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Saturday, 2 December 2006
Here is a Letter I wrote to UCLA concerning "TASER ABUSE"
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I want to preface this with the comment that this issue of tazering people is one that gets my full attention. It seems very un ethical and sick to apply electricity to a human. In the event that may be OK to use this type of technology would be in lieu of shooting him with a bullet, and that would ONLY BE ...if that person was in danger to someone or to him self. The criteria to ONLY use this type of FORCE needs to be strictly adhered to and policed. In no way should the Law Enforcement be using shock as a way of getting you to comply if you are non violent and unarmed.

I have to write this and the following is a copy of my letter.

I urge all my fellow Z3 Readers to do the same.




I have more info on tazer abuse on Joe Anybody's website under the topic of HUMANITY. People need to stand up and demand this type of acceptance and tolerance and the using shock and electricity on Humans is sick and wrong and demented ...........I as I said will not sit and do nothing "It is unacceptable" The idea of this stung gun use to stop a violent person my be worth discussing ....but ABSOLUTELY it is not and should not be a way to just shock citizens who wont listen or comply. I am sad and concerned that it is being used as a tool to control and used WAY more than necessary in law enforcement across the land. This Joe Anybody is firmly against it! I wrote this following letter to the UCLA Security Department on 12 2 06


To Mr Koss,                                                   12\2\06


I am upset to read the headlines that refer to your University in regards to using a taser gun by Security without a good enough cause.

It is even just as disheartening to read the victim was unarmed and was trying to leave when he was grabbed by Security.


I think that the law that allows you to use force and to use pain as a way to get someone to comply must be done with the up most sensitivity and scrutiny. I think that unless a person was being violent there should be, No Use Of Force what so ever. I am writing to send my outrage and personal opinion as to the aspect of societies and in this case a University that sets presidents in the way we behave and tolerate behaviors. When another student asked one of the officers for his badge number, the officer threatened to shock him as well, which is illegal, and to me sounds very out of line for a prestige University’s Security to talk like that to a student or person on the campus you are suppose to be protecting.


This is unacceptable in my eyes. I urge you to give this a good honest review, the impact is far reaching beyond just your campus. Regardless of the persons attitude that was not cooperating, law enforcement must abide by the integrity of a higher moral respect for human rights and ethics of law, their codes of conduct should be at the highest of standards, and followed. I read somewhere that this particular security officer has been the subject of use-of-force complaints, which he has denied, and well as previously recommended for dismissal. The standards and tolerance to accept this staff behavior on your campus needs changing. Efforts to be respectful in dealing with “people” while you are being the “law enforcement” is a challenging job. I know you have serious responsibilities and deal with an array of tough issues and a variety of people. You have my respect when I know you are treating humans and not using force ……on non-violent ones….. respectively.


I live in Portland Oregon and realize this incident happened nowhere in my local community.

I write because I seriously am concerned about Law enforcement using deadly (not lethal?) weapons on civilians, especially non-violent, and unarmed citizens.

I realize also that in this violent world and the eagerness to use “tools” to make the job easier, the using of tools, like these tasers may be not really be “for the better of society and human rights, civil rights and plain old wrong & rights”. The tendency to use the policy and these guns for the means of shocking a person to get them to comply is unacceptable. It is wrong and uncalled for.

Humans are not cattle and peaceful tactics to resolve the issue should be utilized, rather than shocking a person to “control” them.


I understand an inquiry investigation is under way. I await the findings with interest.

I urge you to reconsider your policies for future incidents like this as they need not have to happened as they did.

Seek peaceful resolutions and set world watching impressions.


Thank You for Your Time and Considerations of My Opinion,

Joe Anybody

Portland Ore


Here is the statement from the (*not a reply to me)



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