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Friday, 15 December 2006
Thank You For Standing Up and Saying No To This War
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Dear Senator Smith, 


I have read where you have recanted your opinion on fighting this war in Iraq. I did read your statement and first off want to thank you for standing up and saying what you did. I want this war to end swiftly and quickly. There were no WMD there was instead a never ending demand on warm bodies of American soldiers, money, resources, and challenges to our Constitution to the Human Rights Policies and our moral standing in the worlds view.


This ugly mistake should have never happened. The secrecy, the stubbornness, the cover up, the reckless policies, the greedy contractors, the destruction of lives and land in a country that we have no right to be in period.


My cousin committed suicide over the ugly sick ways of a corrupt war. I wrote you before about Col Ted Westhusing, who was one of the highest commanding officers to die in Iraq. He took his own life after living daily in the hell hole we created. We are out of line in what is right for America.


Thank you for finally standing up and doing the right thing. I don't care how good of friends you and the president were or about party lines and supporting the "guy" in the party you belong to. This war is wrong and costly in terms of lives, money, and how we are perceived in the world.


Our human rights policy, torture, and respect for Geneva is tarnished and ruined. Standing up as you did is the right step, but the timing is going to cost all of us, for a long, long time. 


This war is rife with a sick policy of distrusting secret agendas, and has made profits for many while destroying the country of Iraq and our morals here in the US. We need to correct as much as we can. We should of learned from previous wars (Viet Nam) and listened for real answers and truths instead of blindly following the Bush Neocon’s into this war of Power and control and illegal not to mention immoral killing of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians of the Muslim world.


Personally I feel war crimes have been committed, the sooner you distance your self and Oregon from this debacle the better for everybody.


Thank You for standing up ….......now!


I wonder if you can now help the damage that we have all suffered and brought to the table of a country we had "no right invading" we are shameful and wrong. Which leads me to the "cut and walk" or the "cut and run" debate. When a man is wrong he stands up and says so. Its not cutting ..it called Honesty. We are not walking or running ...we are leaving a country we had NO BUSINESS being in period. When a country like the US invades with miss information the right thing would be to get the heck out ...not stick around trying to make it seem like we had a right to be there ...we didn't, we were wrong!


I am saddened for all the death we waged, all the hate we have instilled, all the discomfort we have caused to thousands of lives around the world. I am upset, ashamed, and ....... After reading your new stance of this atrocity I am happy that you have stepped up to do the right thing. To bad the president is not a man such as your self, to admit he made a grave mistake, and try to undo the harm done. The sooner the better.


Thank you Senator Smith!


Joe Anybody

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Updated: Friday, 15 December 2006 6:32 PM PST

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