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Thursday, 25 May 2006
It is a crime to NOT Fight & Kill for the USA Criminal Leaders
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The following excerpt is from the March Issue of the Oregon Peace Works Newspaper by Kevin Benderman
He is currently serving 15-months jail time in a Military Prison for being a
"Conscience Objector"

He opens his letter by stating:
"I consider it an honor to be put in prison for standing for what is right and all that I can say to the men responsible is "I feel sorry for you." The reason I feel for them is because they refuse to see the truth, and self-deception is the worse kind."
(end quote)

He goes on to state what I have felt and commented to my Congressmen just last week by my passionately written lengthly letter:
But on a larger scale, the American people were lied to by men who care for nothing but their own personal agenda and are willing to abuse the goodwill and patriotism of the American people in order to reach their personal goals. This is not what our founding fathers envisioned for this country. They did not want elected representatives to use fear as a governing tool and they did not want citizens to give over all of their rights to people who would let absolute power corrupt absolutely.
(end quote)

Then Kevin mentions what I also feel strongly is what we citizens can do about it by:

I, for one, believe in the Constitution when it says that the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that this country is run correctly lies with the American people and not solely with this government. While we do hire people to do the work of government it is up to us, the citizens, to ensure that they are doing this in accordance with the law of the land.

True freedom requires eternal diligence and it will take everyone doing their share of keeping watch to prevent freedom from slipping out of our hands.
(end quote)

And Finally the sweet reminder that:
It is the small things that add up to keep all of us in line. Which brings to mind three small words spoken by a woman who had had enough, "I ain?t movin." The woman was Rosa Parks. We should think about her courage when we feel as if we are too small to matter.

"I ain?t movin." Are you?

--Kevin Benderman,
(end quote)

To send encouragement and thanks for Kevin's stance
please write to the following address:
c/o Benderman Defense Trust, P.O. Box 1122, Knoxville, Tennessee 37901.

For more information on this travesty see
Joe Anybody's Protest Page

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Updated: Thursday, 25 May 2006 6:08 PM PDT

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