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The Movement Of Mothers Standing-up-together

Video Series
M.O.M.S. / Cindi Fisher Video's
M.O.M.S.  -  Website
Below is the videos I have recorded for Cindi Fisher
and the M.O.M.s Movement
~ The most recent video is posted on the top of this page ~
Camera Operators:
Joe Anybody & Mobile T



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The M.O.M.S. Movement


The Movement Of Mothers Standing-up-together

It takes A Village

We are Mothers and Other Individuals who have experienced grief, pain, shock, outrage and deep heartbreak, in response to the treatment our loved ones received, through mental health care agencies and institutions. Many of us have also experienced similar tragedies under mental health care in foster care systems, mental healthcare in criminal justice systems, and mental healthcare under guardianship practices and laws. When we asked for help for our loved one in crisis this is what happened to many of us We ask how could this ever happen, and although there is no excuse for the abusive and often cruel actions of those in power over our children's lives, we must also look at the bigger picture and ask how such agencies and institutions became so powerful.

We believe it is a serious societal issue and we must address that as well as direct advocacy for humane, compassionate care with voice, choice and dignity for our loved ones. We believe that one of the main contributing factor is that...In our society; family, friends and neighbors have become alienated and isolated. We lost the ability to care for each other and gave our power and trust to these agencies, institutions, and laws. Without local community input and control we became dependent on forces who, as it turns out, are often more beholden or controlled by bottom line profit industries and/or are bureaucratic nightmares . And now Our communities are in chaos and crisis, and the emotions of grief, pain, and outrage are often what we experience when we receive their version of the "help" that is offered. Thus we have dedicated ourselves to be the Change we seek in Our Communities!


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MOMS meetings videos
[before during and after]
their 100 mile walk
(4 parts)
Both Cindi and Aleshanee have a grown child whose rights were taken away within the psycho-pharmaceutical treatment model. They are indignant of the gross abuses which have taken place and how their childrenās anguish and pain were ignored and silenced. They will walk one hundred miles. They hope to raise awareness and to raise funds to help their children in their recovery.
(1)) First Unitarian Church - Before the walk 7.23.12
         [and also the same video is here] http://youtu.be/pNefPsbiDFw
(2)) The Miracles Club & MLK Blvd 7.23.12
(3)) Courthouse & Community Health Center 7.24.12
(4)) REPORT BACK 8.3.12

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The Interview of Eyta & Emily at Reflections Coffee Shop

   "Emily's Story"


http://youtu.be/20Aq_CUfINQ   [same video is also on YouTube]

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M.O.M.S. & the Police Portland
A small group of mothers who were on a walk of 100 miles for Police and Mental Health Justice in solidarity with and for their encarcerated loved ones, encounter a police action in Portland Oregon on MLK Blvd. It appears to be a civil rights violations going on, as a dozen white officers search without cause or warrant the car of four young black people. Nothing was found. No arrests.

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Happy Birthday Siddharta
Rally on Clark County
Courthouse Steps
A rally on Siddharta Fischer's, birthday on front steps of the Clark County Courthouse

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We, as Mothers, and Other Concerned Individuals, gather together to inspire, empower, console, comfort, educate, care and advocate for each other. We act together:

· for Freedom of Choice;

· for Compassionate, Safe, and Effective Care With Dignity

· for Compassionate, Safe, Empowering Sanctuaries for Healing;

· for Justice

· and to Shine a Light on our local, state and federal broken systems;

We are dedicated to transforming our isolation into

Villages of Empowered Interdependence

We Welcome your Participation!

Gather with us once a month or participate in our

quarterly conference calls …

Call Cindi 360-254-8703

Joe Anybody is in collabration and Solidarity with [documenting] the M.O.M.S. Movement


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