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Monday, 12 June 2006
3 Men's Sucide's is Just a Good PR Move according to US State Dept.
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I read this from an ABC website here below is parts from it and my opinion about US prison camps not~run in our own country and there recent dirty deeds.

Deputy assistant secretary of state for public diplomacy, Ms Graffy, said of the three recent suicides at the prison the Military is running in Cuba, and just the other day... "Taking their own lives was not necessary but it certainly is a good PR move to draw attention,"
<HA ha !- listen to that PR move if I ever heard one??!! wow, talk about SPIN!>

This hell-camp is known as "Guantanamo"
And within it, there is 460 men who are held, almost all of them without charge, and it need to be closed down.
To date, there has been only 10 detainees have been charged with crimes and face military tribunals ordered by President Bush.
*It's a sick travesty 10 out of 460 wow!

Amnesty International and many other Humanitarian groups have been saying that very same thing. The fact is only the International Committee of Red Cross can be allowed to go into Guantanamo. They are heading there now..,
But I woorry it is not good enough, because the road to the truth behind those walls that have the words "Honor Bound" is a mad mans Prison of Living Nightmares;
It is complete with secrecy science and psychology freak show of horrors, devices, and methods.
It's a land of dogs, electricity and sexual perversions, chains, tears, and suicides, fake drownings, and humiliation.
All leading to hunger strikes and Death and that my dear rz3 reader would be Murder or Suicide.
It is a Hole that leads to Hell that America Runs.

It is located in Cuba and therefore not bound by American Soil Law.
Because of that very reason .....what happen here is not bound by any law and with these troops displaying
OUR FLAG I am discraced.
My Tax Money goes to Do Terrible things here?
And I am Disgraced by this act.
All being done in my countries name. These people we torture and abuse know what is happening they tell their families, their familes see first hand.....we here in the states get lied to and cheated from our true Honor Bound Intentions,
Acts od discrace and Immoralality.
I am Horrified at their Military policy and law that allows this, not to mention what really goes on that in these three mens case...dead mean cant ever tell their side at a fair trial. I am horrified that our Great Country has succumbed to this low life level. SHAME
Tear Our Flag Down From
The Gates Of The Hole to Hell!

And Close that sick-ass abuse warehouse Down!
Your breaking International Law in there!

Hunger strikes by these prisoners last year were diverted to tubes inserted into their stomachs and force-fed. In describing one case of the hunger strikers an Attorney for on of the prisoners said: "He is normally a gentle, quiet, shy person," but he "He sat there in a subdued state that was almost inert. He was colossally depressed."
{ Go USA "VICTORY One man down!" }

...... what a cool place. I bet those are cool jobs to learn and bring BACK TO THE COMMUNITY in a few years?

The Land of the Home and the Free and the Brave, continues in spite of World Out Crying, UN Admonishment, and hearing screams so loud across the entire Globe heard outside those walls, but none were like what came from the Tortured and abused that screamed to their God from inside those walls.
I'm sure more than a few hundred would be
"Why are those sick Fucking Americans doing this to me?"

Ya ....lets call this just a good public relations move, that why they are trying to kill them selves.

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