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Wednesday, 9 May 2007
This Has To Be Said.... Because it is true!
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"Illegal" is the new "Nigger"



Illegals is the 21st century version of 'nigger'. That is what I hear when the term is thrown at undocumented families. Just like nigger was (and still is, although less overtly) the soundtrack to the murder and oppression of black folks, 'illegals' is the political theatrical score for the police and minutemen murder and political oppression of undocumented families from the South.

It's a shame that the so-called US progressive movement isn't involved with what is obviously the true front of progressivism in the United States in the 21st century. The struggle for human rights led by immigrants.

As in the 60s, so many so-called political people stood on the sidelines or contented themselves with reading about how King and activist blacks fought for a more free USA, the progressive movement of today is for the most part, only watching as the real progressive movement, mostly latinos, fight for further realization of the USA some say exists right now and others say used to exist but certainly that we all want."

—MarcG, comment on BradBlog

MY DEAR black amig@s, you know I respect you and I hope you immediately understand my deciding to quote this word, and invoke all its ugly, historical glory. This is not a stand-up routine, this is not a song, and this is not a joke. Nor is it an attempt to take anything away from your unique history and current struggles. But in this specific instance, the framing of today's hate and fear-motivated violence against Mexican immigrants—on the border as well as over it—needs to be spelled out with this terribly appropriate metaphor, and for the very reason that makes "The N Word" a disturbing and volatile utterance to this day.

My opening explanation aside, I am, of course, speaking to all of us. All people, all colors. This creeping abuse leveled on Mexican immigrants must concern each and every one of us. Just as in the days when the "N Word" was invariably used hand-in-hand with gross violence, human beings are being lingually dehumanized in America so that nobody minds when they are exploited, hated, hunted, and killed.

Just one word—"LETS REMEMBER THAT THESE PEOPLE ARE ILLEGALS" or the wonderfully, soul-stripping ALIEN—and somehow, magically, conveniently, all humanity is negated, and average people find it comfortable to stand by and cheer on, or ignore, what should be seen as atrocities.

It's not just the LAPDs stormtrooping the May Day parades. It's the language and the words online where Average Americans are angry that the cops didn't just open the bloody floodgates on Those Arrogant Mexicans, it's the slimey junk some politicians feel comfortable saying, it's watching the KKK grow its membership by 40% since taking on the HAWT New ALIEN issue as a selling point.

It's the conversations and words dropped that nobody contests. These seeds of a wicked vine must be stepped on wherever they lie.



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Updated: Friday, 11 May 2007 2:52 AM PDT

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