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Sunday, 21 January 2007
Jatropha seeds = Biodiesel Fuel
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Now Playing: India is activly cultivating a plant called Jatropha for fuel

India's Big Plans for

 Bio diesel

Researchers are developing new


for cultivating a plant called



Jatropha seeds, when crushed, produce large quantities of an oil that can easily be converted to bio diesel that performs at levels close to that of conventional diesel oil. In fact, a hectare of jatropha produces 1,892 liters of fuel, which is better than rapeseed and far better than soybean or corn, according to data gathered by the Global Petroleum Club, an energy networking organization funded by the private-equity firm Forrest Equity Management. 

Please read this short informing Full Article


Zebra 3 readers, I didn't know anything about this plant until I read this article today. So from what I see it looks like it could turn into a good harty reliable sustainable source of fuel?  When I first looked up this plant I seen a plant with red berries  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jatropha Then in looking further I seen this 2nd article, and a picture of the green berries. The second article refers to the (same) plant but I think it is describing the bio fuel potintial more directly, and in this case, Jatropa in India.   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jatropha_in_india

(quote from Wikipedia)

Jatropha in India, refers to India's interest in the succulent plant Jatropha as a renewable energy source. Jatropha cultivation has been selected by the government of India as a method of providing an alternative fuel source for the coming years. Large plots of waste land have been selected for Jatropha cultivation. This will provide much needed employment to the rural poor of India and also provide a means for India to attain energy independence. Businesses are also seeing the planting of Jatropha as a good business opportunity.







Another link on Jatropha -->   http://www.biodieseltoday.com/whyjatropha.htm 


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Thursday, 18 January 2007
Stop th G8
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Stop Capitalism.








In the summer of 2007, the heads of state of Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Great Britain, Japan, Canada and the USA will meet for the so-called G8 summit in Hooliganism in Mealybug-Western Pomerania in north-east Germany. They will be well protected by police and the military, and they want to demonstrate their unity to the media. They will try to present themselves as the legitimate leadership of the “civilized world” and will organize to implement their common interests. Contrary to their actual policy they will again feign commitment to fighting world hunger, disease, poverty and terrorism. Just like at past summits, tens of thousands will protest against the meeting to show the real meaning of the G8.

Now my fellow Z3 readers really haven't heard me rant on Capitalism as a major issue, but you will possible agree with me that after reading this article that is linked to above this post ....the dynamics of the obvious "divide" seem to widen the more one reads along. Unnervingly the more it seemed pretty obvious,that capitalism is not to concerned with the common mans well-being (his life).

It was an ugly to think about how capitalism spits on humans and that even though there our these purported grandiose endeavors of the World Bank, IMF , etc, but the bottom line is "humans suffer" at the feet of capitalism. Not a pretty picture, I agree. But.... ya see ...its that "money is the root" concept in a bold obvious imperialist way.

Hey I get my daily average joe paycheck like most Americans, working the 9-5 ....but read this article in the link above and use some heart felt rational deduction, and you will be aware that something isn't working to well with this damn * system. 

So if one is not becoming involved or supporting in some non-violent way to show solidarity at least become a little more wiser as to why there are people up on them G8 Front-lines .....screaming and hooting and hollering and fighting, and fricking telling the whole world ......at all odds and vulnerabilities ...on the front-line face to face with the WORLD POLICE .....It can be Brutal taking on the machine, but I know they mean well and their intentions are pure and good, I joe anybody do understand and I do support change for the better in this corrupt capitalist imperialist world.

I can see we have a problem here folks.....!

Now lets digress and check out this picture of the Fence to keep Protesters out that is being constructed. There are a few more links below, but I suggest you read the link at the top of this post it explains allot of the cause. Thanks Everybody ~joe!

10 mile chain fence in Germany being built now


 the red line on the map shows the ---->  10 miles long fence being built around the town of heiligendamm to keep away the protesters from the meeting






         ....   http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2007/01/352446.shtml



I joe Anybody do not necessarily support all these views represented above and on these pages of the Zebra 3 Report

I am a free thinking peaceful non violent person who is aware and looking for progressive changes, I am not an Anarchist but the more I read on the topic and some of their philosophy I am amazed and intrigued. Especially how well informed and involved Anarchist are with politics, human rights, freedom, rebellion, and appear to me as more apt to care about human life. I like that.

I looked up the word Anarchy in Wikipedia and read this:

Anarchists are those who believe that all people are imbued with a sort of commonality, common sense, that would allow for people to, in the absence of the government, come together in agreement to form a functional existence. Morality falls in line with functionality, and its forms differ. Anarchy does not reject ethics, or principles, but rather imposed morality.

 You can read that yourself (and more) by clicking here to go to Wikipedia

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Wednesday, 17 January 2007
SKIP FOR PEACE - Dennis Kayne
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Aint Going Back Again





I found this topic about Dennis on Portland Indy Media http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2007/01/352397.shtml



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Tuesday, 16 January 2007
Terror Being Used To Create Fear = Oh...! ....... Really ?
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  Hello z3 Readers

By the way before we get started - check out this abc news story discussing if the fear issue is being employed by fox tv towards society

...well how ironic (duhhhh)

Here is the link to the abc story and a few paragraphs

Nuclear Blast on TV's '24' Causes Fallout for Fox

Critics Ask Whether the Show Is Feeding Terror Fears


Jan. 15, 2007 — - "How much longer? I hear someone," says the nervous terrorist with a heavy Middle Eastern accent, just before U.S. agents storm a warehouse where a nuclear device is being assembled. Confusion reigns, drama builds, the device is detonated and a mushroom cloud looms over Los Angeles. Such is primetime television in the age of terrorism, or as some critics charge, has "24" gone too far?

"It's the closest television comes to roller coasters," said David Bianculli, television critic for the New York Daily News. "It works well dramatically, and as far as feeding fears, that's what '24' is all about."

Sut Jhally, co-producer and co-director of the film "Hijacking Catastrophe," says the dramatic action in the show creates a dangerous climate in which the public loses some of its perspective on what's real and what's not. Of course that may be a minority opinion given the show's enormous popularity.

"24" is taken seriously by some serious folks. Last June the conservative Heritage Foundation hosted a panel called, "'24' and America's Image in Fighting Terrorism: Fact, Fiction or Does It Matter?" Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff participated.

But some national security experts worry that television fantasy can trigger the imagination of terrorists. Jack Cloonan, a former senior agent on the FBI's bin Laden squad in New York, said that trainees in former al-Qaeda camps watched movie videos "to get ideas."

"The show has huge entertainment value, but it ups the ante for everybody," said Cloonan. "We saw what Columbine did. Fox may think they are doing a public service, but I don't see any redeeming value at all."

Josh Governale, spokesman for "24," refused to comment on tonight's episode.


My fellow resders allow me to continue,

Now below my text here ...I am copying the following post to put  in my z3 report, because it illustrates the point i have been making for a long time - about how trumped up terror fear as explained/shown in the "power of nightmares" video-series from the bbc.

Consider what this article is saying and the abc one you just read above,  and then - think about how fear is running/ruining this world and exploited by our neocon leaders and croonies to this very day, renebr the terror alerts?

the BBC article can be watched from my website here 


I urge you all to watch the bbc Nightmare 3-part-series after you read the following post which I found on a military website that is full of interesting information here titled "homeland security blues"   



More of my opinion on this terror-angle can be found on my Joe anybody website under the 'Terror' tab -->



Homeland Security


When I scan the papers for how the feds, state and locals are dealing with terrorist CBRN [Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear] incidents, I cringe. We seem to swing from pandering to our worst fears to get a few more bucks to blind rote repetition in hazard response that doesn't match logic to the threat. Here's a few examples that I hope are not typical, but I wonder...
hazmat suit.jpg

In Denver, there was a "white powder" scare on Sunday - actually, it wasn't even a powder scare, it was a number of capsules holding a yellow powder which were delivered to a bank. It tested positive for a biological organism (protein) but not anthrax. There was no threat in the envelope, no return address, no visible signs of ill effects on the employees handling the mail. So of course the locals did the routine thing - quarantine the seven bank employees and the police officer who answered the 911 call, call the feds, let the WMD Civil Support Team confirm it's not anthrax, and strip and wash the employees in the bank's parking lot. Yep - routine.

But as a precaution, the employees were scrubbed in a puffy orange tent and sent home in a hazardous- materials suit because the substance was still unknown Sunday evening. One of the female employees cried on her way out of the decontamination tent, where she was required to strip naked and get scrubbed down by a hazardous-materials team.

The police officer also was decontaminated because he came in contact with the employees when he answered the 911 call.

Okay, is it asking too much for someone - between FEMA, the FBI, the Army (assuming the 20th SUPCOM), the WMD CST, and the Denver firefighters and hazmat team - to think, hmmm, doesn't test out as a BW agent or any typical white/yellow powder, no weird messages in the envelope, maybe we don't have to recreate the decon scene from "Silkwood" for what is probably a false alarm and obviously not a chemical or radiological hazard that might cause an acute lethal reaction. Idiots.

Let's flash over to Kansas City, where Kansas State University is planning to open up a Bio-Security Research Institute, which will study food safety. About $54 million is being invested in the facility. The university has a program called "Making America Safer" which includes several projects funded by DHS. They're looking forward to helping...

Now, under the center’s purview, hundreds of researchers and students are engaged in projects aimed at keeping America safe. The center works with the departments of Agriculture, Defense and Justice and other federal, state and local agencies “to facilitate an effective strategy for rapid response to emerging agricultural threats,” Vanier said.

The center is even developing plans for training police and firefighters who would be early responders in the event of a bioterrorist attack.

No, it's not the scientists' job to limit or halt bioterrorism attacks, contrary to the article's cheery tone. Intelligence professionals find out where the terrorists are and counterterrorism units grab the bad guys. All the scientists do is preach how deadly the bugs are and why they need more money to research the hazards. Although I should take it easy on K-State's associate vice provost for research and compliance, Jerry Jaax - he paid his dues as an Army MRIID doc working at the Reston Ebola breakout in 1989 - he's still a typical medic: "a bioterrorism attack could cripple the agricultural-based economy of the [Kansas] region. Jaax said a 'significant risk' of such an attack does exist." Yadda yadda. Where's the intel assessment?

Last, let's jump up to the Fed level. ABC News gets Richard Clarke (its paid consultant) and the FBI's WMD Division to hype up the spinach E. coli incident into a potential agro-terrorism incident.

Government investigators say there's no evidence linking the current E. coli outbreak — in which tainted spinach has caused at least 171 known cases in 25 states, according to the FDA — to terrorism. But those same investigators are keenly aware that America's food supply is vulnerable to attack. An international meeting on how to fight agro-terrorism starts Monday in Kansas City.

Government agencies have held mock exercises to see what would happen if the food supply was compromised. The results were catastrophic.

"What happened was utter chaos," said Sen. Patrick Roberts, R-Kan. "We lost almost the entire livestock herd of the United States, all export stock. We had panic at the grocery stores."

What a shock. A national exercise which went for the "worst case scenario" route to test the leadership responses, despite all lack of any evidence of a current terrorist threat and the complete lack of any past history of agro-terrorism. But it justifies the USDA's research bills.

Is it too much to ask for some sanity? Some logic and common sense? Natural disasters, accidents and indigenous diseases are still the major killers out there, people. I'm not against some funds for countering CBRN terrorism - it pays my bills - but certainly we could be spending it smarter, and more importantly, talking about the topic more intelligently.

UPDATE: Offices in Denver got four "anthrax" envelopes Monday - some copycat with a sick sense of humor. We need FEMA or the state EOCs to develop procedures that will minimize panic and not automatically go to four-alarm mode, assuming that every white powder is anthrax unless otherwise proven. These hoaxes and false alarms are going to continue - better figure out a sane way to face that fact.

-- Jason Sigger, crossposted at Armchair Generalist

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Monday, 15 January 2007
Iran Focus says what I have said all along
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Now Playing: Chairman of the Guardians Council says 911 was a Puppet Show
Topic: 911 TRUTH

Well now isn't this interesting, but then this is not news to me I am glad the coffee is being smelled by the world at large ...for we all were scammed......

Iran Focus

Iran says U.S. planned 9/11 attacks


Fri. 12 Jan 2007


Tehran, Iran, Jan. 12 – Iran trumpeted a stunning accusation against the United States on Friday, claiming it had planned the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York and the Pentagon outside Washington, D.C.

The Chairman of the Guardians Council Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati described 9/11 as a "puppet show", adding that it had been orchestrated by the Americans themselves.

"They used this event as a pretext in order to create the slogan of fighting terrorism and promoting democracy to carry out an assault on Islamic countries. But the reality is that they have been defeated in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, and Lebanon and their slogan has lost its effect", Jannati told worshippers during a sermon in Tehran. His comments were aired on state television.

In September 2006, the head of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps accused the Bush Administration and the Israeli security service Mossad of ordering the September 11 attacks.

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Saturday, 13 January 2007
I am happy to tell you
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Now Playing: Joe Anybody Photo Video Web page Debut



Here is a website that I have put together

It is a few political (& non) photo/video clips w/music I made

I will be changing - adding things here from time to time

~ so drop back in ~

The Film Po Po Pro is a collection of pictures of various protesting and police confrontations, not all are of the pictures are US issues but the power clash with armed enforcers is real.

The Film Happy Times-Do All 3  is a short clip of the Neocons, burning man,torture pictures, and kids. These are Happy Times folks ....Rush Limbaugh told me so.

And most the recently added is a film called  Fractalburn it has some cool illusion and fractals. It has no politics and took me about a day to put it all together. The software to make these flicks is somewhat cumbersome to learn and their are lots of limits (I have to use their music for example, but its all free) 

 I enjoyed putting some of my pictures to music and sharing the message or the concept. Po Po Pro is my my first and favorite. Help support Peace and encourage an end to war.

This link here will take you to my video page --> http://www.fliptrack.com/profile/Joe%20Anybody


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Thursday, 11 January 2007
Can You say IMPEACH
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January 6, 2007 --

Over 1000 people gathered in Nancy Pelosi's district, on Ocean Beach in San Francisco,

 to spell out the message


Zebra 3 Readers ya got see these people in the pictures and the video.

As my kid says when he seen the pictures ...he said "Gee what does that tell ya?"


Watch this excellent - You Tube Video of this event - Here

Impeach At The Beach

Dont Forget

There is this LINKS PAGE that I found with much much more stuff



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Tuesday, 9 January 2007
Greenpeace right on the ass of a apple
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So looks like GREENPEACE is on

Apple Computer

to start acting GREEN

At first I headed into this article slightly skeptical, the more I read the more I liked the concept and the public pressure. Ya know it is too bad it takes ACTIVISM to get business's and corporations and even the government to act. They would be status quo and not do a damn thing if the dang activists were not there EXPOSING and badgering them. 

 (here is the link) --> http://www.greenpeace.org/apple/itox.html

The whole activism pressure is a sheer use of using energy for a positive effect.  What gets me is the universal acceptance that as long as "profits" were to be made "GET OUT OF THE WAY" ...it appears to me that the sole purpose of most peoples respect for life and freedom entail and actually really is all about the money.

It looks more and more to me like the "way we all live on this planet together, the power and control centers around profits above all else....No morals.

No scruples.

Making money.

Get out of the way, commerce and profits are coming through.

Don't stop the ebb and flow of the capitalist ways and means.

So you can send a comment by snail mail or call at the main office

  • Apple
  • 1 Infinite Loop
  • Cupertino, CA 95014
  • 408.996.1010 }
  • And tell Steve Jobs @ Apple,  to do the green thing and start acting responsible. I am going to send my printed letter (since I don't see a email address)  What is amazing is that many other electronic company's are all ready doing this 'Green Thing'.

    In fact this list below amazes me as I read how as the band wagon gets rolling but .....Apple seems to put profits before good green sense and there concern for the world (so far)

    Here is 50 Greenpeace Activists at Apple Computer with Green Lights shining on the building, thus lighting it up green and raising the question ....Why is Apple not Being Green?

    Click For Photos

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    Sunday, 7 January 2007
    Iraq Contractors Have New Rules To Follow
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    Topic: WAR


    Five years into the war on terror,

     American military contractors

    have finally lost some of their immunity from prosecution for dirty deeds done on the federal dime.

    In a post over on DefenseTech, the Brookings Institution's Peter Singer reports on a quiet insertion into the 2007 Pentagon budget that means ...

    "contractors' 'get out of jail free' card may have been torn to shreds."

    Basically, contractors are now subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, which means they can be court martialed:  


    Since the start of the Iraq war, tens of thousands of heavily-armed military contractors have been roaming the country -- without any law, or any court to control them. That may be about to change, Brookings Institution Senior Fellow P.W. Singer notes in a Defense Tech exclusive. Five words, slipped into a Pentagon budget bill, could make all the difference. With them, "contractors 'get out of jail free' cards may have been torn to shreds," he writes. They're now subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the same set of laws that governs soldiers. But here's the catch: embedded reporters are now under those regulations, too.  

    READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE http://www.defensetech.org/archives/003123.html

    Posted by Joe Anybody at 10:41 PM PST
    Saturday, 6 January 2007
    Today In the New York Times, I Read About The Deep Divide
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    Now Playing: Bush Facing Deep Divide Over More Troops for Iraq
    Topic: WAR

    Let start this post on the topic of “Escalating Troops Iraq” with a quote from this Saturday NY Times <1-6-07> by Sen. Mary L Landrieu who is a Louisiana Democrat. She stated to the White House, “The American people’s patience is wearing thin with the vagueness,”  

    Senator Ben Nelson, a Democrat from Nebraska was quoted as saying “I don’t know that the American people will see the surge (of troops in Iraq) as a new direction, The American people want to see a change in direction, not just a change in slogans.” 

    As well as Senator Blanche Lincoln, an Arkansas Democrat who said, “An increase in troops would face considerable scrutiny in Congress from Democrats and Republicans.”


    And my fellow Zebra 3 Reader, this nugget here from the Times article struck me as a double edged point to ponder: After the meeting, Mrs. Clinton did not issue a statement, while Mr. Obama spoke to reporters about his conversation with Mr. Bush.

    Senators Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York and Barack Obama of Illinois, who both are considering a presidential candidacy, arrived at the White House at nearly the same time. After the meeting, Mrs. Clinton did not issue a statement, while Mr. Obama spoke to reporters about his conversation with Mr. Bush.

    “I personally indicated that an escalation of troop levels in Iraq was a mistake and that we need a political accommodation, rather than a military approach to the sectarian violence there,” he said. “I think he recognizes that the status quo is unacceptable and has to change.”

    Folks notice how Clinton had no comment

    ..... I believe she is pro war... that is why!!

    Notice Obama has stepped up and said rhe right thing ! ahhhhhhhh Seems like he is a-hell-of-a-lot-smater than the ditz that is running things now.

    So these were the comments being relayed to Bush in the White House just the other day with the “special meeting he called”

     Read Full Article From the NY Times Here 

    So what is the Commander in Chief getting ready to do? Ramp up the number of warm US bodies to send in for more targets.., that’s what he is doing! In blatant disregard for all the anti-war information and the (sic) intelligence he is going on a self-destruct course. See the link I put to a comment on MSNBC / You Tube from the journalist Keith Obernman, it is titled: 

    Keith Olbermann's Special Comment  

    He eloquently says these US Military deaths are all on Bush shoulders and who has lied about this from the start. It is his fault! He is to Blame! 

    Folks we all know that fighting is wrong. We all know there were no WMD  ..It was lies!  We know torture is being done in (sic) off shore-prisons!   (GITMO, etc) (Where US law doesn’t apply)  We have killed 100 of Thousands innocent Iraq civilians by this attack on their country   Our US solider death tolls now stretches over 3000 US dead and rising   We know but hardly hear of the injuries to US soldiers which is 1000 and 1000’s of injurie!   We are destroying the whole region water, roads, schools, hospitals, kicking in door-to-door, crimes rapes and shooting/killings.   This fricken war is wrong and SUCKS    Bush is out of his mind is going to try to drag us all down with him!   In his greed for oil, power, and self serving war profiteering he is 'Ruining the World' and my country who under his insane directive are continiously and shamelessly killing without cause or reason    The answer I see is Impeachment.    It would rid our society and country from this terrible mans rein.

    After Impeaching, I then see charges for prison and war crimes waged as being the proper and right thing to be done.    He is not, beyond all law …..he too, must follow the laws of this country.   I am ashamed to watch this man lie and kill to prove he was (sic) right!   Now against all odds, all advise, and full of himself …he suggests “more bodies”   That may be my kids he wants to use …….and when I think he would use my kid for his war obsession it makes me stand up and YELL ……. 



    Let’s see if these Congressmen and women can ram the logic home?    Hell maybe we need a Civil War here at home over this sick perverted White House killing fascination and waving our flag while they do it principles.    I am writing my Senators next (again!) and tell them we need to....

    .... put an end to the Killing ....Now!

    Posted by Joe Anybody at 2:07 PM PST
    Updated: Sunday, 7 January 2007 5:24 AM PST

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