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Thursday, 26 October 2006
Inspiring New - Anti War Movie from 1971
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Well it was a back to back film day, since I was at one yesterday.

I am the kinda guy who basically watches no tv ...so two days of just watching a film(s) is for me remarkable. Now I must say ..these two shows were a far cry from just watching "tv"

.......they were mind opening!

This show tonight was inspiring as so it should be.

I mean after all we are talking Human Rights here!

A film that documents the making of the film I seen tonight was found by Ben Waiting here on the Internet, at the following website .

It is a behind the scenes of the film I seen tonight.


This is a movie about an Amazing determined group of people, who broke in to the Military Recruiting Office in Camden NJ and started shredding 100's of draft information. (nice!)

They were a  group that a "jury of their peers" later, deemed "NOT GUILTY"

These 28 had stood up and and took action. ....And in doing so were set up and betrayed by a fellow friend turned informant. They wanted PEACE. They broke the law. And they got caught. They wanted to send a strong powerful message. The were peaceful people....many but not all .....

were Catholics! ....They were referred to as the Catholic Left.

It takes mighty brave individuals to stand up to the crowd ...and look them in the eye and state loud and clear to them that -->

WAR is wrong....... We refuse and will take action!

 For these 28 were dedicated like many joe anybodys feel today

(30yrs later)That you are against all war...against this president...aginst the use of Torture...and the violations of the Constitution .....to look the crowd that stares back- either live "right there" or from their  FoX news at the dinner tables at home. To look them in they eye and say....... "Our Government is lieing"...."our Government is wrong"..... "Our government is killing people".....and "our own Police here in the homeland are hurting people in the name of violence and power and protecting the war machine". Protesters getting beat in the streets because they stood up for Peace, is common these days it happens all the time with out any scruples, or ethics considered. Instead chains and violence and gasses are used to suppress dissent and shut up the few and the brave.

People that stand and take some kind of action and will say to the eye of the crowd  "Damn you Government!" and "Stop this War" "Stop Torturing People"  Brave smart people that know it is the right thing to say ...it has to be said ...it has to be done.......for it is admirable, honest , and just. It is non violent and the motive is .........PEACE


....as I seen these brave priests and citizens do in the Camden 28 ...is admiral and I am Proud of them. Howard Zinn was at the trial and in the movie. What a smart man. More from him on this very topic --> http://theconversation.org/break-in.html

It was amazing when you thing about all this ...and how it payed out

The 28 ...they were all smart ...!

....they were all smarter than the White House, The Pentagon, The FBI

...then again they were just really loving humans that cared about life and their fellow humans.......that doesn't make you smart....heck to care about humans and not want to kill .....To feel like that does not really make you smart..... --> it was just that the ones who the 28 were up-against were ....."SO FRICKIN STUPID"

They were up against good-ol plain and pure "Stupidity"

Stupid wars.......STUPID WARMONGERS.........STUPID STUPID stupid!

So thats their foes ....the "STUPID War mongers"  The 28 won or pure logic and fighting stupidity. Power to the People.

Z3 Readers ......Watch the film ......

And harness the energy......

.....the world needs peace now!

Thats what I have Ben Waiting for!



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Updated: Thursday, 9 November 2006 12:31 AM PST

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