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Tuesday, 21 April 2009
tea part with the coppers
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The Tea Party in Portland oregon ahd no police at it

I think the police in Portland only come out when its the left who is protesting. The Right was out in large numbers on April 15 in Pioneer Square;

Z3 Readers I wanted to share an account form a different perspective. The following article is from an economics blogger who I do like reading his insights on the economic system, but his right wing colors do come blazing out sometimes. In the article I will share below this rant, I wanted to note his observations on the "police contro;" and his insight on the "its the law" mentality many officers will take when they know they are enforcing bad rules:

Parting Shot...

Just so you Shooters know: I held the umbrella while Sam snapped the photos.

A Shooter sends us their account from my old hometown.

I attended the NYC Tea Party with my kids.  I wanted them to experience political activism by protesting out of control government, mad deficit spending, bailout boondoggles that will encumber them for the rest of their lives, and the rapid descent into socialism granted in the bailout bill without public discussion or vote.  The Congress voted for the bill without the benefit of reading it!  An act for which they should be imprisoned!

The rally was scheduled to be held in City Hall Park across from City Hall.  Police were everywhere in clusters of 5-6.  Police cars, vans and command vehicles lined the streets.  They had the park closed and barricaded.  Police would not let anyone walk around to the south if they were carrying a sign.  We tried to walk across the park, but were refused admission by police.  I asked if this was not a public park.  

And they admitted it was but refused entry.  My teenage girls carried their signs folded and out of site.  I tried to encourage them to hold them up with pride, but they told me they felt scared and intimidated by the police.  We were routed up several blocks, then across and then down to get to the rally.  The park remained empty and barricaded.  Police had set up metal barriers along the street so that there was only a narrow lane between the street and the metal fence of the park.  This resulted in a diffused body that was half spread out a quarter mile down Broadway, and half on the sidewalk on the other side of Broadway and across a closed side street.  You could not move or get close to the speakers.

The energy of the crowd was good, but had fewer and not as good signs as the ones out west.  There might have been 1000 people there.  (Rough guess). I was appalled by the feeling of repression and complete disregard for free speech and public assembly rights essential to our Bill of Rights.  I heard people complaining that they were not being permitted to walk where they wanted to.  When we were ready to leave we gave our signs away, so that police wouldn’t block our route back to the car, but they wouldn’t let us walk a block south to our car.  We were told we had to go north, across, and back down about 8 blocks out of our way.

The stoic, expressionless responses of the cops, saying, “it’s not my idea, just following orders,” is scary to experience because it makes me see that armed forces aren’t there to defend the constitution, they are there to execute the orders of the superiors as directed by whatever politician happens to hold the power.  Didn’t they take an oath to defend the constitution as I did?  Why is there no accountability for this?   Then I remember that the president took that oath as well.

The way that this was handled does not reflect well on NYC.  It is the same heavy-handed treatment that protesters received during the political convention, for which NYC is still handling the many civil actions.

The humorous piece for me when we left the party was when my kids said they were relieved because they had thought I was the only one who felt this way about the government handling of the economy!

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