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Sunday, 27 September 2009
Larry King & Hugo Chavez
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Dont Watch Televsion "Caracas Day 4" video
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G20 Breaking News Archive PIMC 2009
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- breaking news -


Portland Independent Media 

September 27 and 26 2009


12:04AM PDT: resistg20: RT(twitter): Everybody following me take your names off your profiles. The pigs are watching
9:56PM PDT: PGHIMC: Demonstrators in Oakland - circulating around. March may be headed somewhere in town, 
9:54PM PDT: G20IMC: 3x Aggressive fake Anarchist protesters in tonights march have been spotted & likely verified. Baseball caps, silly shoes
11:39PM PDT: pittnews: G20 Pictures http://www.pittnews.com/g20/
11:25PM PDT: anarchists: mojustice: check the status of someone who has been arrested, call 412-350-201
11:20PM PDT: G20IMC: Interview #2 With Pitt Students Attacked by Police http://bit.ly/uOcqi 
11:18PM PDT: ThePittNews: Seven people were arrested at the "makeshift booking area" set up near Towers. 
11:11PM PDT: TheSQMan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rj7hye9d5PQ ..G-20 University Of Pittsburgh Police Brutality video from window
11:10PM PDT: resistg20: Sighing off for the night, will report on the aftermath of the Battle of Pittsburgh tomorrow. Stay safe, stay strong! 
11:08PM PDT: resistg20: CelluloidBlonde Land of the Free: Martial Law in Pittsburgh [video clips] http://l.pr/a44ab 
10:29PM PDT: resistg20: At least 5 people appear to be under arrest near GSPH. Police told people walking by to move or end up sitting on the sidewalk
10:17PM PDT: peacefreedom:CelluloidBlonde: Digeratii is posting Pittsburgh police are holding campus & students hostage
10:14PM PDT: resistg20: Report recieved that police are "nabbing" anyone that looks like a protestor / Black Bloc. Stay alert watch your friends!
10:06PM PDT: SocialistZine: infernoenigma: Pitt Police Chief Tim Delaney estimates more than 100 arrests in Oakland 2nite, most 4 failure 2 disperse
10:01PM PDT: notyourbroom: I'm going to bed, but here's the scanner link again http://bit.ly/o4Xyv 
10:01PM PDT: SocialistZine: ThePittNews: 3 ppl R sitting on ground w/ hands clasped behind their backs near skool of Public Health. Police standing near.
10:00PM PDT: resistg20RT: drgoddess: Some students in the towers are hanging out the windows calling the cops mfers just for the hell of it and laughing 
9:59PM PDT: Digeratii: (30 min ago) I'm back in my dorm room, which is filled with tear gas from a crack in the window. Getting videos and photos off of my camera.
9:58PM PDT: anarchists: Legal Assistance 412-562-5015 also, if you have photos, video FIRST HAND WITNESS ACCOUNTS, contact - tomorrow
9:56PM PDT: g20pghlegal: Arrestees are being taken to SCI, 3001 Beaver Ave, Pittsburgh. Jail vigil is on the way
9:56PM PDT: SocialistZine: infernoenigma: If anyone can get a major news agency, have them call 412 254 3248 to speak with me and
9:51PM PDT: steveklabnik: heading off, scanner seems pretty dead, most the protest over. this was the best comms effort i've seen yet! take care
9:49PM PDT: ianthevedge: same civilian turning around yelling in outrage, then peppersprayed and shot with a rubber bullet, police office grabbing at
9:49PM PDT: SocialistZine: ThePittNews: Some people are being arrested on the Fifth Avenue side of Towers 
9:46PM PDT: resistg20: OddLetters: OC gas, sonic cannons, and rubber bullets were deployed, 60+ plus arrests reported.
9:46PM PDT: resistg20: They just fired smoke grenades at people yelling solidarity chants. Everyone ìs fine.
9:45PM PDT: resistg20: atlasmedia: Total police brutality right now in Pittsburgh. Live coverage on AMO 24/7 over at http://bit.ly/3uDCfi 
9:21PM PDT: resistg20: jrh102: Up S bellefield ave, cops blocked north and south intersections. Squeezed us between. pushed us through CL hedges
9:19PM PDT: DerekSheldon: BoringPgh: Tactical teams are starting to meet on Fifth and Oakland Ave - ready to convoy out of Oakland
9:11PM PDT: SocialistZine: This is a police riot! #g20 #reportg20 #pittsburgh
9:10PM PDT: g20pghlegal: corporate media confirms ~40 arrests, 9 more just reported
9:10PM PDT: resistg20: Police station in Pittsburgh got fucked up. G20 is a war-zone http://twitgoo.com/3rkht
9:08PM PDT: SocialistZine: anarchists: mojustice: nineone: "photojournalist friend for Tribune in Oakland right now says its REAL bad."
9:07PM PDT: SteelCityMark: 9 people arrested so far 
8:58PM PDT: resistg20: Police station in Pittsburgh got fucked up. G20 is a war-zone. http://twitgoo.com/3rkht
8:57PM PDT: mitchmanifesto: g20 police HAVE entered dorm lobby, possibly 56 arrested so far. demanding ID for all in dorms
8:55PM PDT: SocialistZine: ThePittNews: A Pitt security guard said there is a sit-in in Towers Lobby. can't confirm
8:53PM PDT: mikegogulski: "Looks like a high-ranking Penn Police official is walking up to the Towers now"
8:50PM PDT: mikegogulski: HEARD "Units from quad are gonna have to bring the arrests up" (to 5th and Tennyson)
8:49PM PDT: (11:41 PM) the police are planning to do a sweep through 'the towers' to check for protesters in upper floors" // The radical arm of the peoples movement are out there now facing off w/ police.
8:48PM PDT: resistg20: rawrsaystara: a smoke bomb just exploded on towers patio on the fifth side
8:47PM PDT: resistg20: Caller: "protesters and students alike barricaded at litchfield towers, pulled out one by one and ziptied" also, use of gas 
8:45PM PDT: SocialistZine: students say they're going to pull fire alarms in dorms,don't be freaked if you hear alarm but DO leave building
8:44PM PDT: resistg20: CoaHT: The radical arm of the peoples movement are out there now facing off w/ police
8:43PM PDT: Another bus full of riot police making its way to Pitt in Oakland
8:41PM PDT: infernoenigma: Just to make clear: I asked RA if it's officially martial law, she said yeah.i can't do anything more.
8:40PM PDT: SocialistZine: infernoenigma: Police chasing crowds of students up Fifth Ave
8:39PM PDT: SocialistZine: spikenlilli: Students report being blocked from entering dorms and being told to "go home"
8:34PM PDT: g20pghpolice: trying to get black block near mackee
8:30PM PDT: resistg20: Listen to G20 police/fire scanner w/iPhone: http://j.mp/14vLdJ
8:28PM PDT: resistg20: RayBeckerman: Happening Now: Gas deployment on the University of Pittsburgh student protesters in Oakland
8:26PM PDT: resistg20: mitchmanifesto: all available wagons go behind the cathedral- 
8:25PM PDT: g20pgh: 11:16:25 PM: 40 -50 being arrested in center quad will be taken to main tower
8:23PM PDT: "40 in custody in the center of the quad"
8:20PM PDT: SocialistZine: infernoenigma: The view out these glass windows is terrifying. Police swarming the area. Blocking stairs. Pushing students
8:19PM PDT: "They need all kinds of wagons at Forbes & Schenley" mass arrests imminent
8:19PM PDT: Pigs on bigelow be careful
8:18PM PDT: "Take your arrests to Forbes & Schenley, that's where booking aid is at"
8:17PM PDT: SocialistZine: jrails1983: Cathedral surrounded.
8:16PM PDT: g20pgh30: people surrounded in quad with 8 medics mass arrest immenent
8:15PM PDT: resistg20: anarchists: police concerned about spectators not dispersed- don't want witnesses
8:15PM PDT: g20actionalert: 5th & Bigelow, police have told us to disperse or risk tear gas, crowd remains mellow.
8:14PM PDT: resistg20: Many people are in the intersection of Forbes Avenue and Bouquet demonstrating. Most are on the sidewalks
8:12PM PDT: SocialistZine: infernoenigma: They're trying to force people into the Park ... as they said on the scanner "hammer and anvil." 
8:06PM PDT: g20pghcops: are going to try to push up forbes and encircle protesters
8:05PM PDT: mikegogulski: arrest team being dispatched to Shenley & Forbes
8:04PM PDT: resistg20: Cops are going to try to push up forbes and encircle protesters
8:02PM PDT: g20pgh: police have begun to push the crowd east on forbes; also, they may be planning some kind of action on 5th
8:00PM PDT: resistg20: Hey police following Twitter: Your people overheard saying that they're going to "kick ass". Got anything 2 say bout that? 
7:59PM PDT: resistg20: NickPinkstonReport confirmed: Confiscation of bandannas in north Oakland
7:57PM PDT: resistg20: police throw smoke and and tear gas on forbes. Launch smoke over the union 
7:56PM PDT: resistg20: nickersmartin: more riot teams just in
7:50PM PDT: g20actionalert: Protestors being asked to disperse at Forbes & Bigelow
7:48PM PDT: smilyus: surrounded by riot cops and noise machine being used
7:35PM PDT: brettbender: Lrad just flew down forbes toward schenley park. 
7:27PM PDT: mikegogulski: "requesting a mobile field force with shields on the front line"
7:20PM PDT: steveklabnik: This is completely insane. So many cops for so few people.
7:19PM PDT: steveklabnik: Full lines of cops with shields and such. So many cops. This is going to get ugly
7:17PM PDT: resistg20: Craig and forbes has 25 riot police. blocking craigs street
7:16PM PDT: g20pghmedic: riot police have blocked off craig street
7:13PM PDT: steveklabnik: reports of riot police on craig and forbes sirens starting
7:09PM PDT: g20actionalert:(20 minutes ago) - 3 ambulances, TV news van rolling up on Schenely Plaza... Protectors against police brutality
7:07PM PDT: g20actionalert: Group of 7 or so bein illegally searched, S Bouquet & Forbes Ave, in need of legal observer!!
7:02PM PDT: steveklabnik: Playing ' anarchist anarchist cop ' while the real cops take pictures at the park
7:01PM PDT: resistg20: 7-10 being detained by national guard on forbes
7:00PM PDT: AgentOrange: Camouflage army truck with uniformed soldiers moving down Forbes toward Schenley Plaza
7:00PM PDT: steveklabnik: Humvee coming down forbes
6:52PM PDT: resistg20: Be careful out there tonight, everyone. We don't want anyone to get snatched by national guard.
5:23PM PDT: G20imc: firedepartment setting up fire hoses on bouquet by the dirty o
5:21PM PDT: g20actionalert: LRAD device truck just drove down Forbes, toward CMU campus.
5:08PM PDT: mikegogulski(rummor?): "munitions and weapons systems to the SWAT staging area"
5:06PM PDT: resistg20: Pitt Rally tonight is at 10p @ jailhouse (Schenley Plaza) Jailed activists bail set at $15000
4:48PM PDT: g20pgh: police units are moving to the 7th street bridge
4:47PM PDT: steveklabnik: mayor also said he was under the impression that police showed "a tremendous amount of restraint." http://bit.ly/39nCtZ
4:44PM PDT: AgentOrangeFAI: Mayor Luke Ravenstahl said the city will investigate the police reaction to students and protesters 
4:43PM PDT: rondmc: Cops massing between Schenly Plaza and Hillman
4:38PM PDT: JessieHr: Pitt bystanders hit w/ Batons, Rubber Bullets Tear Gas by riot police: video- http://tinyurl.com/yc8z4ab
4:37PM PDT: joerobertson: Civil liberties groups: 'Police overreacted"
4:33PM PDT: Resist g20: Automated phone alert from #Pitt: "#g20 disturbances may continue on campus tonight."
4:29PM PDT: g20 action alert: Critical mass just crossed Forbes Ave & Atwood, heading down Forbes
4:27PM PDT: g20 pgh: concert in shinley plaza is "very peaceful"
4:18PM PDT: g20 action alert: In vicinity of U of #Pittsburgh, Forbes Ave. Police gearing up
4:16PM PDT: g20 Action Alert: Still feelin' spunky? Want to demonstrate to oppose #G20? 10 PM, Schenley Park, after concert.
4:12PM PDT: g20 pgh: police have crossed the 16th street following protest
4:07PM PDT: g20 pgh: police monitoring protestors at the 3400 block of penn ave
4:07PM PDT: resist g20: critical mass at 19th and 16th heading north on penn ave, cops starting to mass
3:30PM PDT: g20 pgh: 10 cop cars on chatham square
3:02PM PDT: G20 IMC: Protesters are assembled at the Allegheny Courthouse on 2nd Ave downtown. Riot police have been deployed. More protesters needed!
3:01PM PDT: g20 pgh: riot cops massing at the jail vigil
2:12PM PDT: g20 pgh: free concert in shinley plaza tonight at 7pm
2:11PM PDT: g20 pgh: delegates are leaving hotel to go to the airport
2:11PM PDT: resist g20: Police are going to do a sweep from smithfield all the way to 7th to rid protesters of area
1:37PM PDT: resist g20: UPitt isnt permitting the youth hiphop show on the cathedral lawn tonight due to threat of swine flu pandemic
1:31PM PDT: g20 pgh: protestor group leaving the park on the northside- seems peaceful
1:17PM PDT: infernoenigma: Many, many helicopters following march. We're near the Andy Warhol Museum now. Still peaceful
1:16PM PDT: g20 pgh: police are looking for people wearing "free tibet" t-shirts
1:14PM PDT: g20 action alert: "We the People... Order G20 to disperse immediately, or be subject to enhanced protest tactics" Cindy Sheehan
1:13PM PDT: g20 pgh: 12 squad cars circling the park
1:11PM PDT: g20 action alert: "When it all comes crashing down.. You can spread your wings and fly." David Rovics
1:03PM PDT: G20 Action Alert: "NO HOPE IN CAPITALISM" banner to right of stage http://twitpic.com/j3pa2
1:00PM PDT: G20 Action Alert: Seeds of Peace and Everybody's Kitchen is serving meals to right of stage (when facing stage), Peoples March.
12:52PM PDT: pgh human rights: estimated 8,000 people at the peoples march today. largest protest march in #pittsburgh since the 1970's
12:52PM PDT: g20 pgh: cops deploying at east sandusky and commons
12:51PM PDT: g20 action alert: March reaching East Park now, across river from delegates at #G20 meet point
12:50PM PDT: g20 pgh: officers at 10th street overpass
12:50PM PDT: g20 pgh: police sweeping 6th and 7th streets bridges
12:43PM PDT: nickpinkston: police scanner mentons motor cades need 2 pass near protestors??
12:42PM PDT: g20 action alert: Marchers are just finishing crossing the 7th St bridge http://twitpic.com/j3leo
12:40PM PDT: pgh human rights: peoples march crossing the bridge http://twitpic.com/j3jke
12:40PM PDT: steveklabnik: About 75 cops and two lines of horses boxing in free speech zone.
12:32PM PDT: steveklabnik: cop with dog going to arrest that guy on the bridge when he comes down (he is 1/2 up support on bridge)
12:30PM PDT: g20actionalert: March still huge. Organizers estimate 10,000. Cherry Way & 5th Ave
12:26PM PDT: steveklabnik: Lots of people standing on the bridge, flipping everyone off in the convention center.
12:25PM PDT: steveklabnik: Cop taking pictures behind a barrier, protester blocks him with a sign. They both laugh
12:21PM PDT: steveklabnik: People who aren't protesting are allowed on the sidewalk behind the cops. Yellow tape separates the streets off. 
12:18PM PDT: steveklabnik: police look so much like military, It's incredible. Brown fatigues and black armor 
12:13PM PDT: g20 pgh: 2 lines deep of cops on 5th and wood
12:12PM PDT: g20 action alert: March still huge. Organizers estimate 10,000. Cherry Way & 5th Ave
12:02PM PDT: g20 action alert: March departing from the City County building, brass band raging.
12:00PM PDT: pgh human rights: the peoples march is on the way to east park
12:00PM PDT: I love the woman from the Poor People's Campaign, she's so awesome
11:55AM PDT: Resist g20: jesus freak homophobes @ forbes and grant make out party now
11:53AM PDT: g20 action alert: This movement is growing. "Adelante," brothers & sisters -Benedicto Orozco, Mex unionist
11:50AM PDT: G20 imc radio: "We take to the streets today to say clearly we are not in agreement... We will not be silenced! Let's move forward brothers & sisters!"
11:48AM PDT: G20 IMC Radio: "A people's tribunal met & found G20 guilty of impoverishing people around the world & violating women's rights"
11:45AM PDT: g20 action alert: "It is time for their empire to fall." -Kate Gott, SDS. 
11:44AM PDT: G20 IMC Radio: SDS "Students & workers, shut the city down!"
11:42AM PDT: g20 action alert: #G20 has commodified and monetized everything, including land and culture -Jihan Gearon, Indigenous Enviro Network
11:42AM PDT: g20 pgh: (re-post) undercovers: female wears white bandana, male black bandana, both of them wearing sun glasses, following black bloc very close
11:41AM PDT: G20 IMC Radio: streaming coverage of speakers. Most are radical and awesome!
11:39AM PDT: g20 pgh: LRAD backing up forbes on grant
11:38AM PDT: g20 imc: Bike cops relocating from 5th Ave to Penn, cop reports "We're chargin' in on the horses"
11:37AM PDT: Pgh human rights: peoples march at the city council building http://twitpic.com/j3b7i
11:36AM PDT: g20 imc: police looking to relocate #LRAD
11:35AM PDT: G20IMC: Bike cops relocating from 5th Ave to Penn, cop reports "We're chargin' in on the horses
11:35AM PDT: g20 action alert: "We have to fight for a better world. State #capitalism has failed." Ashley Smith, ISO, at Peoples March to the #G20
11:33AM PDT: mikeramsey: Things are eerily quiet outside of the demonstration. More cops than citizens out on the streets 
11:28AM PDT: g20 pgh: forbes and grant: riot squads loading weapons with "rubber bullets"
11:27AM PDT: g20 imc: #LRAD siren reported at 3rd & Grant, police also asking for more assistance at 4th & Grants
11:26AM PDT: g20 pgh: forbes and grant, riot cops walking into the crowd
11:25AM PDT: g20 action alert: "The people have the solutions," not the #G20
11:24AM PDT: g20 action alert: "The #G20 can't solve the global econ crisis & climate crisis - they caused the crisis..." -Pete Shell, Thomas Merton Cntr #Pittsburgh
11:22AM PDT: g20 pgh: cops requesting backup for 5th and grant
11:22AM PDT: g20 pgh: undercovers: female wears white bandana, male black bandana, both of them wearing sun glasses, following black bloc very close.
11:21AM PDT: g20 imc: set up LRAD near Liberty & Grant area; major police presence at 5th & Ross
11:14AM PDT: mechphisto: They've cornered the permitted march downtown. There is no clear way out other than through lines.
11:12AM PDT: G20IMC: protesters to be redirected down 7th street & across bridge
11:11AM PDT: g20pgh: cops photographing people on Forbes and Grant- be careful!
11:01AM PDT: g20pgh3: undercovers in olive green tshirts following the black bloc at the parade on ross and 5th Ave
11:00AM PDT: mikeramsey: The demonstration site downtown is cordoned off with tape that reads CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSS. A little premature?
10:41AM PDT: g20 pgh: march is on 5th and vine right now 
10:40AM PDT: g20 pgh: March is on 5th and mitenberger, riot cops activity and bike cops
10:32AM PDT: g20 action alert: "You're sexy, you're cute, take off that riot suit." -Black bloc chanting to police.
10:24AM PDT: g20 action alert: Looks like 4000 to 5000 people here.
10:24AM PDT: g20pgh: police vehicles parked at the north side of birmingham bridge - 6 port authority vehicles up a hill behind 5th & kirkpatrick - march is 3-4 blocks long 
10:18AM PDT: g20 action alert: Peoples March is headed downtown on Fifth Ave, huge numbers here, can't count them all
10:18AM PDT: Pgh human rights: police are in full effect at the peoples march http://twitpic.com/j2yh9
10:02AM PDT: g20 action alert: "Capitalism is not working for [the G20] and it's not working for us." -Immigrant rights speaker
10:01AM PDT: Pgh human rights: and we're marching... at peoples march. next stop city council bldng
9:59AM PDT: g20 pgh: 6 port authority vehicles up a hill behind 5th & kirkpatrick
9:57AM PDT: mikeramsey: ACLU and NLG observers in neon orange and green hats are everywhere
9:57AM PDT: Anarchists: teargas, 1 arrest on baum and liberty, beat people with batons, shot with rubber bullets 
9:55AM PDT: Pgh human rights: march thru #pittsburgh abt to begin. organizers urge peace
9:54AM PDT: Pgh human rights: spkng abt healthcare & immigration at the peoples march in oakland
9:47AM PDT: g20 action alert: We are marching for "people before profit." -Joyce Wagner, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Peoples March to the #G20
9:46AM PDT: Pgh human rights: the peoples march in oakland. lots of ppl here http://twitpic.com/j2ueb
9:44AM PDT: g20 action legal: Peoples March to the #G20 at 5th & Craft, #pittsburgh to oppose has maybe two thousand marchers
9:37AM PDT: Anarchists: Pittsburgh Police, National Guard in full riot gear, County Police on MCs just outside of Peoples March @ 5th & Craft
9:18AM PDT: g20 action alert: Queer student contingent walking up Forbes to join Peoples March, just crossing Atwood & Forbes
9:08AM PDT: g20 pgh: JAIL VIGIL/ solidarity @ municipal court drive and 1st ave
9:07AM PDT: Global Pgh: Protest in Oakland is peaceful right now, protestors are singing loudly.
8:52AM PDT: g20 imc: VIDEO Riot Police Trap University Students on a Staircase and Deploy Chemical Weapons http://indypgh.org/g20/#k-fbd79b0e2ce5faae
8:52AM PDT: mikeramsey: Bike cops are following the march down 5th 
8:51AM PDT: mikeramsey: A chorus of "we all live in a fascist police state" to the tune of We All Live in a Yellow Submarine at 5th and Craft
8:37AM PDT: Resist g20: Code Pink just arrived at the antiwar protest at Soldiers & Sailors in Oakland
8:37AM PDT: Resist g20: About 100 people leaving #CMU campus with drums
8:31AM PDT: Resist g20: Student Event Flagstaff Hill
8:30AM PDT: Resist g20: Maybe twenty cops lined up on cmu campus lawn
8:11AM PDT: Pdx Imc: We'll be restreaming G-Infinity radio all day & you can also follow our Breaking News wire on Twitter: Portlandimc
8:07AM PDT: g20 pgh: Action at Wholefoods, East Liberty, 5580 center ave
8:04AM PDT: 3 Rivers CC: All workshops now taking place at G20 Art Project Space,Carnegie Mellon U Main Quad
7:54AM PDT: DN!: Police Crackdown on G20 Protests: Democracy Now! Reports from the Streets http://www.democracynow.org/blog/2009/9/25/steve
7:52AM PDT: Anarchists,help the mass effort 2 educate the public(we've got attn)! Get on the net, comment vids/blogs/articles, call in 2 radio/tv shows!
7:40AM PDT: g20 action alert: Protesters Are Met by Tear Gas at G-20 Conference http://www.g20media.org/node/144
7:13AM PDT: g20 action alert: Organizers report that all garbage cans have been removed from Oakland
7:12AM PDT: DN!: G20 Summit in Pittsburgh Highlights Economic Decline of Former Steel Capital http://www.democracynow.org/2009/9/25/g20_in_pittsburgh
7:07AM PDT: g20 action alert: Women's Walk for Peace with Bev Smith, CodePINK starts 10 AM, West Park, joins Peoples March, ends near www.womenswalk.org
7:05AM PDT: g20 action alert: 9 AM student meetup for morning actions just getting underway, Forbes & Bigelow
7:03AM PDT: g20 public safety website http://www.g20safety.org/
7:00AM PDT: g20 action alert: Climate justice and youth march to join Peoples March 11AM, CMU, Forbes & Morewood Ave
5:39AM PDT: Anarchists: Making Release of 33yr #Indigenous US prisoner of conscience Leonard Peltier a #g20 priority. Ask @obama to #freepeltier.
4:27AM PDT: G20 pgh legal: Jail vigil moved to courthouse at 1st and Municipal. Night shift needs relief; bring snacks etc. for released arrestees 
4:21AM PDT: g20 pgh legal: Arraignments ongoing all night, but observers have not been allowed in Courthouse for them. At least six releases. 
12:55AM PDT: G20 IMC: VIDEO Riot Police Assault Young Couple at University http://indypgh.org/g20/#k-f83d7bd1877aed37
12:49AM PDT: Black Bloc left small, rowdy contingents behind as distractions while mobilizing to crop up elsewhere. Impressive display of clever organizing.
12:44AM PDT: Black Bloc strategically outmaneuvered police all day successfully avoiding mass arrest by disappearing & reappearing all over Pittsburgh.
12:41AM PDT: 12 protests. Black Bloc numbers peaked at 1,100. Targets damaged: McDonalds, KFC, Banks, Police Station, Boston Market chain, BMW Dealership, Homeland Security, among others.
12:16AM PDT: g20 pgh legal: 3:30 AM Jail vigil to resume at Allegheny County Jail downtown. Go and support them if you can


11:50PM PDT: Pgh imc: Voices from the Free Tibet March (9/24/09): Tibetans from the East Coast took the opportunity http://indypgh.org/g20/#k-d691fd98e7f1703a
11:49PM PDT: g20 imc: Interview with Dan Onorato: The day before the People's Uprising March, we interviewed Chief Execut http://indypgh.org/g20/#k-a067e714afeb85b1
11:43PM PDT: Anarchists: K-9 units coming to Butler street - 1,2,3,4... 5 units
11:39PM PDT: kim huynh 22: From Pittsburgh--I voted for Obama and all I got is this lousy police state http://itsgettinghotinhere.org/2009/09/22/i-voted-for-obama-and-all-i-got-is-this-lousy-police-state/
11:35PM PDT: g20 pgh: units on route to birmingham bridge
11:35PM PDT: Anarchists: Dog unit going to Butler
11:33PM PDT: g20 pgh: cops are gearing up ready to roll on folks on butler
11:33PM PDT: g20 pgh: 100 people in front of the belvedere and on butler
11:32PM PDT: Of Interest New School Anarchists shut down Homeland Security Event http://peoplesmovement.amplify.com/2009/09/25/new-school-anarchists-shut-down-homeland-security-event/
11:31PM PDT: g20 pgh: police and military are chasing 3 groups dressed in black west bound on 3rd street. get out of there!
11:30PM PDT: Anarchists: Our contingent in Pittsburgh are all wearing business wear
11:29PM PDT: g2o pgh: shindley park Upitt - up to 10 arrests, 3 confirmed
11:28PM PDT: g20 pgh: cops are chasing 3 different groups south bound
11:27PM PDT: g20 pgh: military in the area and there are military check points set up
10:33PM PDT: G20 pgh: Riot Cops heading to South Side (UNCONFIRMED)
10:14PM PDT: Anarchists: VIDEO G20 PROTESTS: Police State USA; Wake up! http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=709ECDC88D070CD3
10:03PM PDT: g20 pgh: 20-30 bike cops on 6th ave & 6 police vehicles on 5th ave just passed kirkpatrick(?) heading to downtown
10:03PM PDT: Police formation in residential http://twitpic.com/izxrg
10:01PM PDT: Anarchists: City of Pittsburgh bought insurance to cover lawsuits against police - meaning dont trust cops to act lawfully
9:59PM PDT: Anarchists: Lucy Parsons would have been proud of Anarchists in Pittsburgh Today.
9:56PM PDT: Resist g20: 20-year old female with history of asthma, Forbes Avenue dormitory, trouble breathing due to pepper spray
9:55PM PDT: g20 pgh legal: Jail vigil kicked out of SCI Pittsburgh. Stand by for updated info
9:44PM PDT: G20 Action Alert: alex is ok
9:37PM PDT: G20 IMC: Students gassed by police in PGH(oakland neighbrhd)
9:31PM PDT: Anarchists: (VIDEO) Female beaten and arrested after being instigated by riot police http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzOG7yghNvQ
9:26PM PDT: G20 pgh legal: Seven people being held at Allegheny County Jail. Arraignment courts to run all night, contact us for info on court support.
9:25PM PDT: Pdx Imc: Pittsburgh Black Block have managed to hit strategic targets all over the city despite inferior numbers & severe oppression. Cops panicking as they can't keep up with the disappearing-reappearing tricky ninjas.
9:24PM PDT: hospitalizepopo: video of girl getting pushed on ground - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzOG7yghNvQ
9:20PM PDT: Anarchists: Events in Pittsburgh today show,despite unequal arsenal/ paid numbers at Govt disposal - THE PEOPLE,NOT GOVT REACTIONARIES, have control
9:19PM PDT: Resist G20: Alex Lotorto is missing
9:13PM PDT: g20 pgh: Police dispersing folks onto forbes against traffic
9:13PM PDT: G20 pgh: two more arrests, cops have blocked off student dorms, using weapons
9:12PM PDT: Anarchists: women getting beat by police
9:09PM PDT: G20 pgh: Lots of police need Fuel, can't find Fuel. Trying to get Tanker Truck to fuel humvees
9:08PM PDT: G20 IMC Radio: Students being beaten in the dormitory & threatened with expulsion if they do not disburse from dorm. 
9:04PM PDT: Resist G20: Things are getting [exciting] in Oakland right now http://twitpic.com/j0xlk
9:02PM PDT: Resist G20: Protestors are moving over to the South Side. Group forming under the Hot Metal Bridge
8:58PM PDT: Resist g20: Police overheard saying: We're going to have MULTIPLE ARRESTS
8:56PM PDT: G20 pgh: Group forming at Hot Metal Bridge
8:55PM PDT: Resist G20: Seems like the BB! contingent is mostly safe
8:55PM PDT: G20 pgh: forbes and s craig, protestors breaking out windows
8:53PM PDT: Anarchists: Pitt students are reportedly being forced into freshman dorms with rumors of rubber bullets. Swat teams everywhere in Oakland
8:52PM PDT: G20 pgh: Police not responding to other calls. "All units are in Oakland"
8:42PM PDT: Anarchists: Police are advancing through the Quad
8:42PM PDT: Anarchists: Tear gas sprayed near pitt dorms
8:41PM PDT: Anarchists: Just got my first blast of teargas. You can't get away from these cops
8:40PM PDT: Anarchists: Blackhawk choppers over hill district again
8:34PM PDT: Anarchists: Fully emphathise with Pittsburghers alarm at whats happening to their city. Mirrors our alarm at what #g20 is doing to our world
8:31PM PDT: G20 pgh: campus: giving dispersal order-probably 200 people at least there. Almost entire perimeter is surrounded with riot cops
8:30PM PDT: Anarchists: Police have completely lined Fifth Ave and Bigelow
8:13PM PDT: G20 pgh: horse cops going N on bellerfield from bayard
8:09PM PDT: G20 pgh: liberty, 2 groups of 10 to 15 moving down liberty
8:06PM PDT: G20 pgh: grey 2000 chrysler town and country, w/ PA registration-get the fuck out of there!
8:04PM PDT: G20 pgh: pigs cut off forbes ave(at oakland) to one lane
8:04PM PDT: G20 pgh legal: 9 have now been released from SCI, 6 likely to be released soon. Others being moved to ACJ, with "more serious charges"
8:02PM PDT: G20 PGH: radical marching band playing on steps of cathedral, and riot cops continue to launch smoke bombs at them
8:01PM PDT: G20 PGH: warning: police looking for a dodge caravan with ny plates, watch out
7:59PM PDT: G20 PGH: students are chanting to cops "to get off fucking campus"
7:58PM PDT: G20 PGH: people at cathedral of learning, riot cops are shooting "smoke bombs"
7:57PM PDT: G20 PGH Legal: jail vigil moved to SCI 3001 Beaver Ave, Pittsburgh, PA‎ 15233 please come if you can
7:56PM PDT: G20 PGH: IRAD, projectiles and tear gas deployed into campus
7:55PM PDT: Resist g20: currently protesters are [very excited] on u pitt campus in oakland. Stay safe. /Police aren't playing, B safe
7:52PM PDT: G20 PGH: Riot Cops in Arrest Buses Headed to Shenley Plaza on Craig
7:50PM PDT: G20 Pgh Legal: One arrest just reported, riot cops rushing crowd at Forbes & Schenley
7:44PM PDT: G20 PGH: pigs calling for backup at bellefield and 5th
7:42PM PDT: G20 PGH: schenley plaza declared "illegal assembly," cops moving into position
7:41PM PDT: Resist G20: Oakland fire http://twitpic.com/j0puo
7:39PM PDT: Resist G20: Two S.W.A.T. trucks and seven or eight police SUVs just pulled into Schenley. The people stopped dancing
7:37PM PDT: G20 IMC Radio: 500 people marching. A McDonalds was damaged. (Possibly Bash Back march?)
7:36PM PDT: Resist G20: BBlock moving past hospital, mobile field force on way to 5th Ave
7:21PM PDT: Anarchists: Protesters chant, "Your sexy, your cute, take off your riot suit!"
7:17PM PDT: G20 PGH Legal: Two arrests so far at Schenley Park, police line still moving
7:16PM PDT: G20 PGH Legal: Seven arrestees just released from SCI Pittsburgh
7:14PM PDT: Resist G20: VIDEO: National Guard snatch people off the street http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8CNa_viKg0
6:58PM PDT: PDX IMC: We are on air bantering & restreaming G20 IMC radio when they're on. Contact us phone# 503 477 6887 AIM: Portlandimcradio Twitter: Portlandimc
6:46PM PDT: G20 IMC: This afternoon's protests included window damage to the Boston Market, KFC, & BMW dealerships located on Baum Blvd.
6:32PM PDT: G20 IMC: Tin Can Comms Collective was raided today. 2 arrested. Twitter account suspended for "strange activity". Names not in arrestee database.
6:03PM PDT: Resist G20: Police officers stationed near Schenley Park and Phipps Conservatory just received hundreds of water bottles
5:53PM PDT: G20 Action Alert: Police starting to depart Medic Center. Random intimidation? When the #g20 comes to #Pittsburgh, democracy goes out the window
5:41PM PDT: G20 Action Alert: Police surrounding Medic Center, 3028 Brereton Ave, and have shut down access. If you can help, please go over. 
5:39PM PDT: Resist G20: guns outside a presidential town hall=constitutional right, but protesters with signs and hoods 2 miles from G20 = tear gas time?
5:38PM PDT: G20 PGH Legal: 5 cop vans plus armored vehicle and at least 34 police officers at medic space in polish hill right now.
5:37PM PDT: Resist G20: Two more caravans of armored officers have arrived. Starting to become unsure which side has more
5:31PM PDT: G20 IMC Radio: Police blaming protesters for lack of permit, but has refused to issue any permits for protests.
5:22PM PDT: Resist G20: police are advancing, forcing crowd back. #g20 at schenley plaza adjacent to pitt.
5:16PM PDT: Resist G20: Police are attacking small groups of people at shenley plaza. Tear gas being used
5:14PM PDT: G20 PGH Legal: Currently we are tracking at least 23 arrests. It will be several hours before arraignments. Jail Vigil at 8 at Allegheny County Jail.
5:10PM PDT: Resist G20: Pigs protecting the corporate socialist (i.e.) fascist G-20 elite http://twitpic.com/izsvi
5:09PM PDT: Resist G20: call for nonviolent green and black contingent marching w/ climate contingent feeder tomorrow. 1130am in front of CMU
5:08PM PDT: Resist G20: Cabaret w/ David Rovics going on now at Desoto and 5th same spot as BASH BACK! March tonight @ 10pm
4:17PM PDT: G20 Action Alert: The #G20 has many hands of oppression, like #Pittsburgh police. But if anything is worth fighting for, it's a better world
4:15PM PDT: Resist G20: jail vigil 950 2nd ave, in downtown. starts at 8pm
4:15PM PDT: Resist G20: cops on horses are pushing the line back
4:08PM PDT: Resist G20: Police are pursuing bloc of about 50 on liberty ave / Baum, they have ordered no traffic from liberty bridge
3:47PM PDT: Resist G20: Students are slowly advancing on police. Within 300 ft now
3:44PM PDT: Resist G20: Students chanting "Show me what a police state looks like!" at line of cops on campus
3:39PM PDT: Resist G20: Lots of arrests being made at butler and 34
3:15PM PDT: G20 IMC: Ritter's Diner police attack http://indypgh.org/g20/#k-551da360d8018b27
3:14PM PDT: Resist G20: There will be a reconvergance spot! Stay in n oakland area
3:13PM PDT: Resist G20: National Guard troops in unmarked cars abducting people off the streets in Pittsburgh
2:49PM PDT: Act For Climate: Video of gas and Sound attack at the G20 http://socialistwebzine.blogspot.com/
2:45PM PDT: Resist G20/Act For Climate: National Guard in unmarked vans and gas masks are heading towards the Bloomfield Bridge
2:44PM PDT: G20 PGH Legal: 13 reported arrests, accounts still coming in. Arrests in multiple locations.
2:43PM PDT: G20 IMC Radio: Cow arrested on Bloomfield bridge. LRAD used again.
2:41PM PDT: Resist G20: police are firing rubber bullets at people outside of Ritter's diner
2:41PM PDT: Report G20: resist g20: police are firing rubber bullets at people outside of Ritter's diner
2:30PM PDT: ReportG20: saw people in military fatigues snatch a kid in a golden car 
2:22PM PDT: Act For Climate: rocks being thrown in bloomfield newsraw reports
2:19PM PDT: G20 PGH Legal: 1 arrest near Baum & Liberty--second known arrest today. Reports of police brutality
2:18PM PDT: Resist G20: cop reinforcements being sent to baum and morewood 
2:17PM PDT: #reportG20: Boston Market windows are busted 
2:17PM PDT: G20 Action Alert: One tweet beat reporter took a rubber bullet on the head, but she seems fine
2:16PM PDT: G20 Action Alert: About 15 min ago, police attacked line of people and beat a young man
2:13PM PDT: Resist G20: March reuniting at Morewood & Baum
2:12PM PDT: G20 IMC Radio: Again dispersal order addressed to "everyone in the area REGARDLESS OF PURPOSE"
2:08PM PDT: "MDPD" may be Miami-Dade PD
2:07PM PDT: Resist G20: teargas, rubber bullets, 1 arrest on baum and liberty beat people with batons, shot with rubber bul
2:05PM PDT: Resist G20: Bean bag bullets fired on Baum & Liberty
2:03PM PDT: G20 IMC Radio: 2 LRAD in position on Liberty Ave. Police have covered their names/id numbers.
1:58PM PDT: G20 IMC Radio: Police "MDPD" appear to be gearing up for mass arrests. 2 Port Authority transit buses. Mysterious boxes under arms.
1:53PM PDT: Go 2 Pittsburgh: 500 protesters in Lawrenceville
1:51PM PDT: Resist G20: 20 police cars and a school bus loaded with officers on penn and 34th in the strip district
1:48PM PDT: G20 IMC: Protesters leaving Friendship Park in Bloomfield towards Liberty Ave. for another march
1:47PM PDT: Anarchists: police are now marching against peaceful protesters in Lawrenceville claiming "unlawful assembly"
1:45PM PDT: Picture of LRAD (Long Range Audio Device) sonic weapon being used against protesters. http://twitpic.com/iz16n
1:41PM PDT: Resist G20: 40 cops, w/ bus, headed towards friendship park 
1:39PM PDT: G20 Action Alert: About 150 people assembled at Friendship Park, about 100 just walked back up
1:31PM PDT: Anarchists: protesters have successfully delayed the russian delegation
1:29PM PDT: Anarchists: Protesters near the spanked bank chased by pigz with dogs & bikes 
1:25PM PDT: PDX IMC: Definitely listen to the bad ass radio coverage here: http://indypgh.org/g20/#
1:24PM PDT: PDX IMC: What's all this protesting & smashy-smashy about? The "best coverage" is all right here: http://indypgh.org/g20/#
1:24PM PDT: #G20Twitter: police using long-range acoustic device on protestors, never before used in U.S
1:22PM PDT: A G20 protest coms station was raided but coms are still up & running. Because they're awesome, fuck the pigz!
1:17PM PDT: Act For Climate: CNN reporter tear gassed
1:15PM PDT: G20 Action Alert: About 15 min ago, police rolled up on remaining group of 200 and broke us into 3 directions.
1:11PM PDT: People from Daily Show spotted
1:11PM PDT: G20 Action Alert: Friendship Park, 4:30, new meeting point for those who still want to march but don't have another plan 
1:10PM PDT: Anarchists: Riot police all around the cathedral. 10 vans, threatening with dogs and less lethal guns. Probably 100+. Some people being detained.
1:10PM PDT: G20IMC: Reports of Tear Gas, LRAD Military Sound Weapons fired on protesters
1:09PM PDT: #G20: police and protesters clash, turning violent. 
1:03PM PDT: Anarchists: Bloomfield bank windows have been smashed/blown out.
1:02PM PDT: Act For Climate: Protesters boxed in at penn and 32Nd
12:58PM PDT: Anarchists: 100 protestors in Bloomfield on Liberty at Matilda heading toward Shadyside
12:58PM PDT: G20 PGH Legal: report of snatch and grab arrest at 32nd and smallman.
12:57PM PDT: G20 IMC Radio: The "PNC" & ATMs on Liberty Ave have been damaged with hammer
12:52PM PDT: Anarchists: 75 protestors from "Free Tibet" at Smithfield and Liberty are now face-to-face with riot police.
12:47PM PDT: Anarchists: ALL WITNESSES INCIDENTS Activist v Police SHOULD PHOTO/FILM VIA CAMERA PH & SEND2FRIEND call 412-562-5015
12:46PM PDT: Anarchists: Watch out @ 32nd & Liberty
12:44PM PDT: Resist G20: denny and liberty has 200 protesters rallying
12:43PM PDT: G20 Action Alert: Bloomfield & Liberty Ave, many still marching, loud & fun!
12:29PM PDT: Act For Climate: Officers ordered to mask up, protest changing routes.
12:28PM PDT: Anarchists: Traffic blocked 31st & tenth
12:27PM PDT: G20 Action Alert: Breakaway crowd just got tear-gassed, many walking up 39th from downtown
12:22PM PDT: G20 IMC: 1100 people march against G20 in Lawrenceville
12:21PM PDT: G20 IMC Radio: No arrests. Just attacks.
12:19PM PDT: G20 IMC Radio: Chemical weapons deployed. Tear gas.
12:18PM PDT: G20 IMC Radio: LRAD is the name of the sound weapon. Long Range Acoustic Device. People in homes being effected. 
12:16PM PDT: Act For Climate: Police playing awful earsplitting noise. Bad headache. Trying to find a way out of this area. Being led in a circle
12:15PM PDT: Act For Climate: Utter chaos. Groups heading into alley ways. Tipping dumpsters.
12:12PM PDT: Act For Climate: Cops driving up behind protest on Liberty Ave. Reports of microwave cannons being used at front.
12:09PM PDT: Act For Climate: PROTESTERS calling 4 Release of gaoled opposition leader #Birtukan Mikdessa
12:09PM PDT: Act For Climate: Demonstrators march from Grant St down 7th Ave protesting ethiopian leadership
12:07PM PDT: G20 Action Alert: A larger tributary march at Main St & Penn
12:04PM PDT: G20 IMC Radio: Dispersal order to everyone regardless of purpose. Police using sound weapons & microwave weapons.
12:02PM PDT: Resist G20: police have given a dispersal order at 36th and liberty and no one can hear the order
11:59AM PDT: They have microwave cannons set up on librerty. Watch urself Police pushing in on both sides. Shit is going down
11:46AM PDT: Protesters in Arsenal Park trying to march down to the Convention Center, but are being held by police. Crowds screaming "TEAR IT DOWN"
11:45AM PDT: Resist G20: no way to get from "strip district" to downtown. use 16th st bridge
11:44AM PDT: there are several hundred protesters crossing and marching 40th street bridge and then back into town
11:40AM PDT: G20 Action Alert: Student march update: People being kept in Arsenal park by police. Negotiations underway.
11:36AM PDT: Resist G20: Water cannons on 38th and liberty. Be careful 
11:31AM PDT: police blocking exit to park...protesters stuck inside so far. crowd is getting noisier
11:27AM PDT: Just the police and journalists on Liberty Ave reported at 11:24am
11:27AM PDT: Resist G20: Call in number for reports 412-567-1420 
11:25AM PDT: PDX IMC: Want to know why people are protesting? Great interviews can be found here in "G-Infinity Stories" box: http://indypgh.org/g20/
11:10AM PDT: Resist G20: Student March has ended at Arsenal Park
11:09AM PDT: Bike PGH: Downtown Pittsburgh is a very secure ghost town
11:04AM PDT: Global PGH: G20 "world leaders" arriving at Pittsburgh international
10:56AM PDT: G20 Action Alert: Larger tributary march at Main St & Penn Ave
10:50AM PDT: Resist G20: student march is making a left onto liberty, police helicopter over head and cops on the streets #students and #workers SHUT THE CITY DOWN
10:39AM PDT: G20 Legal: Scattered reports of cop harassment. Remember, always say: "I do not consent to a search." Legal # is: 412-444-3553.
10:38AM PDT: G20: Student march to join others at Arsenal Park. 
10:37AM PDT: G20: police staging at 21st and smallman near arsenal park
10:06AM PDT: Ha! NY Times announces G20 Infinity IMC website is best coverage of G20 in Pittsburgh 
9:49AM PDT: Portland IMC will be covering the G20 protests in Pittsburgh through breaking news & radio. For more info: http://indypgh.org/g20/# (NY Times says it's the best!)

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G20 Dispatch -reposted
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G20 Dispatch #4: While World Leaders Fly Away, Riot Cops Blast Away at U of Pitt

Friday's major action was a permitted "People's March" from Oakland to downtown Pittsburgh and ending with a north side rally, endorsed by dozens of national groups and attended by an estimated 8,000 people.  Despite hundreds of riot cops lining every street downtown, no major altercations occurred.  (View photos, more info.)  But if anyone thought the resistance to the unwanted summit and accompanying police state was over, well, both the police and demonstrators had other ideas.


As the G20 leaders exited their meetings and started to board airplanes,the militarization of Pittsburgh continued well on into the night. A twitter feed received at 10:15 PM on the last day of the G20 summit: Reports of Dark Mark observed in the sky. Dementors in Schenley Plaza. Remember. “I do not consent to a soul kiss”.

As an anti-police brutality rally at the University of Pittsburgh campus turned into a police riot, it almost seemed that the struggles of the wizarding world could really have pertained to what happened here in Pittsburgh on Friday. As curious college students and anarchists alike gathered at Schenley Plaza in an attempt to hold the police accountable to their behaviors from the previous night, they were met by at least 800 riot cops in the surrounding vicinities of the campus.

The riot cops cornered off the area around the park and on Forbes Street, pushing onlookers out with Long Range Acoustic Devices (LRADs), tear gas and rubber bullets. In an attempt to remain calm, the anti-police brutality participants and other bystanders disbanded to 5th Avenue and other surrounding areas. The riot cops continued to move around the area, corralling people into the campus. No one was allowed to return to their homes across 5th without the fear of being gassed, detained or arrested.

Forty arrests were confirmed in the area inside the student union, including medics and media. One medic, Jeff Bartos, was arrested and handcuffed to the point where his hands were turning blue from lack of oxygen. Several media personnel witnessed a violent arrest of a young man on 5th avenue – he was thrown to the ground by three riot police and shot with rubber bullets several times. Another man was also thrown to the ground and arrested shortly thereafter. Media were videotaping these events and were approached by one riot cop and profusely pepper sprayed. Several people throughout the night independently likened these brutal events to that of Nazi Germany. Though clear hyperbole, perhaps this is not that far off from being a realistic statement.

While media and other innocent onlookers sat in paddy wagons for hours, the riot cops continued to rage their dementor-like soul kisses to all aspects of the University population. Police entered into dorms where students were pepper sprayed in their pajamas while another college student was chased back into his friend’s apartment and punched in the face while he was being arrested for trespassing (See indypgh.org “G-Infinity Stories”). According to an interview with Pittsburgh students who witnessed other clashes with police, a University student was arrested for holding her dorm door open for other students to get inside away from the tear gas.


The less-lethal rubber bullet guns commonly used by riot cops to disperse crowds had some disturbing effects last night as well. While one videographer was being told to get to the ground with around eight other college students, a line of police began to open fire on them, pounding them with rubber bullets while they remained helpless on the pavement. Police also shot rubber bullets into unsuspecting crowds as they were leaving the campus area – hitting one young man in the ear and another on his cheek. Both received abrasions from the impacts of the bullets; luckily the G20 medics were there to treat their injuries.

Around 170 people were arrested and booked in the last few days, some by National Guard personnel. There have been rumors that the campus was under martial law Friday night; although untrue, the bands of roaming men in fatigues have certainly made the campus feel like it. Snatch squads in unmarked vans drove around for hours, threatening people with K-9’s and arresting anyone who appeared to be in black bloc attire. Unfortunately, this type of harassment and brutality exists in other aspects of life – especially in neighborhoods of color. Talking to a man after the march yesterday, he told us of several stories, one of which being how a young boy 12 years old, was shot in the back of the head by neighborhood police. These terroristic acts against communities of color often are negated in the media. It often takes events like the G20 and college riots to bring the realities of police and state brutality into the mainstream light.

Most of those arrested in the last few days are out of jail, either on bail or by their own recognizance. Though the G20 may be over, these last days will be remembered by many of the people that were there to witness the grotesque apparition of the U.S. police state. I can only hope that this will start to challenge people to start asking questions about our current situation and where we are headed in this country. Perhaps the violence from the police will be blamed on the anarchists, but hopefully, some University of Pittsburgh students and other witnesses will begin to mobilize – to help expand the struggle for self-determination, liberation and freedom to live our own lives.

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Saturday, 26 September 2009
Video "no Police Allowed on any Caracas Venezuela campus"
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Topic: Venezuela Trip



 No Police Allowed on any Caracas University Campus



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Thursday, 24 September 2009
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http://twitter.com/g20imc  Twitter Account at the G20


http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/09/24/getting-out-the-anti-globalization-message/?hp   NY Times article “Getting Out the Anti-Globalization Message”


http://indypgh.org/g20/#k-877a0dc3afd39bbf  Indy Media in Pittsburgh

(RSS FEED) à http://ginfinity.pghimc.libsynpro.com/rss


http://radio.indypgh.org/  Streaming Radio from Indy media in Pittsburgh

G-Infinity Radio Stream
MP3 Hi

 MP3 Lo


http://twitter.com/SocialistZine Socialist Twitter account LIVE at G20


LIVE at G20 fell free to add any related links in the comment section below 

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 -- twitter reposts posted at 10:20am (PST) 9.24.09  --

cops loaded into budget rent-a-vans 14 minutes ago from web

protest march headed to upitt 14 minutes ago from web     

march of 100 protesters from Schenely Plaza 16 minutes ago from web     

huge group of riot cops at Schenely Plaza 21 minutes ago from web

Street medics and legal observers have arrived at Schenely Plaza - G20 Pittsburgh  34 minutes ago from web


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Wednesday, 23 September 2009
POLICE - 3 ass holes in Portland Oregon
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Email: I received on Sept 23 2009
Subject: Bad Media Morning for Police in Oregonian...

So Steve Duin ripped the police in the case we're trying on behalf of 3 African Americans below AND the same officer who arrested Joe Walsh (officer Nice) was cleared of any wrongdoing in the Chasse murder by the police review commission on front page of oregonian...

for anyone that would like to watch, we will be in room 308 cross examining the police this morning and will be doing final arguments this afternoon post 2pm

'One peep away from getting shot'

By Steve Duin, The Oregonian

September 23, 2009, 6:51PM
To truly appreciate why three Portland cops acted the way they did that 2007 night in the downtown Smart Park garage, city attorney Bill Manlove told a Multnomah County jury Wednesday, you have to understand "the action-reaction principle."

"The aggressor, the person who is acting, always has the advantage," Manlove explained, and we need to allow an officer the leeway "to control the situation so he's not placed at a tactical disadvantage."

Does that leeway include mocking and ridiculing three men who have been pulled from their car at gunpoint and who are, according to eyewitnesses, so "terrified" that they are in tears and begging passers-by to hang around?

Does it mean that when a 26-year-old man hands police his concealed weapons permit at 2:40 a.m. and tells them he's "carrying," officers should promptly draw their firearms, point them at the heads of the men in the car, and tell the guy in the back seat, "Shut up. And if you say another thing, I'm gonna shoot you."

And does it license the police -- as attorney Greg Kafoury alleges -- to subsequently conjure up a fanciful back story to justify their actions?

What we expect and demand of the police is back on trial this week as three men -- Alex Clay and brothers Harold Hammick and Richard Booth -- bring a $300,000 suit against the city claiming assault, battery and false arrest.

The three men are black. Sgt. Chris Davis and Officers Leo Besner and Brian Hubbard are white. However the jury eventually rules, I imagine many readers will view this through the subjective filters of race, past experience with the police and, Kafoury notes, 40 years of TV movies featuring heroic cops and hostile, drug-dealing street punks.

Let's set the stage: Hammick, Booth and Clay went downtown to celebrate St. Patrick's Day 2007, returning to their white Chevy Trailblazer after the bars closed down.

They tell the same story in lengthy depositions, confirmed by two witnesses in the garage. Hammick and Booth returned to the SUV first because Clay -- who works for the Portland Public Schools' Head Start program -- spun off to get a pizza.

As Clay came up the parking garage stairwell, he met Portland police officers, who told him they were trying to clear the garage to ease tensions between two groups of African American males-- one in white T-shirts, the other in black T-shirts -- who'd recently collided on the busy city streets.

The cops followed Clay to the Trailblazer, where they asked the three men for identification. Going by the book, Hammick promptly announced, "I'm a registered carrier, and here's my license and insurance."

Hammick's loaded Glock 23 was in the holster at his right hip. When he told police he was armed, Besner -- the lead officer -- yelled, "He's carrying! He's carrying!" and the three cops drew their weapons.

After Besner sliced through Hammick's seat belt with a knife, the three men were pulled from the car and handcuffed. Hammick said he was punched twice in the groin. All three say they were scared to death and kept asking what they'd done wrong. "I thought," Clay said, "that I was one peep away from getting shot."

After approximately 40 minutes, the police were informed there were no outstanding warrants on the three men and they were finally released from the handcuffs. The cops departed, everyone agrees, without explanation or apology.

The police, not surprisingly, tell a different story about the confrontation. They claim in depositions that they saw Hammick and Clay among the troublemakers on the street in the white T-shirts. They argue that they told the three men to leave the garage and grew concerned when they were still sitting in the SUV 20 minutes later. And they insist the men were angry, belligerent, argumentative and, to quote Manlove, "bumping gums" when they were approached.

The police version of events was contradicted by Kafoury's first two witnesses, Adam Ganer and Nicole Furlong. The two Portland State grads were sitting in a car 50 feet away from the Trailblazer. They were so unnerved by the cops' aggressiveness, Ganer told me, that they dropped their seats back so they could watch the drama play out.

There are several odd twists in the cops' story. Although the police claim they followed the three men into the parking garage as a result of their behavior on the street, Besner, Davis and Hubbard admit they never asked them about that behavior in the 40 minutes the trio were handcuffed.

Then there's the bizarre addendum to Besner's police report. Besner took Hammick's Glock and concealed handgun license back to the station and was writing his report when he said Officer Brett Hawkinson happened by and glanced at Hammick's permit photo.

Hawkinson immediately identified Hammick as a guy he'd spotted -- from a half block away -- earlier that night in a white T-shirt, displaying a black object under his belt and mouthing the words "gat" and "my piece."

As Kafoury told the jury, Hammick had a 7-inch Afro on St. Patrick's Day 2007. In his handgun permit photo, his hair is closely cropped.

"People go to prison every day in this very courthouse based on the testimony of police officers," Kafoury noted.

And setting the record straight about what happened that night and what is acceptable police behavior, Clay said, is precisely why the three men decided to sue the city over the way they were treated.

What he found most chilling about the whole affair, Clay added, was how angry and disappointed Besner seemed when the cops' aggressive actions weren't met with an equally dramatic reaction.

-- Steve Duin

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Nuclear-Free Seas ...a NY Times article brings up a good point
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Nuclear-Free Seas


Published: September 23, 2009

9.23.09  President Obama is scheduled to preside over a United Nations Security Council meeting on nuclear nonproliferation. He should use the occasion to address a critical weakness in the effort to halt the spread of nuclear weapons: the international community’s inability to stop and inspect a ship suspected of carrying nuclear materials without first getting permission from the country whose flag the ship is flying.

Despite a host of United Nations nonproliferation initiatives like this year’s Resolution 1874, which calls on countries to allow such inspections, international law still prohibits interfering with another nation’s ship in international waters without permission. Additionally, the resolution does not authorize the use of force if a country refuses to let its ship be inspected. Thus, if a North Korean ship is transporting nuclear weapons to Myanmar, little can be done to stop it in international waters without North Korea’s permission.

This principle of “flag-state jurisdiction” has generally been accepted since the 17th century, when Hugo Grotius wrote “The Freedom of the Seas,” arguing for Holland’s right to use trade routes monopolized by the Spanish and Portuguese. It’s codified in the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea. And it has meant that a number of ships suspected of carrying nuclear materials have not been stopped.

Flag-state jurisdiction should now be amended to allow exceptions to combat nuclear proliferation and terrorism. A precedent for this already exists: in the Law of the Sea, the principle does not apply to ships involved in piracy or the slave trade, which can be detained. The freedom of the seas has to be balanced against modern security needs.

Today, the Security Council should discuss how to go about changing the law. But potential proliferators may not agree to a treaty allowing their ships to be boarded. Fortunately, there is another means of changing maritime law: state action.

While there is no precise analogy in domestic law, a new maritime law can come into being simply through general international consensus. For example, in 1945 President Harry Truman declared that the United States would have exclusive use of its continental shelf. Other states accepted this and made similar declarations, and this principle became an accepted part of maritime law.

A comparable approach should be taken if proliferators block United Nations efforts to amend flag-state jurisdiction. When the threat is great enough, the United States or one of its allies should notify the Security Council and board a ship that it has reason to believe is transporting nuclear materials to dangerous recipients, without the permission of the flag-state.

The danger, to be taken very seriously, is that the offended country will respond aggressively. To minimize this risk, the first interdiction must be one whose moral logic is so strongly compelling to the international community that there is near universal support. Additionally, a system of liability should be established. If a ship is wrongly stopped, the owner should be compensated justly for the trouble.

While there can be no guarantee of how the flag-state will respond, if the ship is chosen wisely and there is a promise of compensation, both the offense taken by the flag-state and its motivation to respond with violence will be reduced. If the ship resists, force may be necessary to ensure nuclear weapons don’t fall into the wrong hands.

There are already exceptions to flag-state jurisdiction. The United Nations meeting today should spur thinking about how nations can work together to devise a similar exception to prevent nuclear proliferation and terrorism. Wise diplomacy must allow for this before it’s too late.

Thomas Lehrman was the director of the State Department’s Office of Weapons of Mass Destruction Terrorism from 2005 to 2007. Justin Muzinich is an adviser to a nonprofit group focused on nonproliferation.

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Tuesday, 22 September 2009
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MNN. Sep. 20 2009. The Everett Report of March 17, 1922, found that, no attempt has ever been made to control the Indians on the St. Regis Reservation [Akwesasne] residing within the boundaries of Canada. The Chairman firmly believes that the St. Regis reservation lying within the boundaries of the State of New York is a separate and distinct territory from the control of the United States or State of New York as is the Canadian reservation. [p. 317]. This pertains to all of Great Turtle Island.

Just what are the rights of the aliens? Only what we gave them under the Great Law. Aliens are temporary. Should they cause loss, wrong, suffering or endanger the peace, the War Chiefs reprimand and expel them. [Wampum 74]. They have no voice in council. [Wampum 76]. Canada, US, Mexico or any foreigners cannot interfere with us.

The invaders washed up here with nothing. They stole, created money and intend to take everything from us. Their puppet band and tribal councils are more than willing to help them.

Red Jacket, Corn Planter and other Iroquois told Washington that they’re fighting over something that doesn’t belong to them - our lands, resources and waters. We own all the beds of all the waters of Great Turtle Island. [p. 186-7]

Their judicial and military hocus pocus shows they know that we never gave up anything. Canada, US, Ontario, Quebec and New York State promised to protect us from them.

International law provides that title to land is never taken away from the lawful, legal owner except in a legal and lawful manner. If it’s stolen and used for twenty years or a million years, they never get title.

At Akwesasne Canada Customs goons are desperately grabbing our cars and demanding $1000. Mohawks going home or visiting each other don’t have to report to foreign goons. It’s not enough these hoods grab us as we come over the bridge, take us out to the back and beat us up. We hear they might be advancing with a fleet of armored tow trucks to haul away more of our vehicles? Canada is threatening unarmed people with heavily armed RCMP, OPP, Cornwall and Akwesasne police forces.

CSIS mans the shack which illegally stops us. Like the Chinese water torture, Canada is trying to extort protection money from us one drop at a time.

Some of those community members who carry purple cards identifying themselves as Camel Toe Treaty people say it was signed in Central Park in New York City in 409 AD where Egyptian tombs were left behind. Their passport provides that we were signatories to the treaty that brought down the Roman Empire! This apparently gives Rotinoshonni:onwe freedom of movement. It has no basis in the Great Law or in history.

We hope Canada and US strategists are not thinking about bringing in the military that are probably hiding in the bushes. Before putting the boots to us, they want us to be confused, lost, angry and afraid. As always, we are giving a measured response. We want peace, not another 1990 Mohawk Oka Crisis style attack by 5,000 soldiers of the Canadian army. What are they afraid of? You can’t shoot the truth!

Canada, give it up. That imaginary line [border] doesn’t belong here.

We never renounced our Rotinshonni’on:we birthright. The three recent Federal Court of Canada rulings found that, because we live in Akwesasne and Kahnawake, we are not residents of Canada, and are not entitled to an investigation of brutal attacks and human rights violations by their agents. It is impossible for us to renounce our Ongwehonwe birthright. We cannot be citizens [another fancy word for slave] of Canada or the US. Who would want to be anyhow?

The Peoples Fire is purchasing lumber and materials to erect a building on the tent site. A phone list is available in case of attack or harassment.

Canada’s using mainstream media, or the hanging press, to try to turn people against us because we don’t want guns in the our community.

These attacks and threats show weakness and impotence, not strength. The predatory ruling class and their agents want to keep plundering the world with impunity. They need to steal from us, sell it and then buy more things for themselves.

Two party deals for our land signed between foreigners are illegal. The squatters of Canada and the US are afraid of being defined and giving an accounting. Hey! Show us a deed for one acre of land anywhere on Great Turtle Island that you got legally. Everybody in the world knows you can’t do it!

To help contact Akwesasne Peoples Fire 613-937-1813 akwpeoplesfire@bell.net;

Kahentinetha MNN Mohawk Nation News, www.mohawknationnews.com kahentinetha2@yahoo.com Note: Your financial help is needed and appreciated. Please send your donations by check or money order to “MNN Mohawk Nation News”, Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0. Or go to PayPal on MNN website. Nia:wen thank you very much. Go to MNN AKWESASNE category for more stories; New MNN Books Available now!

Report of New York State Indian Commission to Investigate the Status of the American Indian Residing in the State of New York transmitted to the Legislators, March 17, 1922, also known as the Everett Report].
Helen Upton. The Everett Report – Historical Perspective. Albany Library.

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Now Playing: President Manuel Zelaya returns to Honduras and is met with violence



President Manuel Zelaya, who was deposed on June 28 by a right-wing pro-U.S. coup, has returned home to his beloved country. Reports indicate that he is secure at the Brazilian embassy. His return is a victory for the people of Honduras and is a direct result of their non-stop and daily struggle for over 80 days.

There is however, currently a very dangerous situation in the country that demands the immediate solidarity from the movement in the U.S.

The illegal government of Roberto Micheletti is carrying out a violent wave of repression at this very moment.

Blogs report: “TeleSur is showing images of uniformed National Police members, with billy clubs, shields, helmets and guns, surrounding the zone near the Brazilian Embassy, apparently to close access to the area, blocking anti-coup demonstrators from entering or leaving. The network is also broadcasting live images, from Channel 36, of two helicopters circling over the Embassy.”

The internet and cell phone signals have been blocked hindering the people and the movement from getting information out about the repression.

People in Honduras report that at 5:20 in the morning a wave of repression began against the people gathered around the Brazilian Embassy. The Micheletti government has thrown tear gas and other tools of repression have been used.  One blogger stated:”The fascist repression is upon us.”

Another Honduran reports: "Just like Mel (President Zelaya) was able to get to the Brazilian embassy after being exiled, every Honduran should get to Tegucigalpa from whatever part of Honduras they are at.”

An unidentified individual told Radio Globo “We urge the International Community to come and count the dead.” They went on to say that the Resistance is not afraid and will not give up.

People from a neighborhood called Kennedy in Tegucigalpa declared massive civil disobedience and do not recognize any tax imposed by the coup government. They have taken to the streets in a massive spontaneous march that began at 9:30 at night and ended later that night.

The march started with a few dozen and ended with 3,000 in one neighborhood alone.

Solidarity with the people of Honduras more urgent than ever.

The IAC urges everyone to take part in an emergency alert. Here are some things you can do:

1)      If you are in NYC take part at the demonstration Wednesday, Sept. 23 from 5-7pm in front of the Honduran Embassy 48th St. and 1st Ave. If you are outside NYC, organize an emergency action in your city.

2)      On Wednesday afternoon at the Bail Out the Unemployed Tent City protesting the G20 summit in Pittsburgh, PA,  Rev. Lucius Walker of IFCO/Pastors for Peace, who has been in constant direct communication with the leaders of the resistance in Honduras, will be giving  an extensive briefing on the  Honduran situation. The Tent City is at Soho St and Wylie Ave. in the historic Hill District of Pittsburgh. Participate if you can.

3)      Call the White House and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton immediately and demand an end to the repression (202) 647-3482 or 202-647-5291 or email

Sign Online Petition to Obama Administration

4)      Support the work of the IAC by giving a generous donation.  You can donate online at http://iacenter.org/donate/

5)      The IAC is organizing a solidarity delegation to Honduras from October 7 through October 11 to participate in a Solidarity conference organized by the National Front of the Resistance. You can support this delegation with messages of solidarity or by inviting Hondurans and the other delegates to report back on that conference or with a donation.


Update from the National Front Against the State Coup:

Wednesday, September 23rd @ 2:00 a.m. EST

"The National Front Against the State Coup has organized peaceful demonstrations in almost all the neighborhoods of the Capital to demand the return of Constitutional Order and the establishment of a National Constitutional Assembly.  The police and the army have proceeded to move frenetically all over the city trying to control the demonstrations.  The police and military violently enter into neighborhoods attacking protestors with sprays of live bullets and tear gas bombs.

The repressive forces aren’t satisfied with displacing the protests and they forcibly, illegally enter private houses looking for protestors, specifically young people.  The detained persons are brutally beaten with night sticks, sticks, kicks and punches.  The result of this violent, nocturnal persecution is dozens of persons injured, hundreds detained and various people killed by bullets.  In spite of the repression, the organized resistance continues in the residential zones. 

The National Front Against the State Coup repudiates the violent repression carried out the by the police and the army, condemns the assassinations effected by the coup regime."

The Front has called for a big demonstration on Wednesday, September 23rd.



La manifestación el miércoles 23 de septiembre en Nueva YORK cobra mayor urgencia



El Presidente Manuel Zelaya, quien fue depuesto el 28 de junio por un golpe de estado de la extrema derecha pro-estadounidense, ha regresado a su amado país. Los informes indican que se encuentra seguro en la Embajada brasileña. Su regreso es una victoria para el pueblo de Honduras y es un resultado directo de su lucha diaria y sin interrupción durante más de 80 días.    

Sin embargo, actualmente hay una situación muy peligrosa en el país que exige la solidaridad inmediata del movimiento en los Estados Unidos.  

El gobierno ilegal de Roberto Micheletti está realizando una violenta ola de represión en este momento.   

Informe de Blogs: "TeleSur está mostrando imágenes de miembros de la policía nacional con macanas, escudos, cascos y armas, rodeando la zona cerca de la embajada brasileña, aparentemente para cerrar el acceso a la zona, bloqueando la entrada y salida de los/as manifestantes contra el golpe. La televisora también difunde imágenes en vivo del Canal 36, de dos helicópteros sobrevolando la Embajada."  

Las señales de internet y telefonía celular han sido bloqueadas obstaculizando el acceso a información sobre la represión.   

Personas en Honduras informan que a las 5: 20 de la mañana comenzó una ola de represión contra el pueblo que se reunía alrededor de la Embajada brasileña. El Gobierno de Micheletti ha lanzado gases lacrimógenos y han utilizado otras armas de represión.  Un blogger declaró: "Se viene la represión fascista".

Otro hondureño informa: "Lo mismo que  Mel (Presidente Zelaya) pudo llegar a la Embajada brasileña después de ser exiliado, cada hondureño debe llegar a Tegucigalpa desde cualquier parte de Honduras".  

Un individuo no identificado dijo a Radio Globo "Exhortamos a la comunidad internacional a venir y contar los muertos". Continuó diciendo que la resistencia no tiene miedo y no va a renunciar.  

Los habitantes de la populosa colonia Kennedy en Tegucigalpa se han declarado en desobediencia civil y desconociendo el toque de queda impuesto por el gobierno de facto golpista, han salido a las calles en una espontanea marcha que inició a las nueve y treinta de la noche y concluyó cerca de la media noche.

La marcha comenzó con unas docenas de personas y terminó con 3.000 sólo en un barrio. 

La solidaridad con el pueblo de Honduras es más urgente que nunca

 El IAC-CAI exhorta a todos/as a participar en una alerta de emergencia. Éstas son algunas cosas que pueden hacer:

1) Si usted está en Nueva York, tomar parte en la manifestación del miércoles 23 de septiembre, de 5-7 pm frente a la Embajada hondureña calle 48 y 1ra avenida. Si está fuera de NYC, organice una acción de emergencia en su ciudad.

2) Llame a la Casa Blanca y a la Secretaria de Estado Hillary Rodham Clinton inmediatamente y demande poner fin a la represión. (202) 647-3482 o 202-647-5291 o email a
Firme la petici
ón Online:

3) Apoye el trabajo del IAC-CAI dando una generosa donación. http://iacenter.org/donate/

4) El IAC-CAI está organizando una delegación de solidaridad a Honduras del 7 al 11 de octubre para participar en una Conferencia de Solidaridad organizada por el Frente Nacional de Resistencia. Usted puede apoyar esta delegación con mensajes de solidaridad o invitando a hondureños/as y a los/as otros/as delegados/as para que reporten sobre la Conferencia o puede dar una donación.   


Martes, 22 de Septiembre de 2009





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