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Thursday, 7 August 2008
alignment with our authentic self - Ivy Sea Report
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Greetings! When we're out of alignment with our authentic self, we feel it. We might feel fatigued, or things might seem like a constant struggle. We're 'working it' constantly, pushing the boulder up the hill or trying to swim upstream, against the current.

We feel, in some way, at odds with key things in our lives, whether that's work, our business (if we're self-employed), a relationship, place, or even just stale patterns or routines that have become too small for us. Moving into greater integrity, aligning with our authentic nature and expressing ourselves from there, often has a greater sense of ease and joy.

We feel 'true', and that's fun, it's alive. It's not that challenge disappears, but our relationship to it is different because we're in alignment with ourselves - our true nature and purpose.

The shift from inauthentic to authentic can seem harrowing, as we're asked to move away from things and patterns that are true to us, that aren't aligned with our greatest joy and purposeful expression. That's always tough, letting go, even when we know it's for the best. What is familiar can be comforting even if it's not optimal. Yet we can navigate this journey to authenticity, summoning the courage and grace, inviting assistance from seen and unseen realms, and noticing the emergence of new possibilities and options that make the heart sing.

There are many bits of wisdom that tell us that each being is unique, truly. There is only one of you in all existence, and you will be guided, nudged, and sometimes pushed into expressing that unique you in the world.

Sometimes that which challenges us deeply, along with those soul-nudges that show up as deep heart-yearnings, are invitations to step into our fullness, our authentic selves.

Time to brave those waters and emerge, shining, and expressing 'true you' in your work, your business, your communication, and all areas of your 'one wild and precious life.' Joyful Blessings, Jamie

Walters, Author and Founder,

Ivy Sea

Posted by Joe Anybody at 12:18 PM PDT
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