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Tuesday, 29 August 2006
Addicted 2 WAR
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Monday, 28 August 2006
Neo-Con Wars
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A Short Neo-Con Movie


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Sunday, 27 August 2006
A young solider named Jason, said he cant shoot young children in Iraq
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On his death bed,

he told his mother,

"I can't go out there and

shoot at young children.

I just can't go to Iraq.

I don't care what side they

are on... I can't do it."

Tony Chelsea, 58, a factory production supervisor, said: "My son, Jason, was made very, very lonely by what was happening to him. He was very sad inside and he bottled up what was causing it. It was only after the overdose that he told us about his fears over what might happen in Iraq

His mother added: "Jason said that during the training for Iraq he had been told that children as young as two carry bombs and the time may come when he would have to shoot one to save himself and his friends. I think they need to think again about the training they give to young soldiers before Iraq.

He had even told his parents that he had been warned by his commanders that he could be ordered to fire on child suicide bombers. It was a fear that he never confronted. Within 48 hours of confessing his concerns to his family, Jason at the young age of 19 years old, was dead after taking an overdose of painkillers and slashing his wrists.


After watching a football match on the night of 10 August, he calmly wrote the suicide note, telling his father it was a letter to a relative, took 60 painkillers then slashed his wrists. As he lay bleeding, the soldier dialed 999, telling the operator: "I have done something stupid."

In normal circumstances, Pte Chelsea, who suffered from dyslexia, may have recovered from his injuries. But when doctors began tests to assess the damage caused to his liver by the drugs, it was found that the organ had been irreparably damaged by alcohol. His family were told his liver was similar to that of someone who had been an alcoholic for 20 years and he would not survive a transplant. He died on 14 August at St James's Hospital in Leeds after his family gave consent for his other organs to be used for transplants.

His father said he believed t he reasons behind his son's drinking had provoked a previous suicide attempt in 2004, when he cut his wrists in his barracks. After this incident, Pte Chelsea was treated by an Army psychiatrist which the family said had restored his confidence.

Mr Chelsea said: "My son started drinking 18 months ago. He destroyed his liver in less than a year and a half. I believe that is because he was being bullied again. He did not want to make anything of it. He was in the Army, he knew he had to be tough. But it only takes a few words. He said he would hear comments aimed at him because of his dyslexia. He was told he would get his colleagues killed because he was stupid.

"I support the British Army and what it does. But I would like to stand before my son's unit with a picture of him in uniform and ask those who made these comments to him time after time to think about the effect they had."

The young soldier's despair was displayed in the note he wrote to his parents before his overdose. He said: "Really sorry, mum and dad. I'm just no good for you. I have got to finish it. I am just a waste."


Four days before the infantryman attempted to take his life, the British MoD released figures showing that 1,541 soldiers who served in Iraq are suffering from psychiatric illness.


ORIGINAL ARTICLE IN FULL FOUND HERE: http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/this_britain/article1221649.ece

There is an article titled  "Soldier suicides hint at military failures" it can be read at this link here: http://www.honoluluadvertiser.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060612/NEWS08/606120345/1018/NEWS


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Even the kids will tell you!
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An obscure law approved by a Republican-controlled Congress a decade ago has made the Bush administration nervous that officials and troops involved in handling detainee matters might be accused of committing war crimes, and prosecuted at some point in U.S. courts.


Z 3 Readers

I share this report by Daniel Sherman

The United States'

arms policy is hypocritical



The hypocrisy of the American government has escalated to a point where the future and foundation of our nation is in serious danger. This danger is disturbingly evident in the ominous difference between what we preach and what we practice.

Take, for example, the review conference on the non-proliferation treaty that recently ended in failure this past month. The United States went into the meeting with two priorities: North Korea and Iran. It called for amendments to the treaty which would block the development of nuclear weapons by these countries. Yet, at the same time, the United States regarded its obligations under the treaty as voluntary, not mandatory and refused to reaffirm disarmament commitments. Such behavior is easily perceived as arrogant.

The United States develops new nuclear weapons and pursues the idea of weapons in space, which is prohibited under the treaty, while it selectively scolds other nations for pursuing nuclear energy programs, which is not prohibited under the treaty.

The rationale of the United States is that the development of nuclear weapons will aide in stopping proliferation by acting as a deterrent. The problem is that the United States has lost its credibility and its rationale has no merit.

A recent report by the World Policy Institute depicts this hypocrisy: "Arming repressive regimes in all corners of the globe while simultaneously proclaiming a campaign for democracy and against tyranny undermines the credibility of the United States in international forums and makes it harder to hold other nations to high standards of conduct on human rights and other key issues."

Prior to the war on terrorism, 27 countries were banned from purchasing U.S.-made military equipment because of human rights abuses, nuclear testing and/or the harboring of terrorists. After the war began, however, many of these bans were lifted and military assistance was subsequently provided to nations contributing to the fight against terrorism.

It is puzzling to find out that two years after these restrictions were lifted, 20 of the top 25 U.S. arms clients in the developing world were classified by the State Department as being either undemocratic regimes or governments with records of major human rights abuses.

Countries included are Angola, Algeria, Colombia, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Georgia and Uzbekistan, to name a few. Some of these offer strategic military value, while others offer oil. They all offer business to arms manufacturers, however.

Though dealing arms and providing military assistance to undemocratic regimes seems to be contradictory to our quest for democracy, our government justifies such businesses by claiming that these countries are partners in the war against terrorism. The CIA used the same reasoning when it worked hand in hand with Osama bin Laden, while battling Soviet forces in Afghanistan.

Ironic, isn't it? Essentially, America is bankrolling the abuse of human rights. We preach respect for the dignity of human life, yet we fund its destruction. We claim to fight terror, yet we create it. We want to rid the world of weapons of mass destruction, yet we develop new ones.

It is this hypocrisy that discredits and endangers us. Already, hundreds of thousands of civilians have been affected by the Iraq war. More than 1,600 American soldiers have died. Terrorist attacks continue to increase throughout the world. Basic human rights are being neglected, and instances of torture by the orders of military and civilian leaders are grotesquely indicative of our hypocrisy.

It is time that we consider our collective fate. Despite our differences, it is imperative that we realize our future will be endured together. Should we bring our children and grandchildren into a world of fear and lies or should we stand up together, as one, and demand that the right to life is universal and the act abusing that right is unacceptable? We are the source of our ruler's power; ultimately, it is our decision. ~Daniel Sherman <is a sophomore in liberal arts and sciences-open option from Ames.>


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Saturday, 26 August 2006
Native Americans Speak Up About Grassy Narrows Logging
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So how far away does it have to be ...before you say

"It doesn't affect me"? ......Zebra 3 readers the world is your backyard. These are your brothers and sisters. Lets reach out and support Justice, Peace, and Love. Let us support those that are being BEAT DOWN and are political prisoners, or are being repressed and neglected. Let us stand in Solidarity, and stand up to Government abuse of its authority and abuse of the people of this beautiful Mother Earth.

Let us listen to the cry of the protester .......he may indeed be justified and he may indeed be warning us all....if nothing else ask your self

....What is he yelling about? Some people are willing to die for their cause ...better hear them when they were alive than to hears the message when they are gone!


At what point would "you" start protecting what is "YOURS" 

I ask you my fair conscientious reader?

Well I hope you don't have to get off your ass, like these folks have had to do. They did what they "needed to do" Sitting on ones ass reading the Zebra 3 Report is much easier to do, huh?

But let us be aware and informed at what is happening to and in..,


People will need to "Take Action" in order to not be bullied and stolen from. If you do "nothing = you get nothing"

I am not willing to settle for nothing.

Watch these North American Natives In the Grassy Narrows Video stand together for their cause ...to protect what is theres


"we are here to "...Protect & Preserve


It shows the outcome of all this LOGGING that is going on

- and its impact!


Warehouser tells you the spin but this video points it all out!




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Friday, 25 August 2006
Zebra 3 Reports on Cluster Bombs in Lebanon
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I posted the following article on PORTLAND INDY MEDIA today

-> http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/08/345005.shtml <--


On Tuesday, a UN de-mining official said that Israel dropped cluster bombs on at least 170 villages in southern Lebanon during its 34-day war with Hezbollah guerrillas.

Israel has defended its right to use cluster bombs and says it only deploys them in accordance with international law.

Oddly enough Israel has not admitted that it used them in the Lebanon war?


Yet according to tobacco farmer Majed Abu Della, many tobacco fields are also littered with these bombs!

I also read that according to a report published in The New York Times on Thursday, agreements with the US restrict the use of these weapons.

So…… now we are hearing that “made in the USA” cluster bombs, that were used by Israel is also in violation of an US agreement?

Human Rights Watch accuses the Israelis of using such bombs in civilian areas, in violation of international standards.


How is it we sell/give Israel cluster bombs to use, that they are not suppose to be using?

And I read where it is stated that The Times has been reporting that: there are three different types of US made cluster bombs that were used

In fact another article form à http://www.alertnet.org/thenews/newsdesk/L17443145.htm I read where experts have identified at least 10 places where air strikes were used to drop cluster bombs. These bombs are designed to puncture tank armor and spray molten shrapnel inside to kill the crew. These US made cluster bombs are released above their targets by jets or artillery.


The group from Human Rights said the 10 sites identified were in the areas of Nabatiyeh, Tibnin and Beit Yahoun, and along the road connecting the latter two villages. There is speculation that as many as 10 % of these types of cluster bombs “may not explode” leaving behind an estimate of 8,000 to 9,000 un-exploded DUD laying around

In one city alone it is reported over that they stopped counting bombs at 200. I read that more than 100 Israelis, most of them soldiers have now been killed in the conflict.

And more than 1,000 Lebanese, most of them civilians have also been killed from this conflict as well.


I read in a link here à http://www.democracynow.org/article.pl?sid=06/08/10/1339247  that Sam Husseini of the Institute for Public Accuracy who is a reporter, and was waiting outside of FOX NEWS studio, last Sunday in Washington DC, to ask the Israel's ambassador to the United States, Daniel Ayalon,. He was part of a part of a press stakeout. So he grilled Ayalon on Israel's targeting of civilians and use of cluster bombs in Lebanon, Israel's nuclear arsenal and its lack of adherence to United Nations Security Council resolutions. Read the following few sentences that sound to this average joe anybody as …..bald face LIES


SAM HUSSEINI: Are you using cluster bombs in Lebanon?

DANIEL AYALON: No, we are not. We're not using anything which is not approved by the UN conventions and charters.

SAM HUSSEINI: Why did you bomb the electrical facilities in Lebanon?

DANIEL AYALON: Lebanon has electric capabilities, which is running. They have running water. We are not targeting any of the infrastructures. We could have done a lot of damage, which we're not doing, specifically because we're very much concerned about the humanitarian conditions over there.

And to add more back up proof that these claims of cluster bombs being  used in spite of the LIES that Daniel Ayalon is purporting.., Independent journalist Dahr Jamail, who exposed how the U.S. used white phosphorus bombs in Iraq, says Israel is using the same tactic in Lebanon –

All this is now confirmed by the Ministry of the Interior in Lebanon, from what I have read on this INDY link here à http://www.indymedia.ie/article/77507    In fact in this article I read where it is also confirmed that in a Southern Lebanon city named Nabatiya, it is not only been suspected that White Phosphorus has been used it also is confirmed by the Minister of the Interior.

Have A Nice Day ~ Work For Peace



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Thursday, 24 August 2006
Chomsky will explain what other obfuscate
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Hey there how about a good Noam Chomsky lecture to help settle your nerves? This looks to me as to be coming from a  Berkeley College web site.

I really enjoyed the topics and the insight Noam provides....the last topic in his 5 subject lecture was on ACTIVISM and is rather enriching. Watch and listen to this educational and enlightening film from March 2002


The subjects are

  1. Background (his)
  2. Anarchism & Power
  3. Thinking & Power
  4. The US Role in the World
  5. Activism (my favorite)

I hope you make the time, to listen to this man explain why some of the horse shit we are fed and manipulations we are dealing with have got to be addressed by Activism and Solidarity. He tells you why and he tells you how.......now who is listening is the problem.

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Monday, 21 August 2006
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Joe Anybody Say's


"Go Home Yankee" 

Zebra3 Readers look at this:




They don't want America to have a


More Information on US Military presence in Korea: http://www.usinkorea.org/


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Advertising Slime Ball Loose On School Buss
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And what about the stinking sneaky corporate advertising SLIME BALL that is being targeted at our children on their way to school? 

Now is that is a rather . . . Sleazy "sales slime ball" if I ever did see one!

I'm talking about the School Buss Advertising plots that are being proposed by the group on this link --> http://www.eastbayri.com/story/322161115460030.php

The slime ball sale site is here: http://www.busradio.org/


Mostly the concept is to pump music and ADDS into the busses, while selling the idea of Safety and getting the children to behave.

Then there is the giving away of PRIZES if the child goes and "LOGS-IN on-line" to the company (propaganda) website and listens to more adds selling products all of course, in between music and prizes and sales pitches, oh my!

Ahhhhhhhh..this is HOGWASH, its corporate sales to kids crap!

I found this Portland Oregon website which has publicized and interesting thing worth reading over. I urge you to check it out, and take action as I did.

It is called the Children's Bill Of Rights you can read it here at this link I provide for all my "child caring concerned good Z3 Readers"


Now Get Active ***** Send you congressman a quick Internet email to let him know you are concerned and aware that a slime ball is loose in our kids school buss, and its not just and only the buss issue. It is in regards to pushing products at our children, it is about stopping corporations from sell and promoting JUNK SLIME AND GARBAGE to the little kids....it must be stopped by people like you and me ...we can help make change, little kids don't need this, and I don't want them to have it!

I ask you Zebra3 Report Readers, Please Support the


Parents' Bill of Rights!

Tell your Members of Congress that children are more important than corporate profits. It's quick and real easy to do.






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The USA is a


Killing Machine!


How does that make you feel?


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