutrality be protected.

Encourage groups you're part of to sign the "Internet Freedom Declaration of 2007".

Show your support for Internet freedom on your Web site or blog.

Tell your friends about this crucial issue before it's too late.

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Wednesday, 19 November 2008
ACLU petition "Help Stop Torture"
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Help Stop The Torture

This link will take you to the following petition that is thanking and sending encouragement to Obama, for his remarks on 60 minutes TV show, in regards to closing down GITMO.

The petition link is here: https://secure.aclu.org/site/SPageServer?pagename=close_gitmo_on_day_one&JServSessionIdr004=ip26osyii3.app26a

The 60 minutes TV show has the Obama clip available and it is 18 minutes long, you can see it on this link here: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=4608192n 

Here is the petition that is available to be signed (by you)


Dear President-Elect Obama,

I was deeply moved by your recent affirmation that you will close the Guantánamo detention facilities and shut down the military commissions, which have been a stain on America here, at home and abroad.

Nothing would make me prouder than to see you act on your first day in office to restore America's moral leadership in the world.

With one stroke of your pen, you can close Guantánamo Bay prison, shut down military commissions, and ban torture.

The Bush administration created a prison camp at Guantánamo - a place where they claimed the law didn't apply. They detained hundreds of men without charge or trial, authorized torture, and prosecuted some prisoners in military commissions that violate our Constitution and international law.

We can't let the system of injustice George W. Bush put in place stand - not for a single day. I want you to know that I will support your leadership on this vitally important issue in every possible way. And I will stand by you every step of the way to resist those calling for you to “go slow” or “wait for the right time” to act in defense of American freedom.

Please act on day one to make clear that the government you lead will be faithful to the Constitution.

The restoration of American freedom is in your hands. Give us back the America we believe in.

[Your Name]

More ACLU info on Torture here:



 Thanks Joe Anybody

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Hope n Change regarding USA Torture
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After the Torture Era 

By Eugene Robinson


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


"I have said repeatedly that I intend to close Guantanamo, and I will follow through on that. I have said repeatedly that America doesn't torture, and I'm going to make sure that we don't torture. Those are part and parcel of an effort to regain America's moral stature in the world."

That unequivocal passage from President-elect Barack Obama's first extended interview since the election, broadcast on "60 Minutes" Sunday night, was a big step toward healing the damage that the Bush administration has done not just to our nation's image but to its soul.

Amid the excitement of the election and the urgency of the economic crisis, it has been easy to lose sight of the terrorism-related "issues" that defined George W. Bush's presidency and robbed America of so much honor, stature and goodwill. I put the word issues in quotation marks because torture can never be a matter of debate. Yet the Bush administration sought to numb Americans to what has traditionally been seen as a clear moral and legal imperative: the requirement that individuals taken into custody by our government be treated fairly and humanely.

This doesn't mean handling nihilistic, homicidal "evildoers" with kid gloves. It means being as certain as possible that the people we are holding are, indeed, real or would-be terrorists, not unlucky bystanders; and treating these detainees in accordance with international law, as we would expect detained U.S. personnel to be treated.

At Guantanamo, at Abu Ghraib and in a little gulag of secret CIA prisons overseas, the Bush administration failed to live up to these basic responsibilities and thus sullied us all. We will look back on the Bush years and find it incredible, and disgraceful, that individuals were captured in battle or "purchased" from self-interested tribal warlords, whisked to Guantanamo, classified as "enemy combatants" but not accorded the rights that that status should have accorded them, held for years without charges -- and denied the right to prove that they were victims of mistaken identity and never should have been taken into custody.

A new study by researchers at the University of California at Berkeley, based on interviews with 62 men who were held for an average of three years at Guantanamo before being released without being accused of a crime, found that more than a third said they were turned over to their American captors by warlords for a bounty.

Those who reported physical abuse said most of it occurred at the United States' Bagram air base in Afghanistan, where about half the men were initially held before being taken to Guantanamo. Two-thirds of the former detainees reported suffering psychological problems since their release, and many are now destitute, shunned by their families and villages. None has received any compensation for the ordeal, according to the report, titled "Guantánamo and Its Aftermath."

Years from now, we will be shocked to see those pictures of naked prisoners being humiliated and abused at Abu Ghraib -- and we will be ashamed of a U.S. government that punished low-level troops for their sadism but exonerated the higher-ups who made such sadism possible.

Years from now, we will know the full truth of the clandestine, CIA-run prisons where "high-value" terrorism suspects were interrogated with techniques, including waterboarding, that both civilized norms and international law have long defined as torture.

From what we already know, it's hard to say which is more appalling -- the torture itself or the tortured legal rationalizations that Bush administration lawyers came up with to "justify" making barbarity the official policy of the U.S. government. Obama's clarity on the issues of Guantanamo and torture stands in contrast to his necessary vagueness about how he will deal with the economic crisis.

Torture is wrong today and will still be wrong tomorrow, whereas today's economic panacea can be tomorrow's drop in the bucket. Who would have thought that these "war on terror" issues would be the easy part for the new president? Not that easy, though. More reports like the UC-Berkeley study will come out, but this is not a task that can be left to academic researchers alone.

The new Obama administration has a duty to conduct its own investigation and tell us exactly what was done in our name. Realistically, some facts are going to be redacted. Realistically, some officials who may deserve to face criminal charges will not.

But to restore our national honor and heal our national soul, we at least need to know


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Tuesday, 18 November 2008
Undercover cops in Denver instigate trouble (ACLU Report)
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 z3 readers here is where I ... FOUND THIS STINKY STORY:



Undercover police officers posing as protesters staged a fight with a police commander during the Democratic convention, and it was so convincing they were pepper-sprayed by a deputy who wasn't in on the ruse, a civil liberties group says.

The officers pretended to struggle with the Denver police commander so it would look like they were being forcibly removed from a big demonstration and their cover wouldn't be blown, the American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado said.

The ACLU said it obtained a police report on the incident under a state criminal justice records law.

In a letter to city officials, the ACLU questioned whether the fake confrontation worsened a tense situation with demonstrators and violated police rules.

Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson said he was unaware of the report and couldn't comment.

ACLU staff attorney Taylor Pendergrass asked the city of Denver's independent police monitor to order an investigation. The monitor, Rich Rosenthal, said he received the request and was looking into it.

The incident occurred on Aug. 25, the opening night of the convention. Police arrested 106 people that night, the most of any day during the convention.

Police have said anarchists planned to cause trouble near convention delegates' hotels and downtown businesses and that officers were trying to control the crowd.

A police "Use of Force" report released by the ACLU said, "In order not to be recognized as undercover detectives, some of the detectives put up a struggle with Commander Kroncke." Kroncke's first name wasn't immediately available.

Sheriff's deputies from neighboring Jefferson County were helping Denver police at the scene, and one deputy "thought that Commander Kroncke was being attacked" and sprayed the undercover officers, the report said.

The report said Kroncke was also sprayed. It doesn't say how many officers were involved or how badly anyone was affected by the spray.

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File Sharring and Professor Nesson
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MSN Tracking Image

Hello Z3 Readers

Todays reading is all about a Harvard Law School professor who is fighting back against the Digital Theft Deterrence and Copyright Damages Improvement Act of 1999

This sucessful professor,  (Nesson) who is the founder of Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet and Society, said in an interview that his goal is to "turn the courts away from allowing themselves to be used like a low-grade collection agency." He also argues that the digital theft law passed in 1999 is unconstitutional.

The full article is here:

URL: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/27756456/


Professor fires back at song-swapping lawsuits
By Rodrique Ngowi
The Associated Press
 Nov. 16, 2008

BOSTON - The music industry's courtroom campaign against people who share songs online is coming under counterattack.

A Harvard Law School professor has launched a constitutional assault against a federal copyright law at the heart of the industry's aggressive strategy, which has wrung payments from thousands of song-swappers since 2003.

The professor, Charles Nesson, has come to the defense of a Boston University graduate student targeted in one of the music industry's lawsuits. By taking on the case, Nesson hopes to challenge the basis for the suit, and all others like it.

Nesson argues that the Digital Theft Deterrence and Copyright Damages Improvement Act of 1999 is unconstitutional because it effectively lets a private group — the Recording Industry Association of America, or RIAA — carry out civil enforcement of a criminal law. He also says the music industry group abused the legal process by brandishing the prospects of lengthy and costly lawsuits in an effort to intimidate people into settling cases out of court.

Nesson, the founder of Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet and Society, said in an interview that his goal is to "turn the courts away from allowing themselves to be used like a low-grade collection agency."

Nesson is best known for defending the man who leaked the Pentagon Papers and for consulting on the case against chemical companies that was depicted in the film "A Civil Action." His challenge against the music labels, made in U.S. District Court in Boston, is one of the most determined attempts to derail the industry's flurry of litigation.

The initiative has generated more than 30,000 complaints against people accused of sharing songs online. Only one case has gone to trial; nearly everyone else settled out of court to avoid damages and limit the attorney fees and legal costs that escalate over time.

Z3 Readers can keep reading this here: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/27756456/

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Saturday, 15 November 2008
Trampled While Trying to Enter Final Presidential Debate
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United States: ELECTIONS & WAR - 18 Oct 2008

Anti-War Veterans and Supporters Arrested and

Trampled While Trying to Enter

Final Presidential Debate

HEMPSTEAD, NY — Ten members of the Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW), a group of military veterans who are calling for immediate withdrawal from Iraq, were arrested along with at least five civilians outside the final presidential debate at Hofstra University on Wednesday, October 15. The group had been trying to get answers for their questions from the candidates. "Neither of the candidates has shown real support for service members and veterans," said Jason Lemieux, a former Sergeant in the US Marine Corps who served three tours in Iraq, and member of IVAW.

The veterans and their supporters were met by riot police as well as police on horseback. After a tense standoff for five minutes, police used their horses to attack the crowd, knocking over and trampling several — including Army Sergeant Nick Morgan (pictured), who suffered a broken cheekbone. Read Reports by Ben Dean-Kawamura | by Alex Kane | Photo by Bill Perry

The questions IVAW wanted to ask were:
* (To Obama): "As President of the United States of America, are you prepared to back up your own words [about the illegality of the Iraq War] and the U.S. Constitution by supporting service members refusing to participate in what you describe as an illegal occupation?"
* (To McCain): "What promises are you willing to make, as a veteran, as a senator, as a presidential candidate, to the veterans of the United States, to prove that you will ensure the V.A. is fully funded, staffed and capable of preventing troops from suffering as they are now?" Demands in full: IVAW Send Letter to Schieffer, Plan Protest at Hofstra Univ. Debate

MORE COVERAGE: Photos by Jamie Lehane | Video from DN! | Video from IVAW | IVAW Press Release

RELATED: Will YOUR vote count? State's polls lack uniform standards | Anti-War Sentiment Still Strong Six Years After Congressional War Vote

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Friday, 14 November 2008
see you in Hell "racists"
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This makes me sick Z3 Readers

The link I found this is here:



An estimated half-million immigrants are living in the U.S. in defiance of deportation orders. The government has stepped up efforts to catch them, and has made 34,000 arrests in the past year.


The comment page is here:



I posted comment #145 and it is as follows:



joe-anybody wrote:How ignorant (is this a KKK site?) The Native Americans were here 1st and we "screwed them over" and TOOK their land How dare we act so pretentious These are humans these are people with hearts and souls All you who talk crap about "other people" will meet your maker someday and just to let you know "he is not racist nor does he (your maker) keep track of borders. How selfish, cruel and sick allot of you sound and "no doubt are"

Respect your fellow man or get on your "high horses" I dare you and challenge you to "try loving one another" You don't have it in you do you....? I might (inform you while I'm here) with "Hate in your Heart" you cant love your fellow man. Wow! No love... just all selfish crap talk about injustice and mean spirited laws. Don't bother arguing with me about "rules" or "laws" it all boils down to ONE THING...you either have LOVE or ....you have HATE......pick your sides and but be careful we don't see ya in hell ...for there are "no borders in heaven ... But "hell is full of Selfish, I got mine, beat down the poor-man, kind of people.

You make your bed on stolen Native American land ...and justify it by self-made white man law... and then you act as if God told you were better. Everyone of you who are for this insane treatment of fellow humans, should be "rounded up" by the real owners of this dirt you all parked your asses on. This land was stolen and now you point at others who skin is a different color.

Let me also add your opinions are the SAME as the KKK and other racist groups.... you are in league and "in bed" with white supremists... wither you like it or not your ideas both mesh along the SAME principles. They too will agree with you. Cool to be lock step with Racists huh! real true "Americans "Its ok for you will have friends in hell .... its full of people who think, act, and make laws that jail and criminalize others who only want a meaningful life and a chance to live. Justice is coming to people who hate! I cant wait!



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Thursday, 13 November 2008
The sheepel's plate of slop is now served
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Hello my faithful Z3 Readers

I am sooooo happy I have this blog to report on all the great news of the day I have found this afternoon


This blog is sooooo great for sharing the stories that make me sick and a litany of  travesties that I find in this sick world I live in.


So as I walk like a zombie through this corrupt world of greed, capitalism, hate, killing, and faux terror, I bring you today, more great snips of the funky shit that is put on our plate to digest form the corporate media whores.


I’m not gonna eat it …. Zombies don’t eat plates of dished up shit!

But for the non informed gullible sheeple this is your plate of slop, read on and enjoy:


Today sloppy serving will come from the “corporate rag” called ...

"USA Today" (yippiee!!)


 Military reaches out to fix wounded vets' health care issues


By Gregg Zoroya, USA TODAYThe military is trying to find at least 2,300 wounded veterans to see whether they are missing out on health and other benefits.


 CIA: Al-Qaeda 'single biggest threat' to U.S. 


Osama bin Laden is isolated from al-Qaeda's daily operations but the terrorist organization he built is spreading its influence.  

 Crimes by air marshals raise questions about hiring 


By Michael Grabell, ProPublicaAn examination of official documents shows that 18 air marshals have been charged with felonies.

 FDA to detain food shipments from China  


Federal health officials Thursday slapped a sweeping detention order on all products that contain milk or "milk-derived ingredients."

  Monthly foreclosures up 25% from a year ago, study says 


But filings in California fell by double-digit percentage points for the second month straight due to a state law slowing the process.

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Wednesday, 12 November 2008
What are the top reasons for impeaching Bush?
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 Do I need to explain this? Well if you have been following the Zebra 3 Reports I bet you already know it all  ... but for the sake of the "record" (haha!) here it is in print:

What are the top reasons for impeaching Bush?



Invading Iraq without any threat to the U.S.

Lying about Iraqi WMD's to Congress and the American people

Causing the deaths of over 2,000 U.S. troops and the maiming of over 10,000 more

Failing to provide adequate equipment and armor to U.S. troops

Allowing illegal torture and murder of prisoners

Causing the deaths of 100,000 Iraqi civilians

Spending $300 billion in just two years for an occupation that could last for decades

Letting Halliburton steal billions through no-bid contracts

Using vast quantities of depleted uranium weapons that will poison Iraq now and for generations to come

September 11

Ignoring countless warnings of an attack in the U.S.

Reading "My Pet Goat" during the attack

Letting Osama Bin Laden escape from Afghanistan

Holding no bureaucrat accountable for ignoring warnings

Delaying and obstructing the 911 Commission investigation

Turning Afghanistan into the world's largest opium producer


Allowing international terrorism incidents to quadruple and trying to cover up the facts

Failing to secure our borders and ports to prevent terrorism

Creating a new generation of terrorists through the invasion of Iraq and the killing of 100,000 civilians

Letting terrorists buy high-powered weapons inside the U.S.

Letting North Korea build nuclear bombs and missiles that can cross the Pacific Ocean

Refusing to shut down Pakistan's nuclear weapons exports

Foreign relations

Turning the world against the United States

Preparing for another war with Iran

Signing treaties that cost America jobs and undermine American laws


Letting gasoline prices double at devastating cost to the economy while oil companies make record profits

Letting corrupt companies like Enron steal billions from consumers and employees

Cutting taxes for the rich and turning a $5 trillion budget surplus into a $5 trillion budget deficit

Adding trillions to the national debt, which our children and grandchildren will have to pay off with interest

Letting millions of American jobs go overseas


Letting bureaucrats wiretap Americans without a court order

Locking up suspects for years without charges or trials

Arresting nonviolent protesters at Bush events

Packing the courts with right-wing judges to outlaw abortion

Ordering federal courts to interfere in the Terri Schiavo tragedy

Taking away our right to sue corporations through class actions

Taking away our right to declare bankruptcy under Chapter 7 and forcing middle-class Americans into debt slavery


Stealing the Presidential elections of 2000 and 2004

Refusing to investigate the disenfranchisement of tens of thousands of voters in Florida and Ohio

Promoting black-box electronic voting machines without paper trails

Embracing dictators in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Russia, and China

Overthrowing democratically-elected leaders in Haiti and Venezuela


Allowing global warming, which will cause massive environmental damage

Allowing more toxic mercury in the air and water

Allowing oil drilling in wilderness areas


Illegally "outing" CIA agent Valerie Plame, an important anti-terrorism official

Letting a gay male prostitute (Jeff Gannon) roam free in the White House

Paying journalists to give favorable coverage to the administration

Relying on an earpiece for answers during debates and press conferences

Going AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard in 1972 and covering it up ever since

Defending the most corrupt Member of Congress (Tom DeLay)



1. Conspiring to out Valerie Plame and obstructing justice by commuting the sentence of Scooter Libby.

2. Refusing to comply with Congressional subpoenas.

3. Illegally wiretapping the calls and emails of virtually every American citizen.

4. Issuing Signing statements that led to illegal actions as documented by GAO.

Since Speaker Pelosi is adamantly opposed to impeachment hearings for President Bush, which of these are the strongest grounds for impeaching Vice President Cheney?

Behind the scenes, Cheney and his Chief of Staff David Addington are key players in all of these battles. But because they operate behind the scenes, it is hard to indict them specifically - with the exception of #1, conspiring to out Valerie Plame and obstructing justice by commuting the sentence of Scooter Libby.

Cheney's role in the outing of Valerie Plame was partially revealed through the Libby trial. Just before Scooter Libby outed Plame to Judith Miller of the New York Times, Libby met with Cheney about disclosing classified information. Libby claims Cheney authorized him to disclose favorable parts of the pre-war National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq, but that information was leaked to the press days earlier, and neither the Special Prosecutor nor the jurors believed Libby's story.

Beyond the trial record, there is testimony by Bush and Cheney that has not been published and can be subpoenaed. Also Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald could be asked to prepare a report on these questions. After reviewing all available evidence, Congress could put both Libby and Cheney under oath and ask whether they discussed outing Valerie Plame or not.

After Scooter Libby was convicted and sentenced to 30 months in prison, Bush's commutation was widely viewed as intended to keep him from finally telling the truth to Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, and thereby protecting his boss, Dick Cheney. News reports said Cheney urged Bush to commute Libby's sentence. After collecting all available evidence, Congress could put Cheney and all other witnesses under oath to determine if Cheney urged Bush to commute Libby's sentence - and whether it was to protect himself.

Under this scenario, several things could happen:

  • Libby and Cheney could refuse to testify, but since these would be impeachment hearings, Cheney's defiance of duly-issued subpoenas would itself be an impeachable Contempt of Congress. This was Article 3 of the Articles of Impeachment for President Nixon.
  • Libby and Cheney could lie to Congress, but that would be very difficult because of all the testimony collected in the Libby trial and the exhaustive analysis of that evidence by bloggers like Marcy Wheeler (emptywheel).
  • The White House could attack Congress for daring to hold such hearings, but public support for Bush (and especially Cheney) is so low that these attacks would have no political impact.

Of course the major obstacle to impeachment is the belief by Democratic leaders that any form of impeachment would backfire politically. Therefore there would have to be really powerful arguments for pursuing impeachment, and I would offer these:

  1. Outing Valerie Plame was a devastating blow to our essential efforts to stop terrorists from acquiring WMD's, which is the single most important lesson of 9/11
  2. Outing Valerie Plame may have cost the lives of Plame's spies
  3. Lying to the FBI, and grand jury, and a Special Prosecutor is intolerable by any elected or appointed government official
  4. No elected official, including the Vice President and the President, can be above the law
  5. We cannot allow the Vice President and the President to spend their final year in office destroying evidence of numerous official crimes and pardoning those who committed them
  6. As every primary poll shows, the American people still want change, just as they did in November 2006 when they swept Republicans out of power in Congress. Holding the Vice President accountable for one of his gravest crimes is a powerful way to begin real change

Posted by Joe Anybody at 6:08 PM PST
Tuesday, 11 November 2008
Ex Nihilo: A Few Words From Those Who Have Heard The Call
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Ex Nihilo: A Few Words From Those Who Have Heard The Call

(Being A Regurgitation And Temporalization)


What once hypnotized have now become un-affordable luxuries. When someone can barely afford to drive to work, they cannot afford cable television. When driving long commutes becomes economically impossible, people will move out of the soon-to-collapse rural cluster developments. Or, by that point, they will have been kicked out. More and more people are faced with a common reality in the USA, a common reality that is bleak and increasingly free of illusion.

But our once radiant and glowing mono-culture has trained many people into finding their niche, their group, their 'identity'. Now that the wallets are growing lighter and the daily drudgery more unbearable, these security blankets are becoming tattered and worn. They appear as they are: cheap masks dispensed by those at the top of the pyramid. These 'identities' have been manufactured for consumption and will die once no one CHOOSES to buy them. Or at least cannot afford to buy them.


The wars of the USA were hidden. The wars of the anarchists against the capitalists which took place from the late 19th to the early 20th century all across the country have been blacked out by those who write and dispense 'history'. The war of genocide against the native population is veiled under the blood red American flag. The militants who were exterminated in the 70's are non-understood images seen once on a screen and never explained. The militants who escaped were reabsorbed into society. The last time the upper classes fought themselves (by having other people die for them) in this country was nearly 150 years ago. This country has been dispensing a relatively stable comfort for those who bought into its system since the end of WWII. It has dispensed it consistently and adapted to all crises. Until now.

This comfort is vanishing. This comfort is a cork coming out of a champagne bottle. Soon it will all be gone. And when people reach for another drink, there will be nothing to distract them any longer. Capitalism ensured that its enchantments were affordable to everyone in order to generate a uniform non-reality, non-history and non-thinking: the mono-culture. These enchantments have worked miraculously for them. That is, once again, until now.


But what does a recently mind-controlled population do when its wide-screen gods die? When there is no more faith in the gadgets and garbage, all that is left is the grim reality stretching off into the distance. This reality is so bleak, overwhelming and powerful that it acts (by its very nature) as a unifying force. It connects worlds that were separate. The challenge, then, is to not unify around a dark negative but rather around a refusal of all dualities. A refusal of all that came from the minds in Hollywood and the Pentagon. A refusal of all that is dead. With this refusal must come an affirmation, an affirmation of affinity and of our abilities to make something out of nothing. Because that is where we all must start: from nothing.

We must not be solely reactive nor solely defensive. We must be solely nothing. Nothing at all. We must respond when it is best to respond and get high when it is possible to get high. Necessity should inform our defense and imagination inform our attack. If we still hold an 'identity' we should shed it. Our dying culture branded us with these hollow 'identities'. It is possible to have an identity. But it is yours and yours alone. Affinity is not identity.


In Kansas City, the Sand Liberation Front break the windows of an Obama campaign office. In Lawrence, a group of people throw bricks through a US Bank windows and ask for others to make similar deposits. In San Francisco, 10,000 people shut down the streets and walk off into the night. At the same time, those furious at the passage of a new fascist marriage law begin to lash out at the fundamentalist supporters of Proposition 8 by committing acts of vandalism. In Jonesboro, Arkansas, the energy which Obama has harnessed is unleashed against the police indiscriminately. Those wearing shirts with his face on them proceed to bloody the police.

Obama is a release valve. He is a pressure diffuser. His supporters have been tricked into confusing their own power with his. And in effect they feed him what is necessary for action. What is the next step in this situation? What fold exists for people to be brought into? We cannot draw people to a subculture. It is simply another 'identity'. There is only one way out of this Ouroboros-like fugue: to "shut the fuck up" and begin to build relationships with those around you from the ground up.


We begin, but we begin ex nihilo. That is, from nothing. If no one around us speaks Latin, we must not speak Latin if we wish to communicate with them. There is no other way to talk, to share, to grow. Our internal languages cannot ever become a universal language. If they ever did, they would be nothing better than the mono-culture. We will have many. And we have no choice in the matter.

To begin:

Find your friends, friends whom have all freed themselves. Combine your thoughts and imaginations. Locate the cracks. Hit the cracks. When others act, watch what they do. Determine if there is commonality. Amplify or alter their efforts. Wait. Talk to those in YOUR communities, find out what they are thinking, what they wish would happen, and encourage them to act on their desires. Continue talking with them. Continue to locate the cracks. Sometimes you might find that the cracks you saw have already been hit by others. Soon, these cracks will become holes. Vacant, empty holes. Nothing will ever fill these holes again. The tower is crumbling. And will soon be gone.

These are our words and ours alone. If you are one of the unfortunate, over-educated ones, you should write your own words. Those of you who choose to not write are lucky. You have nothing but your bare hands and fire to make art with.

This was copied in full from Portland Indy Media

the link is below:



Posted by Joe Anybody at 6:59 PM PST

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