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Monday, 12 October 2020
Broken Window - Broken Bones - HATE on the RISE
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A reply I sent to an email I recieved that mentioned windows broken and a statue toppled in Portland by protesters. 

(windows broken statue toppled)

to start the converstaion
i dont throw rocks or break window
i dont like seeing stuff happen like this....
its sad that these issues cannot be rectified


when a country prides its self on racism and hate and violence
when we have statues and art that cherishes that ugliness
something needs to change !
something will change !
it has to

i don't support property damage
but a building or a glass door... or a cement statue mean very little to me
i don't think OMG ..... I actually think "why are people so upset to react like that?"

i wouldnt act that way *but
...i understand their rage and hurt and the meaning of these symbols (statues/art etc.)
to be crushed or removed ...they cant continue to stand in representing what they are (its not right)

sad times
never seen so much hate in all my life
i blame elected leadership and us citizens
i blame and the support citizens toss to the leadership
.... "to keep the status quo and make no changes"
i blame the support of citizens encouraging Gov Agents using guns, violence, prison, military and its weapons to crush any protesting change ideas or social justice concerns

i always will also repect life
over property
if you have to only pick one --> I say LIFE --> I say People ....
Cause it is getting down to what side are you supporting

I could write for hours on this topic
i spent 20 years begging the leaders to work for peace
(yet) the past 2 years has unleashed so much HATE upon our society challenging all I worked for
to such an EXTREME degree that I no longer try to change society or help push forward peace (its to late)
50 percent of the country hates my activism and supported crushing the left progressive peace / justice voice
Hundreds flock to wave guns and flags and mock and threaten my voice and my 20 year message
That worries me WAY more than broken windows

I (myself) worry nothing much over property damage these days (i knew it was coming)

I REALLY worry --> that the heart of America's soul is now gone - that's the gut feeling worry I get now!
We are a country of guns police and power and abuse, and we use it AGAINST our own citizens
...and its a failing greedy corrupt system that is crumbling  before our eyes

too bad we couldn't of peacefully all worked together
everything I worked "peacefully" for years ...was met w/ resistance
the powers that be (GOV, Police, Big Banks, Big Labor, EPA, Police Unions, Mayors Office) all pushed back and made no amends to correct or hear the voice for change. 

I was concerned about police abuse for 20 years and took those issue front and center to City Hall or the police
- the reaction from leaders and the average society was -->  SHUT UP they have a hard job to do

The mayor, the president, big banks, big corporations, immigration laws, civil rights, and little old grannies asking for no more war ...have all been met w/ OPPOSIOTION FULL ON and been pushed back by armed guns and GOV agents
... So with all the push back - it takes "the protest" to new levels.
The writing was on the wall obvious to me.
Violence begets violence.
For 20 years I face armed cops right nose to nose.
They had weapons...we had peace signs. THEY HATED US - THEY PUSHED US AND ARRESTED US
we were all peaceful .... the authorities response has NOW increased the level
The peaceful group n longer "just takes it" they are pushing back and I applaud the bravery, that i cant do
I don want to be beat up or imprisoned for many years on trumped up Riot charges

I gave up trying to make peaceful change the very next day Trump took office
I laid my camera down and headed to the woods
I am as pissed as many of the protesters you see on twitter
I'm fed up - so are they - I am beyond fed up - Its an APEX - Militant Violence is next

So a window is broken
My heart is broken
The window or statue doesn't break my heart
The hate to other people sanctioned and approved by our corrupt capitalist 'racist; country makes me cry
My heart hurts over how we treat immigrants
My heart bleeds daily on our evil sick ICE laws to cage families and say we are a good people a proud nation(not)
I don't hurt over a broken statue

The irony and crazy world we live in is ruled by people who like /love property
And could care less about people
Its Property over People
The police "protect property"
and THEN (also) beat people up or cage them in their HUGE prison system  (But ...its their job so its OK!) (not)

This (rage in the streets) .... is the outcome due to this bad system
and it will get worse as we go
Mark My Words! I know more windows will be broken and thus more humans caged, [property over people]

You don't fix societies troubles with violence on people
the first reaction to that will be ----> property will be ruined
Its a no brainer

My heart is broken
Not by the revolution and the protesters.
But by the establishment and brute authorities police protecting capitalism and its array of prisons, torture camps, ICE cages, and Walls of Hate.

sad days
sad it has to get this low
sad that violence on people will be used to try to contain the uprising
sad that --> love and compassion and understanding...WILL NOT BE USED (repeat) NOT BE USED by police
sad that this administration will make no amends or change in its behavior (NONE) repeat (NONE)
sad that people will be hurt and killed

oh ya
sad that a window got broken

I dont mean to be smart ass about it
the revolution has been afoot for a decade
the fact it has not gotten better for ANY SOCIAL JUSTICE ISSUE
has caused RAGE in the streets

i FULLY understand it
i FULLY see why it happens
I FULLY see how it could be changed

but it wont
the resistance will be met with guns and violence on their bodies
the human bodies of resister will be shot, beat and chained, they will receive LIFE sentences for rioting{?}
the human bodies who stand defiantly for change --- will BE BEAT DOWN
the humans who want to confront this corrupt system head on WILL BE MET WITH ARMED GANGS
and cheered on as they are dragged across the cement ...tearing at their skin...tossed into a cell to ...
let their human body ROT in a cement cell with ""RIOT charges""
that human skin will rot off his human bone in that cell
... and meanwhile the WINDOW WILL BE REPLACED....

the beat goes on
get the bad guy
stop the protest
don't break window
let the skin rot
build bigger cages

alas ....I'm going camping for 10 days on Oct 17th
my heart will be crying......
but not over a toppled statue or broken glass

Peace and Resistance
Better Days Ahead

Joe Anybody

(the guy who gave up)





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Updated: Monday, 12 October 2020 11:53 AM PDT

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