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Wednesday, 26 April 2006
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Zebra 3 Readers, You have to fire off a very quick email to your State Representative by clicking

The following paragraphs I am quoting came from a email I received today....this first 2 paragraph sums up what pisses me off and I cant sit here and do nothing ....I clicked the link and sent my opinion in less than 2 minutes.

The current corrupt system skews public policy decisions that adversely impact our daily lives. As the scandals came to light last year, gas prices peaked over $3 per gallon causing serious disruptions to family budgets. The response from Congress was to pass an energy bill that gave more than $12 billion dollars in tax breaks to an oil industry that now reports record profits with no significant impact on short-term prices or long term solutions. The new Medicare prescription drug plan benefits the pharmaceutical industry more than seniors. The same can said for the bankruptcy bill, which offers more protection to credit card companies than consumers. The list goes on.

In the last year the Department of Justice, the Securities and Exchange Commission, state ethics agencies, news outlets, and government watchdog groups have all launched investigations into the actions of members of Congress who appear to have crossed the line between public service and self-enrichment. About the only entity that hasn't been looking into the Congressional scandals is the one primarily responsible to do so, the House Ethics Committee. The committee is paralyzed by partisanship and the reluctance of members of Congress to blow the whistle on their colleagues. Despite months of front page headlines, the House Ethics Committee hasn't even met to discuss a scandal in the last year.
(end quote)

Hurry and pass on some encouragement to your Congressional Rep!
The email mentioned also how ...

Former lobbyist Jack Abramoff and former Representative Duke Cunningham (CA) are going to jail. Former top congressional aides Michael Scanlon and Tony Rudy are headed for the same fate. Representatives Robert Ney (IN) and Alan Mollohan (WV) are among those who are operating under a cloud and Representative Tom DeLay (TX) felt it better to step down than explain his actions to voters.
Wealthy interests buy special access to Congress via free trips, gifts, and meals given to our legislators. This diverts our tax money toward pet projects and away from adequately funded schools, safe communities, and public health. It is time to rein in the special favors and force Congress to put the public interest ahead of self-enrichment.

This Thursday, Representatives Christopher Shays (CT) and Martin Meehan (MA) will try to offer amendments to significantly tighten and enforce the House ethics rules that lead to the costly backroom deals. I say "try" because the House leadership may prevent them from getting a vote on the amendments.
(end quote

The suggested amendments detailed by Reps. Chris Shays (CT) and Martin Meehan (MA) that will need to get voted in would be... (quote)
Step one should be to establish an independent, professionally staffed ethics office like the one detailed in an amendment by Reps. Chris Shays (CT) and Martin Meehan (MA) with the power to launch nonpartisan investigations, audit disclosure reports, recommend sanctions, and hear complaints. An independent entity will have the credibility and authority to ensure members of Congress play by the rules.
(end quote)

So click This Here Handy Link and do your part to help end the corruption in lobbying and to help change laws that will hold accountable by ethics standards we all can be proud of
And help our leaders we elect to represent us, follow within the honorable boundaries that are just and set with no loophole or confusion. Click the link and help bring some Integrity to our Congress

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Sunday, 23 April 2006
Everybody is talking .....But White House still on a Crash Course
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Topic: WAR
As all levels of the military start to debate wither Russfeld is worth do-diddly I read this,
New York Times Article which said.....

A midgrade officer who has served two tours in Iraq said a number of his cohorts were angered last month when Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said that "tactical errors, a thousand of them, I am sure," had been made in Iraq.

"We have not lost a single tactical engagement on the ground in Iraq," the officer said, noting that the definition of tactical missions is specific movements against an enemy target. "The mistakes have all been at the strategic and political levels."

You remember that Z3 readers?
Where she-devil is on the toilet?
It was from my Z3 Report March 31 2006
Their comments are in line with my point and yet you can tell there is disgust in the leadership gone wild and held unaccountable.

On the forefront of this topic of Rumsfeld, is that a human rights group has filed a criminal complaint in Germany against US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and other top US officials

Joe Anybody thinks this Neocon, Rumsfeld needs to resign and be charged with war crimes!
You can read more here of that the Germany Charge -->

Also in the NY Times article the closing paragraphs state a good point about leadership accountability although he is soft on Rummy, the quote is by one of the Army field-grade officer...

Others contend that the military's own failings are equally at fault. A field-grade officer now serving in Iraq said he thought it was incorrect for the retired generals to call for Mr. Rumsfeld's resignation. His position, he said, is that "if there is a judgment to be cast, it rests as much upon the shoulders of our senior military leaders."

...on "SENIOR military OFFICERS shoulders is where it should be resting"
....ya its resting alright, looks like it was put to sleep!

And not so amusing, how about this quote way back in 2003 by Rummy and the War of WMD that was just beginning in Iraq?

When reporters asked in early March 2003 whether he was worried about Iraq becoming a "quagmire" (a question frequently posed in relation to Afghanistan), Rumsfeld responded, "I can almost promise you that someone in this room will say it's a quagmire."

See I also learned from this article --> RIGHT HERE "RUMMY BIO" that Saddam and Rummy were Chemical buddies .....read this couple paragraphs from the www.rotten site:

Perhaps the most memorable of these roles came during the Reagan administration, when Rumsfeld was named special presidential envoy to the Middle East. According to the Washington Post and others, Rumsfeld was a major proponent of the Reagan administration's support of Iraq and its dictator Saddam Hussein.
As a conciliatory gesture, the U.S. removed Iraq from its list of state sponsors of terrorism in 1982, paving the way for Rumsfeld to visit Baghdad in 1983, about the midpoint of the decade-long Iran-Iraq war.
At the time, intelligence reports indicated the Iraqis were using illegal chemical weapons against Iran "almost daily." During several trips to Iraq, Rumsfeld told government officials that the U.S. would consider an Iraqi loss to Iran a major strategic defeat. In a personal meeting with Saddam Hussein in December 1983, Rumsfeld told the Butcher of Baghdad that the U.S. wanted to restore full diplomatic relations with Iraq.
In 2002, Rumsfeld tried to put a gloss on this meeting by claiming that he warned Hussein against using banned weapons, but that claim was unsupported by the State Department's notes on the meeting.
As a result of the openings created by Rumsfeld's diplomatic triumphs, U.S. companies were recruited and encouraged, both covertly and overtly, to ship poisonous chemicals and biological agents to Iraq, by the administrations of both Reagan and George Bush Sr.. Care packages to Saddam included sample strains of anthrax and bubonic plague, and components which would be used to develop nerve poisons like sarin gas and ricin.
Content with this service to his nation, Rumsfeld hoped to return to his game of hopscotch between the public and private sectors. He toyed with a 1988 presidential run, but bowed out in favor of Bob Dole
(end quote)

Did I just read Rumsfeld helped get chemicals to Iraq?

Ya know after reading the Zebra 3Report.
You got to have strong guts.
Because this administration will make you puke.
When we continue to read about this war crime leadership and their dirty illegal and sneaky ways.

And then from within the ranks the churn of human concern and honest blind questions of from the men in uniform who work for the bums...,

And ironically enough, here is a link to an April 10-23 2006 Web post on Rummy's recklessness from a soldiers own words in his blog.
I just came across it.
Read it with fortitude, and the comments on Rummy's Woes, and the military Establishment was curiously relevant.

And the article on LOVE by this solider.....hmmmmmm
From the lips of those in the sand .......
click --> http://milblogging.com/listingDetail.php?id=1454

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Now Playing: A Zen Poem And A Love Note

Sitting quietly, doing nothing,
Spring comes, and the grass grows by itself.

More From ZEBRA 3 on ZEN HERE

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Friday, 21 April 2006
Stupid FDA defies scientific report
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According to the NY Times 4-21-06
USER: fayad
PASSWORD: france

some scientists and legislators said the FDA's statement about marijuana demonstrated that politics had trumped science.



But complaints such as these two are all too common.
No wonder we still live in a DARK AGE!

Scientists who study the medical use of marijuana said in interviews that the federal government had actively discouraged research
and Dr. Donald Abrams, a professor of clinical medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, said he had studied marijuana's medicinal effects for years but had been frustrated because the National Institutes of Health, the leading government medical research agency, had refused to finance such work.

Refuse to allow, deny medical use, squash studies, don't fund research, and flat out use terror and fear and lies to criminalize a victimless crime that has no reason to be considered illegal.
Manipulate the facts, reports and progress to help comfort those in pain and to cause miss-information that has to be enforced by the cops and the FEDS unleashed on people in pain or minding their own business.

Now the DEA & FDA thumb there nose at facts and science.

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Updated: Friday, 21 April 2006 2:30 AM PDT
Thursday, 20 April 2006
This administration continues to extremly screw up!
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Now Playing: John D. Negroponte .......Is this our Intelligence?
So Joe Anybody writes about the bum Negroponte,
and two days latter he is all over the NY Times Front Page.
In an article written by SCOTT SHANE (found here)
This login should work -->
USER ID:fayad

Two top lawmakers fear that John D. Negroponte, the director of national intelligence, is "just another blanket of bureaucracy, putting demands on front-line operatives and analysts."

Now this is no surprise to me!
As this administration will obfuscate all their spy information and pile it is TOP SECRET files and tromp all over the rights and all over the world, it comes as no surprise that their is claims Negroponte is just layering the levels of bureaucracy to protect the miss-use and abuse of what I call spying, but the Neocons call intelligence.

Z3 readers remember who this bum is from my previous post -->
Z3 Report April 17 2006 with a link that mentioned the following...
"With no other big building projects scheduled for Iraq in the next year, the State Department coordinator for Iraq is asking Congress for $100 million for prisons, while the Iraqi people languish with 3.2 hours of electricity daily in the average home, staggering unemployment and horrendous security, with most still dependent upon a monthly food ration.

Meanwhile John Pace, the Human Rights Chief for the UN Assistance Mission in Iraq until last month, recently stated that he believes the US has violated the Geneva Conventions in Iraq and is fueling the violence via raiding Iraqi homes and detaining thousands of innocent Iraqis. Pace estimates that between 80-90% of Iraqi detainees are innocent."

In the recent committee meeting, Negroponte told US senators he was seeing progress in Iraq. He said, "And if we continue to make that kind of progress, yes, we can win in Iraq."

Evidently the kind of progress John Negroponte sees in Iraq is not the kind that benefits the Iraqi people. Because the only progress in Iraq, apart from building prisons, is for the situation to continue growing progressively worse by deepening sectarian divides, despite the best efforts of religious leaders to create peace and unity.

Thus, does Negroponte really care if there is civil war?
Does he really concern himself with the wellbeing of the Iraqi people?
Or is his main concern creating the catastrophe which keeps them divided?

This is just par for the course, for a regime that uses terror to control & wage wars across the globe.
Its par for the course in cover up and waste.
Its par for the course when you have torturers's and criminals in charge of official office in our government, or in our security of our country.
Its par for the course to see America sit by, like a Statue of Liberty with a bag on its head.

Is there any end to all this ...


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Wednesday, 19 April 2006
Freedom to Fascism ~ Coming to a Theater Near You
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Topic: MEDIA


Now Z3 Readers should be extremely happy about this movie ...and just by this trailer link -->
This looks like a movie that could expose the riff raft in our Fascist Governments and cause some sleeping citizens not to mention the
Drive By Media to wake up and smell the crime in thier coffee.

The link from a very reliable source informs me that with a little help we can get this movie in to a
Theater Near You Click -->
An Urgent Message: A Plea To Help Promote This Movie

This movie is up against the Big League
The Media can and does keep the Little Guys off the field. The prices to advertise are beyond what joe anybody could afford.
This movie was shown as a special preview at a small private-owned little neighborhood theater in my town, but I missed it, not knowing it was being played. What I heard was that it was going to be shown at the larger theaters but when the big league seen what it was about they didn't want to show this film.

All the more reasons I say
FREEDOM TO FASCISM makes the crook Tom Delay seem like a cartoon character! This movie should be encouraged and supported.

I have Ben Waiting for a good movie like this.
And I plan on getting some popcorn,

and a few snickers! ...

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Monday, 17 April 2006
John Negroponte, Torture and Lack of Policy Continues
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The last 3 paragraphs of an article By Will Dunham for Reuters was found here at --> Altnet.com
It sums up this Out of Hand USA Torture Topic pretty well.

It said civilian policymakers have given unclear and sometimes unlawful guidance on detainee treatment, but also blamed U.S. commanders in Iraq and Afghanistan for failing to exercise good judgment.

"It's my opinion that torture became a common Army practice in Iraq because generals and colonels and majors allowed it to occur, even at times encouraged it.

"Soldiers became torturers because their chain of command chose to look the other way," said retired Army Brig. Gen. David Irvine, an adviser to Human Rights First.

The human rights lawyers (and a retired military General) report also mentioned ......

as of Feb 2006:
At least eight detainees of the roughly 100 who have died in U.S. military custody in Iraq and Afghanistan
were tortured to death, human rights lawyers are claiming.

And that of the 98 deaths it examined, only 12 led to punishment of any kind for U.S. personnel.

"People are dying in U.S. custody and no one's being held to account," said Deborah Pearlstein, who heads the Human Rights First U.S. law and security program.

Then I skip on over to some History from 1980.
This link about John Negroponte, who is our current
US National Intelligence Director.

And who used to be the US ambassador to Iraq
from June 2004 to April 2005.
The article discusses this clown and seems to show that the US policies still represent some of the same attitude all over again from major past mistakes that never ever were or will be corrected!

From the website -->
TRUTHOUT.ORG I notice it has some more ugly facts on the roots of torture and the good ol NEOCON BOY"S romp through Honduras.
Staring Rumsfeld, Negroponte, Regan and more.

I read these old war stories and find them sounding an awful lot like todays war/horror stories!
It looks to me like atrocities and torture and lack of oversight and NO ACCOUNTABILITY continue on in full American Pride and tradition.

Odd how all this seems to never-end when all these clowns are in charge. Face it Z3 Readers, the NEOCON warlords will continue to treat humans like this regardless of what country or what we citizens think our laws protect or cover or represent.
They will continue.....until they are in prison themselves!

This torture just as Negroponte has done throughout his tenure with our Military will continue as long as bushman is in power.

America has the blood and the scars to show proof: That The Bushman and His Crime Family

We are The Country that Tortures Humans
Live With It!

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Updated: Tuesday, 18 April 2006 2:19 PM PDT
Sunday, 16 April 2006
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Topic: 911 TRUTH


--> joe-anybody 911 Truth Report

Posted by Joe Anybody at 1:39 AM PDT
Thursday, 13 April 2006
Royal Air Force sends doctor to jail for not going to Iraq
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Now Playing: Compared the US invasion of Iraq as to being like the Nazi's
Topic: WAR
Flt Lt Kendall-Smith Gets a Prison Term and says he would not back down or change his attitude concerning this war or his participating in it.

In surfing the anti-war websites I got this information from this site --> www.guardian.co.uk! and I feel like spreading this mans story, as he makes a stand against this stupid war;

Kendall-Smith also said to police last year "As a commissioned officer I am required to consider each and every order that is given to me and I am required to consider the legality of each order in domestic and international law.

I have satisfied myself that the actions of the armed forces in Iraq were in fact unlawful, as was the conflict," he said. "I believe that the current occupation of Iraq is an illegal act and for me to comply with an act which is illegal would put me in conflict with both domestic and international law."

Then he says ....

"I have two great loves; medicine and the RAF. To take the decision I have taken saddens me greatly but I feel I have no choice."

Well Z3 Readers...guess what?
Kendall-Smith was a RAF doctor and one who loved his job and his country, but he also refused to go to Iraq when ordered to, on the grounds that the war was illegal.
He now is jailed for eight months in what the judge described as a message to the armed forces about the consequences of rejecting "the policy of Her Majesty's government".

Apparently it was not Flt Lt Kendall-Smith's responsibility to judge the legality of orders given to him, nor make charges against those superiors of his that had higher rank!

Yesterday the judge said Kendall-Smith's understanding of the crime of aggression under international law was "seriously flawed".

The judge described Kendall-Smiths accusations of a crime as..... "a crime which can only be committed by those responsible for the policy of a nation at the top of government or of the armed forces and that responsibility for it does not trickle down to those at lower levels of the chain of command".

But Ft Lt Kendall-Smith told the court.. "I have evidence that the Americans were on a par with Nazi Germany with its actions in the Persian gulf. I have documents in my possession which support my assertions. This is on the basis that ongoing acts of aggression in Iraq and systematically applied war crimes provide a moral equivalent between the US and Nazi Germany."

Flt Lt Kendall-Smith said he considered the war in Iraq to be the equivalent of an "imperial invasion and occupation". He said he was extremely disturbed by America's "imperial campaign of military conquest", which was in direct conflict with his duties.

Z3 Readers read NEO-CONS! That is what he is describing

He made his stand and will get 8 months.
He made a statement about the comparison of the Nazi's and our Invasion.
He made everybody listen to a battle cry for PEACE
He will go to jail and Joe Anybody will feel proud!

This is sad and just one more life behind iron bars of FREEDOM.

The bars of HATE.

From a machine that Deplores Liberty

And uses's Terror to keep the masses in Fear

I read where Kendall-Smith so far had received 500 letters of encouragement.
Maybe I should make it 500 and one!


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Updated: Thursday, 13 April 2006 9:21 PM PDT
Wednesday, 12 April 2006
Joe Anybody Has Discovered A Hero - Senator Cynthia McKinney
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Now Playing: I LOVE THIS WOMAN Please read this article
I read this article and and it spoke to my heart.
I love this lady.
What a Patriot .....I urge all Z3 Readers to read this soul touching true article titled:


The following is a Quote from
Michael Ruppert From The Wilderness

A White Ex Cop Speaks Out About a Georgia Congresswoman

Last fall, after I had acted as a questioner for two panels sponsored by McKinney at the CBC’s annual convention, (Congressional Black Caucus)I was surprised as she handed me a ticket to the CBC formal banquet. This is a big annual event and I sat just a few tables away from John Kerry. Howard Dean was a few tables past Kerry. More than a thousand people, dressed to the nines, filled a crowded ballroom.

Cynthia was a no-show and it didn’t take long to figure out why. As every black member of Congress was introduced by seniority, starting with the Honorable John Conyers of Michigan, Cynthia McKinney’s name was saved for last. Even the Congressional Black Caucus could not recognize a sister’s seniority and service, not even when it wouldn't’t have cost them a thing.

Where was Cynthia during that dinner? She wasn’t there. She was off violating a direct order from Nancy Pelosi not to attend a massive anti-war rally on the Mall. She was standing with Cindy Sheehan. She was giving a speech denouncing the war in Iraq and the Bush administration. She was doing her job.

Now after reading this article and in context of my blog articles from below ...consider that there is more to be said than what just seems she hit a security cop with her cell phone. The rash of shit to put it mildly she endures for this country is astonishing.

Check this -->

And then there is the --> Z3 Report from the very next day I posted, which has TWO EXCELLENT video clips. Check it out --> HERE!
One of those clips discusses this very issue.

update::Ironicly one of the links is not working as I write this? It is the rummy/mckinney video from the Lonelatern.com website, which is offline for some reason?

See this Joe, grew up in the 60's
And this Joe Anybody was tought to respect all people!

RESPECT .......! its not hard to do!

I will just as soon as continue to live by those words, than any other as i stand behind Mrs McKinney
And as I also remember the outstanding rebel yell...

"I would rather die on my feet fighting than give up and live on my knees"


Please Read This Michael C Ruppert Article From The Wilderness

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Updated: Thursday, 13 April 2006 8:30 PM PDT

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