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Tuesday, 7 November 2006
How Bad Can Life Be?
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When a person takes all they can

When it seems that life has exhausted all hope or help

Maybe then Death, is the answer.

When it is relief from all that pain.

When the cry in the night last for days and days and no one can feel or help you in your time of need.

When the love is gone and all that is left is tears that are hollow.

When nobody gives a rats ass about your life and death seems it is your only choice for your destiny

I wish I could of helped ...... but my desires, are beyond my control.

My heart is sad. I hear your cry in the night.


On my lunch today as I walked past a friend who did an "air guitar" move as if playing .... and whispered/sung "row Jimmy row" ...which is a Grateful Dead song that is an all-around-favorite and a good rainy day song, anyway it put a smile on my face and left the peaceful song running through my head as I stepped out onto the porch

I was briskly met by the wind and soft rain and with in 30 seconds I came upon this tree branch with beautiful bright red berries hanging down. They were colorful and beautiful the picture is a fraction of the vibrancy in real life

So, I took this picture and kept walking

Three minutes latter as I was walking down the sidewalk, I looked down the street about 2 blocks from my work front porch

I walk a block closer and I see police cars and fire trucks, and the road is blocked off with caution tape

I could see someone one in the street covered with a yellow tarp

I thought they may of been hit by a car

But latter back at work I heard that the person jumped from a tall building and had committed suicide, I was told it was an older lady.

As I look back at these berries I realize that their life is so simple and free

And now for the person who jumped

They to are free .....

I wish I could of loved her ...maybe I could of helped, maybe things would of been different.

It is a sad afternoon in the city I live in

I named my picture Berry Dead

The picture doesn't make me feel good, like it did when I first seen it

Hours later from my workplace roof where I am working I have a view of where she jumped from

I look over and say a short prayer for her

I can see a guy working on the very window 14 stories up, he doesn't show up in my picture 

I take the picture (below) from my camera phone and go back to work wondering if I should leave some flowers where I seen her in the street today


3 days later on Nov 10 - I post this here small update and add a picture at the bottom.

There is still small shards of glass in the street. The street is busy as usual. And its been raining for days. In the same way I remember it wqs that day.

A friend helped me gather a bouquet of flowers from a display that was being removed at our work. On my lunch hour I left them in the rain by the tree by where she lay.

I wish here soul peace I feel her pain and try to understand her cry

....it affects my feelings when I walk down this street. The rain makes things seem all right for now.

 The picture below looks as pretty as my Dead Berry picture. I think its beautiful

The picture I titled "PEACEFUL"


















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Updated: Saturday, 11 November 2006 2:40 AM PST

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