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Friday, 18 August 2006
Be Prepared
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The regular Z3 Reader will know that I do not buy this "trumped up" TERROR crap,

....but I wouldn't put anything past this administration to fake some major scare, or fabricate some terror and then be the first to say      

...... "see look - scary terror!" - "suspend the constitution!"

well that thought prompted me to write this  link here on Indy Media


 Also as a note and the crux of my post today:

The terrorist are .......our own government .....with that said .......anything could happen......yes you might want to prepare your fellow work friends, your self and loved ones........because as I am insinuating...... if a terror strike "is allowed again" you better take some good free advise from Liz Sykes  -->

"Be Prepared!"

By Liz Sykes


So you thought ‘crisis management’ just applied to the big boys? Well, Liz Sykes advises you to think again, and plan for the day when a spanner might get into your works.


If there’s one thing that the events of 9/11 have taught us, it’s to take nothing for granted. This is just as relevant for market researchers as the big corporate players.

Just take the London bombings in the summer of 2005. How many of us, for example, found ourselves in a tricky situation? Maybe we weren’t able to get to fieldwork, or were left wondering how to handle the situation sensitively with participants.

There are no handy guides as to whether it is best to carry on interviewing, or call it a day, given that market research could be deemed an irrelevance in such situations.

Yet it is precisely because our world is so precarious that we should plan for the unthinkable. ‘Crisis management’ is not the exclusive preserve of the Enrons or Wal-Mart of this world. It is, as the Institute of Crisis Management defines it, pre-empting ‘problems or disruptions that trigger negative stakeholder reactions that could impact the organisation’s business and financial strength’.

Crisis, too, has many definitions. It need not be a major catastrophe, man-made or environmental. It could just as easily involve a lawsuit, discrimination, financial damage, a hostile takeover, mismanagement, sexual harassment or white-collar crime.

Crisis management’s main function is to be proactive in forecasting potential crises and planning how to deal with them.

Potential problems
How, for example, would your company cope if your computer or telephone system failed? Could you function if your building burnt down or flooded?

If you work on your own, what would you do if you were mugged and had your laptop, mobile phone and all your research equipment stolen?

Should the direst predictions prove true, and Avian Flu or another contagious disease prompt mass quarantine, how would you conduct field work?

If energy stocks cause power failures, how are you going to cope?

Scenario planning
The time to draw up a crisis management plan, identifying likely scenarios that could impact on an organization, is long before the crisis hits. The most effective are devised when individuals have the luxury of time and resources to plan.

Be a company large or small, and the crisis man-made or an act of nature, a management plan has real benefits. These include:

  • Identifying the real nature of a current crisis
  • Intervening to minimise damage
  • Helping an organization to recover from it
  • The use of effective internal and external communications to allay stakeholder fears.

So why, if crisis management is just sensible planning, do most people look to the skies when the term is mentioned? Is it fair to label anyone who champions it a ‘nerd’ or an ‘anorak’ rather than a true ‘creative’?

The sad truth is that most companies – and the market research industry is no means unique here – are too busy dealing with the daily grind to plan for something that might never happen.

All responsible businesses do, however, need a plan. It’s like insurance: just because you have it doesn’t mean that you will need to use it. Conversely, the lack of one could be catastrophic.

Common procedures
There are several simple procedures that should be planned for, some applying to all businesses and others specific to research. A short list will include:

  1. The appointment of a crisis management team
  2. The drawing up of a crisis management plan
  3. The communication of the plan to all staff
  4. Informing clients and key sub-contractors

The crisis management team needs to have its function spelled out and to re-visit its responsibilities regularly. It will need to be empowered to make decisions for its area or location when a crisis arises in accordance with the CMP. It will also be responsible for implementing its part of the plan.

Drawing up the CMP should involve the crisis management team and the board. The plan will need to be tested before it goes live across the organisation. Once it does gain board approval, it needs to be communicated to the staff and should be rehearsed.

The crisis management team should ensure that there is adequate information during a crisis, that staff are given clear and concise directions and are kept informed as the situation unfolds.

Communication alternatives
Good communication is vital in a crisis, but it needs to be controlled to minimize panic. Communication cascades can take the form of a chain where one person contacts the next, but this risks each person embellishing the information, thus altering it as it moves along the chain.

Another option is a pyramid. Here one person is responsible for informing a certain number of people, who in turn inform others, and so on. Key to this is the knowledge of just where all members of staff should be during working hours, so people don’t endanger their lives searching for John from accounts who’s gone to the dentist.

It is essential that the client communication plan keeps key clients informed of the situation and any impact this may have on on-going or potential projects and how your organization can continue to work with them. They need to be updated without the situation being sensationalised.

Key sub-contractors are likely to be computer support people, telephone handset and line suppliers, utility companies, managing agents for the office building, lawyers, surveyors, designers, etc. This includes anyone or any company that is essential to re-building your business. The board and the crisis management team should have all these details to hand and the CMP should be clear who should contact whom.

Common crises
One of the most likely crises is a complete loss of IT, either through flood, fire, theft or even corruption via viruses. All companies or organisations should make a daily back-up of computerised data files and these should be stored off-site to enable fast replication of your IT needs. Some companies guarantee new systems up and running within 24 hours!

If a building is lost for a long period of time due to flood, fire, or damage from any other source it may be necessary to find an alternative working space. In the meantime, people may be able to work from home, or from other sites within the same company. Ensure people have the contact details of other sites they are to report to. The crisis management team must know where people are supposed to be and have their contact details to hand.

With the increased use of technology we are all totally reliant on electricity for everything we do in the office. Even a power cut for a few hours can throw businesses into disarray, so a CMPorganizationminimizeorganizationsensationalized neorganizationscomputerizededs to include what to do in the case of failure. Torches will really come into their own, as will mobile phones.

One of the most threatening things that could happen to the qualitative research business is the restriction of the general public’s movements, either due to fuel rationing, extreme weather or a global disease outbreak.

What would we do if quarantine controls meant travel was restricted to essential journeys or banned entirely? Would it be as harmful to our industry as the foot and mouth outbreak was to farming and the rural economy?

If people were not allowed to move freely there would be no respondents to talk to, no moderators to do fieldwork or attend client meetings. We could be talking of a virtual shutdown.

What could we do? One potential solution is to beef up our technology so that as many people as possible could work from home. Another is to invest in video conferencing or web cams so that, if quarantining does happen in specific regions, those outside it can still communicate. Think of ways to interview people via the telephone and the web.

Market research is, above all else, a ‘people’ business and as such communication is key. The hope is that we won’t again have to deal with the after-effects of terrorism, but if we have learnt one lesson, surely it is organize a system so that people know who to ring when they’re stuck, and that helps them make the necessary decisions.

We can call it ‘crisis management’, effective planning, or just plain old ‘being prepared’, but surely it’s better than chaos?

The following websites may act as useful sources for further information.

Liz Sykes, Director is one of the leading figures in UK Qualitative Recruitment and is Treasurer and Honorary Secretary for the AQR and chairperson of the VFA. Liz has been 'in the business' for 16 years and joined Field Initiatives in 1996 from Strategic Research Group where she was Field Director.

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Now Playing: Shit for Brains - Today Judges tells George he is not KING


Judge Taylor summed it up perfectly when she wrote in her decision:

We must first note that the Office of the Chief Executive has itself been created, with its powers, by the Constitution. There are no hereditary Kings in America and no power not created by the Constitution.

She also says:

"It was never the intent of the Framers to give the President such unfettered control, particularly where his actions blatantly disregard the parameters clearly enumerated in the Bill of Rights."

Well God Bless America




This summer, a fierce battle is underway in our courts and in Congress over illegal spying and the abuse of presidential power .

In a landmark legal victory, the ACLU defeated the Bush administration in the first challenge to his NSA spying program ever argued before a federal court. U.S. District Court Judge Anna Diggs Taylor declared the program unconstitutional and called for an immediate halt.

But on Capitol Hill, the government is pushing for new ways to invade your privacy, with two new bills crafted under Dick Cheney’s supervision. These dangerous proposals would expose our homes, cell phone records and email inboxes to new kinds of spying that are currently completely illegal. If you believe that in America no one is above the law, not even the president, take action now and let Congress know that you've had enough.

Tell Congress to reject Dick Cheney's spying proposals and stand up for checks and balances.
Supporters claim the Cheney-Specter and Cheney-Wilson bills are "surveillance we can live with," but the fact is these so-called compromises vastly expand the government's power to spy on and search Americans without judicial checks to protect individual rights, including enhanced power to monitor any e-mail you send, if the government does not know where you or all of the recipients are physically located.

After five years of unprecedented abuses of presidential power, it's time that Congress fulfilled its obligation to provide the checks and balances at the heart of our democratic system.

No new surveillance powers should be granted to this or any administration without a commitment to follow the laws already on the books, and without independent checks to protect civil liberties, as required by our Constitution and recommended by the 9-11 Commission.

This latest effort to define away Americans' basic rights must be recognized as the executive power grab that it is, and rejected.

Last week's revelations from London only underscore the need to ensure that anti-terrorism resources are focused on genuine threats and not squandered trolling through the e-mails and phone calls of innocent American residents.

In an emergency, the government can begin surveillance and easily get a court order if an American is conspiring with al Qaeda, but the Bush administration should stop using fear as an excuse to get the power to conduct warrantless surveillance of innocent Americans. It wastes money and makes us no safer, but less free.


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Thursday, 17 August 2006
Mega Attacks Coming - Could this be Tyranny?
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Topic: 911 TRUTH


He predicted before Sept 11 2001

Airplanes - Trade Towers - Attacked - 

It was 'allowed to happen' by Our Own Government

Z3 Readers you have to Check this 5 min video out 

He usually does not predict..... but here it is 




if your not scared first

Listen...now .....Click the link below!


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Tuesday, 15 August 2006
Explosions not Fires
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Topic: 911 TRUTH






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Sunday, 13 August 2006
Home Made Fire Works
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Now Playing: Just Another Firework Display

It's a redneck

 * firework display * 


They warn you to don't try


 this at home


but I dont see


why not?



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Liquids: Not-on-Planes! Oh give Me a Break!
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Now Playing: Joe Anybody calls this BULLSHIT







"Sir, I'm going to have to take this bottle of water away from you since it might be a liquid explosive, and I'm going to have to mix it with all of these other bottles of possibly liquid explosive, and I'm going to have to dump them all in this trash can... together. Never mind that the plot specifically mentions mixing chemicals and/or nitroglycerin...  which explodes if handled too roughly."

Read complete story here--> http://jonesreport.com/articles/110806_liquid_terror.html

Notice the baby crying because the the stupid Homeland Security thinks she may be "drinking a bomb in a liquid form"

Z3 Readers be forewarned


this is 99% hype


I comment on this kind of hype by writing a post on Indy Media

I signed the comment as "A Typical Concerned Fool"


You can read it here --> http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/08/344285.shtml


You can read more on trumped up TERROR - FEAR here -->




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Thursday, 10 August 2006
Ralph Nader Tells It Like It Is, Listen Up My Fellow Z3 Readers!
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Now Playing: Ned Lamont beats Lieberman for Congress seat
Topic: NADER

Ralph Nader speaks up as a call-in guest on this Democracy Now "War and Peace Report" with Amy Goodman on the Lamont issue and other related subjects



here is the video link




Wednesday, August 9th, 2006
Ralph Nader on Lamont's Antiwar Win in Connecticut Primary and Lieberman's Vow to Run as an Independent

Listen to Segment |    | Download Show mp3      
Watch 128k stream       Watch 256k stream       Read Transcript

Three-term Sen. Joe Lieberman lost Connecticut's Democratic primary last night in one of the most closely-watched races in the country. He was defeated by Ned Lamont, a wealthy a telecommunications executive who has run largely on an antiwar platform. Lieberman has vowed to run as an independent candidate. We speak with former independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader.


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Tuesday, 8 August 2006
How about a Golf Ball Upside Your Head Ya Damn Protester!
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Now Playing: 6 Nations gets rocks thrown - article is gentle in pointing who really did what

The following article is found at this link here:


I feel that given the right moment

(and the wrong people)


Interesting too is how the rock throwing is mentioned, as if both sides were as guilty I bet, that is not the truth


Judge orders negotiations halted in contentious aboriginal land dispute


Cayuga, Ont. - A judge in Cayuga, Ontario says his orders over a contested tract of land have been ``blatantly disregarded.''

Justice David Marshall says there must be no more negotiation over the land between governments and the six nations until his orders are followed.

Marshall is angry native protesters haven't been removed from the land at nearby Caledonia that has been occupied since February.

Negotiations aimed at resolving a bitter land occupation that has, at times, turned violent must be suspended until aboriginal protesters move off the contested property, an Ontario court judge ruled Tuesday.

The ``lawlessness'' that has characterized the occupation of a housing development in the southwestern Ontario community of Caledonia must end before talks with the province and the federal government can move forward, said Superior Court Justice David Marshall.

"It is common knowledge that the people of Caledonia, after five months of occupation, have seen security in their town replaced by lawlessness, protesters in battle fatigues, police officers in riot in gear,'' said Marshall.

When asked if the province would abide by the judge's ruling, Premier Dalton McGuinty replied ``it's the kind of thing that we're going to want take some time to carefully consider.''

"I would appeal for people to be calm,'' the premier added.

Significant progress has been made in the dispute, including a deal that saw aboriginals remove a contentious highway barricade, said McGuinty.

"Let's not lose ground as a result of this ruling.''

Relations between aboriginal protesters and their non-aboriginal neighbours have been marked by violence since the occupation began in February.

Over the weekend, residents and protesters clashed yet again, as rocks and golf balls were thrown at each other.

On Tuesday, a shouting match erupted outside court between more than a dozen protesters and non-aboriginal residents, calling each other ``squatter'' and ``terrorist'' and blaming each other for recent violence.

Clyde Powless, a spokesman for the occupiers, said they planned to meet Tuesday night to discuss their next move.

"As far as the judge's orders, we're still digesting that,'' he said. ``We don't like to make rash decisions.''

At the site of the occupation, protesters feared that the ruling will cause police to move in and try to remove them.

Joe, who declined to give his last name, said if provincial police come, he'll be ``ready.''

"The only way they're going to get me off this land is if they drag my dead body off,'' he said.

Marshall issued his order after holding several hearings to discover why his previous orders to remove aboriginal protesters have been, in his words, ``blatantly disregarded.''

"The court has been patient, but the court cannot turn a blind eye to blatant contempt of the court's lawful order,'' he said.

Six Nations protesters have occupied the Douglas Creek Estates housing development since the end of February, claiming it was wrongly taken from them by the Crown more than 200 years ago.

Marshall issued a court order in March to have the protesters removed by police and to have barricades lifted on nearby railway tracks.

Police did raid the occupied site on April 20, and lawyers for the Ministry of the Attorney General have argued that Marshall's orders have been carried out, noting police have laid 53 charges against 28 people.

Marshall took the unusual step of calling representatives from the federal government, the province, police and aboriginals into court to explain their actions.



stay tuned ..


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Monday, 7 August 2006
Dear Senator I hate To Bug You but......
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Now Playing: Here we go again on the backward push by Bush

Another day is upon us and I had to write my Congressmen again!

Now with no suprise to me, it is over the very same issue that the Supreme Court just recently reprimanded the White House Renegades that they couldn't do in the first place with: Hamdan v. Rumsfeld  which struck down the President's unfair military tribunals at Guantanamo.

Now these Sneaky DOGS OF WAR ...try pushing their  --> -->     "White House Tribunal Proposal" through. --> Well not if Joe Anybody is yelling as loud as he can to do something to prevent this ......heck here is my letter I sent my two Senators, I used the Human Rights website to get some of my information and then put it in my own mix of feelings and words to it all. Copy it or mix n match from the link here to the Human Rights Action Page


But the deal' my fair readers is we need to stay on our congressmen to uphold the threads that are unraveling to the fabric that is "our heritage and our future" join with me and do all you can to save Human Rights and Promote Peace.

Please click the link to send your Senator a letter too!


Dear Senator ________

I write you today with encouragement not to go back-wards with our Human Rights Policies. I write to encourage you not to support the recent Presidents proposal, which would deprive detainees of fundamental legal rights and go against the values in which our nation stands for. As you are aware, the recent Hamdan v. Rumsfeld ruling, in which the Supreme Court struck down the military commissions, established by the Bush administration in 2001, was a step in the right direction. We need to continue on that moral track and help turn our country back into a country that is respected in the world and at here at home. We need to abide by the law and respect the rights for all humans. These are Human beings we are talking about. The US should be acting civilized and proud of our moral standing, but I write today because I am worried.


The fact that the White House has recently responded by asking Congress to bless a system that is even worse than the one the Supreme Court rejected is a blatant continued push that is not my viewpoint of how the United States should behave. These administration's proposed rules would allow coerced confessions, withhold classified evidence from defendants, and deny defendants the right to be present at trial. This is unacceptable - and illegal. Moreover, the system would extend far beyond Guantanamo and apply to anyone - even people inside the United States - that the President labels an "unlawful enemy combatant."


Our country can step in the positive direction of Human Respect and show the world and me, that we are humane. For starters, use the widely respected courts-martial system to try war crimes suspects. In addition, by adopting the Uniform Code of Military Justice as the starting framework, we can carry out efficient prosecutions and meet this country's human rights obligations. We do not need to step back-wards in time. This is so important that you help our country in these very horrific trying circumstances. I would not need to bother you today but it seems the never-ending wave of disregard for civil and human rights never seizes and now another important issue rest again, on your shoulder. Please consider this a letter from a constituent that is asking you to consider that the Uniform Code of Military Justice as helping do just what it says it is, military justices. Most important my letter is urging you, to Resist White House Tribunal Proposal, which is taking us back-wards, and is wrong for our country.




Thanks for reading my letter


Good Luck and Thank you for your hard work representing my fellow Oregonians, and me,



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Friday, 4 August 2006
The Clock Is Ticking Against Rumsfeld
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Topic: WAR

Sen Clinton says Rumsfeld Should Resign!

I say he should turn him self in as a


Cross your fingers Z3 Readers

Sen Clinton Article Here: http://apnews.myway.com/article/20060804/D8J9AOJO0.html





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