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Friday, 17 November 2006
Who is Stealing All This Information?
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NOVEMBER 17 Update

So all these mass amounts of thefts of "average joe's" personal information is being "scrapped" errrrrr.... I mean stolen day in and day out

I forget where I also have read confirmations to my suspicions that our own sneaky government is behind a good portion of this

For Big Brother or the CIA or The FBI or for all those Homeland Security departments to get their hands on this stuff that they want and need ...theft is the easiest way.

They NEED THIS INFO for their data mining and their "big brother spy networks" to function. Buying the info off the black market or illegally collecting it through thefts and mix ups is the way that their data bases are getting the "needed" information ....which is private stuff on you and me and the average joe anybody. This info is not so readily available to those NEEDING big brother agencies ....so a little pilfering will suffice just fine ......well that is what I suspect is happening

Read these two articles below and then follow the links

Think about my suspicions and then watch this Data Theft topic continue to expand. Refer back to this page by clicking on link below then bookmark that/this page for latter:

SAVE THIS THIS Zebra3 Report

Come back right here for added updates as I find out more information in the days ahead.


In September, The Commerce Department disclosed

the loss of 1,137 laptops -- many of which contained personal information on Americans. The agency

also disclosed that, since 2003, about 297 electronic devices containing sensitive data had gone missing.


More info here:





Almost 450 IRS Laptops Either Stolen or Lost Since 2003


The Internal Revenue Service is the latest federal agency to admit it has lost or had stolen many laptop computers. Documents obtained by WTOP through the

Freedom of Information Act,

which shows that from 2002 till now, the agency had

478 laptops either lost or stolen.

The personal data of taxpayers, including Social Security numbers, were in 112 computers.


The largest was revealed in May,

when the Department of Veterans Affairs announced that a hard drive and laptop containing sensitive data on 26.5 million veterans, active duty military personnel,and family members had been stolen from an employee's home. 

More info here:

Internal Revenue Service:http://www.irs.gov/ 

EPIC's page on the

Veterans Affairs Data Theft: 





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