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Saturday, 21 August 2010
Proxy Paradox - The better the proxy the harder it is to make popular.
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Welcome to Proxy Project


This site contains information about free web proxies, free proxy lists and places to download Proxy scripts. It has helpful hints for proxy users, proxy developers and proxy webmasters.

The blog also contains useful information about how proxies work. Their security, anonymity and access. It also discusses proxy lists and their usefulness. If you would like to learn how to use, develop, create and program such proxies, you have come to the right place.

Free web proxies are used to bypass blocked sites and get around firewalls. These proxies are most commonly used to access social networking sites such as facebook, myspace and other sites such as youtube and adult content.

Step By Step tutorials in C/C++, Java, javascript, PHP and Perl
Free CodeDiaries Proxy Server

What Can I use a Proxy For?

There are a few scenarios where people use proxies. Most of them are genuine, but unfortunately there are a few that aren't. They scenarios are explained below.

In this scenario a user want’s to remain anonymous to the website he or she is visiting. When a user visits a site, details such as your IP, what browser you are using etc are available to the site. Using this information the site is usually able to keep track of you. Using a proxy prevents this as the site you are visiting sees the proxy as the end user, effectively hiding your IP.

If users are afraid that somebody is keeping a track of the sites they are visiting via routers and firewalls, then a proxy will go some way to stopping that. These web proxies usually encode the URLs so firewalls and routers have no idea what site the user is visiting.

The most common use of web proxies is to get around firewalls and blocks. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace etc are usually considered detrimental to productivity and are banned from work and school networks. These firewall rules are usually based on IPs and hostnames and are easily overcome by
web proxies that rewrite these URLs.

This is related to anonymity and usually the has the largest amount of traffic on unprotected servers. A user will use proxies to spam other sites with comments. Change their IPs so they can access sites that have blocked them because of illegal activity. Hide their IPs when they try denial of service attacks on other sites. IP:Port proxies are also vulnerable to 'HTTP CONNECT" attaches where a person will try and gain access to internal machines and smtp relays via the CONNECT method.

Adbrite on Proxified pages.

There are many affiliate programs out there. King of which is of course adsense. But the biggest problem with adsense is that you cannot use them on proxified pages (or can you?). So what about adbrite? How good are they? In truth, not much good at all, but then again something is better than nothing. In my experience and comparing with other people, adbrite do not pay much for CPM or CPC for that matter. On average we have found that 150,000 page views will yield about 75 clicks and will earn you about 10$. If you got 150,000 views in adsense you'd be looking at well over 100$. The only reason to use adbrite is because adsense is not a good idea on proxified pages.

There are some other affiliates such as infolinks and bidvertiser that may be worth trying on proxies, but infolinks is very picky about the site and you need to submit a pretty good site to get approved. I will let you know about these once I have collected some results from friends.

Our aim is to do a comparison between all these adsense alternatives and come to a definite conclusion as to which affiliate is the best to use on proxies.

New Updated list of IP:Port Proxies

We now have a new and updated list of codediaries Ip:Port proxies. The proxies on this list are checked regularly to make sure they are alive and they are offer a certain level of fitness for purpose. These proxies are fast, reliable and have a good level of customer satisfaction. Fresh proxies will be added to the list as they become available

Better the Proxy, the Less Popular It is Paradox

This is one of the famous free web proxy paradoxes. The better, faster and more reliable your proxy is, the more undiscovered and unpopular it remains. Strange? Not really. A good, fast and reliable proxy that has not been blocked is hard to come by these days. So if a user finds one that say unblocks myspace or facebook, then that user is not going to share that proxy with anyone. If he shares it then everyone else will start using the proxy and network admins will see traffic increasing to that proxy and block it. So a good proxy is like gold you treasure it and don't share it with anyone. Whereas if you had a useless proxy you wouldn't mind sharing it because you're not really using it and you wouldn't care if it got blocked.

Your proxy will get a lot of repeat users and you will build up a good base but you wont see many new users. The more perfect the proxy, the more loathe a user will be to share it. Think of it as a delicious chocolate cake. You might want to share it with a few close friends, but that's about it. Because the more you share the less of it you will have for yourself.

So here is the paradox. The better the proxy the harder it is to make popular.





Proxy Surfing Habits and Useage Data

Ever wonder what web sites proxy users visit? What sites do these users surf to? Facebook? Myspace? Here we have real-time data on what sites proxy users are visiting. Find out surfing habits and web site breakdowns of proxies. Use this data to customize your proxy to work with the most popular sites.

Below is the rating breakdown of the content ratings of the sites visited. G general, M Mature, R Restricted, U Unrated.

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