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Saturday, 5 March 2011
Are you Empath?
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Are You an Empath?

Some people believe that because they are highly sensitive to the needs and feelings of others that they are an empath. However, there is more to being an empath than simply knowing and being able to imagine what others are feeling. An empath will actually experience the same emotions as those around them, whether that ...
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How to Develop Empathic Skills

People often feel as though they are particularly sensitive to other’s needs, emotions and pain but it can be difficult to differentiate between good intuition and being an empath if one doesn’t know what to look for. For this reason, a person must first identify what it means to be an empath and then learn ...
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How to Shield Empathic Energy

Empaths have the ability to not only feel what others are feeling around them but to actually take those emotions and make them their own. That is that they will feel exactly what others are feeling, whether it is emotional or physical. While this is very good for the people around them, it can become ...
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Empathic Residue

Emapths have the ability to read people and know what they are feeling and why they are feeling it simply by seeing them. They don’t need to have a conversation with the person and they don’t need to touch them. They don’t even need to be extremely close to them. An empath for instance, will ...
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An empathic, or empath, is someone who is extremely in tune to the emotions of those surrounding them. Because they are so sensitive, they are very creative and imaginative people. They usually have an interest in a wide range of topics and because of this they are often very skilled at several different things. Because they are always thinking about other people, they are generally very interested in other cultures and wondering how other people live. They view these ideas with a very open mind and rather than thinking about how living such a way would be different than their way of living, they imagine what it’s like for the people of that culture.

One of the most important things to understand about empaths is that they are extremely good listeners. This is due to the fact that they have a genuine desire to help other people in any way that they can. They are so dedicated to helping others that they will put their own needs aside so they are better able to help someone else. However, they can often be depressed, choosing to life a solitary life, even if just for a day, and can become extremely quiet. This is because taking on so many emotions that aren’t even theirs can be very emotionally draining so empaths often need some time to recharge.

Empaths are so extremely sensitive that they will often feel what is happening to other people more so than they will feel it if it were happening to them. Because of this they will ignore their own needs. They will often find it hard to process when someone thanks them or gives them a compliment. They don’t understand gratitude because they don’t understand any other way of thinking and they are much more likely to pay someone else a compliment than to take one themselves.

Empaths will also be extremely sensitive to those that they don’t know, they aren’t close to, or that they can’t even see in the three-dimensional world. This means that after seeing violence on television especially to children or animals, it may be too hard for them to take and they may easily cry over it and seem to have a very hard time getting over it. Empaths also despise confrontation and if someone becomes angry with them, they will do all they can to make sure that the dispute is resolved very quickly and in the most peaceful manner possible. If possible, they will avoid confrontation altogether.

Empaths draw people to them because other people can sense how sensitive empaths are, whether they realize they are being drawn to them or not. This applies even to strangers because empaths have a certain glow about them that although they may not show it outwardly, the glow comes from inside and others can see it.

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