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Tuesday, 24 October 2006
USARNORTH - US Military Control
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Be sure to read the article from the second link

near the bottom of this post.

Military Control in the USA and all of North America....No!

 Not in the third world countries...... this one is here my own country


The New USA Military Controlled Territory






U.S. Army North .....up and running

Staff report

October 17, 2006

U.S. Army North, the Army’s newest service component command reached full operational capability Monday, which means that it is fully manned, equipped and ready to assume its mission.

As part of Army transformation, USARNORTH was formed to become the dedicated Army service component command to Northern Command, the unified command responsible for defending the homeland and coordinating defense support of civil authorities.

Located at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, USARNORTH achieved initial operating capability in September 2005, and is responsible for specific missions, including:

• Execute homeland defense and defense support of civil authorities missions.

• Provide training and readiness oversight of certified weapons of mass destruction—civil support teams.

• Conduct the Army-to-Army portion of the theater cooperation mission with Canada and Mexico.

• Coordinate the activities of defense coordinating officers and their elements assigned in each Federal Emergency Management Agency region.

• Organize up to two task forces that, with augmentation, can become joint task forces and deploy within the operational area to command and control Department of Defense forces responding to homeland defense or civil support operations.

For the past 12 months, USARNORTH has been building its organization, readiness and mission capability. USARNORTH officially assumed the Army component command duties from Forces Command on Oct. 1.

.....So now that you read that ....dig into this next page. This is where I found the previous page. And if this doesn't worry you .....your not reading the full article.


What is amazing is this Military Campaign is not even in the slightest small way reported in Mainstream News. ?


A nation with their heads in the sand wont even know what happened. It will be too bad that some Z3 Readers will have to carry the burden that they knew .... and tried to warn the masses......But the average joe citizen doesn't take it serious and or for the majority they wont even get this information!

AND even worse .if they were warned....many don't even seem to care!

Please read up on the information from the Info Wars Website.

No one else will tell you about this...but the facts speak for them selves.

I wish this all wasn't true ...More Info on....





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