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Saturday, 4 November 2006
History of GITMO ..Our Military prison in Cuba
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This is an excellent article that explains a little of the origin of GITMO and some of the "unjust ways" that the Military circumvent US law and Human Rights.

Please read the full article at the link provided below!

There is also a short related film link at very bottom of this post



(quote)The commissions are also founded on the same principles that the law should not be applied to detainees captured in the "global war on terror." By crafting a new legal system at Guantanamo Bay (outside the United States, Department of Justice and Defense lawyers thought), the administration hoped to steer clear of certain rights as provided in the Constitution, such as the right against self-incrimination and right to confrontation of witnesses, which would be required in any U.S. federal court. But the military commission created by the administration went even further, creating a legal system that by all appearances seemed fixed on obtaining only guilty verdicts.

While Administration members may have sincerely believed that al Qaeda and Taliban did not deserve the protections of the Geneva Conventions, one of the convenient benefits of such inapplicability of the laws of war that the now Attorney General Alberto Gonzales noted in a memo to the President was that without the applications of the laws of war, Government officials including the President could not be prosecuted under the recently passed federal war crimes act for abusing detainees. Similarly another government memo concluded that even if interrogation of an al Qaeda operative reached the level of torture, it could not be prosecuted as a war crime in the International Criminal Court because the President found the Geneva Conventions did not apply.

The effect of these executive memos and policies had an effect on the military commissions in that a number of the defendants have alleged being severely mistreated in Afghanistan and later in Guantanamo. Omar Khadr alleges that he was held in contorted stress positions, left to urinate and defecate on himself; military police poured pine oil solvent on him and used him as a human mop to clean the floor; and he was repeatedly threatened with rape and rendition to countries where there would likely be torture; and subjected to extremely cold temperatures. (end quote)

Also watch this YouTube film on the use of Torture Practices, Fascism and Fear ...in this short film it will point out how similar the USA is in acting like the FASCIST Nazis .For this film vividly points out the exact same type of Fear that Hitler used on his fellow countrymen.  I liked how the correlation is pointed out and it is a wake up call to a very good point to be conscious about ....Z3 Readers watch this film

My favorite philosopher Howard Zinn is in it!

Fascism & Democracy in America

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