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Tuesday, 7 November 2006
How Bad Can Life Be?
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Now Playing: Berry Dead and PEACEFUL

When a person takes all they can

When it seems that life has exhausted all hope or help

Maybe then Death, is the answer.

When it is relief from all that pain.

When the cry in the night last for days and days and no one can feel or help you in your time of need.

When the love is gone and all that is left is tears that are hollow.

When nobody gives a rats ass about your life and death seems it is your only choice for your destiny

I wish I could of helped ...... but my desires, are beyond my control.

My heart is sad. I hear your cry in the night.


On my lunch today as I walked past a friend who did an "air guitar" move as if playing .... and whispered/sung "row Jimmy row" ...which is a Grateful Dead song that is an all-around-favorite and a good rainy day song, anyway it put a smile on my face and left the peaceful song running through my head as I stepped out onto the porch

I was briskly met by the wind and soft rain and with in 30 seconds I came upon this tree branch with beautiful bright red berries hanging down. They were colorful and beautiful the picture is a fraction of the vibrancy in real life

So, I took this picture and kept walking

Three minutes latter as I was walking down the sidewalk, I looked down the street about 2 blocks from my work front porch

I walk a block closer and I see police cars and fire trucks, and the road is blocked off with caution tape

I could see someone one in the street covered with a yellow tarp

I thought they may of been hit by a car

But latter back at work I heard that the person jumped from a tall building and had committed suicide, I was told it was an older lady.

As I look back at these berries I realize that their life is so simple and free

And now for the person who jumped

They to are free .....

I wish I could of loved her ...maybe I could of helped, maybe things would of been different.

It is a sad afternoon in the city I live in

I named my picture Berry Dead

The picture doesn't make me feel good, like it did when I first seen it

Hours later from my workplace roof where I am working I have a view of where she jumped from

I look over and say a short prayer for her

I can see a guy working on the very window 14 stories up, he doesn't show up in my picture 

I take the picture (below) from my camera phone and go back to work wondering if I should leave some flowers where I seen her in the street today


3 days later on Nov 10 - I post this here small update and add a picture at the bottom.

There is still small shards of glass in the street. The street is busy as usual. And its been raining for days. In the same way I remember it wqs that day.

A friend helped me gather a bouquet of flowers from a display that was being removed at our work. On my lunch hour I left them in the rain by the tree by where she lay.

I wish here soul peace I feel her pain and try to understand her cry

....it affects my feelings when I walk down this street. The rain makes things seem all right for now.

 The picture below looks as pretty as my Dead Berry picture. I think its beautiful

The picture I titled "PEACEFUL"


















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Hunger Protest Over Prison Conditions
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Texas Inmates Protest

Conditions With Hunger Strikes

HOUSTON, Nov. 7 2006 — Likening themselves to prisoners at Abu Ghraib and Guantánamo Bay, a dozen inmates on death row in Texas have staged hunger strikes over the last month to protest what they call abusive conditions, including 23 hours a day of isolation in their cells.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice said that the first inmates began refusing food Oct. 8 and that two were still on hunger strikes in the Polunsky prison unit in Livingston, about 45 miles east of the execution unit in Huntsville. The Polunsky Unit houses death-row inmates until their executions. As of Tuesday, one inmate had missed 35 consecutive meals and one 17 meals, but no one has yet been force-fed, said a department spokeswoman, Michelle Lyons.

Two other prisoners who had not eaten since Oct. 8 began taking food Oct. 27 and Nov. 4, Ms. Lyons said, and others abandoned their protests after a short time.  


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Monday, 6 November 2006
If A State Forest Falls .....Does anyone hear it?
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Now Playing: State Park System Secretly Decommissioning our Parks



The link above explains what is quietly happening

It is what you could call a


The RSFMP which stands for Recreation Site Facility Master Plan

To me this looks like a way to make money from Our State Forest Parks

I don't see how the State or Federal Government can do this without any fanfare?

Where is the discussions, the facts, the oversight?

Where is my Congressman I say loudly

Is this even legal?

At the bottom of the PDF file is some suggestions to take action!

Boy .....I feel like I just caught someone selling My Stuff!



Here is where I originally found this article on Portland Indy Media

RECREATION SITE FACILITY MASTER PLANNING: A Secret Forest Service Policy That Will Close Thousands Of Recreation Sites And Add Thousands More Fee Sites On The National Forests



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Saturday, 4 November 2006
History of GITMO ..Our Military prison in Cuba
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Now Playing: No Rules Here At Guantanamo Prison

This is an excellent article that explains a little of the origin of GITMO and some of the "unjust ways" that the Military circumvent US law and Human Rights.

Please read the full article at the link provided below!

There is also a short related film link at very bottom of this post



(quote)The commissions are also founded on the same principles that the law should not be applied to detainees captured in the "global war on terror." By crafting a new legal system at Guantanamo Bay (outside the United States, Department of Justice and Defense lawyers thought), the administration hoped to steer clear of certain rights as provided in the Constitution, such as the right against self-incrimination and right to confrontation of witnesses, which would be required in any U.S. federal court. But the military commission created by the administration went even further, creating a legal system that by all appearances seemed fixed on obtaining only guilty verdicts.

While Administration members may have sincerely believed that al Qaeda and Taliban did not deserve the protections of the Geneva Conventions, one of the convenient benefits of such inapplicability of the laws of war that the now Attorney General Alberto Gonzales noted in a memo to the President was that without the applications of the laws of war, Government officials including the President could not be prosecuted under the recently passed federal war crimes act for abusing detainees. Similarly another government memo concluded that even if interrogation of an al Qaeda operative reached the level of torture, it could not be prosecuted as a war crime in the International Criminal Court because the President found the Geneva Conventions did not apply.

The effect of these executive memos and policies had an effect on the military commissions in that a number of the defendants have alleged being severely mistreated in Afghanistan and later in Guantanamo. Omar Khadr alleges that he was held in contorted stress positions, left to urinate and defecate on himself; military police poured pine oil solvent on him and used him as a human mop to clean the floor; and he was repeatedly threatened with rape and rendition to countries where there would likely be torture; and subjected to extremely cold temperatures. (end quote)

Also watch this YouTube film on the use of Torture Practices, Fascism and Fear ...in this short film it will point out how similar the USA is in acting like the FASCIST Nazis .For this film vividly points out the exact same type of Fear that Hitler used on his fellow countrymen.  I liked how the correlation is pointed out and it is a wake up call to a very good point to be conscious about ....Z3 Readers watch this film

My favorite philosopher Howard Zinn is in it!

Fascism & Democracy in America

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Wednesday, 1 November 2006
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Oxfam America

November 1, 2006

Dear Friend,

Each year, coffee companies make billions of dollars. Starbucks alone earned almost $5.8 billion in net revenues during the first three quarters of 2006.

Yet, for every cup of coffee Starbucks sells, poor farmers in coffee-growing countries like Ethiopia earn only about $.03. Even worse, while Ethiopian farmers grow some of the finest name-brand coffees in the world - think Harar, Yirgacheffe, and Sidamo - they don't see the premium profits those names command among consumers.

Tell Starbucks to give Ethiopia control over its coffee names.

With as many as 15 million Ethiopians dependent on coffee, Ethiopia has decided to get its farmers more of what they deserve. The country's government has asked Starbucks to sign a licensing agreement that will allow Ethiopia to control the names of its coffees. That way, Ethiopia can help determine an export price that makes sure farmers see a larger share of the profits enabling them to feed their children, send them to school and get them better healthcare.

Oxfam and a coalition of allies are asking Starbucks to sign this agreement. According to one coalition member, control of the name brands could increase Ethiopia's coffee export income by more than 25 percent - or $88 million annually. This money could go a lot way to help lift millions of Ethiopians out of poverty.

So please, help us convince Starbucks to sign this agreement with Ethiopia. Poor farmers deserve a fair share of the profits.


Tim Fullerton
Oxfam America

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Tuesday, 31 October 2006
Just What Is Water Boarding Anyway
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Now Playing: Watch this demonstration on a USA method of Interrogation

Zebra3 Readers Watch This Video



 Watch this gross demonstration on water boarding on YouTube

Puts a whole new meaning on the words

"Be All You Can Be"



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Rumsfeld Should Quit or Maybe He Is After Nov 7 2006
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Now Playing: Rumsfeld talks about Quiting and Accountability

"There ought to be some accountability" (he says)

So what is this rumor I read that says Rummy is quiting?

Hell he even uses the words "accountability" I wish the damn liar was talking about himself and this administrations need of some basic accountability!

And for sure I hope he is quiting as I read in the link below.



Lets pray that Rumsfeld is quiting on Nov 7


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Updated: Tuesday, 31 October 2006 12:20 PM PST
Monday, 30 October 2006
How does Joe Anybody Track Congress
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Now Playing: Now Stay Current on Issues and Monitor Congress



I like what this site say's it will help you do;

That would be to "Monitor Congress"

Although I have not used this yet, since I just found this today

But this website looks like it will follow the topics in Congress

And send the information as it develops to my RSS Reader

I use the client  .... Sharpreader

To get all my RSS feeds

But there are many other readers to choose from

Good luck - Stay in the Loop and be sure to:






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Thursday, 26 October 2006
Inspiring New - Anti War Movie from 1971
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Now Playing: Camden 28 - The Catholic Left

Well it was a back to back film day, since I was at one yesterday.

I am the kinda guy who basically watches no tv ...so two days of just watching a film(s) is for me remarkable. Now I must say ..these two shows were a far cry from just watching "tv"

.......they were mind opening!

This show tonight was inspiring as so it should be.

I mean after all we are talking Human Rights here!

A film that documents the making of the film I seen tonight was found by Ben Waiting here on the Internet, at the following website .

It is a behind the scenes of the film I seen tonight.


This is a movie about an Amazing determined group of people, who broke in to the Military Recruiting Office in Camden NJ and started shredding 100's of draft information. (nice!)

They were a  group that a "jury of their peers" later, deemed "NOT GUILTY"

These 28 had stood up and and took action. ....And in doing so were set up and betrayed by a fellow friend turned informant. They wanted PEACE. They broke the law. And they got caught. They wanted to send a strong powerful message. The were peaceful people....many but not all .....

were Catholics! ....They were referred to as the Catholic Left.

It takes mighty brave individuals to stand up to the crowd ...and look them in the eye and state loud and clear to them that -->

WAR is wrong....... We refuse and will take action!

 For these 28 were dedicated like many joe anybodys feel today

(30yrs later)That you are against all war...against this president...aginst the use of Torture...and the violations of the Constitution .....to look the crowd that stares back- either live "right there" or from their  FoX news at the dinner tables at home. To look them in they eye and say....... "Our Government is lieing"...."our Government is wrong"..... "Our government is killing people".....and "our own Police here in the homeland are hurting people in the name of violence and power and protecting the war machine". Protesters getting beat in the streets because they stood up for Peace, is common these days it happens all the time with out any scruples, or ethics considered. Instead chains and violence and gasses are used to suppress dissent and shut up the few and the brave.

People that stand and take some kind of action and will say to the eye of the crowd  "Damn you Government!" and "Stop this War" "Stop Torturing People"  Brave smart people that know it is the right thing to say ...it has to be said ...it has to be done.......for it is admirable, honest , and just. It is non violent and the motive is .........PEACE


....as I seen these brave priests and citizens do in the Camden 28 ...is admiral and I am Proud of them. Howard Zinn was at the trial and in the movie. What a smart man. More from him on this very topic --> http://theconversation.org/break-in.html

It was amazing when you thing about all this ...and how it payed out

The 28 ...they were all smart ...!

....they were all smarter than the White House, The Pentagon, The FBI

...then again they were just really loving humans that cared about life and their fellow humans.......that doesn't make you smart....heck to care about humans and not want to kill .....To feel like that does not really make you smart..... --> it was just that the ones who the 28 were up-against were ....."SO FRICKIN STUPID"

They were up against good-ol plain and pure "Stupidity"

Stupid wars.......STUPID WARMONGERS.........STUPID STUPID stupid!

So thats their foes ....the "STUPID War mongers"  The 28 won or pure logic and fighting stupidity. Power to the People.

Z3 Readers ......Watch the film ......

And harness the energy......

.....the world needs peace now!

Thats what I have Ben Waiting for!



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Wednesday, 25 October 2006
All Star Refugee Band Is 100% LOVE
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Now Playing: Inspiring Refugee All Star Band, Is Portland Oregon Bound


I just seen this movie tonight at the


Human Rights Film Festival


~ I am inspired by these loving people ~

Their whole attitude is bringing music to their fellow brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, and children ....It was played for themselves as a way of taking their minds of the tragedy and the terrible memories they lived with daily.

The music was a vehicle that helped everybody escape for a little while........now my fellow Zebra3  Readers ....hear me.........

These outstanding Humanity Respecting - Loving People helped to do what almost hardly anyone was doing for the community. For they to as well have seen the hardship and horrors of WAR

They lived through and the feeling of "no security" "no home" and as one of the fellows from the movie said - moving along like a "rolling stone" ......A fact that that their whole worlds and lives and their family's were destroyed for the sake of WAR .....wow........it was heart-wrenching to feel the impact of war on their lives and then heart warming to see these All Stars bring - peace hope and love

Yep .....so its pretty cool how these band of merry men ...did just that ...brought merriment and hope....just for a few minutes as they played........these refugee's played with their hearts for their loved ones.....not very many people were doing anything much for these people ....and from what I can say is it was real "admiral" of them to pick up the load and reach out to heal their family and friends ...pretty powerful

Ahhhhh yes ..... the REFUGEE ALL STARS were saving lives. Cause when you are in a refugee camp in Guinea for 10 years ...Just what is your life? And if there is no way to maybe forget how bad it is........10 years? ....wow? Nice to have some music nice to feel some love.


Here is their LIVE tour date link http://rosebudus.com/tourdates/refugeeallstars.html



See you at the show






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