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Wednesday, 24 May 2006
385 Million Dollars for Housing Jailed Immigrants
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Hey Zebra 3 Readers look at ole' Halliburton who just got a 385 Million Dollar contract to build temporary prisons for the INS along the border.
Now does that surprise you any?

Which by the way get used to this new acronym ICE cause thats the new one for these Bad Boys.
A new acronym and some new --> "SUPERJAILS" costing hundreds of millions of dollars and having as many as 2,800 beds. You better be heads up .....Anytime you see mass prison camps being built it is not a good sign.

The following link is from www.Alternet.org

Nationwide, the number of ICE detainees went from 7,444 in 1994 to about 23,000 now; during the same period, the Marshals Service's population more than doubled to an estimated 63,000. Just in the last two years, Congress has authorized 40,000 new ICE beds over the next five years and given the Marshals Service funding for another 4,000 to 5,000. And the President's proposed 2007 budget calls for a $452 million increase in ICE funding, including money for another 6,700 beds.

One of the companies to benefit from the government's building -- and privatizing -- binge is KBR, a Halliburton Co. subsidiary, which in January was awarded a contract worth up to $385 million to build temporary immigrant detention facilities for the Homeland Security Department in case of an "emergency influx of immigrants," according to a KBR press release. The top companies running South Texas detention centers are the Corrections Corp. of America (CCA), GEO Group Inc., and Emerald Correctional Management.

The Office of Detention and Removal, a sub-agency of ICE, calls its 10-year plan "Endgame," the goal of which is to "remove all removable aliens" by 2012, including the 590,000 people who have ignored deportation orders and the 630,000 "criminal aliens" serving sentences in jail or prison at any given time.

The 6,700 new ICE detention beds requested in the 2007 budget represent a much greater number of potential deportees -- that's enough to allow an additional 134,000 people per year to be moved through the system.

- And then I liked this comment on the same link:

Immigration attorneys and advocates have watched with a mixture of amazement and apprehension as the U.S. Attorney's office has increasingly focused on nailing border-crossers. "When I first started practicing immigration law many years ago, the only people that were prosecuted for illegal entry were people who had entered before or people who were doing something else wrong when they were entering," says Barbara Hines, director of the immigration law clinic at the University of Texas Law School. "I think that's really changed -- the people who are being prosecuted [now] are coming for the first time, who have no other criminal record, and they are being prosecuted and serving jail time." Sentences can range from probation to up to 20 years if the individual has an "aggravated felony" on record.

WOW it's not surprising we don't send those captured immigrants to Guantanamo!
This place here in Texas has some news coverage on their "new Business" the prison will be drumming up here real soon due to the immigration arrests.
Here are the last few lines from that article,
Dear Z3 Readers, listen to the tone of this sales pitch for some warm bodies and the general attitude of this unhumanitarian spin. I am ashamed!

The future of CCA's Taylor facility has been in limbo the last several months because of a lack of inmates. During that time, CCA has been marketing the prison actively to use all the available space.
Without any inmates, CCA would have implemented a mothballing plan for the facility, using only a skeleton staff to maintain it so it wouldn't fall into disrepair.
Most recently, the prison housed inmates that had to be relocated from the Gulf Coast as result of hurricanes Rita and Katrina. Prior to that, the facility held prisoners for the U.S. Marshal's Service, and it also held inmates from the overflow at the Williamson County jail.

(end Quote)
Read Complete Article Here --> http://www.taylordailypress.net/articles/2005/12/21/news/news01.txt

To read more information by Joe Anybody on "Detention Camps in the USA" please check my post on Portlan Indy Media or click -->

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