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Wednesday, 8 October 2008
IvySea Inspiring the average joe anybody
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Z3 Readers this is an email I recieved from IvySea

(click their link to join the email list serve) IvySea 

They always have great positive insights to the many stressed out topics we all deal with in our every day joe anybody lives.

This short email below was inspiring,

so I am sharing it here with you all!



In these times of change, when systems and institutions seem to be crumbling, and fear and anxiety seem intense, it's helpful to remember that seeming crisis can also be an open door that invites us to unparalleled opportunity.

We have a choice in how we see and perceive -- crisis or opportunity, limitation or an invitation to unveil hidden potentials and capacities?

Rather than isolating ourselves -- which is a 'default reaction' when we sink too deeply into fear and anxiety -- we can choose to open up, expand, seek allies both seen and unseen.

Often, even a shift in our perception invites a whole new range of synchronicities and openings before us, and we're able to see what wants to be born even as something else might be dying or falling apart.

The old systems, organizations, ways of working and so on are wanting to crumble because something else wants to be born. There is never death without something else being born, or rebirthed anew -- energy is constant; it just changes form.

There is such a wealth of wisdom available to us to help us see our way through the apparent crisis and limitation -- and see into the wonderful new potentials, doorways, and opportunities for creating, and co-creating new community, new ways of working, new and healthier systems and organizations, a new marketplace centered on wellbeing for all and sourced in a belief that there really is more than enough.

Caroline Casey, the visionary symbolist, in her wonderful book on working with archetypes (Making the Gods Work for You), quotes Mathew Arnold: "to be cultured is to be reacquainted with the highest possibilities of the human spirit throughout time." Casey goes on to point out that the first definition of 'culture' in the Oxford English Dictionary is "worship; reverential homage." She asks: "Do we live in an economy or a culture? If we live in a culture, what will we cultivate together?"

This is an intense time of change, and it offers an unparalleled opportunity to create -- within and for ourselves, and together -- a culture and an experience based on the very best possibilities, with beauty, loving-kindness, ingenuity, wellbeing, and plenty.

We have an invitation to release what is not authentic, what is not truly aligned with our highest potentials and greatest joy, and embrace that which is.

Really, given that choice, which do you choose?

For guidance and inspiration on choosing the highest potentials and expressing those in your life and livelihood, schedule an insight-and-inspiration tele-session or series.

Wishing you well on your journey in these times of opportunity! May you see through the seeming crisis and go joyfully and intentionally through the doorway into greater possibilities.

Joyful Blessings,

Jamie Walters, Founder, Ivy Sea

Posted by Joe Anybody at 5:44 PM PDT

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