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Friday, 26 September 2008
Clifton - Arrested - Assaulted - Tasered - re Arrested - Mockery of Justice -
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author: Joe Anybody (me)

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Z3 Readers this was posted on Portland Indy Media website by me,

The link is here:



A man who was assaulted on Belmont street as he was getting on a bus to go to work back in June 08
He calls for the police and waits ....only to get tasered and arrested.
Months latter while looking for his police report at the Central Precinct .... he is arrested again. Is this justice or a Mockery of Justice?

Mockery Of Justice - Stop Violence Now
Follow up two video set for man that was tasered by the police when he was the victim of an assault. After being tasered, arrested and then appearing in court for the charges, Clifton found out the case was not being pursued at the time.

This was first reported here on Indy Media in June 2008 found at this link:

For the next four months he repeatedly was going to the police station to get his police report
He was never provided a copy of any report, always denied, and continuously told it was not available nor could it be located, week after week this was how he was acknowledged.

Four months latter which was just recently, when Clifton was back down at the Central Prescient here in Portland, looking for his copy of the police report ... .he was told to go to the main lobby desk. Upon checking in he was then ""ARRESTED" for a warrant stemming from the tasering incident.

Obviously the charges were reinstated and he was taken into custody for a second time.
Don't ask how to explain this.
For it makes no sense.
Its not about Justice, it's a mockery of justice.

I re-interviewed Clifton on 9.25.08 two block from where he was tasered, months ago.
In the follow up 2 part video clip Clifton explains what he has been going through.

He now has a trial date on 10.10.08 at the city courthouse.
The fact he was a crime victim and then later tackled and tasered by the police, is not what the trial is about.
Listen to the update and see how ass backwards Justice is being served here in Portland Oregon

((1)) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbhaR5EmDRA

((2)) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KmXeD6DjlY

Previously recorded video 4 part set - filmed at the time of the tasering in June 08

tape <1> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cDRlvOCq5M

tape <2> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GyGQ9Cqaf8o

tape <3> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sH2Ee_hZxGc

tape <4> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnBMPk-VAws

Points to consider:

>> Clifton was assaulted by two drunk men on a city street while boarding Trimet bus 15 
>>  A window was broken while the men attacked and fought with Clifton 
>>  Clifton called the police and waited there on the corner for them to show up 
>>  Clifton hit his hand on a nearby building, being stressed out and mad, he didn't realize it but his hand hit a mirror/window and it broke as he waited for the police 
>> In spite of the broken mirror/window Clifton still waited for the police 

>> When the police arrived they didn't ask him anything, nor get his statement 
>>  When the police arrived they took him "down to the ground and then tasered him" 
>>  Clifton never resisted nor threatened the police. He didn't even have a chance to speak 
>>  Clifton was thus assaulted by the police, tasered and arrested, and taken to jail 
>>  Clifton lost his job that night and had to walk home from downtown the next morning 
>>  The two men who jumped him have never been found nor their crime investigated 
>> Charges were not being pressed when Clifton went to court, the DA had "no charges" 
>>  He spent four months trying to get a copy of his police report, and it was never obtained 
>>  Recently when at the police station looking for his arrest information, he was arrested a second time, without warning and lacking any respect 
>>  Clifton was never notified of any change in his prosecution charges 
>>  Clifton was never asked to report in to the courts or the police, nor informed of the new charges 
>>  Clifton was finally given a lawyer and will speak with him/her with only 3 days before his trial comes up 
>>  Clifton is a quit, soft spoken, and has a very "un aggressive" demeanor. 
>>  Clifton is innocent and is being charged with a misdemeanor crimes 
>>  Clifton was an assault victim, harmed by two drunks, as well as the Portland police 
>>  Justice is not being served. This is a mockery and is shamefully disrespectful

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