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Friday, 2 April 2010
NYC Videographer makes 20 Grand filming the cops / After being arrested
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Ah, it's a classic scenario: Citizen videotapes cop, cop gets mad and arrests citizen. But in this case, videographer Robert Carnevale's 22 hour tour through the Tombs earned him $20,001 in taxpayer money after a settlement with NYC. It all happened one night in May 2007, when officers from the 9th precinct confiscated a number of bikes locked to parking meters and signposts on 6th Street near First Avenue. As you may recall, the NYPD maintained that the bikes were abandoned, and they allowed some people to take the loose bikes without showing any proof of ownership.

According to Time's Up, police seized about 15 bikes, even ones locked to D.O.T. bike racks. Carnevale arrived in time to recover his bike, and he started videotaping the scene, asking officers for their badge numbers. Some cops don't like that (a few even went so far as to conceal their badges on another controversial night in East Village history). Plainclothes officer Lt. Robert Corcoran took a special interest in Carnevale, and anyone who's ever had a run-in with a bullying, power-drunk cop will recognize the scene that unfolds at the 1:10 minute mark:

Carnevale got sent through "the system," emerging 22 hours later, which is standard. A bystander, Carole Dale, 59, was also after she started questioning Carnevale's arrest. Both were charged with disorderly conduct for refusing a lawful order to disperse and blocking the sidewalk, and accepted an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal (ACD). Then they sued the city.

According to the suit, "Neither plaintiff interfered in any way with the police operation under Defendant Lieutenant Corcoran’s supervision; both simply observed and questioned the officers." "These were First Amendment retaliatory arrests," their lawyer told City Room after the settlement was announced Wednesday. "They had every right to object."

NYPD spokesman Paul J. Browne, reached for comment in Upside Down Land, counters, "It was not retaliation. Period." After legal fees and expenses, the total payout from taxpayers was expected to be about $72,000, all because Officer Dim didn't like anybody questioning his authority


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Friday, 26 March 2010
3.26.10 Camp Out Now / POTA - is Gone, but not for Long! by Cindy Sheehan
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Camp is Gone, but not for Long! by Cindy Sheehan

by Cindy Sheehan
Featured Writer

Dandelion Salad
Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox Blog
Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox

March 26, 2010

Activists Set Up Anti-War Protest Tent Outside Washington   Monument

Well, our great experiment didn’t go as well as we planned here in DC. My vision was a Peace Camp that would serve the needs of the campers as far as housing and food were concerned (that part worked) and the campers would then commit aggressive acts of civil resistance (that part didn’t) in the nation’s capital to shut down the violent military-corporate empire that we live in. In the opinion of members of Peace of the Action, living here in the US gives us special responsibilities for stopping it.

Anyway, we had hundreds of people come through camp over the week that we were allowed to keep it up. Dozens were college students that worked very hard while they were here and we were sorry to see them go back to their schools after break. The thing that we were hoping that would happen and never did—was that hundreds of people would stay and help us claim the camp as a permanent presence on the mall.

It’s true that the Park Police thwarted us and watched (and photographed) every move we made. However, if we had the numbers, we could have taken a more credible stand against the repression of our rights. When the Park Police came out and shut down camping on the first day—part of our name “Camp” was shut down, too.

We have wonderful organizers and I know I worked as much as is possible for one person, but we had to face facts that the will is just not in our fellow Americans to sacrifice a few creature comforts to create true and lasting change. It’s so much easier to vote for a smooth-talking snake oil salesman than to roll up ones sleeves and do the dirty, hard, yet gratifying work of empire change.

Even though we had some rough times in DC with the Police State and Camp OUT NOW is physically gone (for the time being), we are not giving up the spirit of shutting down this town for Peace.

Congress is once again taking up war supplemental funding. We can’t just make phone calls and write petitions—we must organize and be in their faces here and in our home districts demanding that not one more penny be spent on killing and maiming people.

By the way, not only was our demand to meet with President Obama not granted—three of our Camp OUT NOW volunteers (including myself) have been given stay away orders from the White House.

We tried to get into the Senate Appropriation’s Committee meeting today at the Capitol and we were followed and harassed the entire time and in the transparent age of Obama, the hearing was closed to us citizens, anyway. I was able to watch the rerun on C-SPAN 3 and I can tell you all one thing, these wars are planned to continue indefinitely. I am not okay with that.

To take advantage of the energy and enthusiasm of our young people, we are planning on returning in June to set up Camp and start our actions again.

So we will be keeping the spirit of the Camp alive until the students get out of school and, hopefully, we can make a go of it in the summer.

It’s really up to you—we have laid the foundation, now it’s your turn to be the builders.

As always, go to www.PeaceoftheAction.org for more info.


Whose Streets? (Our Streets between 1pm and 4pm With a Permit) by Cindy Sheehan

Cindy Sheehan’s Speech at the Anti-war Protest + More videos of her arrest + Going over the barricade!

Cindy Sheehan Arrested At War Protest In D.C.

Scott Horton Interviews Cindy Sheehan on the anti-war movement in the age

Democracy Now!: Cindy Sheehan Sets Up “Camp OUT NOW” in Antiwar Protest

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Wednesday, 24 March 2010
DRONES and Leagality - AP article 3.24.10
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Legality of US Drones Questioned

by John Terrett



Missiles fired from US drones killed at least six people on Tuesday in a Pakistani tribal area bordering Afghanistan, according to security officials.  

It's the latest in a wave of attacks that have been used to target alleged enemy combatants but which frequently kill innocent civilians.  

The latest strike came as a congressional committee in Washington DC heard evidence that legal issues surrounding the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones have not been fully worked out.   A lone protester was told by the chairman: "You're going to have an opportunity to sit down or be asked to leave - it's your choice." 

[There have been multiple civilian deaths as a result of the use of such drones and the committee heard there are concerns inside and outside the US government that drone attacks violate human rights standards and may constitute extra judicial execution.  (AFP/HO/US AIR FORCE/File)]There have been multiple civilian deaths as a result of the use of such drones and the committee heard there are concerns inside and outside the US government that drone attacks violate human rights standards and may constitute extra judicial execution. (AFP/HO/US AIR FORCE/File)
She sat down but soon left the room, allowing the door to slam behind her.   The committee went on to hear that while the US has more than 7,000 UAVs and more on order, there is still no legal framework for the operation of this new technology.   It's widely suspected the CIA operates a fleet of drones in Pakistan and Afghanistan which they use for targeting Taliban and al-Qaeda leaders. 

There have been multiple civilian deaths as a result of the use of such drones and the committee heard there are concerns inside and outside the US government that drone attacks violate human rights standards and may constitute extra judicial execution. 

Professor Kenneth Anderson from the Washington College of Law at American University told the hearing:

The long-term effect of that, given that there are not necessarily statutes of limitations, could be the problem of CIA officers or for that matter military officers or their lawyers, being called up in front of international tribunals or courts in Spain or some place that say you've engaged in extra judicial execution or simple murder and we're going to investigate and indict. 

The problem, says Professor Anderson, is that administration lawyers haven't justified publically the use of drones, because the administration itself is reluctant to admit drone attacks in places like Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Although nobody in the world doubts what's going on in Pakistan, it's kind of hard for the lawyer to step up and say 'by the way what we're doing is legal and here's why' and give a whole series of reasons and say, 'by the way, we're not admitting that we're actually doing any of this stuff'. It's very hard for the lawyer to get out in front of the client when the client itself has not actually formally stood up and said 'this is what we're doing'.

He says what makes it more difficult is that though the CIA has taken on drone attacks on the Afghan/Pakistan border, it's not doing it as a genuinely covert operation but as an operation that is denied by the administration.

Tuesday's gathering was the opening session of congress's investigation into the use of UAVs.

There will be other meetings like this on Capitol Hill and at them the debate into the use of such drones is likely to continue.

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Tuesday, 23 March 2010
Cindy SheehanReports Back about Fascist US Goverment Lockup
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Whose Streets?

(Our Streets between One and Four When we have a Permit)

Report of our arrest and 50 hours detainment

Whose Streets? (Our Streets between 1pm and 4pm With a Permit)









On the 7th commemoration of the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq, there was a rally and march in DC sponsored by the A.N.S.W.E.R. coalition that was attended by about eight thousand people.


For quite awhile, I have been having problems with marches on Saturday, anyway. It seems like we march past empty buildings and shake our fists at them and promise that if those empty buildings don't change their ways, we will be back next year to do the same thing. The arrests are symbolic and don't shut down anything, except in the case of large arrests, where the police stations are busy for a few hours.


As far as I know, there were no large civil disobediences scheduled for last Saturday's rally, but some coffins were built on the sidewalk in front of the White House and four protesters decided to lie down near them and not move. Two of these protesters were good friends of mine: Elaine Brower of Military Families Speak Out and Matthis Chiroux of Iraq Vets Against the War. When I went over to check the action out, the four were begging the hundreds of others surrounding the protest to join them. The four were cordoned off with barriers and crime scene tape.


I began to plan a way to join Matthis and Elaine when I went to the front of the barrier and saw my dear friends, who have always been there for me, lying on the sidewalk by themselves. Just as I was figuring out how to get over the barriers, the section I was at collapsed onto the sidewalk and I took the opportunity to step over hoping that dozens, if not hundreds, would follow.


As soon as I crossed the barrier, I was slammed by a couple of cops, handcuffed and then actually run around the front of the White House while the cops tried to find a paddy wagon to stick me in-about 50 people were running with the cop and I, yelling: "Let her go, let her go." When the officer and I finally got to the paddy wagon, I was surprised to find that only two others had followed me. One other crossed the line to bring our detained numbers up to eight.


During my speech at the rally, I iterated the importance of "throwing our bodies upon the gears" of the machine, as well as marching-I got a huge cheer and during the march the participants chanted: "Whose streets, our streets." Eight detainees? Apparently the streets are only "ours" when we have a permit--god forbid we take them when the event is not permitted by the Police State!


Why, when the barrier was compromised, did more people not follow us to actually put their beliefs into higher relief than merely marching in a circle on Saturday? While we were being (tightly) handcuffed and loaded onto the hot paddy wagon, the crowd of on-lookers chanted, "This is what hypocrisy looks like."


I was, to say the least, very disheartened that hundreds of people didn't join us. Watching the video of my "crossing over," you can see a couple of people go over and then run back when the police come-but most of the people step back like the downed barrier is a livewire.


After a bumpy and sweaty ride, we eight arrive at the Park Police Station in Anacostia. As we were being processed, it started to become very clear that some of us were going to be detained until Monday. Ultimately, two of us were released and six of us were held. The two that were released were from DC and those of us held were out-of-towners. Immediately, we knew this explanation was total b.s. because I have been arrested in DC about 13 times now and I have always been from "out-of-town," and have never even been held overnight, let alone two nights.

Was it a coincidence that Camp OUT NOW had two major actions over the weekend to try and hold our campsite that I missed due to being jailed? I don't think so


Well, those two days were some of the most miserable days of my life! We were taken to a lock-up and Elaine and I were put into a freezing room and I had a t-shirt and flip-flops on, being unprepared to be arrested. For four women, our cell had one cement block bench that was about 7-8 feet long, so at least one of us always had to be on the stone-cold floor. Sleeping was fitful as it was very chilly all night-and very noisy!


Thirty-six hours, and eight bologna-like and cheese-substitute sandwiches later, we were taken to the court for our arraignment and stayed in that cell for seven hours and were finally released at 5pm after we all pled "not-guilty" and were scheduled for a trial on June 9th.


Basically, six of us stayed in jail for 50 hours for an offense that ends up to be the equivalent of a traffic ticket and we even had to go to traffic court to be arraigned. I am positive that everyone in DC who gets a traffic ticket and is from "out-of-town" does not have to stay over night. Then, I found out that the penalty for my charge "Crossing a police line" doesn't even carry any jail time. I spent two nights in jail on an offense with no jail time! The maximum penalty is $300! Boy, I will be even more pissed if I go through a trial and have to pay $300 dollars after I have already spent two nights in jail.


To make matters even worse, I was the only one who was forced to come back for a trial even though Elaine has more DC arrests than I do. The other seven have chosen to go to trial with me, but they were given the option to "pay and forfeit" which means to pay the fine and forfeit your right to a trial.


The icing on the entire crappy cake came when the eight of us were given a "stay away order" from the White House-I asked the Judge how could that be legal because we weren't convicted of anything, but the Judge assured me that conditions could be placed on our release. I also think this is very suspicious considering our Camp OUT NOW actions were focusing on the White House.


Many times during the 50 hour ordeal, Elaine and I were asked if we thought it was "worth it," to go through so much hardship for so little gain.


My answer is, first of all, if more people crossed the line with me, we wouldn't have had to stay 50 hours in jail and I was very upset that we were left to hang out to dry like that. Secondly, the war didn't end while we were suffering-but knowing how awful it is to spend so much time in jail and be treated like one is a serial killer and not a protester-I would do it again and again, as I have.


There are literally billions of people suffering all over this planet due to my nation's militarism and greed and I know many people would have traded places with me in a heartbeat and think the conditions were pretty damn good.


AND this never happened to me when Bush was president.


UPDATE: Three of us went to pick up our property this morning at the Park Police station and as we were being jacked around, an officer named Thomas (Badge number 628) told me that if I "stopped getting arrested" I wouldn't have to go through all of this.


I said: "when the wars stop, I will stop." He actually then told me: "The wars will stop when we nuke them and take their oil."


I wonder why they are called "pigs."




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Monday, 22 March 2010
Solidarity Call Out for Camp Out Now in DC - Police force camp out on Monday 12 noon
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March 21 Report Back

I went to the Camp Out Now around 9PM on Sunday Night. The popo was there earlier, and informed the activist that the little tents they put up the day before had to be down …as I was arriving all smaller tents were in fact down, they told the group they would be back at 10 pm ..…They never did come back. They also said all of the Camp has to be removed by Noon on Monday.

The Camp Out Now is asking for solidarity at their peace camp on the Washington Monument lawn for the anticipated Monday 3.22. for the 12 noon arrival of the "ENFORCERS"

The camp will "not" be evaporating if and when the popo shows up. Some will risk arrest. some will not. The group is not going to be silenced. If forced to move, a predetermined spot is already in the mix. When forced and arrested out of that new spot another predetermined spot will be used.

As I said Peace Of The Action is not going to leave until the Occupation is called off. Cindy Sheehan (who is still in jail) has requested a conversation with the President. He has ignored her, as he has done with the whole peace Community.

I have posted a dozen tweets from Sunday night on DC My Opinion Page

Help spread the word about Camp Out Now and the White Hose trying to shut it down
Help Spread the news about coming down to show solidarity at 12oclock Monday (or anytime)
Help Peace Of The Action by telling everyone that activists are here in Washington DC on the White House Lawns, demanding peace and holding their ground for peace and justice.

USA is in an aggressive War.... Peace of The Action is in an aggressive Peace mission
Tell everyone to write the President and Congress.... or come to Washington to be a cog in the wheel of the murder machine.
Do what you can in solidarity against the killing machine

From Portland Oregon - In solidarity - Covering the news the Corporate Media Wont Cover
~peace from www.Joe-Anybody.com


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Thursday, 18 March 2010
Camp Out Now - Day One Report from Washington DC
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Hi Z 3 Reader

I am reporting on this anti war demonstration from Washington DC here:


A big march is slated for tomorrow

About 75 folks at the campouttoday 3/18

Read my report / follow me on twitter 

Or see me in 9 days back in Portland 

Funk This War and the Horse it Rode In On

~joe anybody






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Sunday, 14 March 2010
Dahr Jamail and Others gather in DC next weekend Iraq Body Count Flag Dispaly
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In Wasahington D.C. Listen to Dahr Jamail and Sam Husseini. Help set up the memorial,

participate in the candlelight procession, attend the dedication, and walk the memorial.

Thursday, March 18, at 6:30 – 8:00 pm Remembering Iraq - 7 years of Occupation and Counting

Dahr Jamail and Sam Huseini will present: at Busboys and Poets (V St., Washington D.C.)

Friday, March 19th, the seventh anniversary of the US-led invasion of Iraq, the Memorial will be set-up on

the Mall. Nearby, a memorial to the American soldiers who have lost their lives will tell another story of

the cost of this war. Memorial volunteers will join a candlelight procession at 9:30 pm to light luminaries

throughout the memorial for a 10:34 pm observance of the beginning of the invasion.

Saturday, March 20, at 10:00 am Dahr Jamail, Josh Stieber, Salam Hassan and Mark Johnson will speak as

the memorial is dedicated. (time, only, is yet tentatively)

Dahr Jamail's books, Beyond the Green Zone and The Will to Resist, carry rare accounts of what was - and is

- happening in the wars. Jamail is a respected journalist dedicated to speaking the truth. His “dispatches” are

carried by many independent media outlets and can found at his blog

Josh Stieber, along with Conor Curran, both Iraq War veterans, established the contagiousloveexperiment

and traveled the country on foot, then on bicycle, to share their experiences. A read of the opening page of

their journal is well worth your time and will lead you to explore their experiment.

Salam Hassan assisted Dahr Jamail in Iraq as a translator, and works with media outlets to tell the real story

of Iraq. Salam's brother, Ali, was shot in Baghdad as a result of the war in Iraq while driving to work.

Mark Johnson, Executive Director of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, is recognized as an international

change agent committed to social justice and economic and environmental sustainability.

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Saturday, 13 March 2010
Vietnam--A Beautiful Country and Beautiful People
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Topic: WAR

Vietnam--A Beautiful Country and Beautiful People

 Written by: Mike Hastie 

We Americans who served in Vietnam,never knew anything about Vietnam's history,nor anything about the Vietnamese people.The American people back home knew even less.Far less.By the time the United States Government left Vietnam,we had turned an ancient culture into an environmental wasteland.We had contaminated the country with mega death.Our government was a non-stop killing machine.Over three million people killed, and millions wounded.Southeast Asia is the most bombed area in the world.So Mike, why do you keep bringing this horrible history up?You seem very repetitious in your writing.You're like a parrot with the same bad news.Jesus Christ, give it a break for awhile.Enough with the shame.I'm sure most of the people who are currentlyreading this stuff already know it.

You're preaching to the choir.


I finally realized,it is not to my peer group who I am writing to.

It is really to my eight-year-old granddaughter'sgeneration who I am writing to.I have to leave a trace of truth for her.She does not realize that Vietnam is happeningall over again in the Middle East.This is happening in her lifetime.The survivor's message is like a loud mantra.Over and over and over again.It's like being trapped under a collapsed buildingafter an earthquake.You keep crying out,until they find you.You have to tell them that the building did notcollapse because of the earthquake.It collapsed because there was never a foundationto support the structure against deceit.It was built on a foundation of lies.They do not realize that they are not preparedto face their future.They do not realize that the U.S. economy is builtover the bodies of millions of people.The survivor is obsessed with bearing witness.The truth has to be told to an audience,even if most believe he is crazy.The survivor is committed until he takes his last breath.His worst torment is not to be able to speak.When he finally steps up on the witness stand,he often speaks with the artless skill of a severelyabused child who has just blurted out some blatantfact of honesty.The survivor's testimony can be so compelling,that it reveals the ultimate evidence--thatLying Is The Most Powerful Weapon In War.Vietnam--A beautiful country, and beautiful people.A people the Americans never knew.Like the teenage girl in this picture.That's why we killed her. 

Written by:

Mike Hastie 

Photo by:

Mike Hastie

U.S. Army MedicVietnam


Posted on February 24, 2010



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Friday, 12 March 2010
Crooked Shady Government - Earmarks - Lobbiest - Defense Contractor Theives
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 I say theay are crooked rip-off thieves ...ALL OF EM.... read more from the NU Times article I found on 3.12.10

 Finally, They’re Embarrassed


House Democrats are suddenly in a rush to ban corporate earmarks, those just-for-our-donors legislative favors that benefit everybody but the taxpayers. It is the right thing to do, but it is also a classic case of closing the barn door just in time for Election Day.


Meanwhile, holier-than-thou Republicans are trying to trump with a call for a much-too-sweeping ban on all earmarks, even those helping nonprofit endeavors.

The quid-pro-quo awarding of government contracts — and the scandals that come along with it — has been especially rampant in recent Congresses. Most notoriously there was the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal that bedeviled Republicans right into minority status.

Democrats should have been feeling endangered ever since the Justice Department began investigating the coziness between defense contractors and high-ranking members of the Appropriations Committee. But their enthusiasm only blossomed after the ethics committee gave all seven members involved a blanket exoneration.

The appropriators — five Democrats and two Republicans — steered more than $245 million in earmarks through a defense lobbying firm now under criminal investigation. The lawmakers received more than $840,000 in political donations from the firm’s corporate clients.

The House ban was announced just days after the committee blithely pronounced the coincidence of generous defense contracts and political contributions as just that — a mere coincidence that does not “support a claim that a member’s actions are being influenced by campaign contributions.” The committee, notably, deep-sixed the recommendation from its new advisory panel, the Office of Congressional Ethics, to open a more thorough inquiry into two of the seven: Representatives Peter Visclosky, a Democrat of Indiana, and Todd Tiahrt, a Republican of Kansas.

Whether this embarrassment can be trumped by a last-minute earmark ban is doubtful. Senate Democrats instantly announced opposition to the House ban. That means, in final conference bills, corporate donor earmarks can be salvaged by grateful senators.

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Thursday, 11 March 2010
Rat Bastards - DC Protest is casuing the rats to scurry
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The following update was sent to Joe Anybody by email




To ___________

March 10, 2010

I am writing to let you know about a serious assault on free speech rights
that we believe is intended to hamper and obstruct the mobilization for the
March 20 anti-war demonstrations in Washington, D.C., and in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

On Sunday night, March 6, volunteers in Los Angeles were arrested for
allegedly putting up three posters announcing the March 20th action. They
were charged with felony vandalism and kept in jail on a $20,000 bail for
each of them. Thanks to volunteers coming together, we were able to raise
bail money and they are now out of jail.

The heavy felony charge and huge $20,000 bail in Los Angeles comes shortly
after a nearly identical situation in San Francisco. Two ANSWER organizers
were arrested on felony vandalism charges for allegedly putting up a
political poster and also each given a $20,000 bail.

In Washington, D.C., the ANSWER Coalition has been hit with another wave of
fines for March 20th political posters. These thousands of dollars of new
fines are on top of an unprecedented $70,000 fines from the two most recent
mobilizations. We are challenging the old and new fines. The posters
conformed to lawful regulations?as they always have. No organization,
corporate entity or politician has ever been hit with these massive fines.

Just today, we received another $1,300 fines on top of earlier fines.

Anti-war organizations and volunteers are also being hit with heavy fines in
Chicago, New York City and elsewhere.

The stakes here are high.

The massive fines and felony arrests with extraordinarily high bail come
just before what we believe will be the largest outpouring to date against
the war in Afghanistan.

The large corporations, including the biggest war contractors and banks,
have billions of dollars to advertise their message of war and profit.
Grassroots organizations have always relied on leaflets and posters to build
progressive movements for change.

The government and national and local law enforcement agencies are now
engaged in a nationally coordinated effort to stamp out the exercise of
classic grassroots organizing.

We will never surrender to this campaign that aims to intimidate and
bankrupt the progressive movement.

We are fighting back. Most importantly, we are continuing to mobilize.

We ask you to show your support by coming to the March 20 demonstrations and
by bringing your friends, families, co-workers and fellow students. We will
not be silenced.

*You can also support this movement by sending an urgently needed donation
today.* <http://answer.pephost.org/site/R?i=dmpOctRDPjQ-n97rkOqWWA..>

We want to thank the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund (PCJF), the public
interest legal organization, which has filed a lawsuit on behalf of the
ANSWER Coalition and Muslim American Society Freedom that challenges the
constitutionality of the D.C. postering regulations. Their tireless pro bono
legal effort has resulted in an important victory at the U.S. Court of
Appeals, which allows the lawsuit to proceed. The government had tried to
stop us from even having our day in court. In California, constitutional
rights attorney Carol Sobel has waged a major legal battle against the
government?s efforts to target free speech postering activities.

In order to win this fight, we have to both defend our rights in the courts
and to show solidarity with activists who are facing repression. And each
and every one of us can do our part to help support the mobilization of the
people against war and occupation. Basic rights were never a gift from
politicians. Important change, including basic free speech rights were the
result of the struggle by generation after generation.

Thank you for your support. And please, take action now. Together, we can
make the difference.

All out March 20!

[image: Brian Becker signature]

*Brian Becker*
National Coordinator, ANSWER Coalition

*Please make an urgently needed donation!*

Please make your plans to come to Washington, D.C., now. If you cannot come,
please make an urgently needed donation that can help others attend.

*The March 20 National March on Washington depends on the support from
thousands of others like you who are taking a stand against the expanding
wars and occupations. Please make your contribution

[image: Donate to Support the National March on

*A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition*
National Office in Washington DC: 202-265-1948
New York City: 212-694-8720
Los Angeles: 213-251-1025
San Francisco: 415-821-6545
Chicago: 773-463-0311

Posted by Joe Anybody at 2:27 PM PST

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