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Tuesday, 7 April 2020
5-5-5 The seventh day of 30
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Topic: 5-5-5 Social Distance



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5 Things I did that day

1. Got up around 10 AM read some news articles -&- checked my email 

2. Sat around in the back yard - seemed like all day - the sun was nice- I moved inside once the sun went down around 7:30

3. Organized some of my file drawers inside my room - found some old good stuff

4. Listened to some old time radio - this one wasnt to bad 30 mins on YouTube

"The Spencer Brothers" • Classic Western Tale • SUSPENSE   https://youtu.be/UAL9UBwOllk

5. Day dreaming of going to Shady Grove - but things still on hold for various reason(s) - Hope to get up there next week [if not sooner]

5 Ideas & reoccurring thoughts of mine

1. GITMO is still open with 45 people still locked up with no rights given to them and torture tactic being used and allowed due to no oversight, lies and loopholes. This is insane https://mailchi.mp/closeguantanamo/coronavirus-and-guantanamo

The home page for this group who is working hard for human rights at GITMO is here https://www.closeguantanamo.org/

2. The washing machie worked for about a dozen loads and now it seems it is locked in constant draining (damn) - might as well as take a look deeper to isolate the problem - (Im not doing anything else cant hurt to pretend to be a washer repair guy for a while) 

3. I raked up a bunch of the slippery leaves and flowers from the Magnolia tree - in front of the house and on the porch, it looks much better now (LOL at least for a while till the wind blows)

4. I'm hearing and reading things of hope for May 1st regarding the virus / economy

5. This stay at home is teaching us all how to be patient and at peace with ourselves, when confined and doing nothing day after day. 


5 Pictures of things I have seen or want to pass along to others

1. This picture is: the outside urinal that drains into the compost bin. It drains into Picture #two  - I made this little private area in the back corner of the yard, right by the pool pump equipment. I ran a gutter down sout into the compost bin which is 2 feet way, The other end of that gutter I put a funnel for the user to access as seen in this picture. When done using the homemade urinal, the user takes the spray bottle to spritz a couple sprays of Vinegar water into the funnel which kills the smell. This little system (off grid style) of mine as been going for over 2 years and is not smelly or gross in the slightest bit, with this urinal style set up... I have saved 1,000 of gallons of water (LOL) - dont tell my neighbors

2. The humanure compost bin - This is a two bin sytem....The bin on the left was used for 1 year and now is no longer getting any new product ((beside the feed from the urinal by way of the gutter / funnel set up)) - This bin on the left, sits covered in straw for one year - the contents will break down to composted dirt. (wow) to use around the flower beds, the bin on the right is the one in use now - after one year of dumping buckets into it (the one on the right) (from the compsot toilet set up we have) this bin will then sit for one year with no new product and it will be covered in straw as well. This (off grid) humanure system has worked fine for two years so far... it has no odor no flies no stinking smells at all. There must of been over 10,000 flushes saved by using this system. This bucket system is a simple toilet seat on a bucket - use it for going #1 and #2 then cover up your business by using cups of sawdust. You do this till the bucket is full after a couple weeks - when full you dump it into the outside bin and cover with straw. The bucket in use (with the seat on it) covered in sawdust DOES NOT SMELL - its amazing and hard to belive. We have been doing this for about 2 years now. I do still have my regular toile. 

3. A free work light that was found on my walk yesterday - this baby works fine!

4. My morning coffee and toast and toasted in the backyard around 11AM

5. These sticks will bloom beautifull red / orange flowers in summer, The bees and hummingbirds and butterflies love it. It is in the back yard and looks like its just some sticks now - LOL ...years ago I ripped a bunch of these bush (sticks) out when cleaning & weeding up .... not knowing it was a beautiful bush (yikes)

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