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Monday, 25 January 2010
Military base in Japan - Okinawa "not happening now!"
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Hello Zebra3 Report Peace Activists and CIA agents

I thought this was interesting article regarding a new military base in Japan that looks as if it is not going to happen

It might be an idea to wave a friendly hand of peace toward those that are moving on this anti-US base in Nago. Although I dont know of much of the policies, I do like "no bases" and thought you all would too

My idea was maybe to let them know not all of us here in the US wanted the damn thing there in the first place... any comments or suggestions?


~joe anybody


Opponent of American military base wins mayoral election in key Japanese city

January 24, 2010 11:41 PMJapan Headlines ExaminerJoshua Williams




Japanese-American relations could take a hit as an opponent of the U.S. Military base in Japan’s Okinawa wins a key mayoral election in a small city that was set to be the new spot for the relocation of the currently controversial airfield.

On Jan. 24th, Susumu Inamine beat incumbent Yoshikazu Shimabukuro by only about 1,600 votes in a race that saw nearly 77% voter turn out for the mayoral election in Nago, a city of approximately 60,000 people in the Northern-half of Okinawa’s main island, according to Nago’s city office.

Nago is the would-be site for the relocation of the controversial Futenma Marine air station located just outside of Okinawa’s main city of Naha. Locals near Futenma have consistently complained about noise and pollution the airfield has caused in the area. Tensions and fears also mount when crimes are committed by stationed U.S. personnel in the area – agreements between the U.S and Japan largely restrict the ability of Japanese authorities to investigate suspected U.S. personnel without full arrest warrants.

In 2006, after nearly a decade of negotiations, the two countries agree to move Futenma base to Nago, as well as to transfer around 8,000 troops to Guam, by 2014, the Yomiuri stated. Nago was seen as an ideal location by the U.S, being close to Camp Schwab – a U.S. Marine camp in a more remote section of the island. Nago was also originally willing to allow the move, largely for the economic benefits.

However, when it was announced that Mr. Inamine had won the election on the 24th, he exclaimed to some 300 cheering and whistling supporters, “We fought in this election with the aim of reforming the city’s policies and not allowing a new base to be built at Henoko. Because of this we have gained the support of many of the city’s citizens,” Jiji.com reported. Cries of “That’s right!” and “You can do it!” were heard from the crowd.

With Nago’s new opposition, agreements between the U.S. and Japan regarding Futenma base’s future could fall back to the situation in 1996 when negotiations were just beginning, Jiji.com wrote. Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama has said that the issue is a priority, and his party is looking for alternatives, such moving the base completely off the island – or even completely out of the country. However, the U.S. has rejected all of those ideas as of yet, stating among other concerns the cohesiveness of the units.

Read more news from Japan by the Japan Headlines Examiner

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