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Monday, 24 October 2011
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Episode-770- Modern Financial Survival

Yesterday I stated that we are about to in effect go into the middle of a financial war.  I am not sure the analogy was fully understood it wasn’t so much about fighting the battle but more about the way that even if good is the end result how many can be harmed in the process.

This resulted in a litany of people trying to nit pick about the justification for WWII, why the US prospered after the war, etc.   Such people are literalists that don’t comprehend analogies and tell “ants are socialists”, when you tell them the ant and grasshopper story.

Today I will revisit a few things people took exception to (very briefly) and will spend most of the show outlining my “modern financial survival guide” for the coming future.

Join Me Today as We Discuss…

  • Is the Catholic Church calling for a “World Bank” and global tax or not
  • What exactly do I mean by a financial war
  • Why do I believe so emphatically that I am right about the coming collapse
  • What I think you need to do to be financially prepared for the future
    • Get rid of debt (especially floating rate debt)
    • Try to save at least 20% of your income (6 months security)
    • Know your exit points for every investment
    • If you are in stocks by only the best companies
    • Do not hold any and I mean any long term bonds
    • Keep an eye on TIPS Bond Yields
    • Remember most “experts” on TV are actually idiots
    • Develop your local community
    • Don’t bet on any government money (specifically @ 100%)
    • Consider land as the best investment (not houses)
    • Increase your financial IQ daily – start with vocabulary
    • Focus on gaining some % of self sufficiency with the 5 needs
    • Try to be as “cash rich” as possible
    • Don’t act in fear, think before you do anything
    • Do not listen to conventional wisdom during unconventional times
    • Remember the prepared can always profit and prosper

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