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Thursday, 19 October 2006
- RAIN IN DRY LAND - I Just Watched This Inspiring Movie
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Now Playing: A movie about Refugee's coming to America

I just seen the 3rd movie in a series that is about Human Rights at the

Portland Art Museum Whitsell Theater


What a great inspiring movie of a few families that move to America from Somali ..to Atlanta Ga. and to Springfield Mass. The film touch base with them every few months showing their progress at adapting to the very new cultures in the US.

It shows some of the challenges and progress as well as their struggles and stress trying to understand and learn ...in some case just simple things we take for granted, like walking down a flight of stairs, opening a childproof cap on a medicine jar, dealing with no money for heat, can't speak the language well enough to work, or order a meal at Taco Bell. Wow what a transistion......one family mother talked of her missing children that got lost from her when bullets and war was raging all around them......at the end of the movie she gets a phone call from them.

One cool moment taht showed the families adapting was - latter after about bing in America for about a year this one lady in the film is answering her "new cell" phone and then her other house phone rings ...she has one to each ear....man I-about .......blocked the movie screen with my smile.....that was a cool scene....

After watching this I feel inspired to help and I can see there needs to be allot of help in this catagory......these people were helpless and complete naive to what our culture is like ...there are many people like this in our communities ......I am not involved with this topic but am very interested in learning and helpingh my brothers and sister more.

I am inspired to help the people in this world who have their hand out stretched ...looking for change intheir life, nothing more than a better world for them and their families. It strikes me deep in my soul to see such a demand and need that basically goes unmet or addressed .....at least to me the issue should be on top of the table and I and my fellow Z3 readers need to reaching out and grab that hand. Its love my brotheres....its love. The need and desire to belong, be accepted and helped when confused or in need is the most human need that we all share. Survival and Humanity we all need it. Reach out and look .....for you will see there is a need ...that is unnoticed and needs you. It may be just a smile ...holding the door open.......explaining how to find something......or just being there as a companion and a good vibe to feel part of "us"............ which we all are.......

We ALL are TOGETHER.....the....... Human Race!


Posted by Joe Anybody at 10:36 PM PDT
Updated: Friday, 20 October 2006 9:12 AM PDT

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