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Monday, 23 May 2011
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 Title: Operation Badar:

 May 21, 2011

Author: Anonymous 
Reported by Zabihullah Mujahid and Qari Yousuf Ahmadi | Afghan Taliban Spokespersons

Operation Badar MAY 21 2011

1. FARAH, May. 21 –Mujahideen detonated a remote-controlled roadside bomb on an American tank at 03:00 pm yesterday, instantly killing all 4 invaders onboard in Bakwa’s Ghaziabad area.

2. KANDAHAR, May. 21 – As many as 4 police minions lost their lives in Dand district’s Pazki area when their vehicle was blown to bits by a land mine at around 04:00 pm yesterday.

3. ZABUL, May. 21 – A US Special Forces military convoy travelling on Kabul-Kandahar main highway through Matizo area near Qalat city was hit by land mines, eliminating 2 Land Cruiser 4WD vehicles and killing all invaders inside.

4. KANDAHAR, May. 21 – At around 05:00 pm yesterday in Dand’s Pazki area, 3 police puppets including their commander were killed and 4 others seriously wounded in bombing which destroyed their vehicle.

5. ZABUL, May. 21 – An ebony skinned American terrorist who had come out of his outpost at 07:00 am local time was shot dead by Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate in Shomolzo’s Qala Rasheed area.

6. ZABUL, May. 21 – 5 innocent civilians were detained and taken back to their bases by barbaric US invaders in Shomolzo’s Pie Khelo area after raided their homes last night.

7. ZABUL, May. 21 – A border police vehicle in Shomolzo’s Haji Ajab Khan Nawrhi area was obliterated by an IED at around 05:00 pm yesterday, killing all 4 puppets onboard.

8. ZABUL, May. 21 – As many as 7 police minions lost their lives or were severely wounded when their vehicle was annihilated by an IED in Nawrak area located near Qalat city at 09:00 am this morning.

9. KABUL, May 21 – As many as 51 military doctors and other officials of the NATO and local puppets got killed and dozens more were wounded on Saturday noon local time in twin martyr attacks that rocked the Charsad Bestar (400-bed) hospital, the largest military hospital in the country located in the heart of Kabul city, the capital of the country, Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesman for Al-Emarah reported from.

Both Mujahids have embraced martyrdom with an interval of an hour after fighting bravely in the military section of the hospital before detonating their explosivs belts, Mujahid added.

10. HELMAND, May. 21 – At least 2 US invaders were killed and 3 fatally wounded in an IED attack on their foot patrol in Nad Ali’s Si Waik Gharbi area at 02:00 pm yesterday while walking in front of their outpost.

11. FARYAB, May. 21 – An ISAF tank in Khwaja Namusa district’s Ghra Taifa area was destroyed earlier this morning by a land mine, killing 2 invaders and seriously wounding 3 others onboard.

12. HELMAND, May. 21 – Heavy fighting is taking place in Nawa district since earlier this afternoon when Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate, as part of operation ‘Badar’ carried out an armed assault on the invaders outposts located in Tangano Godar area.

13. KANDAHAR, May. 21 – Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate from Zhiri district say that the US tank, which the invaders used to park in Sarkili area to ambush Mujahideen everyday, was shot this afternoon by 82mm canon round, destroying the tank and killing all enemy personnel inside.

14. ZABUL, May. 21 – An anti-tank mine planted by Mujahideen on the main road to Shomolzo near Shinki district center tore through an American armored tank at 09:00 am this morning, killing and wounding all invaders inside.

15. HELMAND, May. 21 – Latest reports arriving about the Helmand offensive which carried out by Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate in the entire district 2 days earlier as a part of ‘Operation Badar’ say that those 20 missiles which slammed into Shurab airfield, considered as the enemies largest base in the province had destroyed 6 US helicopters after hitting their shelter besides causing the enemy deadly casualties.

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